Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s words. Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Saturday, july 26, 1997 8:00 p.m.

(. . .) God, our Lord, what do You want from us?

  • Here I am for whatever You want me to do, for wherever You want me to be. I accept all that You say, Lord. What I will not accept is to be weak, frail or to commit a fault that may offend You, because You are the Creator, I am your son, your daughter. Turn me into whatever You wish, for whatever You wish and place me wherever You want me to be.

Remember this, never say: “I want this and I must have it.” No, who said so? I am here because of the impulse God gave me. I left the clinic, one day like today and I was on the plane the next day. The doctor was very worried, but later he told me: “If you are doing this it is because it is God’s will.” I was in a clinic for almost a week and then I came here. That is why we . . . see? I am here right now and I am with you, (Applause.) filling myself with love by seeing you with much love, because you have been caring with me as well. You wanted me to come, I would not have come if it was not for you; I would not have come.

Because I know that there is need here. I am nothing, you have your priests who love you, who enlighten you, who make you see things very clearly, but perhaps I am a poor tool of God, a very small one, who could in a precise moment do something that God may want – something that not even I know – in each one of you: a motivation; the perseverance in something that must be accomplished; the family desire for health of an ill person; someone who wishes to graduate and does not know how and what it is he will do, and in that moment God sets up all things for his graduation, for his studies, to be accepted in college; someone who has a sorrow and does not know what to do: “My God, I must solve this problem” and more likely God will say: “Well, this is my poor tool and I can use it.”

We are God’s instruments, what is important is to let that marvelous and divine current lead us to where He wants us to work and serve our brothers. He wants us serving continuously, without getting tired of being bothered. Whatever is done must be done with love, with humility . . . your studies, children.

The youth must have much will power, children, because there is much danger in these moments and you only need one small thing to loose the way, we cannot get lost amidst the temptations that are surrounding us. How many young men are going astray? How many young women are going astray as well? There are so many cases, Lord, that I wish I had wings to fly and be everywhere trying to locate and save the souls! That is what I feel when I think about the youth: how many are going astray, how many young ones, how many children, how many creatures, and young girls.

We must pray for the youth because they are the hope for a better tomorrow; we, the elders, are already . . . but they are the life of this life, of this world, of a new world they feel in their hearts, a better world that is coming with an intellectual and spiritual capacity, which is also moderate, yet clean, pure, neat, just and orderly. This is what I want for the youth, that the boys may not go astray, that the girls may not get lost, that they may have a fraternal relationship with their parents, that they may tell their father and their mother everything: “Mom, Dad, this .”

Parents must sit down with their children to meditate, to talk as friends so the young one does not feel his father is an ogre who is going to hit him and who is going to something. No! We, parents, must take the time to talk with them, that they may talk to us about their things, because the youngster is at the age of having wishes and worries about so many things that they do not know what to do, and temptation exists. We are flesh, blood and senses, and the soul cannot be perfect.

We all have weaknesses and we must be aware of this. This is what is happening, children are left on their own to do as they please, no, that is not the way it should be; they should not be given so much freedom. Some say: “No, they should be given freedom so they can learn to be a man.” No, my daughter, not at all, not in the streets where there are dangers in which you can lose them, and when you come to realize what is going on there is nothing you can do.

Families must get together on Saturdays or Sundays; on the Sunday you can or on Saturday, you can prepare lunch, each one prepares something. Everybody sits at the table and later the father or the mother, or whoever is there: the father and later the mother. “So-and-so, what do you think?” You discuss a theme, one that God our Lord enlightens you to discuss, and then you say: “What do you think about this?” Then, you will start knowing how your son is doing, in the condition he is in, and the boy will continue growing . . . . all the groups, us. Right? Even them too, all those people, and we have saved many, many people who were in danger, I have dragged them away from that danger.

Yes, because sometimes the boy is scared, shy, he is at that age in which he wants to become a man before time. They know everything, they are intelligent, they are everything.

