Speech given by Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s. Popejoy Hall At The University Of New Mexico. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Sunday, 27 July 1997

  • The Angelus.
  • Gloria.

Good evening everyone, and especially to our priests; the leaders, the teachers, the superiors who guide the People of God with he who is sitting in the Chair of St. Peter, our Pontiff John Paul II, our Pope of these times, a great collaborator with his people, proclaiming the truth of better days, with the dream that the People of God will reaffirm their footsteps on the path of Christian virtues and will live the authentic life of the children of God.

We are children of God, we are People of God, a people yearning for social justice, a people crying, “Lord, Lord, here we are, we wish to have our bread, the harvest, the fruits for our homes, for our families, a job, a source of work. We wish to work and live the Gospels, to fulfill ourselves and truly be able to offer our family its daily bread.”

There are so many souls that living like this, waiting for the mercy of God, a source of work; families who suffer by not having enough to raise their children properly, with what they need to support themselves on a daily basis.

Yes, brothers, we all have to pray, constant prayer; to go to Holy Mass, hear it every day if possible, I would say, and receive the Lord, the Eucharist that feeds us, strengthens us, helps us survive with a new and authentic Christian life of the children of God, a perfect God, an omnipotent, great and unique God, who can truly, through his grace, help us walk better in life, He, our Father in Heaven with his Divine Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit comforter, who renews our lives; yes, brothers, glory of the Most Holy Trinity. The three Divine Persons are so beautiful; these three Divine Persons are so gorgeous encouraging our lives, strengthening our backs, so we may stand upright and firm as the soldiers who are willing to defend their rights stand.

Yes, children, we all are entitled to live a life of laborious work to support our families. How many are without a job? How many have one? No, brothers, we must think of them, so many families that often come to our own home in search of a word, of consolation, of hope, of the expectation to be given a job, because they do not have enough to raise their children. I mention this, because truly during these last few weeks I have been in touch with many families that wish, Lord, to have strong faith, holy faith, blind faith in the Lord of lords, the Mother of God; Jesus and his Blessed Mother. Yes, Jesus, Jesus healing the wounds, comforting, relieving, He who truly feeds us with his Mystical and Sacred Body.

That is why you have me here in search of the spiritual incentive for so many souls that are asking for prayer. It is prayer what we need, all souls in constant prayer for every human being in the world who has not had the possibility of achieving a career, either because he did not have the means, or because he did not have a family beside him, he was alone, sad, abandoned because his parents had died. Let us pray for everyone. Prayer is the column of light that enlightens man in the midst of the darkness of night. This is why prayer strengthens us, gives us energy, and gives us supernatural life because when we invoke Jesus He comes to us, covers us, comforts us, touches our hearts, enkindles them with love, his blessed love, a soft, tender, simple, delicate love that touches us deeply and soothes our illnesses, heals us and helps us walk better in life.

Therefore, brothers, I invite you all to pray; constant prayer. I invite you to go daily to the Eucharistic table, and to outstretch your hands to the children, to the needy. Those who are homeless, provide them with a home, help them, please, because the earth is shaking, it is shaking in pain, because right now man is only concerned with himself, the majority, they do not remember those who are troubled because of not having a piece of bread at home.

Yes, children, this is why I take refuge in prayer. Prayer is the greatest power God has given us to request from his Holy Majesty the means to alleviate so many souls that are suffering so much, especially the youth, the young people who are studying right now and may not be able to end their career, because their parents cannot afford this.

We must stretch out our hands to the students, the pupils, the innocent children, to everyone who has a book. Let us be charitable when their exams come, when they conclude their tests, and then go back to study in September. Let us help them with their books. I am asking for this, because right now there are so many people who are suffering by not have enough to buy the books they need. Let us help them a bit with the little we have, the little or much, but something, especially in this city, in this beautiful and splendid town endowed by the Lord with special graces.

How about this university, the most beautiful flower that you have here? Many are educated and grow up under the wing of the Church, studying and actually accomplishing the coronation either as a bachelor or with a doctorate, but they attain the goal, they fulfill themselves, they will work and be useful to human society.

