Dear Family of Betania, another Betania community has been born!

Dear Family of Betania:

We wanted to share with you the good news that another Betania Community has been born! Now we have a group of 50 people who live in Richmond, Virginia, USA. They have a great desire to embrace the spirituality of the Servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini under the protection of Our Lady Reconciler of all Peoples and Nations.

The inauguration of Betania XIX was on October 4th, 2015, on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi in the residence of Enza and Kevin Seibert, followed by another meeting on October 5th. Father Timothy Byerley, along with Maria Coromoto Marrero and her husband Carlos Marrero led the meetings with unforgettable talks in which the Holy Spirit was felt. Andrea and Hugo Liscano offered their support as well. Father Tim made impeccable and very interesting summaries of the life and work of the Servant of God and the course of events revolving around the apparition of the Virgin in Finca Betania. Coromoto’s words made each person witness the apparition of the Blessed Mother in Finca Betania on March 25, 1984, and helped everyone understand the grace and privilege of belonging to a community of Betania, as well as the importance of reconciliation. Carlos won all the young people and children over with the account of how he met Mrs. Maria Esperanza, and by sharing several stories of her missionary trips. Then the small representation of the Betania Choir sang with contagious joy. Finally, they had delicious food and sharings during which the people got to know each other a little better.

May God bless and guide this new community, and grant final perseverance to everyone,

The Betania Spirituality Movement