Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Windsor Arena Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, May 25, 1997  6:00 p.m.

. . . the warmth with which they have greeted me.

My Mother has brought me here; it has been Mary, our Mother, who leads us with her Child in her arms through paths and unknown purposes to us, yet she takes care of everything and the Divine Child Jesus starts gazing at each face with a smile, with his eyes fixed on the youngest, the children. He wishes to help the sick children.

Right now, when I was coming in, I saw a lady and felt great pain. May Jesus and his Mother help and comfort her through the grace of the Holy Spirit as she fights against the disease living the Gospels. And I say, living the Gospels, because when we fulfill our duties with our Mother the Church, the Catholic Church which is apostolic, Roman, universal, we can say that the doors of our Father’s divine mercy, He who is in heaven, lavishes us with his love, with his hands, helping us walk better through life.

Yes, my brothers, I wish to thank all in the community, together with the priests and all this great family. I say to you: May the Lord keep you and bless you, and show his face unto you and have mercy on you.

This is my Seraphic Father Saint Francis of Assisi’s blessing, my companion of many years, since I was a child, together with Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. He wants to teach us to love our Church, the Mother Church, a strong Church with a precious stone as foundation, because there, in Saint Peter’s See, there is a Holy Father, the Pope, the Pope of Rome.

And in these times, it is John Paul II who presides her. He is giving his spiritual stature to the whole world, spreading his message of universal brotherhood, serving as the advocate of the poor, the needy, the sad, the afflicted, the sick, the homeless, of all, with a simple prayer that comes forth from his lips spontaneously counting the beads of his rosary; the mercy of my Lord for all mankind, specially for his priests, for his ministers, bishops, for all in general.

Therefore, if we have that great Pope leading us; even when he is sick, his soul is cheerful, he feels happy to spread the Word to peoples and nations because he lives thanks to God’s mercy, he lives off his infinite kindness in order to continue on living and feeling the Gospels, spreading it everywhere as hope for a better future.

I say, better future, because in these moments, the world is involved in other things . . . yes, those who have not yet understood the love of a God in perfection are pondering. I think everything will change, it is going to improve, it has to improve. Affliction shouldn’t exist, neither sorrow nor grief, nor cries, no. For this we have the holy rosary to pray, because it helps us discern the message of a Mother who comes for all. Mary as captain of the world; Mary as Reconciler of Peoples and Nations, Mary as Helper of Christians, Mary of Mount Carmel whom Elijah saw very small in the sea of Jerusalem,  and there in that faraway place came the Mother and her Son. She left the proof on the Mount Carmel we have in Haifa.

Such beauty without equal is the love of a Mother for all her children! The Mother of Mount Carmel with her scapular is coming to save us with her blessed Son, blessed on earth to save the world . . . eternal salvation.

Everything passes, what doesn’t pass – shouldn’t pass ever – is our faith lived each day in inner harmony, in peace, in the happiness of the innocent child. Do you know what an innocent child is? It is the most beautiful thing; it is the fragrance coming from the orange groves in Jerusalem when Jesus strode through its surroundings with his Mother. How beautiful is childhood! How beautiful is the innocent child! Such infinite tenderness, my Mother, you gave us Jesus, they crucified him but He rose from the dead! And we will rise with him when we reach the endless eternity, because eternity has no end; it is eternal, majestic, endless, perfect.

God’s perfection in his works is unique and this gives us a grand mind, sublime, an open mind that enables us to discern the message of these times: reconciliation.

Let us be reconciled, my brothers. We all are going to be reconciled tonight. We all are going to live minutes, seconds, hours in harmony thinking about our homes, our families, about our beloved ones that even when they are absent we have them here with us, with the motivation of brothers, soul brothers, brothers from the heart, a beating heart which loves and feels the warmth of the brother and who is reconciled with all mankind.

