Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Saint Francis of Assisi Church. Provo, Utah, USA

Friday, April 11, 1997

  • The Angelus

Good evening to everyone, to you, Father, and to you. I am very thankful to have been welcomed here, in this Church consecrated to my Seraphic Father Saint Francis of Assisi. He has been my hope, my consolation, and the dream of my life. My mother, since I was a child, taught me how to love him, to follow in his footsteps, so that later I could be able to go to Padre Pio del Pietralcina, being able to penetrate into such a humble and generous heart that he gave to all mankind. He lived a life completely consecrated to Our Lord Jesus Christ for he received his wounds and lived that way… my Padre Pio.

Therefore, I am so grateful to have come here, to this church, to give thanks to my Lord, to meet with its people, their souls, their lives, their hearts, their little children, their grown children, the family of God.

What a grand family we have here, Lord! A humanity that is hurting – and I mean hurting – because every family knows their problems. Many times, problems are presented for the sake of the children, our children that we hold in our hearts.

Fathers and mothers, I speak to you all. I speak of the family because the Lord desires for the family to be united. It must be a generous union, in which everyone has a hand to hold, in which everyone loves and helps one another, a union in which the Gospel is lived complying with the Lord.

The Eucharist is our foundation, it is our life, it is everything; daily communion, if possible. The Eucharistic is our nourishment. It is our living bread, brought down from heaven. Like Father has said, “Jesus has descended.” We have received Him, it is a nourishment that remains there forever, to strengthen us, to aide us in our walking, and to allow us to live the Gospel.”

Evangelization, this is the motivation that has brought me here. I am a poor woman, just like the rest of you, who loves and cares for her family, and I feel it because the Church has taught me to; our holy, Roman, apostolic, and universal Church, the Church that was founded by Jesus Christ, Christ rock and foundation of that Church. We must love our Church, love our priests, our religious, and our Holy Father, the Pope of Rome. He has been a living example of humility, patience, and of glory to God. He is glorifying Our Lord by searching this earth for all of his children, going from one place to another spreading the Word of the Lord, and searching for all.

What a greatness we have in this century: we have the love of our Roman Pope. I speak of the Holy Father, the Roman Pope, because he guides us as a Pastor to alleviate our souls and aid us to better our walk. But there is something greater that exists: Jesus, he is there, his Mystical Body. He is watching over each and every one of us, our thoughts, our afflictions, our ideas; He is there present, and will touch our hearts in a wonderful way tonight. I say wonderful because to feel the Heart of Jesus beating within our own hearts is as igniting a flame, the flame of Jesus.  He, Jesus, with his Mother; the Mother and Jesus….both are present.

It is Mary the Mother of the Church, who invites us to walk with her through all the countries in earth; she invites us all to spread the Gospel. Evangelization is the greatest and most beautiful motivation in these times, because we all have the duty to spread the Gospel and proclaim: Our Lord Jesus Christ will come once again to save us. Christ rises and wants to help us halting evil from coming near us, bad times. However, those bad times are for which Jesus Christ appears. All of those unpleasant things which could discourage us will cease, because the light of a new dawn of Jesus is telling us once again, “Come to Me all. I keep you in my Heart, I bear you within to alleviate your sorrows, diseases, and your sacrifices. Everything you do, my children, is a deed of my Father. I want to shelter you all, so you may be able to live in communion with this Son of God.”

Yes, Jesus invites us to walk with Him, to share with Him. But how are we going to live with Jesus? In the most natural way: Complying our daily tasks, our obligations, and especially invoking his Name when we awake, the Name of Our Father who is in heaven, the Father who is watching over our thoughts, feeling our hearts that beat in search for his presence, for his Divine Son, for the grace of the Holy Spirit that bathes, purifies and cleanses us. It renews our blood. All our personality is reborn to live in communion with the Lord.

And, behold the sweet Virgin Mary, our Mother Mary, the innocent child, the purest of all virgins. She is unique, splendorous, beautiful, radiant. She enlightens us from within in such a way, when we feel her softness, her tenderness, her sweetness!

Mary is so kind, my brothers! Feel her beating within your hearts… It beats with emotion, humility, a humility that is generous, a humility in which she surrenders telling us, “My children, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you, and my Heart I shall continue giving you forever. Here I am touching the hearts of my priests, in a special way, because they are in charge of aiding you, of teaching you, of educating you, and of bettering your lives; they are the ones with their preaching, their prayer, and consecrating at the altar my Lord, my Divine Son Jesus.”

Behold, then, my children, I desire that you all agree with one another, that you gather with your families, in your homes during the evening, at night, at anytime you are able to, to recite the holy rosary. Not alone by yourselves, no; with the community, because in this way, you may all know each other more intimately, everyone should speak of what they feel in their hearts after meditating upon the holy rosary. The rosary is the life of man, it is the friendly companion; it is the most beautiful reflection…the joyous, the sorrowful, and the glorious.

