Maria Esperanza’s Thoughts

365 days with Maria Esperanza

We have compiled 365 thoughts to offer you the opportunity to go deeply into diverse issues, emphasizing infinite and wonderful spiritual matters with Mrs. Maria Esperanza.

When these concepts were shared they produced a deep effect in those who heard them. Now, it is our desire, and at the same time, our pleasure to communicate them so others can enrich themselves and use them as an inspiration in their daily actions. These reflections were summoned from the personal diary, speeches, interviews, conferences, and the daily life of Mrs. Maria Esperanza.

A daily thought is a gift from our spiritual guide that we share with you, with the same affection with which she transmitted them.

January 1st
Arguments, needs, everything passes when there is love, human docility, harmony, and joy in our heart.

January 2nd
To be madly in love with Jesus Christ is the most beautiful thing that exists. Let us love Christ!

January 3rd
In each action, try to find the means to praise the Name of God by saying: “Lord, we are your servants, do with us as You please.”

January 4th
You are like a soldier to Jesus, and soldiers have to be like you; fearless of anyone or anything. One thing only, do not offend God.

January 5th
Betania is the Refuge of my Mother.

 January 6th
Betania is a blessed land where my Mother, once again as in other times, has appeared as Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations so we may be saved, come together, hold hands, and lead a life of unity, concord and harmony, faithful to the doctrine of Jesus.

January 7th
It is so beautiful to come to know oneself, to become our own judges; but it is so difficult. Men blind themselves and do not let the light of the truth of our Father, who is in heaven, enter.

January 8th
To share is splendid and life-giving, because all hearts open to answer to each other by means of love.

January 9th
How difficult it is to share, but it is so beautiful when we manage to do so. This is what is essential at this time.

January 10th
We cannot go too high, because we can fall; but we cannot stay down below.

January 11th
Do not talk to me about luck; do not talk to me about bad luck. Tell me that there is a God and that this God gives us everything we need, and that maybe He takes it away, but it is so we may learn how to live in community.

January 12th
Let us not be lazy. No! When you begin to do something do not stop until you finish. Remember this; do not leave tasks half-way done.

January 13th
Life is so beautiful when you contemplate it from a spiritual perspective! Because when you see what is material you feel shocked – perhaps at the beginning you may feel flattered by material things, but a time comes when you feel disturbed. We must eat, live, work, move; but above everything there is a great truth: God.

January 14th
Enrapture your souls with joy and look for the answer, which is the area where you can serve.

January 15th
You must try to improve your inner life; no one can do this for you, only yourself. Gather good advice, but try to improve and to feel that you can raise your glance to the sky and see it with a clear countenance.

January 16th
Things must be natural and spontaneous; they must be born from our soul without being fanatical or exaggerated.

January 17th
The capacity of God is so great and moving that it springs from heaven, seeking to soothe our grief, sorrow, and sadness.

January 18th
God is the greatest among all the great ones.

January 19th
Participate in spiritual exercises because we can learn so much from them; we can come to know why there are nuns in the convents and priests in monasteries.

January 20th
Meditate, pray and be silent one hour a day in complete abandonment to the Lord. Offer an act of adoration as if He were in our homes and in our hearts.

January 21st
The key to learning is to surrender completely to the Master.

January 22nd
The initiation of a disciple is his identification with the Divine Master.

January 23rd
The Holy Spirit is blowing over the world in a singular, great and unique way in the history of the Church and in the history of mankind.

January 24th
Let us use all the graces we receive with decorum, harmony, and peace so we may be delivered from all weaknesses and frailties.

January 25th
In order to give, give, and give we must receive the graces of the Holy Spirit. The graces that are blowing over us enlightening our mind, strengthening our heart and giving us the word of that great and beautiful commandment that Jesus bequeathed us, so we could all live in accordance with his doctrine: to love one another as He loved us.

January 26th
The gift of fear is the greatest thing, because if you are fearful you are incapable of a wrongdoing. You may have temptation, but it doesn’t embrace you; you reject it.

January 27th
We need evangelization and to prepare ourselves to help each other. Your grief is mine, your sorrow is mine, your sickness and condition are mine; I want to help you and I am going to pray for you.

January 28th
I call all fathers and mothers to save their home, family, and children. Do not let them perish as orphans; and I say orphans because this is what they become when they lack the love of their parents, of those dear to them, their grandparents, uncles, aunts; in short, of their family. We must have them very close to us.

January 29th
The key to learning is to surrender completely to the Master.

January 30th
Family is a blessed cell from heaven, blessed by God, by the Eternal Father. It is a cell we bear in our heart. Let it not flee, because it is the time in which we need to turn these cells into strong and robust cells. Do you know why? Because it is time to live with honesty, with the purity of noble and generous intentions in regard to our brothers, because the Lord is coming.

January 31st
How can we attain supernatural life? With prayer, by receiving the Lord, by leading an honest and worthy life, and by trying to do good deeds.

February 1st   
Let us become people of love.

February 2nd
When we love our Lord and his Mother, grief matters no more, nothing matters. We love, we constantly love, we save souls.

February 3rd
United in the faith to work for a better world. [Motto of the Betania Spirituality Movement.]

February 4th
You are like a soldier to Jesus, and soldiers have to be like you; fearless of anyone or anything. One thing only, do not offend God.

February 5th
Betania is a small poor village where people of few resources live, but there is love and humility in its people.

February 6th
Betania of the Holy Waters is a land of promises, a land blessed by a Mother who has come with her Son in her arms offering him to us so we can reconcile, love one another, and help each other with humility, simplicity, just the way we are.

February 7th
We have to be our own judges and stop seeing the flaws others have.

February 8th
In sharing we attain the light of the Holy Spirit, understanding each other like brothers, and we catch a glimpse of the grace of the Holy Spirit among us; all this, because we form a great family, the family of God.

February 9th
When you walk in line with the Lord, you do not look in the eye of your brothers, meaning his flaws. No! Let us think that they have no flaws, that they are good, soft, generous, and simple; that I understand you and your problem, and you understand mine; in short, we are brothers, we are children of God.

February 10th  
We have to have one foot up high and one down below.

February 11th
We must forgive, come together, reconcile and above all, we must live modestly, with simplicity, and with our hearts full of joy and peace.

February 12th
My life must be a life consecrated to the Lord of lords to achieve my goals as a beam of light.

February 13th
Life has to be led as it should, complete, according to the will of God, not to my will or the will of any particular person. No!

February 14th
We have to be like a beam of light. Each one should carry his light from within, shining wherever we go, silently carrying the grace of the Lord with prudence and with a great desire for everyone to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit.

