Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Varsity Arena Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, may 18, 1997

[…] in that way all will be saved, because we must all be saved. That salvation comes from the grace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Because, Mary with that maternal heart calls on all the hearts of her children. She calls them to awaken to a new sunrise with a splendorous sun, the sun of truth, the sun of love, the sun of justice, Jesus the King of kings, the man who gave all to save us, to take us to preach the Gospel.

We all need to be prepared, so that the sun of truth, Jesus of all times, may enlighten us once again with the meaning of being a child of God who can do anything. And this power that comes from God is to teach our children to be humble, generous, compassionate with an open heart towards all brothers.

It is love that must flourish for all of us to hold hands and live authentic Christian lives.

I am very touched by listening to Monsignor. My Mother Mary has done everything. She is the sweet woman who has come to Betania to call upon the People of God to take refuge in her Heart. Behold the miracle, the blessed miracle: To give health and supernatural life to all of those who approach with humility and tenderness, bowing their heads to the ground and asking for mercy to our Blessed Mother.

This is why, brothers, that tonight, our Lord of lords, Jesus, Jesus the Lamb, Jesus the Prophet, Jesus the Master, Jesus the Living God will visit our homes, our families, taking care of us to help us with our burdens that we have of sorrows, grief, worries, and concerns so we can secure our steps to Mount Zion. I say Mount Zion, because it is the time when that Mount Zion will be lifted like in the times when Jesus traveled the Earth, to open in ways and routes for those who follow behind, like the innocent children, youth, the jubilant youth, a youth who cry out for justice, youth who love and feel their Lord.

Youth are the hope for a better tomorrow. Youth are the hope for a powerful day, a day that is coming soon. We cannot even imagine, because the Lord will make Himself felt in an un-thought way; Jesus among us.

Precisely now, at this time Jesus is using our Pontiff John Paul II, who goes from place to place defending the rights of the Catholics of the world, of all races, from all nations and all races. He is the advocate that the Lord has given us to help us with our faith, to strengthen our hopes, and assist those who are detained in the path, because they do not have firm willpower to continue on their journey to the truth.

Thus, brothers, awaken in this day. The Lord uses his creatures and He has made use of Monsignor. Tonight, when he spoke, I felt that my heart was beating so profoundly that I felt my heart were to come out and scream, saying, Long live Christ, King Savior of the World, who relies on his creatures to spread faith in our hearts and touch the consciousness of man, so they may rise and reaffirm their steps towards the light of the truth of divine knowledge!

Now, brothers, friends, youth, adults, elderly, especially our priests, our religious and all the People of God, all these people gathered to celebrate this great day of our Bishop who has returned to life. He has resuscitated because Our Lord wanted it that way. Letting his people know that miracles do happen. And that those miracles of our Heavenly Mother are the same miracles of the days when Jesus traveled the world healing the sick, rehabilitating all who were in need of health, peace, harmony and brotherly unity with their brothers.

So, brothers, I want to tell you: Open up your heart, your mind, your ears to heed the voice of a Mother, Mary, who cries out for mercy, love, benevolence, and above all, humility, simpleness, and to open the heart to the grace, because only the grace in a person can do so much good to those who are in need.

We all have graces; we all have something inside of us that urges us within, that takes us to loving so that we can give the best of us. Because we all have a place within our hearts where a channel opens to spread to all those who are in need of that love, trust, so they may receive the grace. This is why prayer impels every Christian to enter into reflection in order to find a solution to their problems.

This is why I wish all of you listen to the voice of your heart, because our heart speaks, and tells us many times what we need to do. Tonight, Our Lord wants to make Himself felt in each one of us with his love, making the flame alive, so that flame may burn and you may feel They are really present here.

Our Monsignor is a special soul; this is why Our Lord has lengthened his life so he may receive the necessary grace to continue providing his contribution as a pastor, a pastor of souls, a pastor who feels the hurt of his brothers, of his disciples, and of everyone who knocks at his door. This is why, Monsignor Lacey, I congratulate you because the Lord has made of you a very special instrument to give new life to these People of God. Because you must remember, who endured your illness and suffering with such humility? That touched so many souls and united them in prayer, so you could restore your health and truly come back to life, to a new life full of hope to help so many who need understanding, love, and spiritual direction. And you are providing it.

I tell you this because these people who have come tonight truly are here to listen to you, to feel full of that living faith that comes forth from that infinite love that God has given you to constantly give yourself to those who need you. And I also see all those who surround you. They love you so much. They feel you so much. They go out of their way to tend to you with so much humility and generosity from the heart. So, your task is great. It will not be forgotten on the way. You will continue to experience many conversions of special souls that will support you – or better yet – that will continue to support you in you authentic task as Bishop in this diocese.

Now we should truly be aware. Do not imagine I am a saint. No. I am a woman like any other woman here, with my qualities and defects, of course, always trying to improve my inner life. Do you know why all this? Because of her, because of my Mother, who since I was a little girl took me by the hand. She restored my life, not only once, but three times when I was at the brink of death, she told me, “You must live; you have to give glory to my Divine Son. And, my daughter, you have to be kind, humble, submissive to the will of the Lord. You do not belong to yourself; you have not come to gather roses. No. You have come to gather thorns, so those thorns may help you reinforce your faith, soothe your heart, and feel that it truly is a commitment in which you will have to – yes, my daughter – go through many trials.”

