Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano Bianchini’s Speech. Saint Paul’s Church. Tampa, Florida, USA

Saturday, February 26, 1994

…particular of my Lord, Jesus, my Lord; making use of these wonderful children that have left in my heart the essence of your divine love.

Thank you, Lord, and I thank those who held You in their hands up high, and exhaled a special breath that reached all the hearts. This soothed all the burdens or weaknesses we could have had, to forge ahead firmly convinced that You, Lord Jesus, live among us with your Blessed Mother Mary, Virgin and Mother of the Church, our Mother, Mother of all mankind. You are giving of yourself in these times as Mother Reconciler of all People and Nations to call all your children to reconcile.

Reconciliation is the prime base of all Christians, of anyone who truly wishes to fulfill the precept of the Holy Mother Church, our Holy Church. It is the Church that I love so much, a Church that strengthens all the children who have ruled it in Saint Peter, in its great, strong, powerful Holy See that has deep foundations for all Christianity.

I will begin by saying: Let us pray for Our Holy Father, John Paul II who is giving of himself elsewhere throughout the world. Traveling the planet during his papacy looking for all of his children to save them and to help them walk better in life, spreading – I would say – his spontaneous, natural and miraculous word. Because he touches the hearts, renews faith, and, with his humility, wins all our hearts.

I must tell you, let us pray for him because he needs supernatural life to continue commanding the ship of Peter. This is a barge where we all can fit, where everyone is welcomed to stand and call each and every brother to come and let themselves be led by the Pope of these times of times; times that are difficult for us, People of God.

O People of God, blessed People who come seeking the Lord. Forge ahead, do not hesitate! Come, everyone! For everyone has the right to enter into the house of the Holy Father the Pope. It is the house of each and everyone where we can prepare ourselves to live the Gospel. These times require evangelization, to go after our brothers, after small innocent children, and after the poor who many times do not have a piece of bread to bring to their mouth. So many innocent beings get lost! So many souls are suffering everyday from spiritual unbalance in their souls. Because society is contaminating itself with a variety of unpleasant things for the heart of the children of God, of those who feel their God, of those who love their God, and follow the rules of the great doctrine that Jesus bequeathed us.

Brothers, respectable priests, the life of a priest is so beautiful. Lord, it is so great. There is no time to rest: The Eucharist and constant meditation with their rosary in their hand from daybreak on. Behold, its greatness and profundity. And our nuns? It is so beautiful to be a nun! I wanted to follow my Seraphic Father Saint Francis of Assisi. O Franciscans! And all the congregations of the world that give themselves in body and soul to Jesus in all the tabernacles of the world, praying for mercy on everyone.

I have come because my Lord has brought me, because it was my Mother’s wish, because she longs for reconciliation among people and nations so war can stop and this world of worlds may contaminate itself no more. It is contaminated by a world of sin that we have so close. We have to stop it with our prayer, meditation, penance, and with abundant Eucharist for the poor, for those in the hospitals, for the different intentions, for those who desire to receive Him the most. There are so many mothers who are waiting for someone to knock on their door to feed their son; and, in the hospitals, there are so many servants of the Lord looking after the elderly.

The elderly are so beautiful! I love the elderly very much because I loved my mother so much, the one who brought me to life. May God have her in heaven because she taught me how to love the Blessed Virgin under the title of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. I went through so many things growing up. When I was turning into a woman so many things happened, but I was always by my mother’s side. Later, I got married fulfilling the will of the Lord and his call.

Well, children, the Church is like a tree with strong branches, with green leaves of hope that fill its heart with youth by taking its fruits, because its priests are teaching them. They are giving and lavishing them with love, they are educating them and teaching them the doctrine of Jesus Christ, my Beloved Lord, who so intensely wants us to be true Catholics, true Christians fulfilling the commandments of the Law of God, fulfilling the instituted rules of the great Family of God, the Christian family of all times that boldly goes on, without wasting time trying to reach the hearts of those who do not have faith.

Exactly those are the ones who have to be touched: the cold ones; the lukewarm have to be rescued, they must receive love, mutual love, Christian love, the love that is the law of Jesus, Redeemer of the Souls, Savior of the World, new life to all of his children, that is to say, to his younger brothers, because we all are his younger brothers. Even though He is the Great Lord, Son of the Father, the chosen one to save us all by shedding his Blood on the Cross; even so, every Friday, Jesus offers Himself with no condition whatsoever to bathe and purify our souls, the souls of his children, his younger brothers.

We are the younger brothers of Jesus and He teaches us that we must reconcile and hold hands with each other. It is not enough to achieve great things; we have to achieve the small ordinary things: a glance to someone who we saw was sad, to shake someone’s hand, to smile, to give a word, “Come, brother, what is the matter? Come, because I can do something for you.” This is what the Lord is asking from us: To be a Christian family; the family of God; a family identified with the Holy Church; the completely wonderful, great and unique Church in the history of mankind. Christ with his Church, Christ accepting all his divided brothers so we may come together.

