Meeting presided by father Francisco Gomes and Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s. Saint Therese of Jesus Church. Midvale, Utah, U.S.A.

Thursday, April 10 1997  10:00 p.m.

FATHER FRANCISCO GOMES: Let us especially request love from the Lord and the Blessed Virgin. We need a lot of faith, but more than everything that we may not feel satisfied with having faith or with loving the Lord, or with loving the Blessed Virgin, but rather may we feel the need of giving it. There are a lot of people here – Why am I telling you this? I do not want to offend anybody – but there are a lot of people who do not have that love to the Blessed Virgin or to Our Lord. There are also many that call themselves Catholics, but they only have the name.

I find that this is the most urgent need we, all the Hispanic, all of us who live here, have here.

So I ask the Lord and my Blessed Mother that They somehow may see the good will that we have, the faith that we have, so They may sow in our hearts a fire of love to the Lord and to the Blessed Virgin. And may we not feel satisfied – I repeat – with having, but rather may we feel the need to give, to give, to give, because there are a lot of people who are thirsty for the Lord and of the love of the Blessed Virgin. And we cannot keep what the Lord gives us. We have to give it; otherwise we would be some selfish giants; so that we have to give it.

So I entrust the Lord with the need that we give to Him; that those who are here may be apostles who give to the Lord and to the Blessed Virgin.

In these Easter days when the Lord sent the apostles, I believe that it also is the time in which He tells us: “Go, sow love, sow light, sow peace, and sow faith.”


You have touched my heart and you move me, because I know how much you have given of yourself… years in the mission of spreading the Word of God, of working for this Church, of blessing the crowds. All this is a compendium, a compendium of new life for those who awake to the light of the truth that there is a Jesus in the tabernacle, waiting for all of us, a Jesus who loves us, a Jesus who is touching the crowds.

There are some that sleep, but there are souls that have awoken in a wonderful way, I would say. Conversions, many conversions, and all of this because Jesus is calling us to meditate: What do we want, what road to choose, for what reason have we come? Lord, Lord – we all tell ourselves – we wish to serve You, serve You lavishly, regardless of how our brothers come, or where they come from, the important thing is to extend them our hands, to give them a word, comfort, hope, the dream of being able to live the Gospel; and may begin to live it.

It is the Gospel that calls us to meditate and to live it with Jesus, with the apostles that followed him, and with his Mother Mary, Mary Our Blessed Mother, Mary the sweet woman of Calvary, the Sorrowful at the foot of the Cross with her Blessed Son, bathed in Blood begging mercy for her children, so they could lead a life in accordance with the Church of that moment, a Church that came to reaffirm faith in their hearts, and to truly live with all priests that would come; and are coming, there are many priestly vocations.

Therefore, this is one of my greatest concerns, that there may be… that many youngsters may be born to take refuge in the Church, to save souls, and to comfort the afflicted, to teach the children that grow with the Word of God, spreading it to the other children, the young ones, the men and women of all social classes, of all races, regardless of where they come from – as I already said – or how they come, the important thing it is to extend them a hand, to help them walk through the path of light, of divine knowledge, and of a daily lived faith, that faith that impels us.

No, it does not matter how they receive us or how they are, no; it is to give us, to give the little we have, yes, with humility, with love, with devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. You are so beautiful, Mother! I love you so much, Mary Mother Reconciler of all the People, you who have come to reconcile us, to help us, to enlighten the heart of our brothers. With humility, with kindness, with tenderness, you come to offer your Son in your arms… “Here He is, here is my Son”, with the roses of your love reaching all homes, families, mothers, husbands.

Family is so beautiful! We are family of God, family of Christ, a Christ who gives of Himself, and continues giving Himself in the Eucharist everyday. Do not leave aside the Eucharist; it is the food that comforts us, that balances us, that helps us to walk correctly in order to live the Gospel with determination, with frank and spontaneous naturalness, without elaborate things. God wants us free, clean, and neat, with the concept of what it means to live with Christ, to live with Mary, to feel Them and to live with our brothers in a community of love.

Many communities are being born and they will continue being born, many, many, and we will continue to live in our mother the Church with her support and help. But remember, people will live in many communities, in communities. We will not be able to say: This is my house; no; if this house is mine it is yours, come and live with me, let us help ourselves mutually, let us walk together through the path of Christian virtues with faith – a daily lived faith –, with hope – a dream –, and with charity.