I tell you reconciliation, because that is the message my Mother delivered to me in Betania of the holy waters. It was something so beautiful and gorgeous that it makes me shudder to think when she came with her Son and offered it to me, it was something unforgettable, something that has remained in my soul forever. She came before under different titles, but later in the year 1984, she came with her Son offering him to us, and saying: “My little child, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you, my Heart I will continue giving to you forever; not with Christ on the Cross anymore, behold a Blessed Child so that all children of the world may follow me serenely, in peace by the love of their parents, so that all children may be taken into consideration in the whole world for they will become the men of tomorrow. O, joyful youth!

”It is the time of the awakening of the consciences. We have to wake up, come together, love each other, fill ourselves with God. How beautiful it is to feel God in our hearts!

”Little daughter, trust, do not despair, comfort your soul each day with meditation, prayer, penance and the Eucharist.”

The Eucharist, brothers, Communion is something holy; it is something so beautiful, so sublime that neither gold nor riches, nothing, nothing will fill you, only him . . . also loving our priests who are the only ones who have the  right  to absolve our sins and to lift the Lord in their hands to offer him to us, the People of God. I am speaking of the Eucharist, of Holy Communion, because it should become our strength, it should become our genuine Christian life, it should become our moderate life, strength of character and a call to amendment.

If we are true Catholics with a conscience, we will take his mystic and sacred Body to help us in our faith, to rest serenely in the midst of the worries of our everyday life. When we are nourished by daily Communion, day by day, we stand firm, strong, strengthened by love, being able to live an authentic Christian life.

To give ourselves to others; we cannot live selfishly thinking about ourselves, only about me, me, me No, we should pray for the priests, for the doctors. I feel great admiration for medical doctors; we should pray for all the doctors in the world, may they be enlightened, may the Lord continue assisting them so they may give their contribution; for the missionaries who carry Jesus Christ in their blood, because through this Precious Blood they are offering themselves to others; they are donating their lives to others.

This is why you should trust in the Lord, in the miracles of our Mother Mary who is calling all her children. The Savior’s Mother is the Mother of Mercy. She is the Mother of Forgiveness who comes to help us because she is pure, the only pure woman in the world. The only one who has come with all the graces of our Father to soothe us all.

This is the era of Mary, Mary Mother of the Church, Mother of our Church. Do you know what a stream of supernatural life means? She has given supernatural life, she lives among us, she is in all our houses, in our families, in our homes, Mary is everywhere in the world with her humility, with her simplicity, with her tenderness, with her kindness.

  • O motherly softness of Mary! Take my heart to impulse it to live the Gospels!

Every day we need evangelization; compliance with our duties in regard to our families. I speak to all mothers because we, mothers, are the ones who are most in need in our homes, in every problem.

It is hard, but it is beautiful when we see our children go to college and then graduate, to later find a job . . . they are working, they have been endowed with graces and talents to work and kindle their faith, to put their souls in good conditions, and consolidate our steps, all of us, specially our children.

Yes, Mother, take these mothers, may all of us who have come here today give our best. It is beautiful, very beautiful . . . men, fathers, the mission of the father to be by his family, bringing home the bread; women at home who need resources, but it is the man who has to provide these resources . . . we, women can work in the street, because we have a career, a means to work in different fields, with our hands, our minds, but it is the man who has the responsibility, because we, just by being mothers, by giving birth to a child . . .

Therefore, fathers, I invite you to have a conversation with your wives, meditate on the time elapsed since the day you got married until now in regard to the beautiful things, the gorgeous things, as for example, when a child is born. These are such beautiful things that you have lived.

Therefore, fathers, mothers, I invite you to prayer. I repeat this again: prayer, meditation, penance and the Eucharist. No family should be without the Eucharist. Family is sacred; family is something wonderful; family is the greatest thing we have. Love each other, forgive each other, help each other!

Sons and daughters, a call upon your children, be grateful for what has been done for you with humility, with simplicity, with tenderness: “Forgive me, father, if I have offended you. Forgive me, mother, I wish to renew my heart, my mind, my soul to offer you something better.”

