• The Angelus.
  • Glory be.

Good evening to everyone, especially to all the priests who concelebrated at Mass.

I am so grateful. You have no idea how my heart sings with joy and deep delight, understanding and seeing the light of the new dawn of Jesus Christ in these souls. Jesus among us, Jesus is living on all the altars, and in all the shrines on earth. He is calling us to seek Him, to receive Him so we may be fed, to truly feel that He lives among us, that we are being followed, that we are not alone. He looks at us and helps us discern the message that our Mother Mary, his Holy Mother, gave us in Betania of the holy waters.

Fathers, holy priests – I would say, you are holy to me – my brothers and sisters, all the People of God, a blessed people: Sing the Ave Maria to your Mother. She sings this beautiful Ave Maria. It is a splendid and soft song that calls us to reflection; that calls us to live a life in harmony with our mother Church.

Our mother, the Church is the greatest thing that we, as Catholics, have. Holy Baptism, for example, it is so beautiful that our heads are bathed with holy water to save us, to sanctify us, so we may lead an honest and worthy life. Let us start with Baptism and then talk about Holy Communion, our Holy Communion. This is one of the most beautiful facts of our lives, which assists us so we may live the Gospels, to live as righteous Catholics, active Catholics, Catholics with the Word of God in our mouths spreading the message of Mary, Mother Mary under different titles in the world. One Mother, Mary the Mother of God, a living and palpitating God, a living God who brings us together and calls us to meditation, penance, the Eucharist with constant prayer, day and night prayer.

We need to know that we truly are accompanied by Mary, accompanied by Jesus, accompanied by the Patriarch St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus who saw him grow up, who helped him, protected him.

  • O Father St. Joseph, protect our families, all these families who are here, who have come before the Holy Mother, before her Divine Son in the tabernacle, there in the Eucharist, who have listened to Mass with fervor, with songs of joy, of zeal, of healing, I would say.

Such beautiful voices! What a beautiful Mass! The innocence of the children, of the young people at the altar with the priests is so gorgeous, and of all of you here to welcome my Heavenly Mother. Mary is the one who is coming to save us, Mary is the ship; the holy ship that wants to embark everyone to carry out the great miracle of the multiplication, as my Divine Lord Jesus did with St. Peter. So many fish were multiplied. Jesus is so beautiful, a living and palpitating God in our hearts, because Jesus lives among us.

  • Jesus, here I am to serve You, to love You, and make You acknowledged by all our brothers, all of them, Lord.

I know that a great endeavor is being carried out, especially by our Holy Father Pope John Paul II. What a beautiful soul with an open heart as that of a child, and an open mind to the grace of the Holy Spirit; as priests and nuns. I know there are Catholics who love and feel their faith, who love and feel their neighbor, who love and feel the world beating with love.

He [Jesus] is full of love: “Here I am, here I am. I live among you. Come, come before the tabernacle where I am waiting, because I love you. My love has no limits. It has the greatness of the love of my Father, so I could be his Son, Savior of souls, the One who forgives sin.”

Yes, brothers and sisters, Jesus is so beautiful. Jesus is so humble. He has such power to say things as they are. Yes, may we feel liberated from our lukewarmness – perhaps our sins – when He calls us and gives us his advice, in order to talk about our shortcomings, our sins. The priest is the only one who has the right of the absolution of our sins.

Our concern must be to love God above all things, of course recognizing the joy priests have of leading the authentic life of a son of God. They are his children who truly come to defend the rights of Jesus Christ. I love the priests who fill our hearts.

It is hard but it is beautiful, it is nice, it is splendid to sit at the table with our family when our children take their first steps. This is all so beautiful.

Lord, let us think in You as the only solution to our weaknesses and our shortcomings, helping us in the midst of the battle. It is a battle of love, a battle of becoming aware of our duties.

At the same time He is the source of all goodness. The Lord comes to visit us. The Lord is watching over each one of us: our inner life, our inner faith that He gives us, so no one may snatch it away from us. Take care of the something that we bear within us. Let us take care of it, help each other with prayer, with meditation, with the Eucharist, because sometimes we fall. Let us reprimand ourselves. Let us exercise the spirit of penance, penance to deliver ourselves from our weakness.

Yes, brothers and sisters, let us be fair, let us be mindful, in order to live soundly with the Lord of lords who enters into our home. Behold we get up and go to Holy Mass to receive the Mystical Body, especially the Mystical Body of our Lord with those holy priests, priests that make us feel free to be in harmony with the whole world.

When we receive the Lord, we sense that we are living with all mankind: the innocent children, the elders stooped by their age. We are all united. This is beautiful and comforting because there is a spiritual encounter, there is a motivation, there is a delight. He also corrects us.

If we see a person complying with his duties, let us be fair and balanced. We never stop learning. We need to do things right, our things have to be perfect. Never do things just to do them. Do them with love. Think that Mary went through all these things in her home with Jesus, with the Patriarch St. Joseph; as the consecrated also do.

I was going to be a nun, but the Lord told me: “My daughter, you were born in the world and you must live in that world sharing with mankind.” Yes, to be a mother is a wonderful thing, but it is painful, you suffer. At the same time, it is beautiful when our small children begin to take their first steps.

We must do something to increase faith in everyone’s heart. Priests are the ones who are prepared and they are doing so much, but it is necessary for all families to rise, to help them rebuild the great triumphant Jerusalem, so the light of the new dawn of Jesus may shine:

  • O Jesus, beat in every heart. And you, my Mother, may we receive the grace to be in a better condition with a vocation, with great inner harmony, hastening our pace to truly come to know what we have to do.

He knows everything. We know nothing. We are like small children. The fear of God is very necessary. We do not want ever to offend Him.

Right now, I am moved and at the same time happy to see all of you here with an open heart to the grace of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is going to blow tonight upon your homes.

I do not waste time. There is enough time. We have to have enough time to truly build a paradise for Jesus in our homes. Yes, children. Yes, brothers and sisters, the paradise of intimate abandonment within the family, with the glory of the Most Holy Trinity. Every night the family must kneel down together, loving one another, bearing one another, balancing one another; the family – yes, brothers – looking into each other’s eyes. It is beautiful to make your family perfect. This is the most beautiful thing.

I stress upon this topic because I want you to be happy. I want you to be people who know how to love and how to answer the call. I want you to be honest, worthy of God’s love with the incentive that Jesus loves us. Let us follow Jesus in the Gospel. Let us follow Saint Peter and those who followed him, Saint John who baptized Jesus. Let us follow He who saved his people, who saved the People of God.

Therefore, save your home, save your family, save your children. Do not leave them on their own.

Priests, stay humble, serene, mindful, in order to be true examples for the People of God, teaching, being teachers on how to live the Gospels.

And now, may you receive the grace and the serenity of the Lord Jesus, his visit into your homes, your families.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

Peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

  • O Most Holy Mother of God.

Behold tonight three priestly vocations will spring forth.

I thank you, Mother.

Let us be alert in regard to our children. Take care of them.