Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s words. Culture Hall New Jersey, U.S.A.

Thursday, november 28, 1996  10:40 p.m

  • Morning Prayer.
  • Our Father.
  • Hail Mary.
  • Glory Be.

Thank you, Lord, for all the benefits to our souls received today, with this great family, family of God; your family, Lord, a family that moves us as to feel them in our hearts.

I truly feel very moved, especially in those moments when they were playing, my soul was crying, my heart, in a very special way. It was like they were truly performing a great masterpiece for the Lord, for the Church, for the souls who need to live authentic Christian lives. It has been like evangelizing, because they played with the soul, with great spiritual authority.

Thus, Angelina, I feel very happy to see your family, this young man who plays so beautifully and the other two as well. I truly thank you for this invitation, all of you; you, your son and her, where is she? I thank you for it has touched my heart completely with the priests here. Ron, his wife, all this family, you, all who are present, and specially those who are representing my Lord, Jesus, my Christ, my King, my Savior.

They are the champions of this century and of all centuries to come, but in these moments priesthood is what is more important. Priests are the ones called to reeducate us so that the people may feel truly supported. The People of God need guidance, education, spirituality, fidelity to our beliefs which is evangelization, true Christianism that emerges from the heart spontaneously, because Jesus has touched us in our deepest, so that we may truly comply with our duties and go out and preach the Gospels, just as priests do.

We, the People of God, are called to be followers of our faithful priests, to serve standing up and proclaiming: Jesus, the King of kings, lives among us. He comes to save us again. He comes to touch us in such a way that all souls, all men in the world will rise faithfully to a service of brotherly unity, friendship, with the humility of the righteous! Because humility is what we all need to live united with Jesus Christ, with the Patriarch Saint Joseph and Mary of Nazareth; the Sacred Family.

May the Lord deign to bless us all here tonight with the blessing of his priests, and may we go happy, content, rejoiced that the Lord has manifested Himself through music in a truly beautiful and flourished way that has touched our hearts.

I congratulate you all.

Betania of the holy waters has become the inspiration tonight to move us all, giving us a message of brotherly unity; and I repeat unity, because the time for the  awakening of consciences has arrived; and when I say, awakening of consciences I mean to say that this is the time in which the Lord is calling us all, all of us once again to come together like in those times when He traveled the world, preaching and spreading the Word of the Heavenly Father; He, Jesus in his Father, his Father in the Son so that bread could be distributed.

Well, good night to all.

Thank you, Father; thank you all, many thanks for this splendid dinner, the wine you served us, all that you offered.

I have truly felt very happy. I leave filled with an infinite feeling of contentment that is tender, delicate, and soft, that comes to me from you, as the dew of a clear morning, as to say,

  • My God and my Lord, may your holy will be done in us and may your priests be columns of light in the world to touch all the hearts of men, may all the youth shine in the horizon with their song, with their music, and with all that emerges spontaneously from the heart.

Thanks to all.

Blessed be my Lord.


(A priest gives a blessing in Latin)


(Several priests recite different prayers.)


We go filled with happiness in our hearts; happiness that we will transmit to others. Those who are sick, those who are not feeling well, or those of us who have not felt very well will be renewed completely with a big heart to say,

  • My Father, Father in heaven, we thank You for all the benefits to our souls. Thank You, Lord my God, Father of Mercy. Mary, Sweet Mother, Heavenly Mother, accompany us, guide us, strengthen us, and enkindle us with love, as the fire that embraced Jesus and that He transmitted to his apostles. O Blessed Fire, take our hearts! Amen, Jesus.