Interview with Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s. Television Station Fox 2 Kasa . Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Saturday, July 26,1997  12:30 p.m.

MRS. DEBORAH JAMES CORTES: Good morning and welcome to our program Santa Fe Sunday.

You know, every once in a while you meet a person that truly has touched the world.  Recently I heard of a person who was going to give a talk, and during the speech he said, “I know saints, I walk with saints, and I even see them walking here among you, working everyday in many of your lives.”

The person we have the pleasure to be with us this morning is truly a saint, her name is Maria Esperanza.

Good morning.


MRS. DEBORAH JAMES CORTES: I would also like to introduce to you her interpreter, Andrea. How are you?

MRS. ANDREA DE LISCANO: Very well, thank you.

MRS. DEBORAH JAMES CORTES: How do you meet Maria?

MRS. ANDREA DE LISCANO: I met her when I was 13 years old, and when I heard her speak, her words captivated me.

MRS. DEBORAH JAMES CORTES: Have you been traveling with her for several years?

MRS. ANDREA DE LISCANO: Yes, that is correct.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI:  Yes, she has traveled.

MRS. DEBORAH JAMES CORTES: Maria, tells us about you.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Ah! To talk about me? To talk about the Lord, to talk of Mary, of Joseph of Nazareth, this is what is important for our people, People of God, this is what touches my heart, to talk about them, because they are the Holy Family of Nazareth. They are the family that kept together and are still united in heaven. And we as Christian families must also love one another united by the Most Precious Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross. Each day it purifies our souls and increases our faith preparing it to endure the trials in life.

Yes, I say trials in life, because we can truly receive so many things, many good things, and of course things not so good, because at present, life and the world are contaminated.

We must purify, we must clean, we must guide the youth, families, homes. The family is called to unite to renew all the centers of the world where the youth is meant to grow; children trusting their parents, their family, their father, their mother, their brothers.

Family is so beautiful. Our home is beautiful when we all hold hands and are able to say, “Thank You, Lord, thank You for our family that is growing and is living the Gospel.” It is the Gospel…  Evangelization in these times is going to save us, because many people are disorientated; they disregard their faith.

We as Catholics… I call the Catholics of the world: men, women, children, the youth, everyone to unite in one heart by the Hearts of Jesus and Mary who gave us the most beautiful teachings, because their virtues were tender, delicate, and soft. All the divine energy of the Creator was condensed there in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph of Nazareth.

So, it is urgent to save the family in the world in these times. Our youth must not go astray. Young ones, youngsters, I invite you to grow with the human warmth of your parents, your family, your brothers, your teachers, your professors. The professor, the teacher, comes after our parents, our grandparents, they are the ones with which we have more affinity, more union.

It truly is the time in which we must rise to make a call to the world that is living difficult times, so we may all unite in one heart beating with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the flame and fire of the Heart of Jesus. I mention these Hearts, because They have impelled me to stand and walk from one place to another when I have been invited to give a word.

You will not find sophisticated words in me or words about fantastic things, no.  It is the simpleness of a mother, a mother who loves and feels her Christ, feels her family, and feels all the families of the world through the mother Church, our mother Church, a Pope in Rome who represents her in these times, John Paul II. He has met the stature of the great Pope of all times, yes, going from one place to another with such humility, with such simpleness, with such human warmth that touches the root of our hearts deeply.

So, brothers, I am here because it has been the Lord who has wanted it to be so.  Perhaps my health has been affected in these last few days, because I have not been able to eat. But this truly has contributed to me accepting your invitation to come and visit you at your churches, your humble homes, the barrios, and where the Indians live.

I love the Indians. There are Indians in Venezuela at the Amacuro Delta, in Guayana, close to where I was born in Monagas. There are Indians around all that area.  I love the Indians. My father protected the Indians of that region, in Amacuro Delta. My mother… my father helped those people very much, that is why I feel them in my heart.   We need all of them to feel our warmth and love.

The human condition weakens many times, because of so many things that are lived daily, making them feel lonely, making their souls overwhelmed. Therefore, we all must hold hands to help the fallen one rise, so they may give their contribution as human beings with their hands, with their work that is so beautiful. I have seen it here: chairs, beds, dressers, tables, all of them so beautiful and handmade. These things touch me deeply, deeply because I see the love and tenderness with which they work.

So, these are beautiful things.  You have a very pretty town; you have potential – in your souls, spiritually – to work and give glory to God, glory to Mary, Mary the Mother Conqueror.  A week ago I felt her telling me, “Go to my land, daughter, go.” And I asked her, “Where, where? … the Conqueror… here yesterday.

I am truly touched and I wish to tell you something more. There is a piece of land in Venezuela that is called Betania. It is a land that the Lord had promised me for many years. Father Pio spoke to me about it when I went to Pietralcina, in Italy, “Figliola mia, my daughter, figliola mia, the land promessa will come. You will see that you will find it. The Madonna will come and you will see how many souls will go to be healed, finding peace and serenity. Wait for it, my daughter, but remember you will have a hospital to work for the sick, for those who are sad, for those who have nowhere to go and are sick. There must be someone to embrace them, to help them survive.”

This is an idea, because he talked to me about it a long time ago, he taught me to love this idea. I see a hospital for so many children, youngsters, adults, whoever needs to go… a shelter.

