Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Betania II Medway, Massachusetts, USA

Saturday, May 3, 1997  4:30 P.M.

Right now go mentally, that is to say, spiritually to your parish, to your Church where you attend to Holy Mass, where you meet with the Lord, at least for a minute, as if the priest was there waiting for you to give you a blessing.

I am nothing, I am a creature like you with flesh, with bones, with thoughts, with a mind, but – yes – trying that in that mind, open to the grace, those graces may descend, so you may receive for your homes, for your families the blessing of the priest of your parish. Have you understood me?

Think that you are in your parish, in the Church and that Our Lord is there with your priest; and that they are pouring their blessing on us, because they are the only ones who are entitled to give a blessing and of absolving our sins.

I am a poor woman who humbly gives of herself, I wish that we all may be saved, that we all may go to heaven, and that we all may meet there.

This is a blessed land, a holy land, just like Betania of the Holy Waters… Mary Reconciler of People. I saw this land before buying it, I came to this land and I saw the green house that was over there; the Lord brought me to this land to express by its means the love He has of all of you here.

He wishes purification, renewal of your souls; He wishes you may have a great heart so Jesus may enter into that heart forever. It is a call to reflection, to meditation, to prayer, to the Eucharist. Because the Eucharist is the daily food of our souls, we should receive It everyday, if it is possible, every single day; at least we Catholics, Christians, those of us who acknowledge Jesus and who acknowledge the Holy Father the Pope, our Pope of Rome especially in these times. John Paul II who is giving his life for all of us. He goes from one place to another looking for all of his children on Earth calling them to prayer, absolving them from all of their sins.

So, let us love this Pope, let us love the Church, let us love her priests, her religious, let us love everything that contains life of Christ Jesus, and let us think that this land in the future will be purification for many souls who will come from different parts of the world looking for the Lord, looking for Mary, looking for all of you who bear the Virgin in the heart, because Our Lady is here too.

The Lord is so merciful that He knows his things, He does them very well, He does not make a mistake, He knows what He has in his hands, and He found Sister Margaret. She has been the instrument to come here, because I was… it is true, I was the channel, but she received the grace to find it, and I told her: Let us go to the land, it is in such part, it has a green house. When you pass by it, Sister Margaret, you will see a green house on the land. Look for it because Our Lady is there waiting for you.

So, the land truly came, and today we are all sharing together like before when I had other opportunities of sharing with you.

So, my children, I ask you to be loyal to the Church, and loyal to this land because it is a blessed land of the Lord, with the knowledge that we have to live the Gospel and fulfill our family duties with our beloved ones, especially watching over the sick, the sad, the forsaken by society, the children who do not have a father or mother and are in the hospitals… go and visit them. Let us take care of the children, of the sick, of the sad.

Thus, we have to give all religious communities warmth and love, so that they may feel united to their people, our people, People of God.

We are People of God and we need to prepare ourselves because the world is very revolutionized right now… many things. Let us stop wars, let us stop the bad times, let us stop the sinful man who oppresses and is putting an end to many young lives; for example, with drugs, youth are loosing themselves.

Let us pray for this place to be one of continuous, constant prayer – like in Betania in Venezuela – constant prayer with your priests, with your religious, with your good people. This is what we need, blessed places like this one chosen by the Lord so the work can be done, and everything He wants to carry out thoroughly can be done for the well-being of the People of God, of all religious communities.

Religious communities are the most beautiful gem of Jesus, because they crystallize the work, and they teach all their daughters and sons how to walk better, they help them walk better in life readjusting and confirming their daily lived faith.

So, open your hearts at this hour and think that Mary is accompanying us, that Mary is with us, that Mary gives us a sweet glance, that she opens her Heart to us, and tells us: “Come, my little ones, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you, and my Heart I shall continue giving you forever, my little ones.

So, think that the Virgin is embracing us, cuddling us in her arms, in her motherly chest, that she is touching our head with her hand, soothing our grief and sadness, curing and healing us, giving us an exact conscience of our duties, and confirming us in our faith, hope and charity that are the three theological virtues that teach Christians to believe that a God in perfection exists.

The Lord does not make mistakes; we can be mistaken, but not the Lord. He confirms the work of his children, the work that truly is a work of charity, of love and of amendment purposes, that is to say, that we can amend our sins, that we can truly be real and true Catholics who fulfill our duties with our Church.

I speak to you of our mother Church, because she is our companion, our mother is with us in our afflictions, and she helps us survive from all the spiritual decay we have, and she strengthens us with the Bread of life, which is the Bread of Jesus Christ, the Eucharist, mystical Body. It is this Body that feeds us, it is his mystical Body that will live here with time, it will not take long.

The work of the Lord is carried out, that is as long as we are humble. Let us know how to wait and trust, trust in the divine providence, because providence is given by the Lord. We are nothing, He is everything to us, and if we trust in Him we all will carry out the desires and yearnings that we put in Him, all with Him and Mary forever.

Now, brothers, my friends, my little children; I say children, because I am mother, I have seven children and seventeen grandchildren, and this incoming month I will have eighteen. So, there are fruits; the fruit is my fruits, the fruits of my husband, the fruits of all of us.


So, let us work all in one heart.

So, truly the two Betanias hold hands in one Betania to give glory to God with love to all the American people that I love so much. I love you all, I love this nation because it truly has corresponded to the grace of the Lord.

