Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Saint Therese of Jesus Church. Midvale, Utah, USA

Saturday, april 12, 1997

Good night to all.

  • The Angelus.

Good night to all, to all the respectable priests who celebrated Holy Mass, to those who have accompanied us, and to those who represented the Crucifixion of my Lord and his Resurrection. We all rise with Jesus in our hearts to be feed by Him, and to have Him forever.

  • Here you are, Lord, you are in each heart that requested You to come to them. And You fed them, that is to say, you fed us all, and this food will last forever, eternally.

And I speak of the Eucharist, the Eucharist is the prime base of a Christian, it is food, it is new life. Every time we receive it our life transforms itself into many lives, lives to secure in the faith to our brothers, lives to feed those who do not receive Him, lives that live in accordance with our mother Church, our Holy, Catholic, apostolic, Roman, and universal mother Church; a Church that opens her doors to us making us cling to her with the great Pope of Rome, our Vicar, our Teacher, our defender who has gone from one place to another seeking the wayward sheep, and all her priests, religious, and all the People of God. A People that wants to meet with him, and he has gone to all, to absolutely all, spreading his word with humility, with patience, and such great kindness that he has moved multitudes securing their faith, motivating them all, soothing their burden, and improving their lives.

Therefore, I speak of our holy mother Church, her Pope and ministers who are the only ones who are entitled to absolve sins, our sins, our weaknesses; they are the ones, there are no others.

This is why we should love the Church, love her very much, because she has given us the most beautiful fruits through those who renounced everything, leaving their families, their homes to cling to that mother Church for Christ Jesus. It is Jesus who has called them. The mission of a priest is so beautiful!

  • Lord, You are so grand! Jesus the Risen One, You make us rise each day with the Holy Communion when we accompany You at the foot of the altar seeking You, so You may take refuge in our hearts. Such beautiful nourishment, such grand nourishment, Lord! It is You, You appease the sheep and you feed us with your Sacrosanct Body with supernatural life.

Brothers, here I am, yes, the Lord has wanted it so. I am another one of you, I am People of God, and the Lord has been so generous and compassionate with this poor woman, perhaps, because this woman has loved Him very much; a lot.

Lord, You know this is so. I have not cared about distances… nothing, Lord, or my health. You have brought me back to life to continue reaffirming my footsteps, giving my brothers multiple hopes.

Let us live of hopes, of wonderful dreams of an eternal heaven. The dream and hope of one day being able to reach the house of God, that immense sky full of stars, with the night illuminated by a great moon, and the dawn with a radiant sun that gives us the energy and the happiness of living the Gospel… an awakening.

It is an awakening what we are living in these times. Man is truly turning mindful, because we all are looking for one another. It is because the Lord, Jesus, the King of kings is coming.

Jesus is coming closer than ever in these times; He is making us meditate. He gave Himself on the Cross, it shed his Blessed Blood, He bathed us, He cleansed us, He purified us so we could be the followers of that mother Church, of that Pontiff in the Chair of Peter. How many pontiff priests, teachers, popes have been seated at the Chair of Peter? And how many teachings have they left us, soothing our souls, comforting our spirits, and vivifying our faith?

Our Church is so beautiful, brothers! I repeat this again. I love my Church, I love her, Lord, and I wish You could give me a little bit more of life in order to proclaim: Long live our Holy Mother Church! Long live our Holy Mother Church! Long live our Holy Mother Church that extends us her arms to soothe our burden, helping us live the Gospel!

These times call for evangelization. We all must evangelize, all, absolutely all the People of God must get up to vivify the faith in the lukewarm hearts, in the cold ones. We have to work in community, and we will live in communities – in some years, in some time – in many communities everywhere in the world to learn how to love and feel each other: Your pain is my pain; your sorrow, your grief is mine; your cry is here inside my heart.