I call it a promised land because in Betania, Mary, Mother and Virgin Reconciler of all People and Nations has come. Mary Virgin and Mother, the Mother of God has come to gather us, she appeared to me; to this woman that you see here as any other woman, a natural woman with qualities and flaws, with everything a human being has. She came as she promised me, and just like Padre Pio had told me she would come.

“I want to make of that place a column of light for the world, so all are united and aided with all people and nations on earth, diminishing world suffering, and re-edifying the walls of the new triumphant Jerusalem. A Jerusalem that loves and feels her brothers of all races, of all peoples, of all nations; rich and poor, ugly and pretty, black and white, the poorest; gathering everyone so they have where to camp.”

As you have your Indians… in Venezuela, Betania of the Holy Waters is going to call her brothers everywhere, whoever wishes to enter, some to be healed, others to work, to give their contribution to re-edify their family, their home – those who have lost it –.

So, I call you all, I must take advantage of this opportunity that this fine, delicate, and soft woman has given me, as well as the rest of you here, to call you all… everyone united. Something very beautiful is being fashioned here. The People of God is spiritually growing, it is growing. What was inconvenient is withdrawing. I have faith in this town, and its people. Good people, yes. There are educated people, people who have gone to the University, who are professionals; but there also are people who have not been able to go, and we must help them. They are going to rise with courage to work and give their contribution to their people, People of God.

We are People of God, and the People of God is the honor and glory of Jesus Christ.  He gave his life for that people. His brothers did not understand Him – many of them – but some did, and stood up to follow Him, and the great miracle took place:  New life for all nations of the world, Christianity. We are Christians, we are Catholics, Apostolic, and Roman; we are Catholics. This is the essence of Jesus on Earth.  He gave us his Blood, his Life, his Heart. Jesus gave Himself and continues to give Himself in these times more than ever.

Therefore, we must meditate and think that we must prepare ourselves, because the beast roars. It wants to drag men to war.  No more war, it is not possible: wars.  There is no reason to contaminate ourselves with the rebellious ones.

We must be humble, generous, compassionate with our brothers, we must hold hands in spiritual sharing with the rights that Christ bequeathed us. Those rights are:   His Heart, which radiates love, health, peace, serenity, and the joy of the innocent child.  Let us be like children. The grace easily enters the children, and those who know nothing. Therefore, let us make an attempt:

  • Lord, I know nothing; you know it all. Find a way to help me.

And the Lord will make Himself fully felt in the fullness of the sublime and holy love that reaches all the corners on earth.

So, brothers, sister, daughter, I speak from the heart, you know this is true; I cannot be double. My human condition does not allow me to drag myself according to the social convenience of man, no. I follow one path, and that path is leading me to my Mother with her Son Jesus and the Patriarch St. Joseph, the humble Joseph of Nazareth who worked with his hands, labored. All his work was beautiful to nourish his beloved son, the innocent child, the Son of God.

So, from this moment on all of us, this People of God in Albuquerque, all this blessed land: Rise, unite your families, hold hands, comply with the duties of your Church, of your faith, and lead an authentic Christian life as children of God.

So, thank you very much, thank you for this invitation. I thank you all. May your dreams grow, may your principles be fulfilled, as well as your desires, and all those beautiful things that we bear in our hearts when we wish to participate in an event that may touch those hearts.  I also pray for your priests, bishops, your religious ones, for all of you, for everyone, for all those who stand to serve their brothers because they are serving Christ, they are serving the Church.

We are servants of God. Let us serve and let us not mind who we serve, or where the person comes from, or how. It does not matter how they come, where they come from, it does not matter… it is enough with a glance, a smile, a holding of hands.  Afterwards, we will really feel that we are giving a little bit of ourselves, but this comes from Jesus, Jesus who loves and continues loving; who loved so much and continues loving us.

Let us live a Eucharistic life:

  • Mystic Body of Christ, feed us, strengthen us, keep us, bless us, Lord.

Thank You, Lord, thank You. And thank you all.

Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven; without humility there is nothing we can do. Let us be humble, generous, and compassionate with our brothers.

I love you all.  I send my love to all of you, all of you, all of you.

Thank you.

  • Thank you, my Blessed One. I love You, my lord. Here I am willing to do as You wish, wherever You want me to be, and for whatever You want me to do.

Thank you.

It is a mother who loves her children on earth, all her brothers, all the faiths of the world, so we may form one great heart with the Heart of Jesus, in order to live united. We all must be saved by all means, we all have to be saved, we all must be saved.

Thank You, Lord.

May God keep you.  I am deeply touched.

MRS. DEBORAH JAMES CORTES: We are very touched by you. We are grateful because you are in New Mexico. In Santa Fe, my home city, there are many Catholics.  We are very happy that you are here to share the message of Our Lady, and to make many understand it.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: She comes as Reconciler of all People and Nations. She comes to reconcile us all.  This is the mission:  Reconciliation of all people and nations. It is hard, I know it is very hard, very difficult, but the Lord knows what He is doing, and why He is doing it. And if He is allowing Our Lady to come – and she has come – it is because it is the time of the awakening of consciences for all men on earth.

Thank you very much.

MRS. DEBORAH JAMES CORTES: We want to thank you for sharing with us this Sunday.

Maria Esperanza is going to be traveling through New Mexico, and we certainly hope that she has the opportunity to share with the people. Good luck.