We all need each other. We all have to live a life truly endowed with the grace and power of the Holy Spirit. That is why we must pray to the Holy Spirit to enlighten us, to help us consolidate, stretching out our hands to unite in prayer, penance, the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the blessed source of all good that makes us righteous and worthy of looking at the face of Jesus on the Cross.

Yes, brothers, I come to invite you to pray, a woman, a mother like any of you, perhaps without a high education. No, no, no. I am nothing, I am a small woman in the world, but a woman who loves and feels all creatures. It seems to me that all of you are my children. I see you with love, gentleness, softness, no matter how you have come or where you have come from, but I outstretch my arms with love and sweetness, the love Mary transmits. It is she, my Mother, who does everything with her softness, sweetness, and balance because Mary is fair, is tender and she can touch the hearts.

I know she will touch your hearts tonight to assist you with your intentions, your needs, your children, your spouses. The grace of my Mother will reach the couples that currently are experiencing something wrong so they can adjust, husband and wife in harmony holding hands, embracing each other, giving each other a kiss, a caress that touches the soul, the heart. Those who have been rebellious will attain peace, because sometimes men get worried because they have not risen to the occasion at home, because of not bringing enough; and wives get nervous because of the children. What can I do? I have to give this to my child, he needs a notebook, he needs this, he needs that, clothing, clothes.

Brothers, I am placing the world in your hands, this is our truth, but it is so beautiful when we feel in our hearts a nice, gorgeous flutter that sings a beautiful, great, wonderful song to the heart, awakening this heart to cry out, sing and say: I am happy because my God entered into my heart. He gives me everything I want because I love him, because I love his Mother, and I love all my brothers of the whole world. Yes, brothers, it is love what we need; it is an accurate awareness of our duties and hope for all of us.

So, perhaps you were expecting a woman who was going to talk to you about this or that. No. Let us go to the truth. Let us go to our everyday life. Let us go home. Let us meet with our family on Sunday, let us set the table, let us make a meal, our food with devotion, everyone sitting at the table. Then, the father speaks up and the mother too, saying, “Son, daughter, tell us about what you are feeling. How are you doing? What do you think of this beautiful family sharing today on Sunday?” Let us all share our bread. Let us be glad and happy.

Let us not mind our needs; we are going to solve them later. Why? Because Jesus lives among us, because Mary is with us, because the Heavenly Father looks upon us with eyes of pity and mercy, and because all our brothers are good, generous, compassionate and frequently they help us with their advice.

Thus every Sunday the family should meet at the table. You should not allow that one child to go out somewhere else, and the other one somewhere else too. Who said so? The family should stay home precisely on Sunday or Saturday with its family. Well, right now we have sunny days, beach days – yes, it is true – but during school, when classes begin do this and I tell you, this is going to be so helpful, you will see that in your children the brain, the mind will discern this little message of family unity, of family love, of affection, of comfort, of hope, of things to look forward to.

Having a modest dream in life is so beautiful. It is not about great gifts, or great festivities. It is about the little things in our daily life; it is about the tenderness of Mary; the gifts of the Patriarch St. Joseph assisting us to help us; it is Jesus, the Divine Lord of lords, who with his wisdom makes us feel his Word in our mind. He comes, talks to us, and helps us recognize how we are doing, our human quality, what we have within. He reprimands us in a tender and delicate way, so beautifully.

You may say: “How can Jesus come to me? No, this cannot be, Jesus is way over there.” No, Jesus is in all of us, in each one of us, beside us, guiding us, defending us, strengthening us, helping us with the load. Jesus is the Love of loves of all humanity. Jesus gave himself on the Cross, Jesus let himself be nailed; his side was pierced by a spear. Such pain, Lord! What have we done until now, Lord? We have offended you, Lord. We have not been able to recognize You enough in order to truly live with You day and night. You live with us, but perhaps we have not felt You because of our coldness, our weakness.

  • Jesus, I trust in You.

We see the Divine Mercy of my Lord in these times with Sister Maria Faustina just as she left it for us, the same way He did with St. Margaret Mary Alacoque:

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.
  • Jesus, I trust in You.


