Excerpts of messages of Blessed Mother to Mrs. Maria Esperanza de Bianchini

January 25, 1985 3:00 p.m.

My little children, from this, my holy mountain of this blessed place, among these trees, I gaze at you from my grotto of prayer, and in silence and seclusion I let you feel me… so the grace of the Holy Spirit may fully enter in each one of you, and all may receive the divine vocation of service, here, in my promised land, and may be able to sweetly work for the love of my Beloved Son..! Blessed are those who offer their lives to the service of the Lord..!

February 16, 1989 4:00 p.m.

My little daughter, my little children, here I am..! Living among you! My little children, my Heart beats with heavenly delights as I gaze at each one of your faces, which come to find the hope of better days, to solidify your steps on the road that leads to Mount Zion. My fountain of the waters of Betania shall restore your souls to new life that will bring you to lead the life of an apostle, that is to say, of service, devoted to a mission of love, which shall reaffirm your trust in the light of the New Dawn of my Divine Jesus!

He, my Beloved Son, wishes for all of you to live cradled in this motherly Heart, with the charisma and graces of the Holy Spirit. In this way, my children may hold hands based on the commandment, love one another! It is the only truth that can save mankind form a war among brothers, that is to say, in these times, all should resort to the charitable harvest of good deeds, which is the identification of love and truth of the People of God who are longing for social justice… because as long as unity does not come forth, you shall lead a life of anguish, grief, shadows and sorrow. Behold, little children, the love of a Mother who cherishes you and comes as a starting point to lead you toward a law of justice, love, peace and reconciliation!

Prayer… Meditation… Penance… Eucharist..!

March 25, 1976 8:30 a.m.

Little daughter, here you have me with my hands enriched with graces and covered with splendors of light, to call all my children to conversion. This is the seed of glory I offer as Mary Reconciler of all People and Nations, for I come to reconcile all of you. Reconciliation is the inheritance of divine brotherhood of my Divine Son! Little daughter, hand on my message to all. I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever!

April 1st, 1989 4:30 p.m.

Little daughter, my little children, I am trying to talk to all of you to tell you, I lead you by the hand covering your shoulders with my motherly mantle. Little children, I call you to the site of my new apparition as Mary Reconciler of all People and Nations so you may begin to work on the harvest that you shall sow in the hearts of the innocent children, and in the hearts of others who are young and long for truth, love and justice! I call you for the Great Moment of Reconciliation has arrived… holding hands… and you need to prepare yourselves as soon as possible; for example in: the sowing of the doctrine; catechism; spiritual exercises; the Gospel; and mainly, the Eucharist, daily Communion, the nourishment of the soul; accompanied with work in a task in which you can be productive, sowing the furrows with the holy seed of nourishment.

The land I have placed in your hands is appropriate to accomplish the Deed of Love that must save many souls yearning to give of themselves their contribution to sow! Therefore, little children, I extend my love to all of my children, dwellers on earth, and to those who are loyal to Jesus so you may discover theWonderful Secret of Unity which shall help you find the key to the kingdom of God! I keep you!

May 3rd, 1977 11:00 a.m.

Little daughter, continue your path for we have prepared it! Little daughter, obedience shall be the basis of your inner life, to remain in contact and in unity with the Lord! Little children, be very good, spontaneous, natural… this shall make your life easier and happier! Little daughter, little children, help me conquer the hearts of all of your brothers!

June 21, 1987 4:30 p.m.

Little children the hour is soon approaching… and you will feel from within, that wonderful something, which communicates to the soul the quality of discernment of his presence among you!  Little children, withdraw into silence… this is, and shall be the miracle of your own lives… see clearly and determine what is happening around you, in order to be in peace. And henceforth, live to bear witness and proclaim, in each hour of the day, the miracle of your own existence with a heart which beats with the Heart of my Divine Son, Jesus!

            Yes, little children, for you shall feel his breath, his warmth, his presence; and heaven and earth shall sing together! Now, wait serenely with the key that opens the gate of salvation, and quietly say, “Lord, Jesus, we are waiting for You, for You have promised to come.. and God’s promises cannot be disregarded; and we are here to hold You, love You and always live by your side with your Mother..!

            Little children, give pause… the Lord repeats to you, “He who eats my Body and drinks my Blood shall be safe and sound, entering to dwell forever in the House of my Father! You are here to learn, and I fully enter into your hearts to model them and make them worthy of this, my Mystical Body..!

July 6, 1987 11:30 a.m.

My little children, reaffirm your trust in the adorable Heart of my Jesus, who is in love with the delights of his Father! Lean on the promises of the Lord who hears the prayers of his children, and whose mercy reaffirms all forever! Do not worry, for priestly and religious vocations shall multiply. Apostles of my Heart… fill yourselves with gratitude… for all shall taste love and wisdom… since the Holy Spirit shall enlighten each one of you in these apocalyptic times with his divine grace, sustaining all with bountiful fruits and divine rain!

