Our Lady of Betania and her Messenger, The Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini, Left their Mark of Reconciliation

After the success of the first Workshop “School for the Family and Reconciliation” by the Family Ministry of the Archdiocese of Caracas in alliance with the Public Association of the Faithful Betania Spirituality Movement (BSM), a second edition of the workshop was held, with the participation of four experts in the field: Fr. Nestor Briceno, the Psych. Carmen Emilia Behrens, Prof. Jose Luis Granados and Dr. Irma Florville. The Transfiguracion del Senor Parish, in El Cafetal, opened its doors to the participants on Saturday, June 3 and 17, 2023, in order to strengthen their families and provide them with tools to face the challenges of the 21st century, as baptized Catholics committed to the Church.

In order to continue with more significant events, within the framework of the Archdiocesan Year of Holiness in Caracas, on June 9 and 10 the II Congress “Paths of Holiness in Venezuela” was presented at the Sacred Arts Museum of Caracas. Through enriching presentations, the lives of Venezuelan Blessed, Venerables and Servants of God were disclosed to the assistants, including that of the Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini. Said event culminated with a joyous concert offered by the Betania Choir.

On Sunday, June 18, after Holy Mass concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Alexis Pina, Rev. Fr. Juan Duque and Rev. Fr. Angel Rios, with the participation of the Betania Choir, the enthronement of the statue of Mary Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations took place, in the garden of Santa Rosalia de Palermo Church in El Hatillo; a life-size sculpture donated by the Andreu-Silva family. Father Angel welcomed Our Lady of Betania with great gratitude and joy in the parish that he looks after. For her part, the President of the BSM, BCom. Maria Coromoto Bianchini Marrero expressed: “We are certain that the arrival of Our Lady Mary Reconciler in El Hatillo is the prelude to the arrival of reconciliation in Venezuela. May her enthronement bring infinite graces.”