Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. The Garden of Getsemani. Jerusalem, Israel

Monday, november 6, 1995

  • Give us the chalice of salvation to meet with You.
  • Give us the chalice of salvation to meet with You, Lord Jesus.
  • Give us the chalice of salvation to meet with You.

Thank You, Lord.

This prayer is for your homes, for your houses, for peace, serenity, and the joy of our daily life which is the hope we have in that endless eternity, sharing with my Lord, with his Father, with the Holy Spirit, glory of the Most Holy Trinity, and with Mary at the foot of the Cross, Mary in prayer for all of us, so quarrels in Jerusalem and in the whole world may come to an end, so we may all be in harmony and we may help one another living the Gospel. These times call for evangelization, and this is why we have one another to help each other, building an exact conscience of our duties.

Therefore, we are here, Lord, seeking You once again to soothe our burden, and so You free us from all the weaknesses we have, so we may be better in life to serve You, love You, and make You acknowledged by all your children on Earth.

Thank You, Lord Jesus. Bless us.

  • Lord, You collected Yourself here, You stayed here, You waited for us here, they dressed You for your burial so You could save us all. Thank You, Lord, we will be here every Wednesday and Friday with You.

We must pray three Our Fathers every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday thinking that we are here with the Lord.