Prayer is so beautiful!  “It is the prayer that most pleases my Divine Son, and I, his Mother,” that is what Mary tells us. This is what I feel in my heart, brothers.

Do not expect planned speeches from me, no. The Lord wants us natural, just as we are, with our qualities and defects. He wants us as we are: good, sincere, generous, and compassionate with our fellow brothers.

We all need one another and are connected by a gold chain that comes from the eternal heaven of Our Lord. He ties us to his Heart with his mother, and Mary sweetly and softly turns to us to soothe us, console us, and aide us in living an authentic Christian life. She wants us authentic, and strengthened with faith and trust, and with an open heart for everyone. She does not want us filled with unpleasant things, no. She wants us to be humble, simple; not the humility that comes from dressing up in rags and saying: I am humble, I do this and that. No, it is to be just as we are. We are weak and frail, but let us search for Mary and then we will feel strong, firm, and decided to follow in her footsteps.

Mary refused and left behind everything to follow her son through all of Jerusalem, when he traveled with his apostles as he went from place to place preaching the word of God.  We must follow her, follow her priests; they are the ones who are prepared to help the people of God and also to walk better through life. They have grace and process a true light from our Lord, for truth, love and justice.

Justice is what our Lord asks in these times, so we may take advantage of the days and may hold hands as brothers. We all need one another, we all can serve in different ways, we all are useful, we can all be useful. Let us not leave aside our brothers who come to us in their needs and refuse them by saying: I cannot. Always have a smile, a lending hand, or a word on time. How can someone be saved when they are all alone? They are capable of committing a senseless act. Let us not let anyone fall, without having someone to assist them. Everyone must be lifted.

Let us be forgiving of our brothers, let us always forgive, and let us be humble and generous, so in that way we may live according to our mother, the Holy Catholic Church, yes.

Our Church, our mother Church, it is love for her, it is to accomplish all of our obligations every Saturday, Sunday, the first Fridays at Holy Mass. Let us teach the children. Our children must be educated under the wings of the church, under the wings of the priests who hear our confession, those who have the authority of forgiving our sins, the absolution to those sins. How beautiful is it for us to be able to confess, and relinquish our hearts, so that our hearts may be alleviated and healed, and for our mind to be kept open to the grace of the Holy Spirit.

How beautiful it is to feel freed from the bonds of Earth! We are here and we are required to live here, but no, the day that God calls upon us, we have to be happy and joyful, not saying: I am dying, I cannot go on anymore, and how is this possible, why do You take my life? No. We will find ourselves in the presence of the Lord. It is so beautiful to meet the Lord. Life is so beautiful, life is so splendid, my children!

You cannot imagine why I am here. It is the will of a Mother, a Mother who began to teach me since I was very small. Now, I bestow myself to her, and later I married. Yes, but my life was going to be different… when I was a child my wishes were to be a nun. I went with the Franciscan Sisters to their convent in Merida, with my Mother Superior Saint Gabriel, who I love so very much.

I was ready and I knew I had to join right away, on the day of my Seraphic Father Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, after Holy Mass celebrated by Monsignor Quintero, who was during that time in Merida. At 6:30 a.m. after Mass, at 7:30 a.m. – while we were all in prayer – I saw Saint Therese at the altar. You may say, “This woman is fantasying.” But no; Saint Therese throw me a rose from the altar. I went to reach for it, since back when I was five years old she had given me a rose then too. That phenomenon happened to me. Now, I reached for that rose and was cut with one of the thorns and began bleeding, in front of all those the nuns who were there. I felt this in my heart: “Your life will be different. Go out into the world, my daughter, and spread the Word of the Lord Jesus. It does not matter what others think of you. Go, daughter.” It truly happened this way. “You shall become a wife and mother, and you shall go to Rome to meet the Pope of Rome.”

This was unbelievable to me, but I went, only under these circumstances, and Pio XII – may God have him in his Glory, our Holy Father Pio XII – he was the one who reached out to me opening his heart, and it was then when I felt strengthened and robust with the love of God.

Then, as the days went by, I met my husband, and I married and lived there. Then I went back to Venezuela, then I returned to Rome, we went back and forth. Then came the children. We married in Saint Pietro where Pio IX decreed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, in that Chapel.

These happenings in my live when so incredible, that I asked myself, Lord, how could this be that all these things are happening to me?” Then the Lord said to me: “My daughter, there shall be tests, you must confront the world and men. You must not worry, do so for the love You have of Me. Live a life in accordance with the Church, be: humble, generous, and compassionate with everyone. Go, daughter, go.”  So the Lord… I then had to live with the sisters over there too, at the Ravasco Institute, where I was much loved.