February 15th
Our Mother asks us to be wise and to be sure of the steps we make, and to especially have a great desire to learn more every day. 

February 16th
Let us converge in ideas of spiritual self-mastery, carrying our cross with enthusiasm, with the desire of participating in the Eucharistic banquet.

February 17th
The love of God is infinite, generous, tender, and merciful to all his creatures. There are no rich or poor, ugly or pretty, black or white for him; we all are his children, the children of his Heart.

 February 18th
I am walking toward God; I am madly in love with him. If I am with him, what can harm me? Nothing, because I have a correct conscience regarding my duties and his love nourishes me.

February 19th
The first thing that a human being has to do is to kneel down and thank God, praise the Lord with the forehead on the ground. Immediately the person must get up and open the Bible.

February 20th
Open your heart to the Lord so He can take it and shape it so it may serve the cause of loving one another.

February 21st
When you go to bed at night look for the progress you had during the day, and offer it to the Lord. Then, promise that the next day, you will improve, seeking the true spiritual firmness of a Christian soul.

February 22nd
Our Mother is willing to bring us all together to cradle us in her motherly bosom, so we may receive the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

February 23rd
The Holy Spirit comes to us with a soft breeze that touches us and makes us want to fly, to fly and to go about saying: Lord, You live among us with your Mother. Lord, what else can we ask for?

February 24th
All the gifts of the Holy Spirit are beautiful, but I choose the gift of understanding, of piety that is prayer, and of good counsel, because you will have them there whenever you need them.

February 25th
The greatest glory a human being can have is to be free of all the false chains of the infernal enemy. Therefore, let us pray in groups to overthrow the enemy in the form of men who are lost because of their ways.

February 26th
I love the gift of the fear of God. Why? Because I do not want to offend him. If you lose the fear of God, you do not care if you murder, if you do something wrong, if you speak ill of others or slander.

February 27th
Evangelization is what these times need. The Word of God is the link with Mother Church, our families and our homes.

February 28th
Family is the greatest thing we have. What a joy when a child is born, we all embrace!

March 1st
Every day we have to learn a little bit more of how to share and how to live the Gospel.

March 2nd
Let us be humble, generous, and compassionate with those who help us be better in life.

March 3rd
The struggle that nations are undertaking grants them the time to reflect, meditate, stand up, and allow the Word of the Lord to come forth from their mouths: “Thy kingdom come.”

March 4th
Christ is the truth, and until He is acknowledged there will be no peace in the world, we will live in constant war.

March 5th
Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven.

 March 6th
Let us work together; this is what the Lord and his Mother are asking for in Betania; for the people and the Church to be together in an apostolic work.

March 7th
Jesus tempers hearts so they will draw closer to him.

March 8th
Be columns in the world for others, to defend the rights of justice and peace.

March 9th
Prayer is the column of light that enlightens man in the midst of the darkness of the night.

March 10th  
Discernment is the motive of our thoughts to move towards the light of the New Dawn of Jesus.

March 11th
Let us surrender to prayer and penance. This is how we must carry out and preserve in our work. Jesus did penance and prayed in order to face the world.

March 12th
The Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be my nourishment to enliven my soul.

March 13th
Holy Mass and the Eucharist are a loving invitation to the people of the world.

March 14th
Call Mary to be your counselor, your guide, your teacher and your advocate.

March 15th
To help others is the driving force of the love of God, which helps us be firm and devoted to evangelize.

March 16th
How beautiful it is to feel the sky, how beautiful it is to see the stars, the moon at night, and the sun in the morning shining to help us enkindle the votive lamp we have in our heart.

 March 17th
To heed is an order because it is a duty in life.

March 18th
We must accept illnesses when they come. Then we need a doctor because they have gone to the university and are scientists. But we must accompany the doctor with a prayer to the Lord and to the Holy Spirit so they may be enlightened with the proper treatment.

March 19th
It is not great tasks that we have to accomplish; it is the day to day small details, the little paint strokes here and there. When one comes to realize the value this has, one feels free as a bird. No one can touch you, no one can scratch you because you are fulfilling your duty, which is the duty of a Catholic.

March 20th
Without having anything you can do a lot.

March 21st
If there is selfishness, betrayal and pride, man cannot improve his attitude in life.

March 22nd
It is forgiveness and mercy that you receive from God if you repent, if you want to live a life in accordance with Mother Church.

March 23rd
It is so hard to go to heaven, but let us try with the little things of our daily life. We mothers in our house, our husbands at work, our children learning in school, and by being taught customs and the small things of life.

March 24th
Great conversion will take place in the world – it has to. We all will be a gigantic crowd of faith and love, and noble and generous feelings towards all our brothers.

March 25th
Mary, our sweet Mother, the flower of Mount Carmel, the wild violet of Nazareth, the humble woman of Calvary, wishes us to live by sharing together as brothers, preparing ourselves to evangelize.

March 26th
We must give all religious communities warmth and love, so they may all feel united to their people, our people, the People of God.

March 27th
Mary is here to reconcile us, because without reconciliation there cannot be peace in the world.

March 28th
Let us all hold hands and respect one another. I always say, I do not want to be loved, no – respected and esteemed.

March 29th
Priests have left everything behind, their families, everything, to consecrate themselves to the Lord. Priests, with all the weaknesses they could have, have the power no one else in the world has – they are the representatives of Jesus Christ the moment they are at the foot of the altar.

March 30th
Silence is the best way to know the Master, and the best way for the Master to penetrate the disciple and make him learn how to live righteously.

March 31st
The Holy Father, the Pope of Rome, is light of the world, because Jesus has given him this light, strength, wholesomeness, will and human warmth to help us walk better in life. His teachings are fruitful, beautiful and clear, explaining the responsibility of today’s man.

April 1st   
The priest is the fiber of the vertebrae of the back of Christ, because he is born with that seal from the womb of his mother.

April 2nd
Silence brings seclusion, light and peace to our hearts, in order to meet with our loved ones.

April 3rd
We must work silently, without making too much noise.

April 4th
Others can make attempts against us, but we Catholics cannot. Have you not seen the Holy Father going from one place to another shedding blessings and graces? They did it, they tried to kill him, they have done so many things to him, and he stands with such humility. This is what touches my heart, his humility and simplicity.

April 5th
While we have flesh, blood and senses, the soul cannot be perfect, but what we can do is give the best of our lives to our families, spouses and friends.

 April 6th
The highest force a human being has is the freedom of his thoughts, in which the Lord and the Holy Spirit work with the gifts necessary to help him fulfill himself.

April 7th
When the soul is healthy, the body grows strong.