To vivify the faith in all the hearts, brothers. This is not only a task for priests and nuns; it also is ours, a task for the People of God. To help one anther; to hold hands, and truly feel free from within as the innocent children when they go looking for their father, for their mother, telling them: “Here I am, mom, what do you want from me?”  Thus, all of us should tell the mother Church: Here we are, mother, this afternoon.

Perhaps I am a woman who speaks, who says, who receives. What kind of woman is she that…? She is a woman like anyone of you, with a heart open to the grace of the Holy Spirit, to live with my brothers in the most natural way.

Yes, brothers, I am mother, a mother who loves her family, and who loves all the families of the world with infinite, tender, delicate and soft love. And when I say soft, it is because the softness of Mary has touched my heart; she is the sweet woman of Calvary, the sorrowful Mother at the foot of the Cross with her Son.

Lord, Lord, You were so grand at that hour! There was a moment of such desolation in your soul, Lord, You felt You were in pain. However, your faith, the love to your Father, the love to the People of God, your People, Lord Jesus, gave you the strength to say these words: “I thirst… thirst for souls, souls.”

This is why we also will be able to say: I thirst, Lord, I thirst for souls, souls that will enter into the kingdom of heaven. It seems like something unreachable, but it is so close; it is in our homes, in our houses, in our Churches, when we see the green-hope in the joyful nature, smiling, willing to give us the warmth and happiness, the softness and kindness of the Blessed Mother, of Mary of Nazareth.

Nature is so beautiful! When I arrived here, the first day there was rain, it was like a little bit sad. But then these days there has been a radiant sun with light, with beautiful light… all those hills covered with snow so white and pure. And we have felt the splendor of that sun and of that beautiful nature, so lived and divine – I would say –. Because when we see beautiful and splendid things we think that they come from divinity, from God, from Him who truly makes us meditate upon how big Mother Nature is. He is so wise expressing Himself to his children in order to give them warmth and love; asking us to surrender, to surrender to the Lord.

Let us go to the Lord, let us all ask Him in this dinner, tonight, to enlighten us with the gift of understanding to truly understand what He wants of us. What do you want of me, Lord, how should I serve You, in what way, what do You intend I do? Do you believe that I am capable, Lord, of being modeled by your hands? Do you believe, Lord, that I could truly spread the Word of God? Do you believe, Lord, that I could die of love for You, Lord? O, Lord, to die of love for You.

To give our life for Christ, for Jesus, is the biggest thing a soul can achieve, to offer its life as a holocaust of love. Persecutions have no importance, whatever happens around us has no importance; we are filled with Him, filled with his love, of his infinite wisdom, of his kindness, of his sweetness, of his softness, of his Words: To love.

Sometimes we wonder what love is: Love is to feel affection for all that contains life of God, to love our brothers, to love our enemies too, to love us all. Forgiveness for all, forgiveness and mercy for all, Lord; and I say forgiveness and mercy, because we have to ask for the forgiveness of our weaknesses and flaws everyday. We all are weak – most of us – and we need to burn in the flame and fire of the love of Jesus Christ. Only He could have done such action: To go to the Cross, there, to take it, to embrace it, and expire on its arms, saying: “I thirst.” It was the thirst of souls for the salvation of the People of God.

And in these times there will be many, many who will leave everything behind, everything, their houses, their lives, everything to definitively surrender to the Lord. That light will come, that grace will come. I speak to the youth.

Youth is so beautiful! Youth is so gorgeous! Youth sings in such a way! This is all so beautiful! It pleases me to know that there are many here who sing beautifully, beautiful and wonderful choirs. We also have our Betania Choir, and we have gone to some places where they have given some concerts. Music, boys and girls… Always be cheerful. Learn how to sing, to play, to make your heart happy; be very good, very generous with your parents, with your family, with your beloved ones, with your brothers. Study, learn.

This is what you will leave your children with later on, the upbringing you give them, the education you give them, the culture they may have. To learn, to not get tired of learning. Everyday you have to learn something. We, mothers in the house… everyday something new; it is not just the food, this… no, no. There are so many things to do, so many beautiful things, Lord. Let us be cheerful, happy with our friends, with our children. O, my God, our family is so beautiful!

