1981 – Present time

Chairwoman and Founder
Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano de Bianchini

Leader and Founder
Profesor Maria Auxiliadora Bianchini de Leon

image001The Betania Choir was founded on April 19, in 1981 by Prof. Maria Auxiliadora Bianchini Leon and it is formed by members of the Betania Spirituality Movement (Public Association of the Faithful). In their continuous effort, they have presented their repertoire of different musical styles.

The Betania Choir has strived to joyously spread a message of hope, love, reconciliation and peace with their singing. Their presentations in churches, hospitals, homes for the elderly, televised Masses, festivals, etc., are countless, both in Venezuela and abroad. Their fruitful task of evangelization has been extended abroad with tours to Argentina, Canada, Cayman Islands, Ecuador, Israel, Italy, Panama, Peru, Spain, Switzerland and the United States of America.

Some of their most memorable participations have been: the anniversaries commemorating the apparition of the Virgin, Mary Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations in the Sanctuary of Betania, every March 25; the Solemn Mass celebrated by Saint John Paul II during his visit to Venezuela in 1985, as members of the Great Papal Choir; at the Theater “Teresa Carreno” in the Main Concert Hall, together with other choirs for the interpretation of “The Mass in C” of Beethoven; at the “Ateneo de Caracas” for the adaptation of the Opera “Los Duendes de la Flauta Magica” of Mozart; the Holy Mass for the closing of the Plenary Council of Venezuela at “Parque Naciones Unidas” in 2006; the Holy Mass for the Episcopal Silver Weddings of His Eminence, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Sabino, Archbishop of Caracas at “Parque Naciones Unidas”; the Solemn Mass for the elevation to Minor Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Coromoto in Guanare; the Closing of the Theological Congress at the V World Meeting of the Family, in Spain, in 2006; the Solemn Mass for the opening of the Cause of Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God, Mrs. Maria Esperanza Bianchini, messenger of the Virgin and founder of the Betania Spirituality Movement, in 2010; the Holy Mass and participation of the opening of the Holy Door of Mercy in the Jubilee Year in the Sanctuary of Betania, in 2015; and the concert on the stage of the “Follow Me” Vocational Fair, within the World Youth Day, in Panama, in 2019.

The Betania Choir with their original approach of singing choir music with “Midi” orchestration recorded their first CD in 1989 “Song to a Mother, in 1996 “Betania, Light of the World”, in 1999 “Hail Mary”, in 2005 “Hits of the Betania Choir”, in 2006 “Family Christmas” and in 2012 they launched their sixth CD “Betania Choir Live at Betania II” with Prof. Maria Auxiliadora as the first vocalist in said musical productions. Likewise, they have numerous videos on YouTube, and they maintain communication with their followers through the “Coral Betania Oficial” account on Instagram..

Before each presentation, Mrs. Bianchini as the spiritual director of the Betania Choir encouraged the members of the group with loving words. These are some of her inspiring thoughts: “Sing as birds that have to fly. Sing as heavenly angels in order to reach heaven. The Gospel must be how you project your life. I hope you bloom once again, by offering your song. Smile with the joy of the innocent child. Take your song to the souls. The Betania Choir is light, inspiration, positive force, glory to God.”



Maria Esperanza B. de Foley
Maria Gracia Gebran
Anabella H. de Bianchini
Maria Reconciliadora Bianchini
Maria Esperanza Bianchini
Maria Coromoto B. de Marrero
Catherine B. de Marrero
María Esperanza León
María Auxiliadora León
Andrea R. de Liscano
Rosa G. de Fajardo
Teresa G. de Colmenares
Rosalba A. de Peña
Rosalba Peña
Delia B. de Fernandez
María Eugenia Fernandez
Lennys Soares
Yesica S. de Martinez
Mayú Cayama
Luisa H. de Leon

Geo Francisco Bianchini
Carlos Ignacio Marrero
Juan Carlos Leon
Ricardo Hernandez
Roberto Leon
Avelino Fernandez
Jose Miguel Cacciabaudo
Abraham Liscano
Jose Miguel Colmenares
Luis Yovera
Rodrigo Diaz
Jonathan Hernandez
Alvaro Hernandez

Maria del Carmen B. de Leon
Veronica L. de Castiglione
Francesca Leon
Carolina P. de Leon
Daniela L. de Dos Santos
Maria Carolina Leon
Mariela de Hernandez
Gianna B. de Navas
Lilia G. de Cadiz
Lola M. de Ramirez
Tibisay Alzuarge
Monica L. de Diaz
Estrella Perez
Maria Esperanza Behrens
Maria Fernanda Rangel
Maria Bethania B. de Liscano
Maria Alexandra de Garciao
Nathaly Ponce


Marco Gentile
Pietro Pablo Bianchini
Carlos Marrero
Roberto Leon
Hugo Liscano
Ricardo Ramirez
Raul Peña
Jose Raul Peña
Jose Cadiz
Hugo Luciani
Francisco Yovera
Daniel Martinez
Oswaldo Alzuarge

Sound Technicians:

Jesus Raul Leon
Johnnatan Garcia


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