This is why, brothers, the road that leads us to God is not easy; it is difficult. On our way there are many things that hurt us from within and distress us with grief. But the Lord is so good and generous, and Mary is so sweet that with her hands she has defended us. She has defended me in a special way, covering me with her mantle and helping me, soothing the burden of a life full of so many commitments. I say commitments, because when we begin a task we must finish it, you cannot stop and say, I cannot. We must say, I can, the will of God is upon me and I will continue until the end.

With this I want to demonstrate you that human will must remain firm and be aware that it is well guarded, because angels are watching over its steps and Our Lady, Our Blessed Mother covers us with her mantel to live the Gospel.

I say, The Gospel because evangelization is of the blessed formula that helps us rectify our weaknesses, and at the same time, Our Lord compensates us with the grace of the Holy Spirit to help us live an authentic Christian life. Of course this is very difficult. Sometimes we think we cannot, but we can indeed, because this is why prayer, meditation, penance, and the Eucharist are our blessed formula.

Thus, let us be aware that these are the precious gems in which we can confirm our faith in the Lord of lords. Because He is the One who touches us and helps us telling us what we need to do, defending the profiles that guide us to the light of truth, of justice, and of love.

Now, let us contemplate Our Lady of Fatima, the way she appeared to those shepherds, and how they gave their lives. The Lord called them leaving Lucia so she could be the living and votive light of everyday to save so many Christians, so many souls that wish to live a life in accordance with our mother Church.

Behold, an example we should take into consideration that there are martyrs on Earth, martyrs of love, of great labor, of constant prayer, a task of a great labor to call upon our brothers, so we may lead a life in accordance with the mother Church.

Now I want to tell you something that is very dear to my heart: Families: the children, the grandparents, the uncles and aunts, all families are the family of God. This family is the base of the construction of a new world. That new world has to come. All this, because we have to change our attitude towards life, improving our weaknesses, that is to say, avoiding them in order to live a truly healthy life, a life in which the husband and wife give out an example, in which the children obey their parents, and in which the family complies with its duties, so each one can embrace the other member, holding hands during the arduous work of every day at home.

This is why, let us love one another, all families united, and complying with the grace of the Holy Spirit, so we can live with rectitude and with an exact consciousness of our duties. Behold, I mention the family, because family is a great branch, a branch on which we must all help one another, improving our attitude toward life, so we can accomplish ourselves as children of God. A time comes when a child of God who has complied with his duties, feels he is one with his Lord, with God, because that child has respected and has followed the footsteps of the Family of Nazareth: Mary, Joseph and Jesus. A family that is united and blessed.

Because God wants us holy; not saying who wants his own will… an obedient saint, submissive to the teachings that They have left us as a living example of Christianity, of the truth, of love, of human solidarity, and of hope. Hope guides us and takes us to improve our lives with the dream that we will all be reunited at the table, at the Eucharistic table, receiving daily Communion, in obedience to our Holy Father, in obedience to our parents, and in obedience to the commandments of the Law of God, Love one another.

Brothers, I truly would like to tell you so many things.

Do not expect of me great speeches… these are the things in life. Expect of me those things which we really are in need of: to live as a family and all the things we need. We are in need of model families. I know there are many examples of families, but that example should be modeled by love and simpleness.

Tonight, when we return to our houses, homes, families, may we embrace one another, a hug in which you give all your heart, in order to know then that Our Lord is touching you even if there is coldness present in any heart, in some hearts. I know this is a hurtful exercise for me, but for you a new path is opening in regard to your families. Because I know that there are families that are suffering the deterioration of the children who are leaving and there is no way to stop them. This is why I speak of this, because I wish that you recognize our weaknesses, in order to learn how to take our children by the hand so they cannot escape from there.

Now, brothers, I thank you for coming. This has been beautiful… your  presence, because you have given our Bishop human warmth, love, and humility. A People who loves its church, loves its priests, and loves a Bishop who is giving all for the salvation of all his brothers.

I also want to congratulate all the priests who have come. Perhaps they are not many, but there are some and this makes me so happy. They have opened their hearts to the cause of love of a Bishop who has given everything for the glory of God and the well-being of souls.

I truly wish to tell you to end: Go on, go on; do not let yourselves fall because of circumstances, do not let yourselves be defeated by the blows in life, and do not let yourselves be trapped by spiritual grief. Live your lives, but live them honestly with dignity, with human values, with assertiveness, so in that way the grace of the Holy Spirit may reign in your souls and you may feel free of bonds and unconformities. Let us conform to the will of God.

May God keep you all. May all of you tonight ponder, meditate, searching for the great truth within your hearts: That the Mother of God loves you very much and she lives in every home to nourish her souls and condition all spirits for the hard times that could take place.

This is my small message from God. I say small, because truly, perhaps, you were expecting something else. No, no; I am a simple woman, a country woman like you, but who loves, loves her Mother very much, and that Mother has been taking her through routes and roads, to give a contribution full of love, meekness, and hope that your light will shine from within making you feel like the happiest persons in the world.

Happiness rests on feeling serene, filled of peace, filled of harmony and filled with natural happiness. God wants us natural, just as we are, with our hearts open for all our brothers. Their race does not matter, or what they practice. All we need is to love and love, and forgive, and give ourselves completely.

Place your petition at the feet of Jesus of the Divine Mercy, and our Mother of Guadalupe, and Our Lady of Fatima, of Our Blessed Mother. Lets us do this right now.


In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

I thank you all.