The biggest thing is love. It is so beautiful to love, to love all; regardless, my God, of how they arrive, how they come! How many people get lost because they do not find a hand on time? And they cannot get lost, especially the youth, the youth that I love so much, and for which I am working: my children, my family, those who come everyday.

The youth, youth has to be saved by all means. Youth is so beautiful, innocence is so beautiful, family is so beautiful! We parents with our families sitting at the table, receiving the Lord in his sacred place where He is, where the priest comes with his hands to take Him and hoist Him to the sky, and then feed us.

The Communion is such great nourishment! It sustains us. I sometimes tell myself, How can one live without receiving the Lord? It is the Communion that feeds us, that fills us with infinite happiness, with tenderness to share and to give ourselves to others; not living selfishly. God does not want us this way.

God wants us free from the bonds of social conditions, of certain things. Let us be like innocent children. I know nothing, Lord, it does not matter, but You are with me and You teach me little by little, slowly, firmly convinced that You are with me, and that nothing nor anyone will stop my march toward You, toward an eternity without end. Because eternity is an immense heaven – so beautiful – with a Father that looks at us day and night, the Eternal Father.

Let us withdraw our thoughts, let us ask the Father for his mercy on the whole world to avoid wars, social prejudices, and to avoid quarrels among brothers. Let us ask for families to unite, to embrace each other, to love each other, for everyone to help each other, for the bread to be shared. It is so beautiful to sit at the table when all cohabit, sharing the bread. It is such nourishment to feel that the Lord is sitting at our table with us; because He does not abandon us. Let us ask for the bread for all the poor, for the most needy, for the innocent children, for the elderly stooped by age.

How many sick and sad are in the hospitals who do not have a relative? How many people are suffering all the things that we are seeing in the press, all those things about strange diseases? It is truly a disaster.

We are in the time of times, we are three years from the year 2000, it is coming, these three years will be difficult, but those who live to the year 2004 will feel so happy, because we will feel that Jesus lives among us. He lives among us in the Eucharist, but we will feel Jesus, the Jesus that lived on Earth, He is passing by, He is living with us, He is helping us. We will be able to grow spiritually with the donation that He will give of Himself to all, in such a supernatural and natural way at the same time. How happy will men be, how happy will women be; the mothers with their little ones praising Him!

It is something that seems like a dream, but the Lord lives among us, He always has, but from now on, perhaps, we may see Him closer to us; and I say close, not because He is not, but his Person, He, we will feel Him, remember this, we will feel Him. That He is among us, that He lives, that He enlightens our understanding to make us know many things that we end up not understanding, that we frequently do not learn because we do not surrender to prayer fully.

We have to surrender. Prayer is the column of light that enlightens man in the midst of the darkness of night. Prayer is the sweetness of Mary, the softness and tenderness of that Mother, and the great dream of Jesus in the arms of his Mother, his Mother embracing Him, kissing Him, caressing Him, and telling Him, “My Son, let us go and look for our people, if they do not come to Us, We will go looking for them to share with them.”

To share is so difficult, but it is so beautiful when we adjust to all environments. We have to adjust to all environments, and let anything go – if it is possible – of the things we like the most, in order to truly live the Gospel. We have to live it by all means; it is not about elaborate things, no, no, no. God wants us to be natural, just as we are, with charisma. Charisma comes when the Lord makes Himself felt in the souls, and then his light, his love, the love of his Mother, the blessing of the Father are reflected.

Therefore, let us truly be humble, it is not the humility of dressing in rags, and saying: I am humble. No. It is the simpleness of an innocent child; this is the way God wants us to be. We do not know anything, but He is in charge of our things, and He does it all, and his Mother Mary too, my Blessed Mother who I have loved so much.

How could I have imagined that she would come to Betania? I looked for the land, just as They told me to, and everything happened. And the miracles are so grand that I humble myself thinking many times: Lord, You are so grand; your kindness is immense; your mercy on your children, Lord, is so grand!