I love families deeply, as much as I love my family, I love it so much. For me all you are my family, a family gathered in communion of love with the Lord, with his Mother, with the Virgin Mary, my Mother, Mary Virgin and Mother Reconciler of all Peoples and Nations who came one day to awaken my conscience, to help me to walk a little bit better. Our Lady is so beautiful!

I would like to extend myself, but with time you will be able to know many more things about Mary Reconciler of all Peoples and Nations. She comes to reconcile us, to educate us so we can hold hands, so we may be honest, worthy, respectful with the families, with our brothers, with everyone, and filled with courage for the battle, a battle of love, a battle of spiritual joy, a battle of serenity. I have said a battle of serenity; it is the battle of love, of humility, of modesty, of honesty, of rest, of calm, of the relief to our souls.

Yes, brothers, you perhaps may think: “No, Mrs. Maria Esperanza has not given us a speech.” No, no. She is an average woman as anyone of you; but, perhaps there is a lot of sensitivity and I feel the pain of the other as if it were mine: their hardships, their grief, their sadness.

Mothers… it is so beautiful to be a mother, and how much pain do we have to endure because we are concerned for our children when they go out in the street, the things that can happen to them. Of course, with our faith in the Lord, we always think: Nothing will happen to them, they will come back home, to the house, calm and serene, because the Lord is with them; Mary covers them with her mantel, and also helps them appraise their faith, in order to defend themselves from all those things that can contaminate them with the world of sin.

Therefore, brothers, all of us tonight, after the celebration of such a beautiful Holy Mass after receiving Jesus Christ, let us unite in a tight bond of lives that will be offered to the Risen Lord to constantly rise with Him, everyday if it is possible in the Eucharist, at Holy Mass. And I speak of this, because the Eucharist, Holy Mass, is the constructive force of the man of today, Holy Mass is what gives us the supernatural life we need to live a true Eucharistical life, an authentic Christian life, a life surrendered to the Lord.

Let us all surrender with much humility, with much kindness, with great generosity… men and women, family parents. The father has to stand like a soldier in his house; yes, he goes to his work, but he takes care of his family, he takes care of his wife, he takes care of his children, and grandchildren. Let us not leave the family on its own; because we lose them, they get out of hand.

And I speak of this, because there are so many families suffering, families that have lost their children. Many have gotten lost in drugs; other virgin-little-girls have lost the biggest thing they had, and so forth. Take care of them; it does not matter if they feel watched: “Mom!” No, no, we go on everyday with them; studying with them, truly living with them. They must feel that they have the warmth of the mother, the warmth of the father, the father, the man who represents the family, who defends their rights, and who is willing to give his life – if it is necessary – to the one who touches one of his children.

So, we all have to help one another with our prayers. Prayer is the column of light that enlightens man in the midst of the darkness of night; so, we have to do constant prayer. We are on the street, in the car: let us pray; we are doing an errand of something that a person needs, a task: let us pray; that there is a sick person: pray for the sick; pray for our children; pray for our priests, our nuns; pray for all the families of the world. May everyone receive the grace that the Lord lives among us, that He is present, that He remembers each one of us, that He lives with us, that He is attentive to all the needs and intentions we have; He covers them all.

He is concerned with the sick, with all the sick who are here, especially the children who I love so much. May there be light for their eyes; light, Lord, light in their bodies, in all the children here who are sick… cure them, Jesus, cure them, my love, my Lord; do not leave them sad, comfort them, strengthen them, and give them supernatural life.

Let us ask for supernatural life everyday. This is what I ask from the Lord, I request nothing else: supernatural life. Lord, to give You glory… Jesus, Mary; to spread the Word.

I do not know how to speak, I know nothing, I feel like a little girl amidst the People of God, but with our Mother, with our Mother leading me, conducting me, rejoicing my heart, encouraging me, giving me strength, positive forces to truly live an authentic Christian life. We have to live like so: an authentic Christian life; not only words, not big things, no. God does not ask us to do great sacrifices or great things; He requests small things in life, small things.

