Betania, a place to go in easter

Betania, a Place to Go in Easter


betaniadecercaThe Blessed Virgin Mary told the Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini that she would give her a land in the north-central part of Venezuela that would be a shelter for her children, and a place where she would appear offering a message of peace and reconciliation to the world. So, she and her husband, Mr. Geo Bianchini, bought Finca Betania in 1974, located at 12 Km from Cua, on the road that leads to San Casimiro, Miranda Stat. On March 25th, 1976 the Virgin appeared for the first time to the Servant of God. Everything changed radically on March 25, 1984, when the Virgin made herself visible to 150 people. This group gave their testimonies to the Bishop of the Diocese of Los Teques, Bishop Pio Bello Ricardo, who began an investigation that took place for three years, which concluded with his approval. This was the fourth ecclesial approval granted by the Church in the twentieth century to apparitions of the Blessed Mother. In this case, the Bishop stated that the apparitions were authentic and of supernatural character.
Finca Betania, since its first apparition, has been a pilgrimage destination and place to worship God and venerate his Blessed Mother. After the ecclesial approval of the apparitions there have been several constructions on the site. At the present moment there is a beautiful chapel, the grotto where Our Lady appeared, a large square, a square dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, green areas that invite to meditation and prayer, a center to sit and eat with the family (however, on no food is sold at the site), walkways, and hundreds of thanksgiving plaques to the Virgin for the many miracles she has granted.
His Excellency Bishop Freddy Fuenmayor, Bishop of the Diocese of Los Teques, declared Betania: Diocesan Marian Sanctuary, Mary, Reconciler of Peoples. At the 38th anniversary of the first apparition of the Virgin, this year 2014, on March 25, he ordered the constitution of a pastoral council chaired by him; which will also have a vice-rector, the pastor for the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in Cua, father Jhonfer Camacho; the pastor for the parish of St. Martin of Porres in Cua, father Juan Mijares; and one of the sisters of the congregation Mother of the Savior, Eternal and High Priest.
Regarding the messenger of Our Lady, Mrs. Maria Esperanza, she left this world on August 7th, 2004, after a long convalescence due to a disease with symptoms that are very similar to Parkinson’s disease. On January 31st, 2010, at the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi in Metuchen, New Jersey, USA, the opening of her cause of beatification and canonization was held.
The Bishop of Metuchen, Bishop Paul Bootkoski opened the process stating that there were sufficient reasons for the opening of the cause of Maria Esperanza, mother of seven children, who from the age of five had had heavenly revelations, visions of the future, the gift of healing, the ability to read hearts, bilocation, transfiguration, stigmatization, and the birth of a fresh and velvety rose from her chest, among other mystical phenomena. “Throughout her life, Maria Esperanza was an extraordinary example of humility, hope, and unconditional love,” he said.
Easter activities begin at Betania this Palm Sunday, only on Monday Chrism Mass will be held at the Cathedral of Los Teques
Sunday, April 13

8:00 a.m: Confessions

9:00 a.m: Blessing of palms at the main entrance and procession to the chapel

10:00 a.m: Solemn Mass of Palm

12:00 p.m: Solemn Mass of Palm

2:00 p.m: Solemn Mass of Palm
Easter Monday, April 14

10:30 a.m.: Chrism Mass at the Cathedral of Los Teques


Holy Tuesday, April 15

9:00 a.m: Confessions

11:00 a.m: Mass
Holy Wednesday, April 16

9:00 a.m: Confessions

10:00 am: Catechesis

11:00 a.m: Mass in honor of Jesus the Nazarene
Holy Thursday, April 17

Holy Triduum

9:00 a.m: Confessions

11:00 a.m: Mass of the Lord’s Supper

11:45 a.m: Concert of the Youth Ministry

2:00 pm: Solemn Mass of the Lord’s Supper and washing of the feet
Friday, April 18

Ceremony of the Passion and Death of Our Lord

9:00 a.m: Confessions

10:00 am: Stations of the Cross

2:00 pm: The Seven Words

3:00 pm: Celebration of the Lord’s Passion and distribution of Holy Communion
Holy Saturday, April 19

10:00 am: Confessions

11:00 a.m: Biblical Catechesis
Easter Sunday, April 20

The Resurrection of the Lord

9:00 a.m: Confessions and Holy Rosary

10:00 am: Solemn Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord

12:00 pm: Mass of Resurrection

2:00 pm: Mass of Resurrection