Divine mercy of my love, the manifestations of my Lord are so beautiful. The world is gorgeous if we see the vast skies, the stars, the moon, the sun shining in the morning. Lord, the sun of justice is so beautiful, the sun of love, the sun of new life that each day offers us in an awakening; a better tomorrow every day. Life is beautiful if we see the details, the little things. Sometimes we spend time looking at things. We want to see great things, things that are not . . . we dream about things that are not fair.

Let us dream, yes, but let us dream that the Lord is with us in our homes, our families, our schools, our universities; is with our religious in the sanctuaries where they have surrendered and are there day and night: the Discalced Carmelites praying, the Franciscans praying, all of them, the Dominican, all, all, all the congregations we have in the world.

We have a Holy Father the Pope – and I repeat, the Pope – because he is light, he is light in the world. In these times he has gone in search of his brothers, he is mediating between the creatures, between all peoples and nations; he is helping us to coexist as brothers, to live a true Christian life, to be useful to others, not to abide by: “Me, me, me.” Who said so? We are here to serve and not be served; to love. If you are not loved in return that does not matter. I will pray for him and the grace will touch the person; that soul will awaken, and will truly feel renewed and give the best it has within itself, that soul will give its contribution to society, because we all need each other.

We see our priesthood celebrating this beautiful Mass this afternoon, tonight with a bright sun of truth and love. God has given all of them the grace. They have moved me profoundly, they have touched me deeply.

They are our hope in life because they alone have the right of the absolution of sins. Do you know what this means? This is the greatest thing, my God, the great details in life. Your Superior, everyone is a beauty, my God, what a beauty, everyone. It was so beautiful when you came down to give Communion; everyone in an orderly fashion. It was so beautiful, Lord.

When I go to Rome, when I see the priests so beautiful in Saint Peter’s, I feel overwhelmed with happiness; when I see this in Caracas, in Betania also where my Mother has come, where my Mother is still giving of herself. There are so many ill and sad who go there in search of health, and she, with her ineffable and tender sweetness, gives them a glance of love, and they leave renewed with living faith in their hearts, also willing to live a life as that of a child of God, as his children.

This is a new apparition to reconcile with each other, to unite with each other, to help each other. It is not that I live in Venezuela and you live here and there will be no communication. There must be communication between nations, between peoples we Catholic, Apostolic, Roman; a living and beating Church that reaches deep into the soul. Our religion, our Catholic religion is so beautiful, brothers. You do not know, you have no idea; what a beauty.

I know that you are prepared and you have a vast and real culture, but perhaps there are many who do not. I want everyone to be prepared. We need to learn the doctrine, we need to read the Scriptures, we need to let ourselves be led by the priesthood that gives us advice with their wisdom; that has been prepared in the university.

Do you know what it means to be within the priesthood with everything? They can teach. There were strong trials, but they were able to triumphantly and unhurt overcome them with their faith in the Lord, by surrendering to acquire the fullness of the love of God in perfection. Holy priests who absolve our sins; they are the only ones who have the right of the absolution of sins, no one else.

This makes me vibrate immensely because it is the Mother Church, our Mother the Church. Do you know what this means? She is something so great, to me she is life; without her I could not live, because I have loved her since I was a child, Lord. I wanted to be a religious, but God sent me to the world to fight. It is strong when you have spent a few years there before him, and then to have to leave him. But I accepted this with humility, with patience, with a great fear of God to not offend him ever, because it is the fear of God to never offend him. We have to accept things in a very serene way, with a great desire to give him glory.

All mothers with your husbands: love each other, my children, cherish each other, endure each other, help each other. And children, the children: respect your parents, the young ones who want to go out here and there and sometimes do not see the danger that may arise. I do not want to scare you, I come rather to give a message of harmony, of unity, of serenity, of hope, but take care because there are many dangers in these moments that appear in our way without warning and we must be careful.

We have to live a healthy, fresh, flourished life, full of inner harmony. The kind of harmony that no one can snatch away from you, that no one can take away because it is yours. You acquired it with the love you give to others, with the love you give to your God, to your father, to your mother, to your siblings, to your family; to everyone who approaches you. Do not let them go empty-handed.

