A New Community of Betania Was Born

Within the framework of the 45th anniversary of Our Lady of Betania, delving the spirituality inspired by the President of the Betania Spirituality Movement, Servant of God Maria Esperanza Medrano Bianchini, on March 25th, 2021, Betania XXI was born in the United Kingdom. Its goal, to spread hope, joy, humility, balance, family life and evangelization, which are the charisms that constitute the essence of this foundation.

After many years of profound maturation once Mr. Geo Bianchini – by then President of the Betania Spirituality Movement – in 2015, invited the Carias-Martin family to establish a Betania community in the United Kingdom, today Betania XXI is born. It will be under the direction of Alexandra Martin Carias and her husband Jose Miguel Carias. The members of this community are the Carias daughter, Maria Antonieta together with the Venezuelan families Mulet-Pena, Yudith Pena Mulet and Luis Miguel Mulet Molina, established in Woking, England; Patricia Araujo Jimenez, in Leeds, England; Eva Fernandez Mejias, in Aberdeen, Scotland and Sonia Carias, in Wrexham, Wales.

These families located in these latitudes, all friends of the Carias, after participating for many months in the holy Rosary, which they prayed together with the Bianchini family via Zoom, led by Maria Coromoto Bianchini Marrero and Carlos Marrero, along with the other Betania Communities established in different countries; and after reading the book written by Father Timothy Byerley “Maria Esperanza and the Grace of Betania”, are burning with fervor and desire to pray together, to delve into the life of the Servant of God, and to live her teachings in their own families and with their neighbor.

The Betania Spirituality Movement welcomes this new community in the United Kingdom, committed to evangelization and the mission of endless love, hand in hand with God Almighty Father, Our Lady Reconciler of All Peoples, the Servant of God Maria Esperanza and Mr. Geo Bianchini.