April 8th
Death is like awakening from a bad dream.

April 9th
Virtues are sources that spring from the ocean of the mercy of God. The ocean of his mercy will make itself felt in each one of us.

April 10th  
Our Lady is asking us to unite as the waves of the sea do when they approach the beach, when they approach the sand to rest there. This is what she wants; she wants us all to be united with all the seas of the world, on all the lands of the world.

April 11th
We must develop our will power so the unpleasant things that we see do not affect us so much, and so we can receive the good things with a pleasant face, smiling, and thanking the Lord.

April 12th
The most important thing is to be in peace.

April 13th
The Lord loves human docility very much, because He is in it. He was so docile that He went to a Cross to save us.

April 14th
Joy rests on the glory of the Lord. This is our joy: that everything rests on him.

April 15th
Our faith and devotion must be in the Father who created us; in his Divine Son who gave himself on the Cross to save us; in the Holy Spirit who enlightens the safe path; and in Mary, our Mother.

April 16th
Your goal is the theological virtue of faith, following the work of hope, accompanied by charity.

 April 17th
Faith saves, hope is the dream of living, and charity is love. These are the three theological virtues that we must trust in.

April 18th
The love of Christ is so great that it makes us overcome everything.

April 19th
I do not ask to be matched in my love, but I do ask you to do things right, to live righteously, to be honest, to be worthy of the love of God, with human qualities. These are the most sacred things a human being can have, with the desire of living the Gospel.

April 20th
Betania is the house of my Mother, all this is her home. The plantations and that Temple that has been erected are hers.

April 21st
There is a law of cause and effect; therefore we must live a very correct faith in all senses.

April 22nd
To share is beautiful. This is why families have to continuously share, to look forward to getting together. Set the table, prepare a good meal, have some fruit and get dressed up as if you were going out.  

April 23rd
Do not get angry or get heated by any circumstances, although it may be difficult to control yourself. We must slowly tame our nature.

April 24th
The Father calls us, counsels us, gives us enough strength to undertake the path we must follow, giving us courage, divine energy and great charity.

April 25th
The Hour of Eucharistic Adoration on Thursdays is what has strengthened me – the Holy Hour, the great hour of meeting with Jesus at the foot of the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, kneeling there, and asking for mercy upon the world.

April 26th
How do we resist temptation in communities? With constant prayer and by keeping an eye on the members. It is not that you are going to tell the person: “Look, do this.” Rather, follow him. This is how to work our spiritual life.

April 27th
The Holy Spirit is blowing over the world with his special graces so men can identify with their Mother the Church.

April 28th
Life has taught me to live the Gospel, not only to read it, but to live it and carry it in my heart as a blessed treasure from heaven, which inflames the heart, soul and spirit to compensate the difficult hours of life.

April 29th
Children, our parents are the greatest thing we have. Do not deny them anything. If you have a problem, they will be there ready to help you, to protect you, to encourage you, and to give you the place you deserve.

April 30th
It is so beautiful when we feel in our heart that there is joy in our family, that there is a canticle, a hymn, a song, an emotion that makes us live and think that we are still young, and that we can play with our children as if we were brothers, lifting our steps to the understanding of what the family of God truly means!

May 1st   
It is Mary who has come to save us. Mary is the barge, the holy barge, who wants to pick us up in order to perform the great miracle of the multiplication, as her Divine Son did.

May 2nd
Mary continues to be so beautiful! She sweetens each hour of our days, she makes us cling to her motherly Heart, in order to softly sweeten it, and to soothe the burden we carry upon our shoulders!

May 3rd
My Mother Mary is for everyone. My Mother is so humble, generous, and compassionate with her children that she wants to gather together. This is why, she has come to reconcile us, to unite us; so we may love, bear, and help one another, and live in her Heart stimulating the faith of our brothers and sisters.

May 4th
Mary is the Mother of God whom we have to follow, so we may receive her counsel, and above all, so we may follow her steps as Mary of Nazareth, the humble wild violet, the white rose of the gardens in heaven.

May 5th 
Mary, she is the flower of Mount Carmel, the star of the morning, the light of our souls, the balance of our thoughts. A lively light springs forth from her Heart to touch ours, and give us the grace to feel her in all our daily actions in life.

May 6th 
The presence of Mary stimulates the faith of man.

May 7th 
Mary comes to reconcile us, to teach us how to live the Gospel, and to give us the best of her smiles to soothe our souls, prepare our spirits, and fertilize the good grape vine planted in each one of us.

May 8th 
Mary is one and the same Mother under different titles.

May 9th 
We have to trust in Mary, in that Mother, so she may lead us.

May 10th 
Pray to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! I love all of her titles, but the Heart of Mary is so sweet, soft, tender, and generous that there are not enough words to truly acclaim her divine protection.

May 11th 
When we sense our Heavenly Mother, our impulse is to fall on our knees and ask her for much humility and patience.

May 12th 
Mary is so humble that she is concerned with the details of each person, of each human being who invokes her, calls her; of each person who receives her Son in their heart and lives in peace and in harmony with their family.

May 13th 
The love of our Mother Mary is the hope of her children so they may follow the steps of her Son.

May 14th 
Mary is pure, she is the only pure woman of the world, [through Jesus,] she is the only one who has come with all the graces of our Father to soothe us all.

May 15th 
We all are instruments in the hands of Mary, because Mary is the Queen of Heaven, the most precious of all women, who in these times, together with her Son, is manifesting herself.

May 16th 
The warmth of the love of Mary, protects me, develops my mind, strengthens my heart, and gives me the softness and the tenderness of the Mother of God, because she is the only one who grants tenderness. The tenderness of the Virgin is infinite and merciful.

May 17th 
Mary was the spouse of the Holy Spirit, who worked in her the great miracle of love, the greatest of all times. In a pure and holy virgin, in a simple flower of the holy path of Nazareth, the Father worked through the grace of the Holy Spirit so she would conceive the Son whom all generations awaited.

May 18th 
The Lord is choosing his places throughout the whole world with the apparitions of Mary so all nations may hold hands.

May 19th 
Mary of Nazareth, the flower of Mount Carmel is the humble and generous woman who gave everything, especially at the foot of the Cross, when her Son was drawing his last breaths on the arms of that Cross.

May 20th 
My faith in Mary is great, because she is my Mother.

May 21st 
Mary is appearing almost everywhere in the world in order to save all peoples and nations.

May 22nd
My Lord, drawing his last breaths, told Mary: “Woman, behold your son; son, behold your Mother.” He then bequeathed us Mary, our true Mother, through his Body and Blood; and John as our brother.