Well, brothers, priesthood is the Lord’s most beautiful gem, because they are the only ones who have the right to absolve our sins, and are the only ones who raise the Lord in their hands so that the people may contemplate the majesty of Jesus, our Jesus, Sacred Host, new life for our souls when we nourish ourselves with him. Priesthood is the fullness of life that Jesus Christ offers to us, the laity. The priest is the fiber in the vertebrae on Jesus’ back, from the moment they were created, because they were born from the womb of their mothers with this seal.

This is why the priest must preserve himself clean, neat, perfect, aware that he must be faithful, and remain pure in the mother Church holding Jesus in his hands.

Behold the important point of priesthood: the seed must germinate in all the soils of the world in order to allow priestly vocations to grow and all together achieve the world’s evangelization, with strength, with much charity. It is love with honesty, sincerity, the rejoicing of the son who loves his Master, and who serves him with purity, in order to live rejoicing, for in heaven the angels sing in a choir cheering the children that are being born, so that they may continue their swift flight in becoming priests of the future.

Blessed be this hour when in the world many children are being born. May God choose them in this moment to follow the vocation of priesthood, and also choose many little girls to become nuns; for the priests and the religious are the firm pillars that support that Holy Church with her Pontiff.

Therefore, brothers, I wanted to talk about these issues about the Church, to share these things in regard to our mother Church. We have to share in order to feel we are one with the Lord, even with our sins, yet the Lord is present and He will not let us flee, no, no. He takes care of his sheep; He will not let us go astray. He is constituted in the Father so that we may be able to live an authentic Christian life through the apostles, through those who followed Jesus throughout Jerusalem: Saint Peter and Saint Paul . . . who gave their lives in Rome, as when Peter said in the Scriptures: “I return to Rome to be crucified again.” Behold when Peter turned around and headed back to Rome to offer his life.

Well, now, I feel moved by the freshness of Mary’s white lilies and the red roses of her love when she touches our hearts. Mary is so beautiful! Her sweetness is so special! And her charity is such in choosing this poor woman, taking me from one place to another!

I am nothing, brothers, I am a woman as any other, but I love and feel my Lord, and I wish that all the sick may be healed, that the sad and discouraged may cheer up, that those who suffer may live an authentic and supernatural life again; and I speak of supernatural life in order to resist all the elements: the wind, the rain, the blazing sun. We can resist everything with humility, patience, the holy fear of God, with a great desire to serve, with the joy of all innocent children.

Now, I beg those who are sick to stand up.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you my children;

In the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I will keep you, I will keep you, I will keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world; with the whole world, in peace, happy, joyful, together with your family in great joy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your humility, for waiting here all day long, and for trusting in my Holy Mother, our Heavenly Mother Mary, to save mankind. It is she, Mary the hope of these times, the dream of all mothers.

Children and young people are so beautiful! Joyful youth! I call you to study, to work for the mother Church, to work with your priests, to work with your nuns, to work with your families, to form a consistent block in one heart to consolidate those who come behind, those who are growing up, those who will grow to conform the new world, a world that is coming, that is reaching the wonder of Heaven that we will be able to touch with our own hands.

Life is so beautiful when we trust in our Lord. We rise with him.  We are reaching the ends of the century, let us not think about war, no; let us think about the good things the Lord is offering us. Let us think about the people, women, families, brothers and sisters. Let us think about our priests who give of themselves each day. Let us think about the Pope in Rome who has come to save us with his impulse, with his call, with his presence because he is working, and may God preserve him a bit more, a bit more, a bit more.

Lord, strengthen his heart, may all his priests, may all of us feel the clear morning dew when the sun starts rising, so we may open our eyes to see its rays that from afar bathe us with the light that gives us the hope of a promising future.

May God keep you all.

Thank you all, thank you for letting me come to this blessed land. May God bless it, preserve your houses, your homes, your families; may He fill you with spiritual rejoicing, so from today on you may start living a new life forever, with great joy and great desires to work to give glory to God and to the Holy Mother.

May God keep you all.

Thank you.