I especially want to pray tonight for our Holy Father, let us pray tonight. We need our Holy Father, may he be with us a little longer, Lord, may he not leave still, because he is a champion of justice in these times, he is the greatest leader that exists in these times; he is the good, generous and compassionate man with the poorest and most humble. His generosity is priceless. He is imitating my Lord; he is truly following Him with his great wisdom.

It is necessary to pray for him, for our Church, for our priests. We need holy, pure, clean, neat, defined priests who radiate light, love, charity, abundant charity. Charity is what will save us, generosity. No, let us not be attached to things, no; let us go ahead, the Lord will provide. If you give you are entitled to receive, if you do not give you are not entitled to anything. So, let us give the few or many thing we have, small things, perhaps, what one can, but always trying to be good: a glance, a word, a handshake.

One can help a person so much, because people are bitter sometimes, they are sad because they do not have anyone to show them affection, so you give them a glance, and they say: “Thank you, Mrs., thank you.” These are great things, sometimes. Each person has a world within themselves.

You have really moved me with your humility, with your serenity; you truly touched my heart. It is not about great crowds with lies and falsehood, no. It is sincerity, I want sincerity; it is honesty, let us be honest with ourselves. God wants us honest, clean, neat… nothing that can stop you on your path. Advance like this… if they place things on your path, no, you go on.

Let us learn from Saint Peter, he was afraid, he denied his Master, but later came regret, great pain… and he gave of himself, he surrendered, he followed his Master, and he fulfilled his duty. We see him in his chair. Saint Paul was remarkable, and this and that, over here over there; the wisdom of Saint Paul was something grandiose. Two different personalities: Saint Peter, Saint Paul. Saint Peter was a tough man, a fisherman, but with a great heart, he had his flaws like everyone does, but he gave of himself, he gave himself by the faith he had in his Master. He left to Rome and there he hid many times to not be caught, until the moment arrived in Quo Vadis when the Lord appeared before him like a boy in a carriage, “Are you leaving, Peter?” He said, “Master, my God.” Jesus told him, “I am turning back, to be crucified again.” Immediately he surrendered and gave his life. Oh, such great event, martyrdom is so beautiful; it is so beautiful this way!

So, brothers, we have such a beautiful history of our Church, of our mother the Church, of our great saints. So, let us defend that Church, defend her, love her, and cherish her like she was our own. Do you not see this old man, this Father? He does not care about his pains, his anguishes, his concerns; he is here. He had the time, because sometimes they do not have the time, “No, I have to do this; I have to do something else.” Their life gets complicated. No, it is the call of the Lord, the Lord calls and touches, He calls again and touches, and calls again until the person truly rectifies their weaknesses, and is immediately ready to serve the Lord.

So, brothers, I wish you could understand me. I am here because God wants me here, of course there has already been an invitation for some time now, but I allowed time to elapse until the Lord… “It does not matter if they are few, many, tiny, it does not matter, daughter, many souls have to be saved there.” It is necessary to save many souls here, because there is contamination, and when there is contamination it is necessary to clean with prayer. There are also good things, pretty things; the city is beautiful, very beautiful.

I respect all ideologies, all faiths; but I have mine, our mother the Church, the Catholic, apostolic, Roman, and universal Church.

Defend the rights of that Church, defend her priesthood, because they are the pastors who instruct and teach us, and they are there at the foot of the altar. They are the only ones who are entitled to absolve sins, our sins. Priesthood is the greatest thing, despite all the weaknesses they could have, but they are priests and a priest is respected. We have to learn this because people say, “No, because that priest…” No, it is not “because that priest.” He is a priest that went to the seminary and has a great responsibility, and he has to forge ahead with his people, with the souls that come to the Church where he works.

So, I tell you this, because a crucial moment is truly approaching, we have to fight against the adverse currents that make us lose balance, and make the person be dragged by temptation in order to not persevere in their path. We have to persevere.

Perseverance is the good mother that helps us in each moment of our life because with daily perseverance – and standing firmly as soldiers serving whoever needs us – you grow in intimacy with Jesus, you feel something so deep in your soul, in your heart that you are not capable of saying: No. Although it may cost you, it may cost you your health, it may cost you this or that… it does not matter, something is left, something stays. Perhaps in the very moment the person does not realize, perhaps their appreciations are not concise, firm, and resolved to enter in order of ideas. But with time people begin to understand and to realize that the responsibility that God is requesting from us is very big. And that it is necessary to continue in the path with the virtue of faith, with the dream of hope, and with charity that is love, love that fills our hearts deeply with the infinite love with which Our Lord surrendered Himself on the Cross to save us.