May 23rd
All of us united in one heart must hold hands to walk hastily, silently, and put ourselves under the tutelage of Mary so she may teach us how to walk better.

May 24th 
Each one of us is looking for the truth. Which truth is ours? The truth is to intimately feel our God in our hearts, in the serene, and sublime and wonderful peace that Mary grants us.

May 25th 
Harmony brings the security that is granted to the child who humbly has surrendered in the arms of Mary.

May 26th 
This is the secret of Betania… the falling petals of a Mother. Where do they come from? Who throws them? What is going on, Lord? It is Mary! O my God.

May 27th 
Mary, in her apparitions around the world is making herself felt. She is calling her people, she is calling all of us; but only with her priests, and her Church, regardless of persecution. Jesus was persecuted and continues to be, because many still deny him. However, He continues to wait, trusting that his children will come to his presence seeking the nourishment of the wonderful doctrine He brought us, to free us from sin.

May 28th 
There is great noise in the world, guerrilla warfare, the asphyxia of people, famine, misery, spiritual nakedness, so many things that clash with a climate of peace. This brings unbalance, when man, in the midst of the noise, yells: “Stand up, soldiers, for the battle.” But there is a soft, delicate and peaceful voice that comes from the Mother of Jesus, from Mary who has come to prepare us, to reeducate us, teaching us how to live in these days of social injustice.

May 29th 
The holy rosary is our salvation, it is hope for the people, and it is new life for men. It represents the Immaculate Heart of Mary that was given in Fatima to the little shepherds, trying to prevent more tears shed due to the lack of trust of the People of God.

May 30th 
At this very moment and everywhere in the world, people are rising and holding hands to work together. Do you know why? Because Mary, our Mother, is giving us her Heart, she is offering it once again, as she did at the Cross.

May 31st 
My beloved ones of this journey, here I am among you – the elderly, adults, youngsters, children, and infants – so you may hear the sweet and tender voice of a Mother who has come to collect us all under the title of Mary, Virgin and Mother, Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations, so we all may spread the message of her love with the divine gifts of a new world.

June 1st   
Jesus gave his life, and man continues denying him and forgetting his commandments.

June 2nd
To follow the model Jesus left us helps us live the Gospel.

June 3rd
The initiation of a disciple is his identification with the Divine Master.

June 4th 
My relief is in the Lord.

June 5th  
Jesus is light for my mind and fortitude for my soul.

June 6th 
I also speak about the Sun of Justice. It is the Sun of Truth; once again it is the Sun of the Love of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Sun that has come to enlighten us, and to refresh our memory. Think how much He suffered and how much He still continues to suffer, because man truly does not want to enter into an order of ideas of conversion.

June 7th 
The Son of God is the greatest. No one is going to replace him. No one else can carry upon his shoulders the weightiness of mankind.

June 8th 
Jesus was so grand, so pure, so clean that He gave Himself to the crowds. He would not waste a day; all of his days were devoted to the People of God.

June 9th 
Seek the Lord in your hearts with deeds of love.

June 10th 
To enkindle the flame of your heart is to find Jesus Christ in a brotherly and friendly embrace, in which your hands will be united with his and with the hands of your brothers.

June 11th 
Jesus lives among us. Perhaps we do not see him with our bodily eyes, but we can see him with the eyes of our soul, we can feel him with our heart, with an open mind to hear his advice, soothing our burden, and truly living the Gospel.

June 12th 
Let us say: I am nothing. What I am is because of You, Lord. I surrender it all.

June 13th 
Moses received the commandments of the Law of God. But who else was able to fulfill them but Jesus Christ?

June 14th 
Jesus is locked in the tabernacle waiting for us. There we can talk to him and tell him how much we need him and how much we want to change and improve our inner life, in order to serve him, love him, and make him be acknowledged by all of his children.

June 15th 
There will always be someone to say: “They are mad.” But that does not matter; Jesus was the most beautiful madman and the most splendid one of the world. His madness of love was to save us. And what else can we do, in these times, but to be just as mad, loving him and feeling him with his Mother, who has come to bring us together to save us?

June 16th 
Such unmatched beauty when the voice of Jesus spoke: “I am thirsty.” He meant that He thirsted for souls. And Jesus continues to have that unquenched thirst on the Cross, because He truly wants to meet us precisely where we live.

June 17th 
Jesus comes again in these times to prove to us that He is palpable and that He is there in the Eucharist. With his open Heart He has come to enlighten man, to make him mindful, and to restore his lost joy due to so much grief that he has undergone.

June 18th 
The Lord is my love, and this love gives me wings to fly to Heaven.

June 19th 
The love of Jesus is so grand that He wishes to let Himself be crucified again in order to save this century that is dying; to make Himself felt in all the hearts, and so that we can love the living faith of each day, and render constant charity serving those who need us.

June 20th 
Jesus calls us all to withdraw into prayer so we may establish foundations in our Gospel teachings, which will help us in the future to undertake the path of evangelization.

June 21st 
This is one of the most beautiful things, the greatest of all devotions: The Hour of Adoration to Jesus in the Eucharist. I beg you, do the Eucharistic Thursdays. Father Pio [of Pietrelcina] taught us that it is difficult for a Eucharistic soul to go astray; they will never do so because Jesus will be sharing with them continuously. [He called them] Eucharistic souls.

June 22nd
I long for an immense blue sky to open so the luminous rays of Jesus, like the sun of truth and justice, may penetrate in all the consciences of men so they may all rise and live the Gospel.

June 23rd
Jesus was wise, powerful, great, the greatest Master of all times and of all eras. However, his humility and obedience took him to the Cross to save us all.

June 24th 
Jesus was born, He grew, He was the Master of masters. His apostles followed him, and then He surrendered his life to those Pharisees who knew nothing about love or fear of God.

June 25th 
We must wait, trusting that there will be a meeting with the Lord.

June 26th 
We must reaffirm our trust in the Heart of Jesus.

June 27th 
Jesus loves us so much that if we could understand such a great secret, all men would lay their heads on the floor to thank him.

June 28th 
Jesus came to give us the hope of living the Gospel and to teach us, to call us, and to look for us. And He made use of his twelve apostles who followed him faithfully, honestly, worthy of his appreciation and esteem. Perhaps some were weak, but others followed his steps.

June 29th
The Lord makes Himself felt. He is crying out with desperation, because man is not heeding the call.

June 30th 
The soft loving yoke of Jesus helps us look up to Heaven.

July 1st     
The love of Jesus is so vast that He is still waiting for us in the tabernacle.

July 2nd
Let us lead an authentic life, a life full of concepts that urge us to answer the good news of the love of God.

