Each one of us must be a sign of God’s love

“Each one of us must be a sign of God’s love and our hearts will be restless until we find the Lord,” said Rev. Fr. Antonio Alejandro Rivas Garcia, Rector of the Betania Sanctuary, during the Eucharist at the sanctuary, on the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord on Saturday, January 6. Mass was attended by members of the Betania Spirituality Movement in thanksgiving for the benefits received in 2023 and to entrust the Lord and his Blessed Mother with the projects for 2024. After Mass, they gathered at the “Trapiche” in Finca Betania to have lunch, reflect on the mission entrusted by the Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini and to celebrate the birthday of Maria Gracia Bianchini Gebran.

The daughters of the Servant of God: Maria Gracia, Maria Esperanza, Maria Coromoto and Maria del Carmen reiterated that family is the hope of humanity. They invited to prayer, meditation, penance and to receive the Eucharist. They reflected on “the infinite love that the Lord has for us”. They reiterated that “no matter how many times we fall, the Lord will always lift us up”; and, of course, they made a great call to reconcile. This beautiful sharing ended by singing Happy Birthday to Maria Gracia.