It is precisely in these times when we are starting to hold hands. We see this in the Holy Father, the Pope, the Vicar of the Holy See of Peter with Christ, my Lord. He is holding hands with those who denied Jesus… Israel. What a beautiful gesture! We should think about this, and think that they denied the Lord and that with humility he opened the doors of his Church so they could definitively enter to meet Jesus. This is such a gigantic step that brings all Christianity to one heart, with the responsibility that if we all come together we may remove the barriers that divide us from those who despised my Lord Jesus.

This is something that we all should ponder. It has been a mortal leap putting into effect a great grace from heaven to determine that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World. And he who accepts Him will be filled with spiritual joy, and with hope in a better future and hope in a human condition with a heart that will follow the inspirations of the Lord. That is to say, he will enter into a world where there will be no rich or poor, ugly or pretty, black or white, because everyone will be alike.

Jesus wants us to all come together and He is making use of John Paul II, our Pontiff who is doing away with all the things that could have halted our march toward unity. This unity will be the base for all the other religions to convert, of course, each one with its own costumes, but accepting Jesus as the Son of God, the Promised one, the Lord of lords, the strong one, the noble one, the Pastor of Souls who has come to lead us in these times, and is Who uses his Mother, Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church to appear in several nations. You have been able to see that Our Lady is appearing in so many places; as for example: Medugorje. It is a fact that my Mother went to Medugorje – O Mary, Mother of Peace! – and to other nations as well. She is appearing.

You have seen how Medugorje is suffering; the things the children who have become young men have had to go through. So many things have taken place. The priests who were there, some still remain seeing that war goes on. I know some nuns who are there living with their people the pain and grief of such a disaster that is still ongoing. Let us pray for Medugorje. Let us pray in a special way for the blessed work that God has granted the United States; they have attended the call here and began to move toward the call our Mother made. And let us pray for all the souls who are working to aid those who suffer at the site of combat.

Brothers, all of you who have gathered here, do not expect from me anything like: O how learned is Mrs. Maria; no. I am a poor woman who loves and feels her Mother, and who loves all her brothers on Earth with no condition whatsoever. It is love that has me here. I am infinitely grateful to Sister Carol, to all of you who are here, and to all those who truly collaborated with the House of God, the house of my Mother that is so wide, so full of light and of green, and all of this produces in my soul the desire to change, to improve my inner life, to surrender more each day. This is what is important: to try to improve and to go on with the desire to serve, continuously serve without feeling tired; although we are, we should never say no.

We cannot despise anyone. With a glance, a touching of hands, or a word so many souls could be saved, so many beings could grow green again as spring does with its beautiful and splendid flowers. Souls need new life, and this new life is attained with a sharing spirit, with hope, with the trust of the just because the just are the ones who really have the right to grow green again.

Culture is beautiful, to be well educated, but only if we are genuine, just the way we are. Open yourselves and feel the wonderful fire of Christ. He has his Heart open for all of us to enter.

Brothers, I know there are people who are sick. I am no one, but there is a Mother, a Divine Son who heals the sick, the blind, and the leprous. Jesus still – as I said in the beginning – lives among us. We cannot leave this opportunity behind for He is giving of Himself; He is working from the past to these days.

This is the time in which Jesus lifts his right hand and is telling his Mother, “Rise, Mother, let us look for my brothers and your children. Mother, we must heal, we must continue to soothe, and we must continue to give, Mother, so my children may stand up, my children the Catholic of my Beloved Holy Church where I laid my foundations with Peter.”

All those who have come with their heart open are going to feel better, are going to feel well not only due to the spiritual change that is the prime base of a Catholic. Catholics should be very correct and very loving of the Church that heals, the place where all its children go for courage, strength, love, for the condition of a man or woman that needs divine energy to work with its parishes, Churches, seminaries and with youth.

So many seminaries are suffering. There are so many youngsters who do not know what to do. The Lord has come to rescue us from those people who have a negative and incredulous heart that are harming so many youngsters. Behold, the reason why so many families are falling apart.

Therefore, the Holy Father is promoting the family in these times. He wants the family to be readjusted. It is necessary to follow our children, to not leave them on their own, to help them grow with the conditions of a true son of God, of Mary of Nazaret, of the Church so they will not go after other communities that have emerged due to the lack of faith, trust and love.

We have to give all our love. Without love work cannot take place. It is love, consideration, respect for one another, and to help each other the best we can. This is why I wish you can come to understand that there is nothing greater than family, our home, our children, our loved ones… our grandmother, grandchildren. We do not know when the day will come in which we have to go.