I am being invited to many places to share the Word of my Lord, and I feel I am one with you, all of us in one person, in the person of the Lord, in the person of Mary, in the person of the Patriarch Saint Joseph who bore his cross with Jesus, with Mary. He protected them since the Child Jesus was very small, may he protect and keep us like so. There is a Congregation of Saint Joseph… you too, Sister. I love Saint Joseph very much, the companion… because I also love my husband, by the way.


  1. GEO BIANCHINI: And I do too.


MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Because we all have to love one another, all of us in one feeling, in one sentiment, and in one desire, that desire is heaven, to go to heaven. Such a great thing! We can only enter with our deeds, with our human capacity that God gives us to fulfill ourselves in the world, in the environment where God has put us; each one doing his task, but serving, continuously serving without feeling tired that others are bothering us. Remember this. O they are bothering me! No… a glance, a handshake, a kiss, something, something, always giving something… a medal, a chaplet, a rosary.

Life is so simple. God does not ask us for much, He asks us for small brushstrokes of love, the Lord is requesting small brushstrokes of love, and that is what we have to give, not great speeches, or the big things that are up high, no, no; small things. My life is made of small things, I do not want anything big, I like normal things that come slowly. And Sister has been this way too; she has been patient and little by little with tears, with struggles, with different things, but advancing very softly with the heart.

So, patience and humility; humility, humility, humility. That is the greatest word: humility. With humility the Lord gives us everything, everything, everything, everything we need. He works in an honest way. And respect to that mother Church, respect to that holy priest and to the religious who are always there with our mother Church. And all the tests that we have to pass are necessary to appraise our faith and to confirm our faith in the Church. And respect to our brothers to be able to truly say: I have a brother, I have a friend, I have a person who I can count on, because we all need each other.

Some are good at some things and others are good at other things. Remember, we all need each other, everyone: the poor, the rich, the poorest, everyone. It is the great universal family, and this universal family needs – now more than ever in the history of the Church, in the history of the world – to hold hands, because the times of times is coming and Jesus will make Himself felt loudly. Where? When? How will it be? Those are designs of God, but that hour is coming and we all have to rehabilitate ourselves and truly live the Gospel, so we all can confidently trust that He is our Redeemer of the World who comes to save us again, so we may not get lost amid the darkness of the world.

Therefore, I also speak of the sun of justice, the sun of truth, the sun of the love of Jesus Christ again, the blessed sun that comes to enlighten us, to refresh our memory. To think how much He suffered and how much He continues suffering because man does not want to enter into an order of ideas, all truly converting to that great Catholic, apostolic, and Roman religion, our Catholic Church. I respect all the religions of the world; I love everyone, for me there are no rich or poor, or black or white, or ugly or beautiful, or that you belong to that… I love them all and I receive them all.

Therefore I ask you, love your brothers regardless of their race, color; it does not matter if they have not given to the Catholics in return; it does not matter how they come or where they come from, the important thing is to give them all a hand. That is what I invite you to do, to outstretch our hands, to love one another, to cling to one another saving ourselves from all the religious impiety that the world is living. Let us all promise the Mother Blessed we will love all our brothers of all races, so we may be saved through the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

I thank you all. May God bless you and may God protect you, may you all leave renewed, strengthened, filled with dreams next to your children, your families, wherever you work. Your job does not matter, you are working there and you have to be respectful and loving with all the people who have given you your job although they are selfish, it does not matter, forgive, forgive everyone. So thus, simply let us all love one another, and respect each other.

We must respect. When someone tells me, “I love you very much, Maria.” O! “I love you, Maria Esperanza.” No, respect me. This is what I tell them. I never ask them to love me. Respect me, because respect is the biggest thing, to be considerate with each other, respectful, to respect one another, not hurting anyone and not doing things that are not right.

Let us live united, let us live in the love of Jesus.

Right now think about your Churches, your chapel, the Church where your priests are, think of your families, the sick ones you know, the sad, those who have spent years in a wheelchair, those who have been staying in a hospital because their mind got lost, also of those who are paralyzed and cannot speak, those who now have a dark mind and are unaware of this because they have lost their memory. There are so many reasons why the world is suffering: incurable diseases, cancer that is killing so many people, and so many other illnesses.

Let us think that all of us who are here will be bathed, cured, cleaned, purified of all contamination, of all sin… clean, like brand new. We are being born again by the love of Jesus, by the love of Mary, by the fragrance of Mary, of her roses, of her roses of love, of purification for our souls.

Let us think of Father Pio of Pietralcina who gave his life everyday to the world at the foot of the altar at 3:00 o’clock, at 4:00 in the morning, and at 5:00 he said his Mass. Let us think of my Seraphic Father Saint Francis of Assisi; in Saint Therese of the Child Jesus whom I love so much; and, in my Blessed Mother, my Mother of Lourdes, my Mother Reconciler of People, of Fatima… I love all the apparitions of my Mother; I love her under all titles, in Medjugorje, everywhere.

  • My Lady, I want them to love you, to feel you, and to invoke you with much humility and serenity.

Now, my children, my brothers, think that the Lord is among us, we do not see Him but we do feel Him in our hearts.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

  • O Most Holy Mother of God.

May peace be with you.

  • O Most Holy Mother of God.

(Everyone sings: Ave Maria of Finca Betania.)

I thank you all.

Go to your houses happily, to your homes with your children, with your family, with your brothers. Forgive everyone who ever offended you. Forget everything; it is behind you. Now renewed, you are going to fight and defeat difficulties. And be happy and content at your jobs. Everything you do will turn out well; remember: Everything will be all right.