Never leave someone empty-handed, at least give them a handshake, a glance with love, with care, with sincerity, spontaneity and in a natural fashion. God wants us to be like this. God does not want us up there . . . a distant eminence. He wants us to be just the way we are with our strengths and weaknesses. He grants his graces when He wants to, and that is that; He is the one who grants them and we have to be humble and bear the cross with great courage, with a great incentive in life that everything is to win souls, save souls, many souls, many human beings; we must save the People of God, our people.

Our Church has worked so much; it has fought so much. There have been so many who have laid down their lives, priests who have given their lives for the Church. We have so many martyrs in the history of our Church. There have been so many who have left aside wealth, the world, and they have gone to the Mother Church to purify themselves and give their contribution.

Therefore, I beg you to respect the Church, to respect the Mother the Church, to respect the Church that is holy and perfect. The works of God are perfect; in them there can be no inequality, no. Everything is correct, it is on a correct path. There may be weakness in the creature, but all that passes, it is temporary. It has to pass. All have to be saved. And our holy priests; we need holy priests to be authentic.

Here, in this city there are people who are worthwhile; there are people who are honest and worthy because they have tried to help their neighbor by all means. Each one must help each other, endure the shortcomings, and acquire a spirit of total trust in the Lord. It is to trust in the Lord, not to say to have faith and not feel that faith, an everyday living faith. This is what the Lord is asking for, yes, brothers.

I want to tell you something: The Lord lives among us and we must feel that presence, we have to feel that He is there because He is living among us in these times more than ever. His mercy is infinite. He has saved us from war, He is saving us. Of course, there are things going on in some nations, but the Lord is with us. Let us feel honor and glory; honor of being Catholics – Catholics, children! – true Christians. It is not that I go to Church when it suits me better or when I am in need. Holy Mass every Sunday, or on Saturday, every first Friday; on Saturdays that are dedicated to my Blessed Mother, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; on Fridays that are dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Look, this is so great, so necessary for our inner life to complete the work of the Lord in us. He completes us, He amalgamates us, He corrects us, He leads us in this direction. He is leading us and we do not realize this. Sometimes we do feel that there is something. Yes, when there are problems in life and so many things that make us feel disappointed.

Never be disappointed, although when I lost my mother I wanted to die. The greatest thing I have had was my mother. She gave me life, but my mother (. . .). I was able to overcome it. It was such pain. She died outside her homeland, Venezuela. These are very strong trials, but I surrendered to the Lord, I loved him even more, and I offered him my life.

So, my Mother [the Virgin] told me: “You will go from one place to another.” I said: How am I going to go, Mother, how am I going to manage. I do not have that great culture? She said: “Do not worry, I am with you, daughter, I am going to be with you.” These are such great things.

Tonight I am opening my heart to you; that is to let you know that it is love that I feel for all of you. I had heard about Albuquerque. In my heart I saw a healthy, good and worthy people. There may be little problems with some, but not with everyone. So, this is why I came, for the love of my Mother, for the love of Jesus, for the love of my Father, for the love of you.

I have been praying all these days. Before coming here, I was in the clinic, I left the clinic, let us say it was a day like today and on the next day I was traveling, and I told the Lord: I am going, I have to go. I am going, Lord, because You are taking me there. I am a little girl in your arms, I know nothing, You know everything, You are taking me, Lord.

And here I am. It was such a joy this afternoon at Mass; it was a beauty to see all the faithful. Every time I go on a mission, to the different places I am invited to, I feel the warmth of Jesus in my heart, it is fire that penetrates, it is divine fire that fills my soul, that reaches deeply, so everyone can breathe better and may feel endowed with the grace and ability of living the Gospels, in order to be true Christians. I love you all.

It is like when my Mother [the Virgin], told me: “My daughter, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I am giving you, and I will continue giving you forever. Daughter, arise and walk; fear not, fear nothing for I am with you.” I bear the words of my Mother in my heart, and today I share them with you, so you may also think that Mary, my Mother, is telling you: “I am with you, I am guiding you. I am helping you, my children. Awaken, do not fear for I am here.” Yes, brothers.

So, I have been truly very moved, I have been very touched since I got here yesterday. Mass yesterday was beautiful with a Franciscan priest. I love them so much.

