Members of the Betania Spirituality Movement and the Betania Choir accompanied Father Jesus Godoy at his Missionary Send Away Mass

On Sunday, July 14, 2019, at the Jesus, the Good Shepherd Parish in Bello Campo, Caracas, at 11:30 in the morning, members of the Betania Spirituality Movement and the Betania Choir attended the Eucharistic celebration presided by His Eminence Cardinal Baltazar Porras and concelebrated by the Director of the Pontifical Missionary Works, Father Endeer Zapata. The occasion was Father Jesus Godoy moving from the Archdiocese of Caracas to Mozambique-Africa as a missionary. He will be going to the community of Santa Maria de Manje, where a group of Venezuelan missionaries attend the People of God. Numerous priests, seminarians, religious and laity participated in the Mass. The St. Joachim and St. Anne Parochial Choir, and the Betania Choir sang during the celebration. In his homily, Cardinal said that consecrated souls should be able to give themselves fully to what the Lord is demanding of them. That they should work for the life and dignity of every human being. He spoke about missionary responsibilities. He urged to be true Samaritans and explained that they were sending one of the best priests of the archdiocese to Africa, to motivate others to embrace the consecrated life.

For his part, Father Jesus Godoy, at the end of the Eucharist, expressed his gratitude to all for the support he had had, so he could live his missionary vocation, and then called to the altar a priest and about twenty foreign religious nuns and acknowledged them for “spending” their lives for Venezuelans. Then, in private, he addressed the members of the Betania Spirituality Movement saying: “My gratitude to the entire Betania Spirituality Movement for everything it does in our country: for evangelization, for sharing the message of peace and reconciliation in the midst of these difficult times, especially for the commitment and help to the vocations and the seminary, and for always being concerned through the different Communities of Betania around the world. I also encourage you to continue on the mission that Our Lord teaches us, invites us and encourages everyone to follow: the message of peace, unity and solidarity. May God bless all of us.”