It is hard, that is why one cannot leave the children on their own, no; one must have them right here tied up, without tying them up, but keeping them close with kindness.  Plan things together: “Let all the family go this week, during vacation, to the beach.” Always plan things with the family; always with the family together. This is so great, my love, it is a fortress; this is a pantheon, I would say, where no one can defeat you. This gives you energy and supernatural life, because you are complying with your duties and you are giving glory to God. The families that are saved are glory to God, because He wishes for all families to be united, to love each other, to endure each other; this is the reason why Jesus let himself be crucified, to save us all. He shed his Blood, gave his life, He gave us everything on the Cross, hanging from it with his arms like this.

Therefore, we must think about this, that our Catholic Church, the great Church, the Mother Church. I love the Mother Church, I say it from my soul, she is our counselor. The priesthood is there. The priest is sacred with all the weakness he might have, yet he is untouchable, he is holy, he might have weaknesses and say this or that, but priesthood is the greatest thing we have, and then the nuns, but it is the priesthood.

This is why we must love our priests and care for them as well; watch their backs, because the young ones fall into temptation as well. No one escapes from this, because the enemy is trying to . . . So, it is necessary to watch their backs, their family, their friends, the lady, the other one with much gentleness, in a way in which they do not even notice, because I have seen so many cases of thousands of different things.

Therefore, we must stay alert, because these are the men who are going to be teaching in the classrooms of the Master. Jesus teaches us through them because it is He who comes in them, they are the only ones who have the grace to absolve the sins and raise Christ in their hands offering him to us.

For this reason I respect priesthood very much, and I love the Church, I love it in such a great way that you cannot imagine, because we all shed our tears there, no one else can give us the comfort she gives, only she. The priest comes when someone is ill. Who provides you with comfort? The Mother Church. When there is a sick person who wishes to confess, who is the person that will come? The priest. This is why I love my Church. Therefore, I zeal priesthood very much. Temptations are everywhere.

So, I truly desire that you, the families, may unite, may love one another, may endure one another, forgive each other. “So-and-so did this to me.” No, no, that is nothing. Division is serious, each one wanting to live on his own. Who has said so? Family is a sacred body; we depend on the Holy Family of Nazareth: Jesus, Mary, and the Patriarch Saint Joseph.

Let us build an honest, worthy and subtle family, with the subtleness of a soft, tender, marvelous rose which with its fragrance is truly sweetening our souls; because her perfume is reaching everyone, and there is Mary’s love, the sweet Mary, our Mother who loves us so much.

She is the one who leads us, she takes care of our things in our homes, she is the Mother, and she comes to us, mothers, to give us ideas of what we should do when we have a family problem. She comes to reeducate us, to teach us, to soothe us, to comfort us, to teach us to carry the loads that we may encounter in life; and we feeling free at the same time for we know that Mary is with us. What can happen to us? Nothing, she is there, she is present.

I have spoken about this because when I have seen all of you, I see that you are good families, healthy families, families that are thirsty for God’s love and for this you are here. It is God calling you through your priests; they are the ones. Thus when we have a problem where else do we go but to the priest, so he may forgive our sins and our lukewarmness in order to truly unite.

Forgive me because of this, but I will follow you. I am nothing, but my Mother will visit you with her scent of roses in your homes, in your houses. I cannot say that everyone will be visited, but I hope and trust you will, because she wishes to live in our homes. May we feel the softness of Mary, the sweetness of Mary. The fullness of the love of Mary is so beautiful, it is such a sweet love, so quiet, so silent, that I am speaking now and feel embarrassed of talking so much.


But the thing is that I love her so much. She has given me this love since I was a child. I have been in love with many saints since I was a child; Saint Therese of the Little Flower, the Immaculate Conception, the Patriarch Saint Joseph, the Archangel Saint Raphael, Saint Anthony Maria Claret as well. Oh, so many saints, all the saints of the world!


During all my life novenas came and went; and I pray all of them because I feel I have to. How can I not pray them? And this gives you a consistency in which you are unaffected by things; though sometimes they do hit you.

I have said this because I sense the very special presence of my Seraphic Father Saint Francis of Assisi. I am a Franciscan, I am of the Franciscan Order, and I have loved him very much since I was a child.

And you too, son, [referring to a priest] carry on overcoming all difficulties; but you need to lose a little bit of weight, sorry for saying this.


