The First Meeting of the Year of The Betania Spirituality Movement in The Sanctuary of Betania

The first meeting of the year of the Betania Spirituality Movement in the Sanctuary of Betania became a beautiful day-tour in the company of the Rector of the Sanctuary Father Jhonfer Camacho; the Sisters of the Congregation Mother of the Savior, High and Eternal Priest; fifty-five members of the Emmaus Group from several areas of the country’s capital, who had decided to hold their first retreat of the year in Betania; and thirty-three members of the Betania Community of Charallave, Miranda State.

“Today God approaches our tables, and like He told Matthew, He tells us: ‘Come and follow me.´ Let us not be afraid, let us open our hearts to God and may He come to accompany us in our life, bring us his joy, that brings hope, that brings his love. May He make us capable of multiplying the love we have for each other. May He help us. May the Blessed Virgin Mary also assist us in this path.” With these words overflowing with faith and hope, Father Camacho addressed those present at the Sanctuary during his homily.

After Holy Mass, everyone went to the farm area, guided by four of the daughters of the Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini: Mrs. Maria Esperanza Foley, Mrs. Maria Gracia Gebran, Mrs. Maria Coromoto Marrero and Mrs. Maria del Carmen Leon, with their respective husbands. At the sugar mill, they enjoyed having a snack and watching a video about the historic events of the sanctuary and the apparition of the Blessed Virgin in the place. Afterwards, they visited the installations, praying and reflecting on the spirituality of the Servant of God Maria Esperanza, her way of evangelizing through her example with her family, her community and hand in hand with the Church. Stories of the Bible that have an intimate relationship with the concept of the different oratories of the place were narrated. It was a day of fruitful spiritual growth, of fortifying the virtue of faith and reinforcing unity with the Holy Church.