Dear Betania communities,

Our greetings to you from Caracas, Venezuela! This note is to extend
an invitation to all of you for two meetings organized by Betania II
and Betania XVI. Members of the Bianchini family, Betania Spirituality Movement, and Betania Choir will travel from Venezuela to participate along with other speakers.

The information regarding these fraternal assemblies is:

Betania II (Medway, MA, USA): Speeches and concert of the Betania
Choir. Sunday, October 25, 2015.

Betania XVI (Vandalia, IL, USA): OSMM 18th Annual Conference, with
diverse talks and concerts of the Betania Choir. From October 30 to
November 1, 2015.

To count on the presence of those who are able to attend would be
another wonderful opportunity, granted by the Lord and his Blessed
Mother, to meet and strengthen the bonds that unite us.

May God bless us all,
The Betania Spirituality Movement