July 3rd
Betania is a place to improve our inner life, to improve our true life, and transform it into a life that makes us feel united.

July 4th
This is the time of the awakening of all consciences; and by saying awakening of consciences I mean that this is the time in which the Lord calls each and everyone, once again, to unite as in those days when He lived in this world.

July 5th     
We come to know a person when we live with that person.

July 6th     
Let us make a death-defying leap [interiorly].

July 7th     
We all have to learn how to live a better life. We have to improve every day, improve our human frailty, so our will power may grow stronger and more energetic by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, in order to cling to the Lord and to his Mother.

July 8th     
Our development must be a daily one and our desire for spiritual self-mastery must be intense. Yes, because if we overcome all the small things of our daily life, we will be able to give of ourselves the best, which is the capacity with which Jesus is teaching us.

July 9th     
God is the greatest among all the great ones.

July 10th       
It is important to come to these Marian gatherings of our Mother the Church and Jesus Christ; to once again live and feel his presence among us, calling us to a spontaneous and natural spiritual growth, and leading us to the great truth of the commandments of the Law of God where the faith of all Christians is summarized.

July 11th     
There are methods, each one has their own. I love Saint Ignatius of Loyola very much, his spiritual exercises are fruitful, great; righteousness is the rule, that is to say, an exact conscience regarding our duties that are love and fidelity to the Church. 

July 12th     
For men to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit, they truly have to come to a complete knowledge of themselves, and cleanse all that may harm them.

July 13th     
Let us pray to the Holy Spirit so He may work in each one of us a renewal in our intentions, our needs, are diseases so we may be healed and so we may truly follow what He wants us to live: the Gospels, exactly as John, Luke, Matthew, and Mark left them so they would help us in our pilgrimage on earth.

July 14th    
Evangelization, self-donation, this is what the Lord is asking from us.

July 15th     
When we get married, we have to live with our husband and plan everything with him. We have to converge in ideas in order to overcome the trials of life, attaining to what is truly beneficial.

July 16th     
We must unite in order to prevent war. What do we – the Catholics – have to do? We have to live the Gospel, especially help one another grow spiritually in the family, and intone a canticle of love and thanksgiving to the Lord.

July 17th     
Let us think about our families and children. Let us think about You, Lord, as the only solution to our weaknesses and frailties, who encourages us to continue with the battle. It is a battle of love, a battle of the exact conscience of our duties.

July 18th     
The basis to communicate with Jesus is humility.

July 19th     
Let us be useful serving Mother Church, because the Church knows how to give back in return.

July 20th     
The Lord is with me because He is watching over me, He is my Father.

July 21st    
 I want to be very fair. I would not mind loosing my life in the name of justice so men can react.

July 22nd    
To pray in a group reaffirms the trust of the son who is waiting.

July 23rd    
Penance reestablishes order in the human organism, strengthens the heart, gives light and intelligence to the mind, grants peace, gives security, energy and supernatural life.

July 24th     
We must think about the greatness of the love of Jesus who continues giving of himself, and is waiting for all of us in all the tabernacles of the world. Everyone must receive him, do not stop receiving my Lord. He is nourishment, fire, flame and new life.

July 25th    
Mary is with us. She has stayed with us to this day since we were baptized – Mary, Virgin and Mother, Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations.

July 26th     
Let us raise our voices, because perhaps those who are in a slumber may awaken.

July 27th     
We are here to serve one another, praying and teaching the Gospel. Some of us are good for some things and others for other things, but we are useful and this is what is important. We all need each other.

July 28th     
Age and life have taught me that we must stand firmly as soldiers, because we do not know when God needs us to act. He gives us tasks and we must understand what He wants.

July 29th     
Nature suffers: rain, strong snows and cyclones. These are normal manifestations of nature. We cannot say: “These are chastisements.” No!  

July 30th     
We must practice obedience by all means. Obedience is strength for the weak, and hope for those who have a hardened heart.

July 31st    
Let us put ourselves in the hands of Jesus. And if it is the will of God for us to be healed, the healing will take place to give glory to God, for the well-being of our souls, and for the salvation of the whole world.

August 1st   

Forgive each person who has offended you. Forget it all. Everything is behind you. Now, you are going to fight and defeat difficulties as new people.

 August 2nd
Where you work, regardless of your job, it is your job, and you must respect and love all the people who have given you work, despite the fact they may be selfish. This does not matter. Forgive, forgive everyone. So, then, in simple words let us all love each other and respect each other.

 August 3rd
Every day we have to learn a little bit more of how to share and how to live the Gospel.

 August 4th
Endure and go on. Some of us have to bear more than others. This is the reason why we have to be decisive; and blessed be the Lord there are people who are decisive, strong, constant, and with enough courage to bear, overcome, and overcome themselves. This is what is important, to overcome oneself.

 August 5th
God lives in each one of us. This is his great moment of calling mankind, for his Mother is leading the ship as Queen of the World.

 August 6th
The time for social communities, spiritual communities will come.

 August 7th
The time of times is coming and Jesus will make himself felt all of a sudden. Where, when, how? These are the designs of God, but the hour is coming and we all must reform ourselves and truly live the Gospel, trustfully waiting, knowing that He is the Redeemer of the World who has come to save us again, so we may not perish in the midst of the darkness of the world.

 August 8th
We are children of light; we are the People of God.

 August 9th
It is the time of the People of God, so they may stand working with mindful charity so that with love we will achieve everything. If we are loved or not, it does not matter, we are going to work living the Gospel, loving one another, bearing each other, and strengthening our lives by means of the Eucharist.

 August 10th  
We are in times of reconciliation. The great moment of reconciliation is coming.

 August 11th
Let us love everyone; let us love our divided brothers too. Let us love and respect all the faiths of the world and not scorn anyone.

 August 12th
We have to respect people and their positions, each one in their place, each one where God has placed them to develop a task of brotherly unity, of a coming together in a holding of hands.

 August 13th
Our pastors, our priests temper our spirit so we may contemplate the merciful love of Jesus, Jesus in the Eucharist, to truly live a worthy and simple life according to his doctrine.

 August 14th
Priests are the representatives of Jesus Christ on earth, and we must love them with much humility.

 August 15th
Silence and prayer for each soul, for each heart that we see, for each person with an intention, for each person in need.

 August 16th
Our Holy Father the Pope, John Paul II, with a great and beautiful soul, with a childlike open heart, and a mind open to the grace of the Holy Spirit, has come to enlighten the world in these times of spiritual depression.

 August 17th
From the See of Saint Peter, the Pope goes out giving his message of love, and then returns to the Vatican to continue studying. He is tireless; he always has his book open. The Lord enlightens him and strengthens his back.

