The Betania Spirituality Movement celebrates the Beatification of Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez

His Excellency Bishop Aldo Giordano, Apostolic Nuncio and Delegate of Pope Francis, decreed the Beatification of Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez Cisneros, at a Mass celebrated on Friday, April 30, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. together with His Eminence Cardinal Baltazar Porras and His Eminence Cardinal Emeritus Jorge Urosa Savino, in the church of La Salle School, in Caracas. This canonical liturgical act has been a source of great joy and pride for the Betania Spirituality Movement. The messenger of Our Lady of Betania and President of the foundation, from a young age expressed her deep faith in Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez. Her childhood friends have commented that the Servant of God frequently invoked him, by saying: “Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez, help me.” She always demonstrated and shared faith in the power of intercession of the “doctor of the poor”, with full confidence that he would be raised to the altars.

On Sunday, May 2, 2021, after the Beatification of the fourth Venezuelan, and once Mass had been celebrated with a reduced number of outstanding people, His Eminence Cardinal Porras, His Excellency Tulio Ramirez, Rev. Fr. Juan Carlos Silva, Rev. Fr. Gerardino Barrachini and the Marrero-Bianchini spouses participated in the inhumation of the mortal remains of Blessed Jose Gregorio Hernandez, by signing the act and transferring his remains to the sarcophagus where they will rest in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of The Candles – Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez.

The Betania Choir also honored the fourth Blessed Venezuelan with a composition of its authorship. Months before the Beatification ceremony, it had already reached the hearts of Venezuelans through the choir’s networks.

Blessed Jose Gregorio Hernandez, pray for Venezuela!


Photos ©Arquidiócesis de Caracas