A Tribute to Sister Margaret Catherine Sims

On Saturday, July 6th, 2019, a Mass presided by Reverend Richard Clancy, together with Father Michael McNamara and Father Francis Signorelli was held in the Chapel of the Betania II Retreat Center, as a tribute to Sister Margaret Catherine Sims, who had passed away on February 21st, 2019. The musical accompaniment was performed by David Lang and Joanna Cronan. Members of the Community of Betania II and members of the Bianchini family attended to pay homage to Sister Margaret. She was the foundress of the Community of Betania II, inspired by the messenger of Our Lady of Betania, the Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano Bianchini. Today, this is a beautiful place for retreats and a center of evangelization located in Medway, Massachusetts, United States, which is dedicated to spreading the message of love, reconciliation and family unity given by Our Lady Reconciler of All Peoples in the Sanctuary of Betania, in Venezuela.

At the end of the Eucharist, an emotional video was shown where Sister Margaret explained how the Servant of God Maria Esperanza had guided her steps in the uprising of that important spiritual site. Then, the director of the center, Mrs. Rose Patek, said that there were many problems in the world, but that when listening to the song called “Brotherly Unity” of the Betania Choir, which God inspired to the Servant of God Maria Esperanza, the heart was widened and the glory of God could be seen. She added that evangelization will continue, that they pray constantly for the Betania Spirituality Movement in Venezuela and that everyone has a great mission: to work in true “brotherly unity”.

For her part, Mrs. Maria Esperanza Bianchini Foley spoke of the importance of cultivating spiritual growth and of giving of oneself to the Holy Mother Church. She asked the Lord for the grace of sharing as a great family that works for the kingdom of God, and that is preparing itself with great fortitude and prayer to win many souls for Him. She expressed that the Bianchini family was there to invite them to not lose hope “because God is our hope, our Mother Reconciler of Peoples is our hope and we, Christians, always have to have hope “.

Mr. Giovanni Bianchini spoke of the wonderful legacy Sister Margaret left and thanked the organizers for having allowed them to participate in the tribute to Sister, whom they loved very much and who was a very dear spiritual daughter of their mother. He pointed out that his parents, Mr. Bianchini and the Servant of God Maria Esperanza, and Sister Margaret were great role models.
Mrs. Maria Gracia Bianchini Gebran explained how God wanted her mother to have a religious and a mother’s heart, because He wanted her to be the mother of many. She spoke of Our Lady Reconciler of Peoples who had appeared in the Sanctuary of Betania as the great family builder, calling everyone to reconcile with the Father, their neighbor and the whole world.