Children, do not stop wearing my miraculous medal to cover yourselves, in order to be protected… also distribute it generously so sinners may be converted, the sick may be healed and the moral values of the world of today may be reestablished!

August 22, 1976 1:30 p.m.

Daughter, when all men on earth come to carry their cross with love, there shall be no more pain or weeping, for they shall live rising each day with my Beloved Son in a constant and lively: Hallelujah…

hallelujah… hallelujah..! My daughter, I wish for you to make them feel the worth of prayer and the importance of my new apparition as Reconciler of People and Nations, for under this title they shall find essential and determinant conditions to prepare their souls to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit… through the communication and the visits of Our Lord, through faith… for faith is the basis of Christianity… and increasing that same faith shall make them seek, with sincere love, Our Father and the Heart of my Divine Son with mine..!

September 8, 1989 6:30 p.m.

Daughter, my children, on this day when my birth is commemorated… The Nativity of Mary, I have wanted you to see me, just as the child my parents took to the Temple… and I wish for this image to remain engraved in your souls, in order to keep in your hearts the peace that comes forth as brightness from the very bosom of Our Father… Yes, children I want you to take me with you, so nothing may separate us… you must know that truth always shines… and you shall walk next to me. I shall lead you to the backwaters where the water is clearer, for it comes from the springs of my grotto of prayer… Yes, sons and daughters, I want to protect you from the temptations of the world – the youth – so you may follow the will of God in your path, in order to be worthy of his mercy and infinite love..!

Behold, being in my company there shall be joy in your hearts, praises, and music of a prayer born at the hills of my Holy Mountain..! This is why, as all of you congregate in the Name of the Lord on this, my Land of Promises, I shall sow with my Divine Son the holy seed in all furrows… for this land is good and blessed, and the deeds of love that must be fulfilled shall constitute the accomplishment of a new world… where unity shall be the seal and the key to the kingdom of God among all men on Earth..!

Children, I beg you, defend your rights and appraise your faith, longing for spiritual renewal… spreading the message of a Mother… who under different titles appears to her children, calling them to conversion..!

All the places where I have made myself felt are filled with spirituality, understanding, and much love for my children, so all may be saved… and here also, in your fatherland, when you enter the constitution of the structure of the countryman you find sensitive souls worthy of the love of my Lord..! Therefore, you should trust your Mother… and continue your path which leads to the Holy Mountain..!

I keep you here in my Heart..!

October 22, 1989 2:30 a.m.

My daughter, my Heart I gave you… my Heart I give you… and my Heart I shall give you forever..! Daughter, children, I called you to come to meet me, so you could feel me and see my image reflected at my grotto of prayer… to give you my message in the silence of this retired corner at the Refuge Mater… and you could attend my petition..!

Daughter, children, I am speaking to all of you… listen to me: In every site and place of the world there are many families that, as days go by, as time elapses, have transformed themselves into great families… And behold, I come so all those families do not separate or divide ever… for I wish the bigger the family, the more and more they shall love one another… in order to augment their own spiritual strength, and come to lead an evangelic life… And so, from now on, a call may be made for a program of Human Solidarity for Healthy Families… with renewed spirituality… coming together and creating a nucleus of true children of God…. growing, turning into great communities, that shall call on their brothers of the whole world…! Begin at once, my little ones..!

I keep you here in my Heart..!

November 27, 1978 9:00 a.m.

My daughter, in 1983 you shall be able to carry out the land movement in a clear way… and then in 1984… the Great Event of my presence at the place..! And therefore, the great triumph of a march which unites, reestablishes, appraises multitudes that shall start coming to my chosen place for these times..!

And on May 13th… I shall lull you in my arms… all shall turn into healthy, good, and honest children..! Among those present there, some shall feel me… others shall see me.., their hearts shall be touched..! Daughter, that great day is coming..!

December 8, 1986 11:00 a.m.

Daughter, children, here I am as I announced before; some shall feel me… others shall see me between the shrubs… others shall perceive the perfumed roses of my garden from heaven… and even more, some, who are sick, by drinking from the water of my grotto of prayer, shall be relieved: and others, healed, attaining health and peace…!

Daughter, wherever I place my feet, it is as sowing the seed… and behold, the doctrine and Gospel are enacted through the faith that comes forth from the heart of those who seek me..!

And I tell you, all of you shall be saved… for the Church renews and calls to a burning faith… when her children draw close to the sheepfold of my Divine son… to nourish themselves with his Mystical Body… and daughter, today many shall be nourished…! Today there is a Feast of angels in the whole world, and here in my Promised Land I come to call mankind to reconcile with their brothers..! I come to bestow peace upon the world and calmness to the people and nations..! I come to reign in the heart of the most humble… and I come to soften the proudest and the most arrogant… so they may amend their actions… all accompanying me..!