Everyday offer something to the Lord: A good thought for a person that you believe is walking a wrong road; a thought for a sick person; a thought for your husband at work; a thought for your child in the university, to improve his studies, so he will make an effort in his studies; for a prisoner in jail who does not know… and is there: they grabbed him, they took him, his parents do not know, may he be saved, may he get out, may he be a honest and worthy person in life, may he work; and in short, for so many things; for priestly vocations… pray very much.

We need priestly vocations, holy priests at our pulpits speaking hand in hand with the People of God. Holy priests, holy religious, and true holy family mothers. It is not the sanctity of dressing in rags, saying: I am humble. No, God does not want us like this, He wants us just the way we are with our qualities and flaws, trying – of course – to improve our inner life, and trying to help each other grow; spiritual growth living the Gospel everyday.

Well, brothers, gentlemen, ladies, young ones, children, and especially the priests, you are my weakness; and I say weakness, because they are the only ones who are entitled to absolve our sins, and who have the right of taking Jesus in their hands hoisting Him to heaven. To be a priest is so beautiful! This is the greatest thing for a father, for a mother: a son priest in the family, all growing spiritually around him. A family that has a son priest, that has a daughter religious, that has a person who has surrendered to others, is so beautiful!

As well as the mothers who have a son doctor. A doctor is the encouragement of the sick, is the hope of the sick, is the dream of the sick: “Call the doctor.” They are so useful. I place them next to the priests because they are like priests. Nurses are concerned of the sick; they give of themselves in the hospitals. A nurse is so beautiful! It is so beautiful to be able to assist a sick, a sad, person who arrives at the hospital, attending him immediately. This is willpower, it is love, it is fidelity, and it is charisma of God in their souls.

I congratulate you all, and hence, I ask you all to feel concerned of your matters. There are other very beautiful things, there are so many splendid things, especially the people who have studied, who have gone to a university, who have truly turned into worthy men of their society, also helping out: those who build houses, our houses, our roofs; they truly have their graces too. Each one has their grace in the job they do, even though it is grabbing our suitcases when we arrive at the airport. Who are they? We look for them: Come, carry my suitcase.

All of us, all of us in this world are entitled to receive the graces of the Lord, and to grow spiritually in the environment where we are, turning into a better citizen before our society, before our brothers, before our family. All of us, all of us are entitled to live an authentic life of Christ Salvador; Christ who comes to save us, who comes to save in these times in a perfect way.

In these remaining two, three years… we are about to reach the year 2000… they will be of great tests for all, but at the same time of infinite happiness from heaven, big events that will dazzle man: pain and sadness, and great happiness too, great scientific inventions, great things.

Man can do so many things with his hands; as for example: the airplanes in which we travel, in which we leave, we move – talent and studies are needed –. And those who make cars… How do we move around if not by means of a car? How have I come? On a plane. That is to say, the hand of man is so beautiful. The Lord has been so kind giving him five senses, and a mind open to the grace of the Holy Spirit to learn and to live each one to give their responsibility in their duties as a son of God on Earth.

I am truly moved. I like silence, I like peace, I like serenity, that inner joy, that something that one feels, Lord, that You are here. You are here, Lord, today we have felt You in our hearts, we have received You, we have been fed with your sacrosanct Body and we have felt being born again, we have been born; a birth.

Let us think of the birth of Jesus surrounded by his Mother and Saint Joseph, his foster father, the Magi and the beasts that accompanied them there: the mule, the ox. Such beautiful birth in humility! The Lord is found in humility, in the humility of heart; we should have humility of heart… not feeling embarrassed of anything that could make us feel bad, no. Therefore, we have to live a very clear, precise, honest, worthy life without troubling ourselves if somebody… no.

I especially speak with the gentlemen so that they may continue leading an honest and just life. Sometimes man makes mistakes that burden with tears in the soul, because he has not done as he should have.