He redeemed us, He saved us, He is saving us, He continues saving us, and He continues calling us, He continues insisting. And everyday there are many more priests, young men, studying in the seminary with the desire of serving the mother Church.

Let us love our Church, she is the greatest thing that exists; and I say, mother Church, because it fills me with pride: the mother the Church, she is our mother; she is the one that sings the most beautiful hymns with the glory of a hallelujah calling all, knocking on the doors of their houses.

Tonight my Lord will knock here at this house, at all your homes, at your houses, in your families, so that they unite, they bear one another, help one another, love one another, shake hands. “Forgive me, brother, if I have offended you.” “Forgive me, mother.” “Forgive me, dad, forgive me.” “Oh Lord Jesus, I want to serve You, I want to accompany my father and my mother, I want to help them, I want to be a good student, I want to be a good son, I want to be a good person for everyone.”

So, brothers, perhaps you expected something… these are the simple daily things of a person, these are the things that one lives, that we should live as a community, a Christian community, the community of our family, the community of our brothers, of our friends, of our beloved ones.

We are a great community of the People of God, we are People of God, and these people truly need to live in accordance with that Church, loving and forgiving all who may hurt us, it does not matter. Give the person a glance of love when they do something wrong, look at him with sweetness, sympathize with him; not the compassion that you wish him wrong, no, no, never, you should not; compassion with humility, compassion with kindness, and above all, if it is possible, with a caress to his soul, so that soul my live the Gospel.

I thank you all; thank you, Lord, for bringing me here.

I know nothing, but I do know something: that this city will improve. It will improve, let us not say in wealth, in things, because it already has them, it has many things, but families will enter in order of ideas defending their rights and helping one another, we cannot… we are Catholics and Catholics until we die.

We can accept our brothers of all ideologies, perfect, but in pursuit of the faith that our parents taught us, of the beliefs that they gave us, our Church, the holy Catholic Church, our beloved Church. I repeat: Church because we have to think that she is the greatest thing that exists in the world. The Son of God gave Himself to us, He sacrificed Himself, the Son of God, of the Eternal Father, Who through the work and grace of the Holy Spirit entered into the womb of Our Lady, so the Son of light, of love, of humility, of patience, of kindness, of values – so many values – could come.

All this is a wonderful plethora of the infinite tenderness of the Father toward us with his Divine Son, and his Mother Mary, Mary of Nazareth, the woman of Calvary. I repeat it again. There, before that Cross with her Son nailed on it. Do you know what this means? It is something so big, and however, she with her softness, with such pain, but with tenderness, and detachment of everything she was at the foot of the Cross with her Son. Think of this for a moment. How much is a son worth? How much do we love a son? So, He gave Himself, and she was at his feet, and a most painful farewell took place, but with the significance that He was saving the world that was lost.

And in these days Mary reappears, she reappears to reconcile us: reconciliation. Reconciler of all People and Nations, she comes to gather us all, the good and bad, the rich and poor, the ugly and pretty, all of us to vivify that flame, that heat, that fire of love in the hearts. Jesus offers us his Heart again, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so we may live the Gospel.

Evangelization, it does not matter if they call you mad, it does not matter what they think of you, but fulfill your duties, your faith, in your position, wherever you have to be for the well-being of your brothers, with the truth; in silence when silence is at hand, and with the truth when it is needed to be heard, speaking forward.

So, brothers, thank you for this invitation.

To you son: May God bless you and may He fill you with abundant graces, with much peace, and with the joy of the innocent child. I always say of the innocent child, because the child is the most beautiful thing that exists, it is the biggest thing, a child who does not know anything, who goes innocently, who walks through life by the hand of his mother, of his father.

I love children so much that I wish so many things… the sick children whose parents do not know what to do.

And I think of another love I have: the elderly; when one is old, when one has decayed, and does not have anyone in life. They need homes; I know that work is being done, our mother the Church is working a lot, but the People of God must stand up to work, I know that it does, but not enough. I wish that everyone… if we hold hands with each other we can do a lot. Even the priests when they reach a certain age they need support, I know that they receive it, but if there were something else in which they could feel serene in their last days.

