Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s words. Residence of The Fargano Family. Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

Saturday, May 3, 1997  9:00 p.m.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Look, my love, thank you for this invitation today, thank you for opening your doors to us.

MRS. LORRAINE FARGANO: Thank you for coming.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: To this woman, to her family, I am very pleased meeting you all and I hope we meet again.

May these doors always stay open for all those souls that God may send you.

May God bless you, enjoy your marriage, enjoy everything God gave you with much love, with much tenderness always; that is the base. Your doors open, but everything in order. May God bless you – congratulations – so everyday that flame may grow until it turns into a small flame of the Lord. May God bless you.

You needed it, God has rewarded you.

I am at your service; my house in Caracas is at your service. Whenever you go, you may visit me at my house. Well, you will be going to Betania to visit Our Lady, but my house in Caracas is at your service.

MRS. LORRAINE FARGANO: It is an honor having you and your whole family here, Maria Esperanza; it is a gift for the family that is here.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: And this is a great family, a community – this is the biggest thing –. In our community we help, comfort, console one another, we tackle our problems, we speak to each other, in short each one helps the other with a word, with a glance, with their feelings. This is the beautiful thing.

May this community of Betania grow, may all feel free from their problems, in order to work for the evangelization that will begin, each and everyone, because that is what the Lord is asking for: evangelization. A glance, a word on time, a handshake, hope, comfort… to give. It does not matter how they come or where they come from, the important thing it is to give them a hand and to help them. Each one in their place, in the environment where God has placed you, with the human condition that our hearts will be open for those that will come; although they come sad and tearful, or disappointed, or with character; that can be settled, that will be put in its right place.

May God bless this home, bless your house. Everything is so beautiful. I am a person of details, a terrible, tremendous critic.


But everything is so right, so delicate, everything; few things but in their place, not all that stuff… Very beautiful, everything in harmony. There is harmony, there is human condition, and there is a sense of responsibility of your duties. This is the important thing: to be responsible of our duties. Here is how the man, the woman of today can put into effect good deeds.

May God keep you, may God bless you all.

My heart is partly here, you can be sure of this, I will have you in my little prayers, when receiving the Lord I will put you by my side, so that this way my Lord will continue protecting you.

Sister Margaret has been a great woman…


…and this is her hour, the hour for the bells to ring. Clang, clang, clang!


Come, come, come! Enter, enter!


Then, the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves is verified. Here, here, here this is for working… and the clear water from the springs!

So, we have the bread and the water. And why not wine?


As it is said during Holy Mass: Bread, water and wine. The three most important elements in each one of our lives. “The table is set; all come, children, and receive my Body in order to eternally be fed. Here are my priests who left everything behind to follow me”, says the Lord. “They are my allies, they are my disciples, and I love them so much so that when the time for them to expire shall come they will go with Me to heaven, to an eternity without end.”

May God keep them.

(Applause. Mrs. Maria Esperanza addresses a priest.)

He is a great person.


Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven, I always repeat this. The Lord rests in humility.

So, forge ahead, son, ahead and repeat after me:

  • I am in your hands, Lord, I have done everything possible to serve You with love. So, do with me as You wish, for here I will be standing firmly as a soldier, a priestly soldier.

May God keep you all.

  1. GEO BIANCHINI: Use me until the end.

SISTER MARGARET SIMS: See you tomorrow.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: See you tomorrow. God bless you all.

SISTER MARGARET SIMS: Does anyone want to change their mind?


MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: I will keep you here in my heart, I will keep you here in my heart forever.

Thank you very much.

EVERYONE: Thank you!