Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Saint Bernadette Church. Buffalo, New York, USA

Wednesday, May 21, 1997 8:15 p.m.

  • The Angelus.

Good evening to everyone. I truly feel moved because of this big family, all gathered together, all surrendered to Holy Mass and Holy Communion. What a great thing is the Mystic Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ when we receive Him in our chest! ¡Such a sensation to feel that Holy Host fluttering in our heart, that Body, that Blood, that fills us, that comes to give us supernatural life!

Here, tonight, we have received the grace of the Holy Spirit through the love of Jesus Christ, through his Mystic Body and his Most Precious Blood to bathe us, to guide us, and help us to be much better in order to follow, in this way, the Gospel. Holy Communion is the nourishment of our souls. It is supernatural life that we have received, so that the sick may be healed, and so those suffering may receive comfort, hope and the desire to be able to feel new, completely changed.

I tell you this, because Jesus is inside each one of us. He is there beating in our hearts to soothe our anguish, our sorrow, and affliction, so in this way we may feel serene, at ease, filled with a spirit of charity. Because it is charity, it is love what we have received today, the love of Jesus, that love that transforms us, that improves our faith, that completely renews us, and inspires us to go in pursuit of our brothers: Come, brothers, Jesus wants to restore us, Jesus wants to save everyone so that when the day to close our eyes to this life on planet Earth comes, we may be able to see a beautiful, radiant, huge heaven where we will be able to meet with the Lord.

How beautiful it is to sense the heaven, how beautiful it is to see the stars and the moon at night, and the sun in the morning… shining to help us light the votive lamp that we carry in our heart. May we pray with our shinning lamp, constantly pray beyond exhaustion. Prayer, meditation, penance, the Eucharist… are our nourishment, our life, our hope. Brothers, I mention the Eucharist because it has been my food all my life. It is the Eucharist, it is the Lord Who vibrates in our hearts, so that we may feel our brothers and help them on the steep slope they walk when they feel sad or sick.

That is why Jesus comes to comfort us with that love that will fill your homes and families, so in this way you may feel the dew of the clear early morning of a better tomorrow; it is the luminous and radiant early morning that will transform us into the true children of God. We are children of God, but we also need – yes, my children – to seek Him, saying:

  • Lord, Lord! I knock at the doors of the tabernacle, come out so that I may receive You, to have You in my chest and heart, reviving the faith of my brothers and being able to feel happy that others may receive You, because You feed them, because You have called them, allowing the miracle of the multiplication to be done, like in those days when You traveled the world, days of spiritual joy, but also of great suffering when you recognized the incredulity in the eyes of your brothers, but You also found love, understanding, and charity.

How beautiful is charity that represents love. How beautiful it is to love our brothers, how beautiful it is to care for each other being able to feel the grief, the suffering, the illness of each other, and at the same time the joy in the soul when the Lord says, “Stand up and walk.” We all live that joy of the brother who improves, being able to live the Gospel, and bring it to their brothers in order to discern the message they are receiving of brotherly unity.

So, brothers, I am a woman like any of you, but there is a great love inside of myself, love for mankind: for those who are in jail, for those who are hungry and do not have a piece of bread to eat; for youth; for the students so that they do not get lost, so that they may give their contribution to our mother the Church as soldiers of Jesus Christ standing by the Cross, at the foot of the tabernacle, living a Eucharistical life, a truly holy life.

The Lord wants us to be holy, He wants us to be truly good, worthy of that love and worthy of Mary, our heavenly Mother. It is Mary the sweet woman of Calvary, it is Mary the innocent child, the girl that conceived a Son of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit incarnated in Mary and Jesus came to give us hope to be able to live the Gospel. He also came to teach us, to call, and look for us through his twelve faithful and honest apostles, worthy of his affection and consideration. Perhaps some of them were weak, but others followed his footsteps.

Behold the Bible with the Scriptures and the Gospels, where we can find the steps of our Beloved Lord teaching us the way to live according to our mother the Catholic, Apostolic and Holy Church; teaching us to love the Holy Father the Pope, the greatest thing we have, with his bishops, priests and all the families of the whole world. It is a fruitful, worthy, beautiful, great, vigorous, and perfect Church.

That is why we must prepare ourselves for the days to come, so that the Church may stand firm and decisive, mindful as it has been until now, strengthened by the love of its followers, of those who live with her, the Holy Father the Pope. When I say the Pope, it is God who is there in our Pontiff who is ruling and conveying that Church to everyone. Yes, John Paul II, a Pope who has truly surrendered himself to preach, going from one place to another, opening routes and roads to find us and help us evangelize.