 August 18th
The human condition is weak and frail, but when one considers that the doctrine of the Son of God is its hope, this man renews himself because he receives the spark, and this spark fully enters into the mind of man, and with it he can see through the eyes of the Lord, coming to know who he has by his side.

 August 19th
Let us be useful serving Mother Church, because the Church knows how to give back in return.

 August 20th
The Lord loves us very much and He has taken us into consideration.

 August 21st
Let us be fair, reflective and mindful in order to live soundly with the Lord of lords, who enters into our homes giving us his holy blessing every morning.

 August 22nd
Prayer is the constructive force of man, a thought – it is the thought of God in all of his children, a thought which is reflected in each one of our souls, our hearts, every single day.

 August 23rd
Rise and listen to the canticle from the choir of angels and the sweet melody of a prisoner of love: Jesus on all the altars of the churches of the world as He continues waiting for us. The Lord is waiting for us to receive him.  

 August 24th
Few are the lives that surrender to the labor of our Mother, accompanying her, respecting her, appreciating her.

 August 25th
I love all the apparitions of my Mother, my Blessed Mother – my Mother of Lourdes, my Mother Reconciler of Peoples, my Mother of Fatima. I love her under all of her titles – in Medjugorje – everywhere. My Lady and Mother, I wish everyone would love you, feel you, and invoke you with much humility and serenity.

 August 26th
We must unite with each other, help each other, soothe our burden, and the burden of the brothers who come to us.

 August 27th
We must give. Never leave anyone empty handed; give, give, give. Do not let them leave with nothing; give them a word of consolation. There are so many souls in need of a word, of something to look forward to.

 August 28th
To serve and not to be served.

 August 29th
The softness of the breeze softens my heart, preparing my soul to speak with the Lord.

 August 30th
An apostle is obedient to the Lord in a constant service of giving of himself in love.

 August 31st
The Lord is perfect, his work is perfect. The work of the Lord is raised by perfection. We are poor and weak, but when He grants us the good will to do things He calls us to reflect, He gives us a motive, He guides us, and helps us to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit with the gift of understanding to truly understand what God wants from us, what we are good for, and it is that we must do.

September 1st
The force of loving rebuilds the hearts of those who recognize their Lord.

 September 2nd  
We have to spread our wings, opening new paths, so everyone may receive the grace [of the Holy Spirit], and we may live honestly and worthily, pleasing the Lord.

 September 3rd
One has to be responsible for the acts one performs, not of what others think. 

 September 4th
We have to remain clear in our task of being ever-mindful in order to truly live the Gospel as Jesus taught us.

 September 5th     
I like to think about the beautiful things in life, but sometimes we have to be mindful and look at what we do not want to see, because it is in front of us.

 September 6th     
We need the will power and the capacity to work with righteousness. When you have an exact conscience regarding your duties, you dare not to offend God.

 September 7th    
There are things that are happening in the world, things that stir and make us nervous. Do not believe in these things. As Catholics we have to have one path, and this path leads us to the Church, and the Church teaches us to share with everyone and to live the Gospel.

 September 8th     
We have to see what is good in people.

 September 9th     
We cannot live in fear. We have to think that God is mercy and infinite kindness.

 September 10th       
Be righteous, in order to attain perfect beauty, living in harmony.

 September 11th     
We must always be busy in useful things, because we think about our problems too much and we go crazy.

 September 12th     
What people want is to know about their future. Well, it is human, but it is not this, my concern is education, to form the person for Mother Church whom we have to serve. Not only the priests have this right, now we the lay people have this right too.

September 13th     
When we long to be with the Master, we must pray and be silent.

 September 14th    
The Holy Spirit blows over everyone. Better yet, it blows as long as we invoke him with Christian docility, the docility of a person who loves and feels his Lord, and wishes for his brothers to receive grace although we are nothing. It does not matter, but it is your will, your desire that others may receive the grace, strength, motivation, and desire to work to give glory to God.

 September 15th     
We have to live the Gospel everywhere. We do not have to hide. No! The Lord is asking us to run, not to hide; to go before the people: the rich, the powerful, the government, the poor, the sick, the innocent; to everyone, but in silence.

 September 16th     
We cannot scold a child at every moment. We must reprimand him, but not harshly, but rather trying to calm him, sharing with him, so he can speak and say what he feels, developing in his heart the commitment of always speaking the truth to his parents.

 September 17th     
The source of life is the hope of complying with our duty, performing with simplicity, in order to stimulate our hearts by loving and by being loved in return.

 September 18th     
The world awaits difficult times, and we have to improve the environment with our prayers to halt wars.

 September 19th     
Humility is the prime base for a human being to win many people.

 September 20th     
Our Church is the Church where the Lord put his firm and deep foundations, so we could all lean on her. Let us defend this Church.

 September 21st
 It is Jesus who lives among us. Perhaps we do not see him, but we feel him in our hearts. He loves all of his children, He loves the little innocent ones, He loves the virgins, He loves mothers of families, He loves fathers of families, He loves the youth.

 September 22nd    
The true joy of a human being is the nourishment of Christ, it is the force that assesses our faith, that helps us be firm and constant in our daily chores, renewing us, strengthening us, and teaching us to be fair at all times in life.

 September 23rd  
We truly are going to need teams of many holy souls, souls that surrender to prayer, meditation, penance, and to the Eucharist. We must meditate upon this topic very much.

 September 24th     
Prayer is the positive force that reaffirms the faith of the people.

 September 25th     
The Eucharist is our nourishment, our prime base in life. I invite you to receive it every day if possible, because it is the living bread of heaven, and it is the food that keeps our soul fresh, the heart full of love, tenderness and dreams, and our mind open to the grace of the Holy Spirit.

 September 26th    
Cover yourselves with the mantle of Mary, Reconciler of all Peoples, so you may be saved.

 September 27th     
We have to prepare ourselves to be columns of light in the world; a column because no one knows who you are, but you are giving your contribution, because of your intention to save, to reach hearts, to touch souls and minds so they may have the capacity of acknowledging themselves with their weaknesses, and strengths too, so they may begin to stand, contemplating kindness, understanding, loyalty to the Church, and love of Jesus Christ.

 September 28th     
Remember this: serve constantly without complaining that we have been bothered. Oh! They are bothering me. No! A glance, a holding of hands, a kiss, something, something, always give something, a medal, a prayer, a rosary.

 September 29th     
Let us make a grand edifice, the edifice of a new mankind that beats, palpitates, empathizes with its brother, and dares to launch itself to space to touch the stars, immediately coming back and gently touching the waters, bringing the light of the immensity of a splendorous sun. 