Therefore, we have to be very honest, very worthy of the love of God so our family does not have to suffer; and I say the family, because it is the family that suffers when the man desires a lot, a lot, a lot of money, much of this, much of that. So, let us be attentive, I would say. It is very beautiful to have our means, yes, to have what is necessary for our family to live, but those ambitions are sinful. We cannot sin in this way, we cannot be abusive of what God gives us, we have to take it very well like a person who loves and respects his brothers; working, yes, but not with many things in order to not irritate our life, to not contaminate oneself, to not commit unworthy things. I speak to all, because sometimes one job brings something else, another job, something else until the person cannot go on any longer and mistakes are made.

Forgive me for speaking in this way, but I truly wish, for the love of my Jesus, that we all may lead a life in accordance with our mother Church, a discreet, modest, worthy Church that is willing to open her doors to all those who want to enter.

And let us preserve our Catholic faith. We have been born this way, our parents baptized us, we have to follow the route of our family, let us never change our religion. Let us be what we are in our faith, in our love to the Lord, in our humility and patience in the most difficult moments, enduring it all, soothing our burden with prayer, with the Eucharist, Eucharist…

I beg you… my greatest dream tonight is that you may receive the Lord, if it is possible, everyday. This is the greatest nourishment. I have been deprived of the hope of living so many times and my life is a miracle. And I ask the Lord: Give me strength, Lord, strength and a great spirit of humility, Lord, of patience, of the holy fear to God to not offend Him. Not the fear that He may punish me, but the fear of never offending Him.

Let us not offend our brothers although we have much resentment. Do you know why? Because when you have bad thoughts it is like something that goes and comes back, and it turns back on you. No, no; forgive, we have to forgive those who have offended us, forgive all our brothers of all the faiths of the world, let us forgive all. Each one has their own faith, has been born in it, with their faith; let us be respectful. Let us respect everyone, let us love all because the Lord is found in love, and let us defend our rights as Christians. Let us defend ourselves by all means; let us not be dragged by passions, by things that can harm us.

I am talking like a mother, children, a mother who loves and feels the People of God, who bears it within her heart because Mary, my Blessed Mother has taught me: “Daughter, make all my children love one another, endure one another, cherish one another, help one another, feel happy of the well-being of their brother, may they love their family.”

Family is the important issue of these times. It is the family that is truly being divided, entire families… children that leave and are not seen again. Yesterday, I had heard of some cases: children that leave so young, little girls leaving. This is big, painful for the parents. Other marriages devastated by seeing that their home is coming to an end after so many years of marriage. Such big issue, after living with someone for so many years, and that person falls in love again, and he no longer likes… she is old… he found someone who is young. Who has said that this is right?

We have to think, to meditate that we are approaching the year 2000, end of the century, and now as ever we have to pray – as we have never prayed in all our lives – so the enemy does not come dragging us to wars, guerrillas around the world. We have to make peace with all our brothers, to unite like the waves of the sea unite when they arrive to the shore, they all come… all united in only one consistent block, in one heart.

And now, for the sick, for the children, for the mothers, for the fathers, especially for all youth… I love youth a lot because I am surrounded by many youngsters, many young boys and girls, so many. I love them so much because there are good youngsters, there are honest youngsters, there are youngsters growing everyday, who are doing a great job, deeds of love. I say deeds of love, because it is the love of God, the love of all their brothers, it is to help, it is a hand at the right moment when it is needed, they are there. Nobody suffers because you do not have the time to go crazy because there is someone, a hand, a word on time, that is worth so much when we are sad and lonely.

Therefore, today in this city, in Utah, the Lord is going to save many souls, many beings, there will be great unity, there will be great hope. People will not live selfishly, we should not live selfishly, we have to have charity with our brothers: black, white, rich, poor, ugly, pretty, Indians, whatever… everyone in one consistent mass, in only one heart. Let us forget the quarrels of the past and let us feel encouraged right now to achieve all our desires and good will, working and serving everyone, so this may be the link for those who are coming behind us, those who are growing, the youngsters, the children, so they may see righteousness in the hearts of their elderly, righteousness in their families, righteousness in everything they may undertake in life, Lord.

