Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s words. Basketball Court of The University Of Notre Dame. South Bend, Indiana, USA

Sunday, June 1, 1997

Good afternoon to all, once again.

I am very happy to greet this beautiful audience: the youth, the adults and the elderly. It truly is a beautiful group – I also see children – it is compact, it is honest, loyal and fair in its appreciations and concepts.

Thank you, Your Excellency, thank you for the grace that the Lord has granted me to come here in the midst of all these souls of all ages – I would say – to take part in the realization of an encounter that can truly help us all; and I say all, because my Lord is noble, righteous and understanding. And my Blessed Mother, she is offering herself to alleviate us, to comfort us, and help us walk better here on earth, especially here in this town, that I have fallen in love with, because it is so beautiful.

You will feel consolation and a great contentment when having reached your wishes of developing your intellect, here, in this town, which, I would say, is truly of the People of God, where everyone fulfills their duties and everyone knows their place.

Look, each one of us has a path.

I wish to congratulate, Your Excellency. I want to congratulate everyone. This is a land that has been blessed by the Lord. It is the land of Mary to build our own psyches; our hearts that are open to the grace of the Holy Spirit, so we all may open to him with our minds, our necessities, our intentions, the desires of fulfillment we bear in our hearts, according to God’s will. God’s will permits this, especially in regard to the young in their University, learning the reality of peoples and nations, so we may stop and look deep inside the heart of our neighbors and in ours, in order to discern why we are here, why we come here.

Perhaps some have asked yourselves, of course, about a promised place, about a better tomorrow. There will be a grand alliance in the world that will include this place as a place of light, where people come to look for the light, where people come to learn about the green and hopeful nature that is offered to us, better yet, that is offered to all the valuable youth – the youth placed here by their parents.

I was very touched during Holy Mass this morning, with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, our Lord Jesus present there with opened arms to enkindle our hearts with love, with light, with knowledge to open roads and routes to all those who are coming behind. Perhaps, He makes use of the adults, professors, parents, people who have certain knowledge in life, so we may learn, so the youth can learn how to defend themselves, and make a contribution to the human race.

We are a great society at every level, everyone, absolutely everyone, but truly our level should be the simplest, a level in which we can reach everyone, that is, that your culture, education and career should be directed toward the light of the new dawn of Jesus, everyone with the concept that Jesus, the Divine Master lives among us, among you, and He comes to prepare us. He makes use of all these souls who have studied, who have prepared themselves, who have a career to help the youth that is coming.

As for example, you, Your Excellency, you have been an instrument of the Lord to come here and dissipate the shadows that, perhaps, turned dark some aspects of the environment. Not all is perfect, no, no. Perfection does not exist in any living creature on earth, but there are people like you, who are so correct that you wish for perfection by following the path of truth, justice, simpleness, with the desire for everyone to exchange their ideals and ideas, and not only this but to meet each other’s expectations in regard to friendship, teaching everyone who comes.

This is a community of love, and many nations will talk about you. Many things are said of this place, but your great time is still to come. People from all over the world will come here. I don’t know why I say this.

You are very talented and valuable, you perceive the grace of the Holy Spirit, granting you the gift of understanding to truly comprehend what God wants from us. God wishes for us to give our best from within, not what we have to spare, no, but the best, the first, the seed; a seed that will sprout, that will produce a harvest that everyone will be able to receive through culture, education, a career, with everything you have dreamt of by fulfilling your souls.

Perhaps many have come due to a health condition, or perhaps because you have asked yourselves who this woman is. This is a spontaneous and natural woman, without further education. I am the way the God made me, simple and sincere, but I have a heart that beats for Jesus, my Beloved Lord; for Mary; and all the souls in the world, because for me each soul has the presence of the Lord. “Here I am, daughter, feel me in each creature.” Because we all bear him within us, Jesus lives among us, perhaps we do not see him, yet we feel him in constant search for us, touching us to make us understand the reality of how we must behave, of what we must do in times of tribulation, anguish, uncertainty.

So, I must tell you something, the Lord will touch many hearts, He truly will. I am nothing, children, but Mary, my Mother, is great, compassionate and generous with everyone. She and her Divine Son have come to illuminate the world, so man will awaken, in order to acknowledge that this is the time of the great revelation, that the world, man, will improve his attitude in life, that we all are filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit, that we all must be attentive to that grace that is pouring during these days telling us what we should do in life, how we should behave and truly live the Gospels.

It has been the Gospels that have brought us here, it is evangelization . . . it is not only the task of our priests, but it is ours, the People of God, it is the time to all stand and love one another as the People of God should, and forgive, and forgive.

Forgiveness is so beautiful. There are people we cannot even look at, because he looked at me wrongly or did something wrong to me. This cannot be. Forgive, forget. Simply say these words: “Forgive them, Father, for they do not know what they are doing.” Jesus, the Son of God, the Immolate Victim on the Cross, shedding his Blood to save us all, to make his People a radiant Nation full of light, of wisdom, of knowledge, of will power.