 September 30th    
I have offered my life for the Church, for priests, for religious ones, for the Pope – my life for them and for the People of God, of course, but for the first ones, because they left it all behind.

October 1st   
Love is the prime base of our lives, and if we love we will be loved in return, and whoever does not respond to this grace, sooner or later will awaken, and will be able to give the best of his heart.

 October 2nd
All of us, absolutely all of us have been called to gather at the site of the apparition, and there is nothing left to do but faithfully answer the call of a Mother who wishes to renew us, prepare us, and reinforce the Holy Church that is the rock and foundation springing from the origin of a perfect God when He created the world of God and man.

 October 3rd
One has to be responsible for the acts one performs, not of what others think.

 October 4th
To live right is to safeguard oneself in the light.

 October 5th
There are enemies, especially pride, haughtiness, vanity, distrust and turning back when one is reaching the point where one has to step forward to come to a gathering with all divided brothers.

 October 6th
These are the greatest moments in the history of mankind, because there are so many people seeking the Lord, seeking the truth.

 October 7th
We must live an authentic Christian life giving ourselves to others. We cannot live selfishly, thinking only of me, of me, of me. No!

 October 8th
Things must be done properly, do not leave any task halfway done.

 October 9th
Let us live an honest, free, and dignified life.

 October 10th  
Purity is the spotlessness of the body and soul. Without purity we cannot reaffirm our steps, it is one of the most important things . . . purity in our minds, in the way we dress, in the steps we make.

 October 11th
The Lord wishes us to be pure, to renew our souls. He wishes that we may have a great heart so He can abide there forever.

 October 12th
With a thought of love of God, of surrendering – you are surrendering your life, and surrendering the life of your family to the Lord, in order to help, protect, defend, and guide them; firmly setting your steps.

 October 13th
One can do spiritual exercises with small groups, not too big [normally 10-12 people, sometimes as many as 40]. One group today, another one tomorrow.

 October 14th
When a mind is open to the grace of the Holy Spirit and there is sufficient will power, evil cannot make its way into the body because the soul has already been freed.

 October 15th
I wish that the conviction that the Gospel of the Lord manifests itself through grace may enrapture you.

 October 16th
Parents, keep your children close to you, help them. We have to watch them closely. Do not leave them in the hands of anyone else, and stay close to see what ideas they have, who they are with. Follow them with moderation and simplicity so they do not feel scared of us.

 October 17th
We all need spiritual nourishment because our spirit is what supports us to do our duty.

 October 18th
These times are serious times because worldwide circumstances truly are tense, and we need much prayer, meditation, penance, and the Eucharist.

 October 19th
Humility, humility, humility! This is the greatest word: humility. With humility the Lord grants us all we need, everything, everything, everything.

 October 20th
When they say: “The Church”, I say: No, it is “Mother Church” because she supports us, gives us energy, trust, serenity, light, and teaches us the details of life; the small painter’s strokes that make us see things clearly.

 October 21st
Jesus is our Master, He taught the apostles who were his disciples, and today He comes to us. Again in these times, He is offering us bread and wine which are his Body and Blood in the Eucharist.

 October 22nd
You live here and I live there, thus we have communication media to understand each other and live the rules Jesus proposed to his disciples, which were: a commitment of love, of unity, and of a daily lived faith. 

October 23rd
Prayer is the support of all Christians.

 October 24th
Prayer is the base to secure our faith and our Christian condition.

 October 25th
The sacrifice of the Mass is the greatest thing on earth, the Love of loves.

 October 26th
Mother Mary is filling the vastness of the world with her humility, purity, understanding, and with her motherly Heart.

 October 27th
We have to unite to save the world: with our prayer, our plea, our sacrifice, surrendering to all in the midst of society, of the people, of the poorest; all of us united.

 October 28th
You must develop great apostolic zeal for the well-being of human society, giving all of yourselves like a loving flame for Jesus.

 October 29th
We have to give what we have inside, the skills God has given us for different purposes.

 October 30th
He who does not know must be taught.

 October 31st
The immense heaven of my Lord is ready to teach us. Have heaven in mind to prevent evil thoughts, weaknesses; nothing can touch you; evil cannot even slightly touch you.

November 1st   
Let us become people of love.

November 2nd    
What man lacks is trust and love in the true God. When one loves, one feels that it is not oneself who lives within; it is God who abides in us.

November 3rd
Everything in life is due to the holy will of God – finding the tools to delegate, and truly work with honesty, courage, energy, humility, patience, and the holy fear of God.

November 4th
We have to give the best of ourselves, and the best comes from God.

November 5th     
Do not do what you do not wish others to do to you.

November 6th    
To share is the blessed formula of the children of God, because if we are his children and He is educating us, we can grow, and we are growing in the understanding of our neighbors.

November 7th    
We have to think about understanding, because if we are understanding with our brothers, we are going to be understood too.

November 8th    
She is the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, our Heavenly Mother. To resemble her is impossible, but we have to imitate her in our duties, without saying: Later, tomorrow… [but rather] today, like a soldier, like a true son who knows how to appreciate his Mother.

November 9th    
Be patient, strong, and firm in your decisions, convictions, and in the way you think and live.

November 10th      
We cannot live in fear. We have to think that God is mercy and infinite kindness.

November 11th    
God reaches the mind of man, and this mind receives grace, and it can work according to his guiding will because it is the will of God in us.

November 12th    
Knowledge is the mind open to grace.

November 13th    
What our Lady tells us is that Jesus is God, that only He, He and only He, is the one who grants all graces.

November 14th   
I love the gift of understanding very much. Wisdom is perfect, wonderful; all gifts are beautiful, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, knowledge… they all are wonderful, good counsel… but of all gifts, I believe that if you have the gift of understanding you lack nothing, because you can understand everything with a little inspiration.

November 15th    
We have to pray for the gift of piety – constant prayer. There can be no rest.

November 16th    
I love the gift of the fear of God very much, not the fear that He is going to punish us, but the fear of not offending him.

November 17th    
We must help each other accept the Gospels – a wholesome, just, uncomplicated life, free like a bird. Nothing stopped You, Lord. You gave Yourself on a Cross and You rose.

November 18th    
Let us, all united, live the Gospel, and proclaim: The Lord Jesus lives among us!

November 19th    
We are a great family that tries to improve by all means, in order to truly be aware of the values of the men, women, and the children of today.

November 20th    
A united family will remain united in heaven.

November 21st   
Let us think that the Lord watches over all of his children and that we cannot go astray, that we have to be saved by any means, by having our thoughts fixed on God, on our Catholic beliefs, on the divine source where Jesus awaits us.  

