A joyful commemoration of the 37 years of the Betania Spirituality Movement and the 35 years of the Betania Choir

On April 19, 2016 a Mass was celebrated in thanksgiving for the 37th anniversary of the Betania Spirituality Movement and the 35th anniversary of the Betania Choir. The Eucharistic Celebration began at 11:00 a.m. in the chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Lomas, in La Lagunita. Father Juan Carlos Silva, who was the celebrant, in his homily, said that “God is love […] and in the Gospel the Lord teaches how to love with facts […]. The public life of the Lord was love, surrender and mankind salvation”.

He also indicated that this foundation is a consequence of the apostolic salvation announcement. The President of the Betania Spirituality Movement, Mr. Geo Bianchini, was at Mass and spoke a few words to those who were present. He recalled April 19, of 1979 when his wife, the servant of God Maria Esperanza Bianchini created the Betania Spirituality Movement following the advice of Bishop Juan Jose Bernal.

Mr. Bianchini encouraged the members of the foundation to forge ahead, giving the best of themselves, a word, a smile, consolation, filled with hope in the new world to come.

Then, the words that the Servant of God Maria Esperanza had given to the foundation in 1979, were read: “The mission of this social work, the Betania Spirituality Movement, will be of purification, of the edification of new human rights, following a program that will bring about common well-being, as its main goal […].”

The Betania Choir, led by its director Maria Auxiliadora Bianchini Leon, celebrated its anniversary singing at Mass, thanking the Lord for keeping them united in a work of evangelization, throughout these years. In addition, the choir celebrated the birthday of their director.

Finally, members and friends of the foundation received a medal of Our Lady along with a card, and joyfully shared a snack.