It is so beautiful to surrender to death serenely, without anguishes, with time for prayer, and with time for all that you want to do, for good deeds, so those spiritual qualities may grow, and when you die you may meet with the Lord.

I have not prepared a speech, I have not read, no, it is what comes from my heart; it is what God has wanted tonight.

I thank you very much and I hope we can meet again and may feel… in these days, if it is the will of God.

Father, God sent you, God wanted it this way. You have your merits; you have given yourself to the Lord everyday. For me Holy Mass is so great, because one lives the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and one also is risen with Holy Communion, when we receive it. It is our food. So, I congratulate you tonight because God wanted you here, so you could be another lesson for all of us, especially for me because God places his pieces in the right moment.

So, I think that everything in life has its moment and one cannot despair, never despair. Continue this way, persevering, winning souls at the confessional, wherever you speak, wherever you go… souls, many souls; you have already won very much, but it is necessary to continue until the end with daily expectation, a new dawn, a joy, a hope.

I say this to all priests, to the elderly and the youth, with the encouragement, with the new life you have, willing to go from one place to other, wherever they send you to fulfill your duties. I love priesthood so much, I love the religious so much, they are part of my heart and I see their harvest, and that harvest is eternal and eternal things do not have an end, because they are part of God. It is God in all of his children, and his children in God.

And now, thank you, I thank you all very much.

And may God bless you, may God keep you all.

Later, you are going to think of many things, may God enlighten you, and may this town, this nation, this great city continue awakening to reality, not in big displays and big works, great things, no. Certain things are beautiful, yes, they are beautiful, but to think more about the things the People of God need. May men grow in spirituality, may there be concord and harmony, and may you all fit here. Not because you are Indian, you are white, you are black, no; you all are entitled because it is the law. The land does not belong to men, the land is of God and it is necessary to share it with all those who arrive and with all those who will come, and with the most humble, the Indians, the poorest of the world.

And now, thank you.

God bless you all.

FATHER FRANCISCO GOMES: You give us encouragement to surrender to the Lord by means of the Blessed Virgin. And I trust that your visit will benefit us very much, and will be for the glory of God.

We are living very difficult times in the whole world, and those of us who have surrendered to God have a serious, a very serious commitment. The Pope has already repeated to us many times the meaning of living these last years of the century, and of receiving the new century. May it be what the Lord is enlightening the Pope, may we work, but for this we need much love, much surrendering, and much spirit of sacrifice.

We cannot think about ourselves, we have to think of others, in those who are in need, because otherwise, if we do not base ourselves on sacrifice, if we are looking for our comfort, it is impossible. We are not able to know if what God has given us is for us. What God has given us – little or much –is not for us, but for others, it is to give it, to offer it.

We have a very great commitment with the Lord, and it seems that these last years, as John the Baptist prepared the first coming of Our Lord, now the Blessed Virgin is preparing what will come, what the Lord has prepared, whatever He has arranged. Therefore, we have to have a spirit of: surrender, love, sacrifice, faith, and trust that He does not leave us on our own, that He is sending us messages by means of his Blessed Mother, and our Blessed Mother gives us messages that make way so we may continue fulfilling the will that the Lord wants of us.

Thank you, Maria. May your visit not be useless, but rather may it be very fruitful.

On Saturday you will speak to us. Many people that will listen to you do not know why you are here. I want you to tell them why the Lord sent you. It was not that you came, the Lord sent you. The people who will be listening to you do not know who you are, or why you came, or what the Lord wants of you, or what the Blessed Virgin has given you. Because you have great responsibilities and very serious commitments, and if you do not complete them, you will have to answer to the Lord and his Blessed Mother the reason why you buried your talents. You cannot bury them.

The people that will be listening to you do not know who you are, or what you came for, or what happened in your life, or what messages the Lord gave you for us. It is not your message; it is the message of the Lord through our Blessed Mother. You have to preach what she told you, what she sent you to do; you have to complete those orders otherwise you bury your talents. And remember that the Holy Gospel is very clear with the one that buries his talents: “Lord, You gave me a talent, here it is, I buried it.” No; it has to be as with the one with five talents.