So then, I should say, brothers, that there are many good things, many saintly souls, but there are also many souls in spiritual decay that harm, that commit murder for a handful of gold, that slander and are dishonest. This must come to an end in our world, in these times, by the end of the century, or by the beginning of the next, during the first three or four years. I say this because there is a great movement in the world that is willing an innate truth. Do you know why?

Because people have not yet realized that a Savior came to this world to save us. Man has grown weak because each one lives his own life, forgetting the doctrine Jesus Christ brought us, and this is what we should fulfill so those things that are beautiful, generous, that contain the wisdom of God may touch us all, as we may receive the grace working with an utter love and confidence in our God, and serving constantly.

Do not feel tired of being disturbed. Serve by all means; to serve and not be served with much humility. It is not the humility of being dressed in rags, no. It is a heartfelt humility, to feel our brothers, to love them.

At this moment, I wish to touch the souls who have worked during these days, who have given of themselves, who have truly welcomed us all who have come with feelings, with goodness, with tenderness, with love. May we all realize that your service, children, will be for today, for tomorrow and forever. It will remain written.

“Here I am, here I am, I am knocking at the doors of your hearts.” These doors will be open and what else is there, but the love of a God in perfection, who is calling the world: “Watch over your brothers, my children, have mercy on peoples and nations. May there be no war. May goodness, love, and faithfulness to your faith flow, that that your parents taught you.”

We, Catholics, Christians cannot attempt against the life of our brothers, we can never be that weak to commit such a serious mistake, even though we are humiliated. . . let us raise our glance or fall on our knees . . . never hold a weapon to murder anyone. We cannot do this.

I would especially tell the youth to pray very much for wars to not be waged. No more war. No more violence. No more selfishness or sick criticism. Let us move away from all these things that could harm us, that discourage us. We must think of the wonderful things of God, the things He has given us to look forward to, as He is given you in these days. So many people from all cultures have come to praise and glorify God!

When a young person graduates his parents, his friends, and especially his siblings feel so happy, seeing him graduate, that he now holds a diploma in his hands and is able to say: “I can do this, I can serve you, I can do . . . Lord, you gave me my parents, you gave me . . . I was able to crown my studies.”

This is the most beautiful thing that happens in a family, when a child graduates. When my children . . . they all have graduated – thank God – and I have felt immense joy in my heart in seeing that they were able to study, were able to reach the goal.

This will happen to each one of you who are young. What a beautiful thing for parents to give an education to their children, a culture, a job, the force for a better tomorrow, to live and fashion their own family; afterwards when they find a suitable man or woman for marriage.

I truly congratulate all of you for what you have accomplished and will accomplish. It is the task of the co-workers of the Lord, because only his fellow-workers from dawn to dusk with his work can harvest his fruits, his food, and offer them to those in need.

So, children, I call upon you with much humility to keep on going. May all this community with openness to the Holy Spirit agree in ideas of self-mastery and of generosity, in order to move forward living the Gospels, so together with your families you may become pilgrims of faith and of divine knowledge of a God in perfection, helping those who may need you. I speak of help and need, because we all need each other.

I have needed you, if not I would not have been able to be here, without you. You have given me courage, hope, comfort, and the joy of an awakening.

Each day we must learn more, we never stop learning, there is always something new that God teaches us through his creatures.

Imagine you are in your homes, walk through your houses mentally, with your souls and hearts silently, so the light of the Savior of the World may enter, the light of Jesus who has come to visit us with the Virgin, the Mother of the Church. She is Mother of the Church. What a beautiful title, for me it is one of the greatest: Mother of the Church!

The Pope of Rome! The Pope is a wise and holy Pope who goes from one nation to the other searching for his children to give them courage, comfort, and hope. He is giving himself to the Mother Church.

Let us love our Church, the Mother Church; and I speak of her – I always do – because our Mother Church has taught me to love, to forgive, and to give of myself. Perhaps it is not about having a great education, it is about love, the love of a Mother, of Mary the Mother who touched my heart, who touched my life, who touched our lives, the lives of my family, of those who are close to me. How can I not believe?

I used to be the shyest person on earth. I wished to be a nun – it was my dream: a nun in the hospitals, with the children, with the poor – but God sent me to this world: “You will marry.” It was a difficult decision, but thank God I have a good husband and family. I do not have enough words to thank God: everyone in one heart.

I wish for everyone to live in this manner: loving one another, cherishing one another, holding each other’s hands, united by a strong bond. This is my desire within all families. Families are deteriorating. Think of all the young families and marriages that get married with so much excitement, and all of a sudden: “Mom, I do not love him anymore!” Or the man goes: “Dad, I do not love this woman anymore.” What a blow for the parents, for the family.

Families must be constituted, brought together, everyone in one heart with the support of the parents, by not leaving the children on their own, following them every day. This is what is destroying families right now.

This is a delicate issue; it is a tough matter, but it is the truth. No more divorces. We must stop them. We have to understand each other. Sometimes we are upset because of different situations, so many things, but we must be considerate and respectful.