I do not know, I had never mentioned this. Father, giving my speeches, it is the first time I mention this.  I see these walls, this humble and beautiful place, and it touches my heart. It even looks like my home town. So, I say, Jesus, You are so beautiful! Your Mother is so gorgeous, so sweet, so soft! It is so moving how she teaches us, and treats all of us as if we were children.

Our Lord wants us to be small like children, He wants us small. He does not want geniuses, no. He guides us little by little, serenely conquering each time with more intensity the love of Jesus, of  Mary, and the grace of the Holy Spirit. He enlightens us and tells us things. And today, tonight I have had to say this, which is what I had not planned on saying.

I want you to know that everything in life has a beginning, and by logic, it also has an end. My purpose is to spread the message of my Mother of when she appeared to me in Betania of the Holy Waters. It was a splendorous, a grand moment of my life. It happened on March 25, 1976. After then, she continued visiting us with illuminating lights, with the shinning sun that was spinning around. She was in the trees, upon the cascade; and I said to her: Mother, you continue to speak to me – what will the Bishop and the others say?” And she said, “I will come on March 25, 1984; you must wait until then.”

Everything is written, everything is revealed. There is nothing here that was not written and prophesized by my Mother. Then on March 25, 1984, she came to Betania. We thought that she would not, that she would not come. It was 3:00 p.m. when the children – some children who were there – came to us running and saying: “The Virgin, the Virgin, the Virgin!” Father Laboren (who was in a wheelchair) and Father Orozco, who were present, said: “What, what?” We took him to the grotto, and there she was filled in majesty for all of her people.

It was grandiose, amazing, unique; I believe it was something very important in history. There were all sorts of people there: rich, poor, Generals, Colonels, Doctors, Psychiatrists, etc., like representing everyone. We were 150, and that moment was so sublime that we all fell to our knees. Our Lady was with us from 3:00 to 6:30 in the afternoon.

This was not a dream, and it is not madness; it is a reality! And she has continued to come. And I am here because she has sent me.

Each one of us who has faith, keep your faith. We cannot change religions. As Catholics, we must struggle for that faith, overcome weaknesses, defeat the enemy who wants us to loose our reasoning thinking in things that are not logical. We were born Catholics and therefore we should die as Catholics, the faith which we were taught by our parents and all the priests. They taught us to be loyal to that mother, the mother Church, to the everyday living faith with the Eucharist, with love for our brothers, the sad, the helpless, the ill, and the innocent children who sometimes are abandoned and have no parents. We must take care of all of them.

You should never reject anyone who comes to you. Offer him a hand, a word of comfort, of hope, of something to look forward to, so they can feel supported in the arms of someone.

Yes, brothers, your community is beautiful. Continue here in you parish, continue coming, awaiting the spiritual achievements that each one longs for, learning with each day the virtues of: faith, hope and charity. Charity is love. Love is so beautiful! Love gives glory to God and to his Son, and Mary feels happy.

It is Jesus who calls upon us, “Come to Me all of you, the tired, the sad, come to Me, my children, come to my Heart for I shall nourish you, and I shall ask my Father that He may have compassion and mercy for his people.”

And now, brothers, something has touched my heart… here. I want you to pray for all our brothers to reunite. The Lord wishes in these times that we all hold hands, that we forgive those who offend us, those who… yes, when they speak harmful against us. Forgive our enemies, forgive everyone.

Let us forgive, let us reestablish from our weaknesses, from our egoistic ways. Let us be strong and strengthen with daily Communion. Receive it if you can. You cannot imagine what you can accomplish. You can accomplish peace, serenity, happiness in life, and the joy of the innocent child, truly being able to feel free of daily pressures.

We have much pressure, but let us quiet those pressures, let us relax, and be calm keeping in mind that Jesus lives among us. Jesus is present here in the Blessed Sacrament. He is touching each and every heart, soul, and person who with humility and generosity falls on their knees, asking for forgiveness and mercy to live a better life.

And now, Father, and you, I am amazed to see all these souls that God has reached today. Not every one, perhaps, but I am sure that in the following days you will see differences within your families, your homes, your houses. You will see greater abandonment, more prayer, unity within your family, and you will help one another. And you will feel the flower of Mary, her roses, her roses of love in your houses, in your homes; her soft, light, and wonderful scents… lilies, a gamut of soft scents that will truly make you feel happy and content, and will give you the motivation of truly complying with your duties regarding our Church, our mother Church; with Holy Mass, with Communion.

And I speak about Holy Mass and Communion, because this is our truth. How can a Christian live without receiving the Lord? We must receive Him, unless we have an emergency. God is forgiveness and mercy for all. He does not punish us, yet always forgives. He is collecting us: the good or bad, everyone. He is collecting us reaffirming our faith, so we may rest there, on his Heart, like during that Holy Last Supper; John rested on the Heart of Our Lord. How beautiful, such a gorgeous picture!