And now, what else can I tell you? The Lord wants you to continue with your prayers, with your meetings in all the Churches gathering weekly, to have a space to offer to the Lord in an hour of adoration. In that meeting, after the hour of adoration, each one should express their ideas, each one should speak and vent the feeling of their hearts, so you may unite, you may understand each other, and so this way you may truly exercise a deed of love.

I say a deed of love, because it is love what we need, much love to do things well, to help each other, so each one may speak about their feeling in those meetings, of course this must be led by priests, not on our own… “We are going to do so, because we are very prepared, we have a culture.” No. If we are Church we are part of that Church, we form a part of that Church, we are Church. The elderly who are the priests are the ones who have to direct these groups. No groups on their own. They have to be led with very well established teachings, by the doctrinal laws of our holy mother the Church, of the Supreme Pontiff.

Well, and now let us collect our thoughts, let us think of our families, our homes, our sick brothers, of those who are in jail, in the hospitals, those who are suffering, the children that wander on the streets suffering, the sick, the elderly, the sad, the most forsaken. Let us pray for all of them and for our beloved ones, so the Lord makes Himself felt in our souls and we may leave renewed, filled with strength, filled with peace, filled with harmony, and of happiness-youth. The joy of the youth is very beautiful.

The children feel such happiness when they are with their parents, this is so beautiful. Life is so beautiful, it is truly beautiful when we feel that it smiles at us, it smiles at us because of Mary, because of the sweetness of Mary, because of the candor of Mary, because of her motherly kindness, kindness that reaches the heart, that eliminates the afflictions we have, any dissatisfaction, any bitterness, any affliction. Mary eliminates everything, and she helps us walk better.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

Those who Our Lord wants to heal will be healed, but everyone will feel great relief in your houses, in your homes, in your families, in your work, in everything you have to do, everything you want to do. And your soul will be very joyous when you come to realize that Jesus lives in each one of us, that He is in each one of us, and that very soon He will give the world a great surprise.

We have to wait for Him. He came, He left, and continues living among us, but it will be a surprise that will make the world shudder, and man will say: Lord, is it possible that You are so generous with us that You have come seeking us? Each one in their conscience must think, and meditate, and free himself from all weaknesses and frailties in order to live the Gospel. Let us live with neatness, and with the teachings and commandments of the Law of God.

We have the commandments, let us live them exactly as the Lord gave them to Moses, and in the way Our Lord Jesus Christ practiced them with his apostles and with his holy and most pure Church, our mother the Catholic Church, our beautiful and splendid mother Church that is flourishing in the world; she flourishes for all those who want to enter and share with all of us.

Thank you, Lord; thank you, my Blessed One; thank you, Jesus, thank you. I thank you all. Take the best, touch the Heart of Mary, touch it, touch her:

  • Mary, here we are, can we touch your Heart? We want that sweet, soft, tender and generous Heart to touch ours, to vivify our faith… and that of your Son Jesus.

O Jesus, Jesus lives among us in the most natural way! We do not see Him, but we feel Him when we are in pain or grief: “Jesus, Jesus, come, come, Lord.” Gently Jesus says: “Calm down, daughter, calm down for I am here. I live among you, I live among you.” The Lord tells us: “I live and I will live among you.”

May God keep you all. Good night to all. May God keep you and bless you. And may all the children be cured, the sick. And those who are suffering, are in grief, will be renewed: their cells, their blood, their bones, their liver, their kidneys, their heart, their head; all renewed, Lord, purified by the love of God. It is the love of Jesus, it is the love of Mary, it is the love of those who followed Him, his apostles who come to teach us that life passes, but our work does not, whatever we leave on Earth. This is the point; everything passes, but what you have done with a true spirit of love, of charity, does not pass; it remains forever.

May God keep you all.

Thank you, thank you, brothers, thank you.