That is why we must pray for him, for his life because he must live. He needs strength, supernatural life. The Lord is giving it to him, but we can do much in little proportions, with our continuous and daily prayer, our meditation, our Communion. These portions reach him and fill that heart so that it may live, so that it may love reviving in a strong way the flame in our hearts.

That is why, brothers, the Lord loves us, He loves us very much and is looking for us, He is strengthening us so that we may spread the Gospel. Evangelization is what these times are asking for. It is evangelization what is going to save us, but the task is not only for priests, it also is for the People of God.

It is the time for the People of God to rise in order to work with charity, being aware that with love we can achieve anything. Loved or not, it does not matter, we are going to work living that Gospel, loving and tolerating each other, strengthening our lives through the Eucharist. I say the Eucharist, because it is the biggest thing we have. It gives life to your body, to your blood; it heals the body and the soul.

You see me here, and it is not that I am well. I could leave this world any minute. But it does not matter, Lord, if I can love You and give something, at least a word.

Receive the Lord and you will feel like the happiest human being on Earth. The most important thing is to feel Christ. He is your nourishment, He is your fortress. That fortress is the one that only can be given by God, making us generous with those who do not believe and laugh at us saying, “You are crazy”. The most beautiful expression toward Christ Jesus is madness of love. Let us love Christ.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza addresses a girl in a wheel chair.)

And now, my little girl, you are an angel of light, you are a radiant star, you are so beautiful. You are sanctifying your family, enlightening their souls, getting closer to the Lord. You are there purifying them and so many children who are sick and do not have anyone to take care of them, who do not have parents. Instead, you have your parents who give you all their love so that you may walk and live to help others.

Helping others is the constructive force of the love of God and it helps you be firm and devoted to evangelization.

She is going to get better. I am no one but you can do it, you can do whatever you want. The important thing is to live, it does not matter if you are in a wheel chair, the important thing is that we have our loved ones who love us, our family. The important thing is that we have our family.

How beautiful it is to live an authentic Christian life and taste the sweetness that Mary offers us through her Son as nourishment that regenerates our cells, our blood, our arteries, all our body, running blood of new life through our veins.

Be confident, daughter, sad times do not matter, many beautiful moments will come to you, so you may taste the sweetness that Mary offers with the gentleness of a generous mother who wants to help us, so we may live an authentic Christian life. Stay calm, daughter, when will it be? I do not know, only God knows. Everything has a solution in this life, even though we are laying in bed. There is always a medicine to cure the body and the soul, especially to cure our souls.

Our lives must be dedicated to the Lord, lives to work, lives to fight against all negative currents. Most of the people do not believe, we must be confident, have a righteous conscience, and great fear of God, not the fear to be punished, but the fear to offend Him. Let us live an authentic life, a life full of concepts that may lead us to answer the first fruits of the love of God.

You are sitting there in a wheel chair, but God loves you very much.

Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven. We must accept diseases as they come… afterwards we need a doctor because they went to a university and they are scientists, but together with the doctor we must pray to the Lord and to the Holy Spirit so They may come up with the proper treatment for the disease we have.

Let us think that the Lord is going to find all the means to heal us. When the mind is open to the grace of the Holy Spirit and there is a strong will, evil cannot remain in the body because the soul is already free, the mind is open to the grace and the Lord may enter and heal what is wrong, expelling what, perhaps, are dreadful conditions. He gives supernatural life and strength.

Brothers, I just talked about family. Family is a blessed cell from heaven, blessed by God, by the Eternal Father. It is a cell which each one of us has in the heart. Let us keep it, because it is the time, especially in the following days and months or in the next two years, when we are going to need these cells to transform them into strong and tough cells. Do you know why? Because it is the time to live with honesty and with the purity of noble and generous intentions towards all our brothers, because the Lord is coming.

You may say, “How is it that the Lord is coming?” The Lord makes Himself felt. He is desperately crying out to us, because man is ignoring the call. I am sure there are people who have suffered, but we cannot deny my Lord because of grief, affliction, problems; no. That illness, those maladies of the body are to make us stronger, firmer, more decided, more aware because we have a heart, and that heart must open to the Lord, so He may bless and strengthen it in order to attain an open mind to the grace of the Holy Spirit so we may keep moving forward, living the Gospel.