We should not argue while at the table, it is sacred to me. The table is sacred at the moment we eat, when receiving our nourishment. Let us remember something: It is Jesus who is with us when we are receiving our nourishments. You must know this, because I know that there are people who argue at the table… this scares me. Foods are sacred; when we eat them the Lord blesses them. Therefore we have to make the sign of the Cross and give thanks for the daily nourishment that He provides us… food. The food is blessed by the Lord and this food comes from his hands through our labors, the labor of our family, our husband, our children, our own work.

We are mothers; therefore we must take good care of our children. Our children are our greatest treasure. God forbid if someone touches our children. Thus we must teach them to live side by side with our mother Church.

Our Mother Church is calling us, is crying out in these moments:” Come, children, come all. Rise, it is the time of the awakening of consciences. It is the time in which you all must awaken, because night will fall and you may suffer. I do not want you to suffer; I want you to live, and to live in grace, with many graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit.” The gift of understanding, to truly understand what the Lord wants from us. Ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of good counsel; for advice at the right moment of making a decision. The gift of piety; persistent prayer, let us not rest praying day and night: prayer while going to work, while coming back, something, a thought for the Lord; at work a thought; at home a thought for Mary.

Mary always struggled, she wanted everything to be ready when it was time to sit at the table, with the Patriarch Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus – because Jesus was conceived through the work of the Holy Spirit. The Father wanted this so, through the work and grace of the Holy Spirit.

  • Virgin most pure, Mother of God, Mother of Jesus […].

You will begin to feel in a more natural way, in details, in things of daily living, at home with your children, such beautiful things. It is a motivation that is given to you, for which you wish to: serve, serve, serve; and not be served. To give, give of yourself, give without expecting anything in return. Open your doors to all who knock on your door, regardless of where they come from or how they come. What is important is a welcoming greeting, a word, comfort, hope, the motivation of a detail.

Life is about details, small things; not big ones; small gifts from heaven that God gives us to feed us spiritually, helping us share with our brothers.

And now, brothers, I feel I have spoken enough. There are very important things that I should tell you, but I think it will have to be at another time, if it is the will of God. My health has declined and perhaps, I do not know if I will return. But tonight think about a mother who loves and feels Mary has come seeking you with her, so you may live a beautiful, flourished, and useful life helping others. To be useful. Let us all be useful; let us not be selfish, let us not live in selfishness; let us live with serenity, giving the best of us, and what else could this be, but the love we have. We all posses love, and will live with dignity, benevolence and so much love.

Thank you, brothers.

May God keep you all.

Now I want for those who are sick to stand up, so that Father, and you… will give a blessing.

FATHER WILLIAM FLEGGE: Lord, we ask you to send your blessing for those who are here tonight. We ask that your Heart be moved with mercy and compassion for all our needs, our weaknesses, our sufferings, and our anxieties. We ask of You, Lord, to send the Holy Spirit, may we feel in our soul your joy, peace, and your healing power. Lord, send us a special grace to maintain us loyal and close to you.

Our dearest Mother, we pray for your intersession, pray for us, your children, and always keep us close to Jesus, your Son. Assist all who are searching and are having trouble finding Him. Guide them to Him, to his love and mercy.

Lord, we praise and thank You for all your gifts. We pray You may now bless us in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


FATHER JAVIER VIRGEN: We wish to thank Maria Esperanza and her family, who have lovingly shared this wonderful gift with us, their love for the Virgin in her Son Jesus Christ. Let us pray to God that she continues to spread the message of love, peace, forgiveness, service, and of healing. Because God has entrusted her a mission which is not easy, it is even painful, but full of satisfaction, because she loves as you have seen, she loves deeply, without limitations God through the Mother, Mary.

Our greatest gift is to pray for her, because she knows more than anyone else what is requested to carry, a heavy cross, but with love, resignation, peace, and much dependence on God.

May God bless you, Maria Esperanza.


FATHER JAVIER VIRGEN: And to all of you, may God continue using you as his great instruments throughout the world, at every corner of the Earth.

May God keep you.

FATHER WILLIAM FLEGGE: Maria, it has been wonderful to have had you here with us tonight. This has helped us come closer to the love of Our Lord and his Mother. She is our Mother, she is the Mother of our Church, she loves us and takes care of her children in the Church. We thank you for your wonderful words tonight, and for helping us to remember how close He is to us, and how close She is to us, and how much Jesus wishes for us to remember that He is present in this world, and that we are his presence, and that she is our Mother. Thank you for helping us remember this.



[…] there is no bigger blessing, but I wish to leave it for those of you who are sick, those who are in pain and do not know where to turn. For those of you who came from far away with sacrifice, may you receive this consolation for your families, for your sick ones, for all.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

  • Most Holy Mother of God.

Thank you, Lord; thank you, Father.