The Betania Choir accompanied the Cardinal and the Apostolic Nuncio for the Solemnity of St. Charbel

The Solemnity of St. Charbel, the Patron Saint of Lebanon, was celebrated on Sunday, July 17, 2016 at the Monastery of Saint Charbel of Caracas, of the Maronite Lebanese Order, at 11:00 a.m., organized by Msgr. Abad Agustin Saab. Mass was presided over by His Excellency Msgr. Aldo Giordano, the Apostolic Nuncio in Venezuela, accompanied by Cardinal Jorge Urosa Sabino, the Bishop of the Armenian Catholic Church, Maronite monks and other priests.

The Betania Choir had the honor to be part of the ceremony, while singing during the Solemnity of the saint. During his homily, the Nuncio said that Pope Francis was concerned about the Venezuelan people and invited them to request the assistance of the Lord, in this Year of Mercy, for them and for the people of the Middle East. His Excellency Giordano said that the Gospel is the Word of God that reveals the secret of mercy.

Likewise, the Nuncio stressed the sanctity of St. Charbel who decided to leave everything behind to live with God in his hermitage, leading a life of prayer, penance and work. He also stated that the saint had interceded for many miracles due to his holy life and that this should encourage Venezuelans to ask for a miracle: “Venezuela and the world need a miracle.”

Before concluding Mass, commemorative pins of St. Charbel were given to ecclesiastical and civil authorities, as well as to the director and members of the Betania Choir; the Ambassador of Lebanon and his wife gave them to the coral. Before the final blessing, Cardinal Urosa Sabino urged all to seek Christ and thanked the Betania Choir for their participation. The Betania Choir closed the celebration with the official World Youth Day Anthem, 2016 Krakow: Blessed Are the Merciful.