And I say Gospel, because it is evangelization, brothers, that is saving us… all the People of God firm and decided spreading the Word of the Lord to the sick in the hospitals, wherever sadness is, wherever hunger is, to the forgotten by society, the innocent, the children who live in the slums where crime is undermining those areas.

So, let us think tonight, brothers, that we all have to be united as the waves of the sea when they touch the beach, all united, one in all, all in one in only one heart, open to the grace of the Lord, of the Holy Spirit.

I would like to thank our Monsignor, here in such a beautiful Church with the Eucharistical Jesus Who opens his arms to all of us in the tabernacle there… He is hidden inside, listening to all of our petitions. He listens to them. Tonight you will be heard. Tonight, when you get home, you will receive a special grace, because the Lord wants it to be this way, so that you may be more confident in his Heart, in his mystic Body, and all your sorrows may be soothed.

Thank you, thank you, Monsignor, thank you for all the sacrifices of these days, of the entire community that comes to pray in this place. Thank you all, brothers, for the benevolence that you have had with this poor woman, and I say poor woman, because I am not perfect, we all have ups and downs in our faith, but there is the light and the grace of the Holy Spirit that bathes us, purifies us. It is the grace of the Holy Spirit that purifies us, that helps us understand what God wants from us.

That is why I beg you to love your family: love your mother, love your father. Youth, love your parents, your mothers, your brothers. Come close to Mary at lunch time, at dinner time. Sit together, say a word about your brothers, your studies, or your work, whatever it is you have to say. By talking to each other you come to understand each other better. What is the thought? There may be a way to understanding.

You all have to live together with your family. It is a sharing where each one feels he can do something, that he can help the younger brother, the little one. But embrace each other, especially on Sundays when the family is less occupied. I tell you this because a united family will remain united in heaven. Our families, our homes, our houses are testimonies of true blessings of a better future for those who come behind.

Thus, my invitation: I invite you to live an authentic Christian life, the life of a soul who gives and will give itself to whoever needs it. It does not matter how they come or where they come from, the important thing is to give a hand in a loving attitude… a caress, a shake of hands, a brotherly embrace; to give, give something; you have to give something. Never let anyone leave with an empty hand; give, give, give, give. Do not let anyone leave with an empty hand; give a word of comfort on time. There are so many souls that need a word, that need something to look forward to.

Now, I am going to leave you and I am going to give you… Let all the community grow as children of the light. Receive the light that shines with special graces, especially with the gift of understanding to truly understand why I have come here, because the Bishop has wanted it to be, because they have accepted it this way. Receive the gift of understanding to understand what God wants from us, what God wants from this community. This is not an ordinary community. This is a strong, firm, decided, spontaneous and natural community. Love pours forth from your hearts. From whom does this love come from? It comes from Jesus, from Mary, from your parents who taught you… from the faith in your Church, the Church of Jesus Christ, the strong and firm Church.

So, I beg you, tonight when you get home, say hello to your family, even though they are asleep, say this quietly: The Blessed Virgin Mary wants us all to live in peace with the love of Jesus Who comes in these times to teach us the way to live the Gospel, as He did with his disciples. He wants to teach us to be his disciples, so we may live the Gospel as He wants us to, so that we truly may serve, serve Him and hold Him close to our hearts.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza walked slowly across the stage staring at each one.)

The kindness of the Lord makes us contemplate the beauty that exists in each heart that feels its Church, our mother the Church. Let us love our mother the Church. I continuously say this, because she is our strength, our courage, our desire to be better giving the best we have, and the best that we have is the grace to be able to live the Gospel, and if it is possible, to teach it to those who are unaware of it.

We all have to teach it, we all have to offer it… our offering to the Church. Our work must be fruitful, beautiful, and must last until eternity. Yes, brothers, that is what the Lord is asking from us, and I know that you are doing so, and this moves my heart.

I can see that Monsignor is a great person. He is humble, generous, and compassionate with his spiritual brothers, with his family, with everyone who knocks and comes here. We have to acknowledge that his effort is to save all of you.

Let us be humble, generous and compassionate with those who help us to be better in life.

And now, forget about me.

“In the Name of my Father I bless you, my children.

In the name of my mother I cure you from the body and soul,

and I will keep you here in my heart, I will keep you, I will keep you,

I will keep you here in my Heart from now on and forever.”

May the peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

“My little children, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you and my Heart I will give you forever.”

May the peace be with you.

Thank you, Monsignor. God bless you.