This is what I wish for. I know there are wonderful and righteous families here, that are living well, but perhaps there is someone who is going through a storm and wishes for it to stop but does not know how to stop it. Understanding is the greatest thing, it is the stimulus of moral values and of loyalty to serve God, Christ, who gave himself and still does, who loves us and let himself be crucified. Right now Jesus is knocking at our doors.

“Here I am, here I am, here I am among you again. Receive me, receive me, receive me. I am in the Eucharist on every altar of the world, calling all to receive me, so you may be nourished, so you may convert, so you may help one another, so you may amend your unfaithfulness if you have been unfaithful.

”Children, it is the time of the harvest, a wonderful harvest, so you may take the fruits that will nourish you and allow you see things clearly.”

”Those who take care of their vineyard, their homes, their own will always have a beautiful vineyard with the fruits you will need to be nourished, to bring them to your mouths and taste them, and with discretion lead an authentic Christian life.”

We feel so happy when we are at service; and it is so sad to not be aware of what we love or want.

If you went to your homes and checked them, what did you see? When you go to Holy Mass and you are in silence this is what you should do with Jesus, or if you have a small altar at home, or when you go to the prairie, or to a field think of these places as true temples. It is the temple of nature. There, you must meditate and pray so that we may all live in peace and in harmony united through his Most Precious Blood. It is his Blood that cures, cleanses, purifies, and readjusts our organism, head and mind. It strengthens our heart, it enkindles it with true love for the Father, our Father – Jesus, your Father – with the light, the knowledge, and more than anything else the true faith of he who feels his Church.

I hope all of you can gather and pray the rosary with your families, so that you will see a complete change in your life take place. If the dad does not feel like it, well, then ask your children; it does not matter, wait until he enters into an order of ideas. People pray the rosary every day, but it has to be with the family, so the family may receive special graces from heaven with the kindness of an immense, omnipotent and perfect God, because his work is perfect. This is the most beautiful and most splendid truth that we have.

Could you accompany me now? Thousands of souls, many souls praying for you. The Holy Father and priests have asked us to pray together, so we must do so in an orderly fashion so we may feel the garments of the Virgin, the perfume of her roses, and the votive light of the Blessed Sacrament of the altar enlightening our homes.

Thank you, Lord; the light has been lit.

Well, it may seem like a fantasy, but no, it is the truth. When you go back home and open the door, say:

  • Lord, I give you my home and all that I have. You own it all from now on. May your will be done in me. Do with me as you please, for I am following your footsteps and those of your Mother Mary. This is your home. You are my family, with my family, in one family, the universal family of God; an immense family that unites through a prayer that is growing and is feeding on the Eucharist every day.

Let us be nourished by the Eucharist every day. May we not lack it. It gives us strength and the knowledge that God truly lives among us; He lives. Again in these times He has come so we may answer “yes” to his caress, to his love, to his tenderness, and also to his call, when he says: “Man of little faith, lift yourself and walk, go serve your neighbor.”

Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven; there is nothing we can do without it, but with humility we can achieve it all, because the Lord has compassion on us and helps us live an authentic life, fulfilling ourselves as true Christians, righteous Christians, Catholics of our Mother Church, the Mother Church.

For me this is one of the most beautiful titles, Mother Church, cradled in that bosom forever, helping our ministers, helping our religious with the children, helping in wherever we are needed.

Think of Jesus, as this morning when He was manifested in the Blessed Sacrament, and kneel spiritually, and ask him for what you need the most, children, and your burden will be lifted. Especially so your work, your missionary labor,  your labor to aid religious communities, all of them, with your ministers, your priests, your brothers may truly shine; and I say shine, because Jesus makes all work shine for his children. He makes light shine in each soul, in each heart. It is a light that reaches, bathes us, cleanses us, purifies us, and helps us truly understand who we truly are, what we are good for, why we are here.

I know you are all working hard, and this has moved me, because everything has been so beautiful. I must tell you: I have been traveling for the past four years without any rest, because of invitations like this one; and I must sincerely say, here, I have found great reflexion, there are many souls that meditate. And I have found much prayer, moderation, and beautiful feelings in the souls, much charity. I have even seen this in the way you have asked for the alms. I have found many beautiful things in the way you help one another, in the way you protect each other here and there. I know how difficult it is to be a true and authentic soldier, the soldiers of Jesus.

I congratulate all of you, this is quite rare; and with so many people and nobody moves. This is so beautiful. There is discipline here, and the Lord is wherever there is discipline. Well, of course, this had to be, because where there are priests and things are managed by them there is an exactness in reflexion, moderation, and a contrite and humble spirit with much simpleness. I congratulate you all.

I beg you to pray for this woman and for her family, because my family is big: eighteen grandchildren, seven children all married; six daughters who are now married and one boy who got married too. So now I have seven in-laws. It is hard, but my family is beautiful.


I wish for the ill to come forward at this time, those who are truly sick, who feel weak.

I am nothing, it is my Mother and Jesus who cure and soothe.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you my children;

In the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I will keep you, I will keep you, I will keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

May our Lady Reconciler, our Lady of Mount Carmel, the Mother of God, the Mother of Good Council give us good advice. Amen.

Thank you all.

May God bless you.