Walk wherever the Lord takes you with no fear, with courage, with bravery, and with much trust in the One who has sent you. You did not choose the place you have, you did not choose the mission you have. Why did she choose you? Not even you know why, you will know the day you die. Why you and not another, another perhaps better than you, more self-denying than you, more surrendered to the Lord than you? These are the mysteries of the Lord. With much humility tell the Lord, “Here is the slave of the Lord, be it done unto me as you have ordered.” And always tell our Blessed Mother, “Give me what you request, and request what you want, wherever you want, and like you want.”

Do not fear criticism, gossips, misunderstanding, pain, or grief; fear nothing, for you can achieve anything in Him, He who comforts us, and guides us.

So I am worth nothing before the Lord, but the little bit… As a priest I am worth a lot, as a man I am worth nothing, as a priest I am worth a lot, but for my worth before God I promise you I will pray to the Lord, not for you, but for those who will be hearing you; not for you, but for the mission the Lord wants of you, and that our Blessed Mother has ordered you to do, to say, and to live. This is what you have to complete, and if you do not, you will have to answer to the Lord.

“Rise, good and wise servant; enter into the joy of your Lord.” Your responsibility is so big that if you do not fulfill what the Lord has ordered you through the Blessed Virgin… God forbid. May He not tell you: “Rise, disobedient servant.” But rather, “faithful servant.” At any cost. Did you hear me? At any cost.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: It is not that my health is very good, but let us forge ahead, I am forging ahead. I fulfill the will of God; He brought me back to life several times already. My life is a miracle.

FATHER FRANCISCO GOMES: It does not matter, to be good is very difficult, this is the truth, to be good is not easy. Where you see that there is resistance, there is where the Lord needs you.

And do not forget that the devil does not work with the bad, he has the bad assured, the devil works with the good because he has to win more people; so you have to be very alert because if the devil ends up winning you, or me, he wins a lot of people. He works with the good, but resist, like Saint Peter says, temptation. The devil like a roaring lion looks for good people to devour them, but we have to resist him with faith. So, go on in the Name of the Lord.


FATHER FRANCISCO GOMES: Thank you, Maria, thank you very much.

And I repeat again, on Saturday you will have people that only know who the Virgin is. So you will tell them what happened with much humility, what the Blessed Virgin did in you. Did you hear me?


MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: No, that embarrasses me; it seems as if one…

FATHER FRANCISCO GOMES: Tell them. No, they are very humble and very good. Did you hear? Do not feel… be… with much humility. What the Lord has given you, what the Blessed Virgin has done for you; tell them, “The Virgin told me, the Virgin ordered me, the Virgin… I never thought she would chose me, why me?” Sincerely, tell them, “Why me?”

The thing is that they do not know, and they want to hear who you are, what happened in your life, because they do not know. Did you hear? Very humble and eager-to-know people will come to understand what the Lord has done for you, and what the Blessed Virgin has done for you, so they may leave filled with the Lord and filled with the Blessed Virgin.

And do not forget to entrust yourself to the Lord in your prayers.


(They all pray Our Father.)

(Father Francisco Gomes and Mrs. Maria Esperanza offer a blessing together.)

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

FATHER FRANCISCO GOMES: I request nothing, may He work in me as He wishes.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: You still have a lot to give, very much; no, no.

May God keep you, may God bless you. He has to give you life, supernatural life. I live off supernatural life in order to resist, otherwise I would had not been able to. I ask the Lord: Supernatural life, Lord, it is the only thing that I ask You, nothing else to be able to work. Well, and for you too, so from today on you may feel strong, injected with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

FATHER FRANCISCO GOMES: May He work in me as He wishes, nothing else; that is what I want, what He wants, and may He help us in what He has given us.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven, without humility we cannot achieve anything.

FATHER FRANCISCO GOMES: She should give us a blessing.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: I feel embarrassed. But let us think in the people that are coming tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in all those who commend themselves to our prayers, to the prayers of all priests, of the Bishop, in all of them, in the Father.

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza gives the blessing silently.)

I feel embarrassed because it is so… I do not know, but it is a force bigger than me. You will feel brand new, it is hard to believe, it seems like… But you are going to feel renewed, strong, firm, with new blood in your veins, your circulation, all your bones, all your organism, your mind open to the grace of the Holy Spirit. You have always had it open, but now it will be with more warmth, with a flame and a fire, something so grand.