PRIEST: It is their problem because they are the ones who feed me.


MRS. MARÍA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Because of your heart, son, it is because of your heart, fat may cover it, your breath may become short. No! You have to live, you have much to give for you are intelligent and you know how to share.

He is a man of sharing; he is a person of sharing, of teaching, of reeducating. I knew this last night, he is afraid of nothing, he faces things; and these are the kind of people that are needed, people who strive, who with a soft, tender and merciful strive manage to move others.

Many things await you.

God bless you and keep you, son.

Everything has a beginning and, as it is logical, an end. The Lord is so great! These are his gifts; we know nothing, we are small creatures, but He does know everything and He places us where we have to be, in the precise place, because there we are learning, we are seeing, we are coming to know the people and we are preparing ourselves for a better future.

I wait and trust, I perhaps might not see that better future, but right now I feel that everything . . . there are bad things, yes, there are many bad things, yet there is something, people are correcting themselves, many people are looking for the truth and many people are yearning for social justice, because there is much injustice as well, much injustice.

Therefore, son, may God bless you too, may He keep you, give you courage, a spirit of endurance, humility, patience and character, at the same time, so that you may not be overcome by the enemy, may you feel free as the innocent children who are in the arms of their mother feel. A child in the arms of his mother is so beautiful!

May God bless you all. All your problems . . . he who has a problem is going to receive a visit. When? I do not know, but you are going to feel something new as if you were truly living together with Mary, my Blessed Mother, we, mothers.

Reflect upon the life the Virgin led; meditate the passages of the holy rosary: the joyful, the sorrowful, and the glorious ones. We must meditate each one of them. We must do this, and do it well, in order to build your conscience to form an experience of what you are doing, and to form a profound spiritual development as to feel free of the bindings, of the small things of life. May nothing bind you. You are free to serve God, to serve others, to serve whoever needs you.

To serve and not be served; we all need each other. You are good at something, the other person is good at something else; each one has a gift, has a grace, we all do: God knows how to distribute his graces very well and gives them to those who need his graces in order to use them, and of course, they are not to be kept for ourselves, for our own benefit; “For me, me, me.” No, no, no; they are meant for others.

If you give, you have the right to receive; if you do not give, you have the right of nothing. So give and give; give a timely word, give a glance of kindness to a child, to an elder, to a person who needs you in a certain moment. These are such great things. We cannot leave people with their hands outstretched, we cannot be selfish.

We need to be very clear in our actions and well defined in our appreciations.  God truly wants us to be just and truly, as some say, authentically Christians. What are we missing? To continue reading the Gospels. We will find a new teaching there every day. What you cannot see today you will see tomorrow, and then go over it again. Sometimes it doesn’t hit you until you find the right answer for you.

Oh, that gentleman there is watching me, he is filming what we are doing over there! Oh no, I am embarrassed! I am talking here as if I were with my family. I had not realized, well.


May God bless you too.


MRS. MARÍA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI:  May He help you in every step you make. May God keep you.

And there is the speaker. He is the one who really knows, wow. And this person here, who would know? Silent, quiet, but when there is something to do . . .


Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven, and that is what will take you to heaven, to God; to serve God and to be with God forever. That is beautiful.

And now, I say goodbye, well, for tonight, wishing you that the light of the new dawn of Jesus may help you rebuild the walls of the great triumphant Jerusalem of a better tomorrow, of a powerful day. The earth will tremble, but man will change, will improve and there will be no more war, no more quarrels among brothers, the People of God will be a holy, just, merciful people with its brothers; a people in which everyone will feel others as their brothers through the Blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

May God bless us all.

Thank you, my brothers.

Blessed be the Lord and blessed be these priests who have endured me with patience and humility.

May God keep you and carry on. The three of you, please bless me.

(The three priests bless Mrs. Maria Esperanza, and then she continued her talk.)

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

  • O Most Holy Mother of God.

I thank you all for your humility, for your patience tonight. May God keep you and bless you.

(The people sing a song blessing Maria Esperanza.)

I am very moved, I am very happy.

May God keep you all; a kiss to all of you.

I keep you here in my heart, I will keep you here.