I was with the Franciscans and there St. Theresa of the Little Flower told me, “You will go out into the world”, and then Theresa of the Little Flower threw me a very beautiful rose, and I saw that my hand was bleeding. His Excellency Quintero, who was the Bishop in Mérida at that time, had just said Mass. This was after Holy Mass, well, I immediately went to talk to him about what had happened, and he said: “Think about it, daughter, if Jesus is calling you to the world, you have to go to that world.” And he sent me to Rome directly. There, is where I met my husband. There, is where we married in Saint Peter’s in the Chapel of my Mother, the Immaculate Conception, on December 8, and there, I baptized part of my children, almost all of my children; only one was baptized in Caracas.

My life has truly been beautiful, and I have wanted to share all these things with you, so you may know who Maria Esperanza is. It is said that she is a woman like . . . No, she is a woman who loves and feels all souls, the good people and the bad ones too, so they may change, and I especially love the Church, the Mother Church – I repeat, the Mother Church – because she is so great, and he who truly realizes the history of the Mother Church will, not even once, dare to displease her; only to please her, love her, cherish her, to spread the message among our brothers that we have a Mother Church, that we have a Pope who is the representative of Christ on earth, we have our priests, cardinals, bishops, the clergy; we have everything, religious. They are all with us; the nuns are praying.

Here tonight, there are many religious who are praying, many priests who are praying, praying for our people to live in peace, unity, love, brotherly unity, fraternizing with our dear Indians, with the small children who were born here, who carry the blood of their parents with humility and generosity.

It is beautiful to work, to make an object. We must work with our hands; use them to create with our strengths, making dolls, decorating our homes. There are so many beautiful things to do, we have so many things. Life can fill us so much when we take care of our household chores. When it is time to eat: give them to eat and immediately run; this is beautiful too. But when we do our own things, it is so beautiful to see the work, the work you have done, and offer what you did, saying, “Look at what I have done.” This is beautiful; and sell it if you need to.

But do things correctly. Never do things wrong. Things have to be done perfectly, if you cannot, then do not start. Remember this, children, you who are here: When doing something do it right, if it is going to turn out crooked, do not do it, Do it perfect. God wants our works to be perfect. Of course, we are not perfect, but let us try to do things better: our daily work, our work at home, in the company where we work. If you exercise a medical profession, by all means try to give life. I love medicine, I love doctors, because I see them as priests giving a contribution from within.

Here, I see your entire community, it is a beautiful one, I repeat, a community where there is humility, where there is generosity, where there is admirable readiness for the little things in life. This is so difficult; mothers, fathers, the young children; it is beautiful. I have seen beautiful things tonight, I was seeing them already; I have been following you since yesterday, since the day I arrived. I tried to visit your homes with my heart, my mind, with my Mother, to check your homes and they were clean, fresh, pretty, everything was neat, and many were studying, the kids, some were preparing themselves. I felt joy in my heart. I was here too and I saw each priest in his work. Everything is so beautiful, so gorgeous. These are small things like gifts that make me so happy; this is why I have opened my heart to you.

I want to tell you that from this moment on you will develop . . . we have abilities, our inner faculties and an open mind to the grace of the Holy Spirit so He can work in us and renew our blood, our body, everything, our whole being renewed by the grace of the Holy Spirit; making our blood perfect.

Please those who are ill must rise. The renewal of your cells, the renewal of your minds, the renewal of your arms, your legs, your spleen, your liver, your heart, everyone renewed, everyone strong, everyone filled with supernatural vitality and energy. It is new life, a life that is entering, it is new blood, new cells, everything new, perfect, in perfect conditions for the love of God, for the love of Mary, my sweet Mother, for the love of Jesus who healed the sick, who cured, who eased, who strengthened, who gave us divine breath, the breath of the Holy Spirit, new life, fortitude, vitality, energy, a healthy heart, a free heart.

In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul,

And I keep you here in my Heart, I will keep you, I will keep you,

I will keep you here in my Heart,

from today on and forever.

May the peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

  • Oh Most Holy Mother of God.

Thank you, brothers.

It is humility. I always say: Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven; without humility we can do nothing, with humility we can do everything.

So, I thank you all. I thank my priests, I thank this beautiful and grand hall which is ready for all the souls that want to come. God bless you.