God will give a great gift, a gift.


MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Yes sir, you do need it, you have given of yourself the best. When one gives the best of ourselves, one has the right to receive. Who gives is entitled to receive; who does not give is not entitled to anything. Forgive me, but it is the truth; if you give, you receive and even more; the Lord gives you more. That is what has happened tonight.

May God bless you, you are going to feel well, you will be where God wants you, wherever He is, you will be next to Him. So, be calm and serene, for something is going to be solved very soon, in these days. May it be the will of God. Wherever He wants you and for whatever He wants you.


MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Exactly. So be calm, in peace, and in harmony. We always have to depend on somebody: the superiors… But do you know the Lord is going to enlighten the minds, the souls, the creatures? All things will go well, they will be ordered according to the will of God, for that reason: Wherever He wants us, and for what He wants.

So, be calm, cheerful and happy as the innocent children – I repeat it again – as an innocent child. “Lord, I am in your Heart, so, You are my Father, and You will see where you need me, where you want me, if I continue here, there, further on, wherever You want, but may I serve you in each one of my children.” Because when we go to a priest, you then are like a parent to us, because you have the capacity of looking inside and observing, and the years, time, and days, have taught you a lot. You are a good and truly generous person who has given his contribution to the Lord in a wonderful way. May God bless you.

You move me. When I see a priest – each priest that I see – it seems to me as if I see Father Pio, he gave himself, and he did so until the end in such a way. So, tonight you truly have made me remember him as ever.

May God bless you, may God help you, may God give you strength, energy, will, courage, integrity – you have it, you have all this –. Sometimes we fall asleep a little because of so many small blows, that we feel; not forgotten, but sad to see that we are not understood in so many things that should be understood very clearly, but these are also things that help us strengthen our faith, soothe our burden, and feel free from the bonds of sin of men.

So, may God bless you. I am leaving so happy with you, there is wisdom, there is modesty, each one in their position, and this is good: Church. I am very happy with all these people. We are Church, children of the mother Church. We have to please her, and fulfill our duties with the commandments of the Law of God, living the Gospel, we have to live it. It is not to say: Oh, I preach the Gospel, I do this..! It is to live it, to truly live it. It is hard, but God gives you a bit of strength today, a little bit more tomorrow, and you say: Oh, in the morning I cannot get up, I feel very bad. Get up and walk, go.

So, I truly feel happy.

To you, son, I also congratulate you, you have done great work. I truly thank you for your faith and trust, that is humility; thus I always say: Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven, without humility we are not able to do anything. To persevere, to persevere and rivers of supernatural life will come, we will perceive the graces and the soft and tender touch of the Lord with his Mother with her sweet hand, she the simple and humble one, Mary of Nazareth with her delicate and soft smile will tell us, “Sit here on my lap, little children, and perceive my breath and my infinite love for all of you. Live a new, soft, tender, and delicate life, as delicate as the roses I offer you, together with my lilies and fruits, all the juicy fruits so they may be taken to your mouth to feed you and so you may live the Gospel. This is and should be your life, a simple life in accordance with the mother Church. Live an evangelical, Christian, and true life. Amen.”

May God keep you all.

(They all sing: “Ave Maria de Finca Betania.”)

I am very grateful for your presence, you are not a lot of people, no, few, but you are consistent. It is not worth while having great crowds when they hear but do not listen.

Now is when you are going to meditate, and with the word of the Father you will realize many things that, perhaps, you had not been able to understand. It is difficult to understand certain things, but when God wants something… it is not what one prepares, but what God wants. He knows what He is doing and why He does so, we know nothing, we believe we know, but no, many times not, only He, and He works what is best for us, our family, and our beloved ones.

It is so beautiful when you love your families, family union, family unity. Perfection does not exist, but good families do exist, union with our beloved ones. It is beautiful, family, a great family, the great family of God, we all are families of God, we all are his children, and – O Lord! – He proclaims, “Go from one place to other and preach the Gospel, preach the Gospel.” He is right: Preach the Gospel, spread his Word.

It does not matter how they receive you, you go on with love, with kindness, with consideration, with a good face. Yes, sir.

Tonight we are defeating a challenge.

  • O most holy Mother of God.