November 22nd    
Humility is not to be dressed in rags and say: I am humble. No! It is what you bear within your heart that you share with your brother, what you have – and you give of yourself, and you give of yourself without complaining that you are being bothered.

November 23rd    
We have to save the Church, respect her, and make all men respect her and love her dearly, because she supports us, gives us life, gives us the nourishment of the Eucharist, and she regenerates our cells with this sacrosanct and divine Host.

November 24th    
Our Mother the Church is our companion, our Mother, because she is with us in our affliction, and she helps us survive all the spiritual decay we may have, strengthening us with the Bread of Life, that is the Bread of Jesus Christ, the Eucharist.

November 25th    
The Eucharist is our nourishment, our supernatural life, it gives us strength, it helps us identify ourselves with our brothers, regardless of how they come to us or where they come from. The important thing is to stretch out our hands, give them a glance, a timely word.

November 26th    
You are saving thousands of children with that child you have in your arms, just like that, without being able to walk. You are saving children with your humility, with the love you have for the daughter you are carrying, taking her along with your love, with your presence, with your care. This is huge, and it is a great mission. (Addressed to a mother with a handicapped child.)

November 27th    
Let us defend the Church, love our priests, religious, families, friends, enemies, everyone, and let us be forgiving with everyone in our hearts, in order to begin a new and free life to conquer heaven.

November 28th    
Obedience is the small golden particle that is promptly growing with spiritual joy – the soul of a son of God who is learning the wonderful classes of the Master who is teaching him. O, may I be obedient always!

November 29th    
The work of the Lord is carried out, that is, as long as we are humble, and we know how to wait and trust in divine providence, because providence is given by the Lord. We are nothing, He is everything to us, and if we all trust in him, we will be able to carry out the wishes and longings we place in him and Mary.

November 30th    
We have to give motivation to the young person, so he may find himself, and care for studying, learning, and loving God. No drugs, no sin, no lust.

December 1st   
We all have to love one another in one spirit, in one feeling, in one desire; this desire is heaven – to go to heaven. Such a great thing! We can only enter with our deeds; with the human capacity that God gives us to fulfill ourselves in the world, in the environment where He has placed us, each one doing his duty, but serving.

December 2nd    
We have to form our conscience. When you have an exact conscience regarding your duties, you cannot harm anyone because you do not dare to, the fear of God does not let you.

December 3rd
You can deceive man, but you cannot deceive God.

December 4th
We only have to say good things about others.

December 5th    
We do not want to, but we have to learn how to live in communities. We have to bear each other and help one another truly trust in the divine mercy of Jesus.

December 6th    
Let us forge ahead with the high mysticism of understanding.

December 7th    
I pray to God that all may be in spiritual communion, may meet, hold hands, agree, for there may be no ups and downs – that today I am, but tomorrow I am not; no. This is a good group, the group is beautiful, but there is always someone who fails; they are never content. 

December 8th    
This is the era of Mary, of Mary Mother of the Church! Do you know what a torrent of supernatural life is? [Through her Son,] she has given supernatural life and she lives among us.

December 9th    
We have to give each person their corresponding responsibility, because people believe that because they go to Mass on Sundays their soul is saved, that everything is completed. But it is not so, it is their deeds, true things . . . until we reach this understanding we are going to be stumbling here and there.

December 10th      
We always must be tidy and keeping our bodies and spirits clean.

December 11th    
The fullness of our spiritual life is the love of God that identifies us with him. In identifying with him He gives us his essence.

December 12th    
My stability consists of my mind open to grace, being able to discern what God wants from me, so I may walk through green pathways of hope with the sun of justice, and with a full moon always open to grace.

December 13th    
The decrees of God are his own wisdom, which eternalize the love of those who love each other.

December 14th   
Let us pray to the Holy Spirit for the gift of understanding so it may open our mind helping us truly discern what the Lord wants from us.

December 15th    
Whoever lifts a prayer to the Lord and brings his hands together asking for mercy, restores his God-given gifts, valuing the inheritance that has been given to him, through the fruits that have been harvested.

December 16th    
We must live the Gospel and take it from one place to another.

December 17th     
We have come here to live the Gospel, the Gospel teaches us, it instructs us how to be better in life, and it gives us a special touch, a sign, the preparation to secure our faith in Mother Church.

December 18th    
We, parents have to have character – loving our children, but with character at the same time, so they will not take the road that will lead them to evil. We have to help them with our presence. Do not leave them on their own. We have to follow them and control them so our children may grow like plants, green with many flowers to be offered to our Lady with her Son Jesus in the Father through the Holy Spirit – glory to the Most Holy Trinity.

December 19th    
We are the family of God, we are people fashioned by this God, the God who lives and beats in our souls, who touches our minds with his light, with the Holy Spirit, making us rejoice in a soft and warm environment, vibrating with tenderness and much love.

December 20th    
Our family is a testimony to the beatitudes – of a better future for the lives of those who are coming behind us.

December 21st   

Any sort of war can be stopped with prayer, good deeds, and when we offer our lives to the Lord for his glory and the well-being of all mankind.

December 22nd    
During the day offer a small flower of humility, an act of love.

December 23rd    
Our Church is so beautiful! The work of our Mother Church is so grand! Let us love this Church, I ask you to love her, because she is the greatest thing we have . . . The Church gives us so much! What do we give her? We have to give her so much more.

December 24th    
The Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ will be my nourishment forever.

December 25th    
When receiving the Lord we truly feel we are sharing with all mankind: with the sad, the sick, the innocent children, the elderly, our relatives – we are all united.

December 26th    
I am going to die standing firmly like a soldier.

December 27th    
Let us be like innocent children who do not know anything, let us be led by the divine current. This current leads you, helps you, and gives you strength, power and grace, not the power to get this or that. I am not interested in getting anything; I am interested in complying with my obligations according to the will of God, wherever He wants me, for whatever He wants, with much patience and generosity.

December 28th    
Religious communities are the most precious gem of Jesus, because they crystallize the work, and teach all their daughters and sons how to walk better. They help them walk better in life readjusting and confirming their lived faith everyday.

December 29th    
God does not ask too much, He asks for small painter strokes of love, and this is what we have to give, not great speeches or great things, no, no, small things. My life is made of small things, I do not want anything big, I like normal things that come slowly.

December 30th    
In the divine fountain where Jesus is awaiting us all – there, in that fountain – let us drink from that blessed water, let us bathe ourselves, purify ourselves, and amend our sins and tepidity.

December 31st
We are not exempt from the mistakes that are committed; we have to forgive