Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Residence of The Arrieta Family. Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

Friday, june 14, 1996  9:40 p.m.

[…] come and reconcile us all in a strong embrace moved by the love of the Son of God to strengthen our faith, thus consolidating us all as true children of his Holy Church where He has placed us, where He wanted to place us, as for example, as we see those priests fulfilling their duties standing firmly as soldiers, as a brother who has given of himself and continues doing so.

This is so beautiful! It is the Church, our Church…to love it above all things. It is the rock and foundation upon which we have to support each other, reaffirming ourselves with ideas of spiritual growth. And what are these? The commandments of the Law of God and the Gospels.

Evangelization, the Lord in these times is asking for evangelization. We truly need to meditate on the Gospels and comply with them to the letter, just as Jesus taught us through all of his actions as Son of God and as fountain of divine grace, with the greatest love of all. He gave of himself day and night tending to all those who crossed his life.

And we? What are we doing? Have we stopped in the middle of the way? No, we have to continue on firmly convinced that this is the time of the awakening of consciences.  If we have a conscience, we have to think, “My God, You are calling me. What is it that you want from me? What do you want me to do? What do I have to do?”

Our Lord answers by saying, “You owe yourself to the Church, our Church, and you have to work for that Church keeping your place of action.” We must truly acknowledge why we have come, why we are here, what are the wishes of the Lord.  The wishes of the Lord are to reaffirm our faith moved by a desire: To serve and not to be served; to serve continuously without tiring of being bothered. I tell you this because most people… “No, I am tired, I cannot do any more.”  I would die standing firmly as soldiers do, even if I could not.

We have to do it this way for otherwise, what are we going to teach those who are coming behind us? The children, the young men and women who are growing and becoming adults and have to take a path, a position, have to go to college, in order  to give their contribution to human society; a society that is crying out to the men and women of today to acknowledge their duties.  It is asking for this.

Therefore, we have to come together as the waves come together when they reach the shore, all united in love, in the fidelity of an immense heaven that we have in front of us, and an immense sea that extends out beyond, and a ship that is coming from afar…there….in her ship as Captain of the World. Jesus is the One who comes as Sun of Justice, but Mary leads us in her ship, telling us, “Go from one place to the other taking the Word of God, taking your contribution, giving the best of what you have.”

This is why we need to have an exact awareness of our duties. Never say, “No.” Never, even if we feel exhausted; stand, because if you give, you have the right to receive; if you do not give, you will not earn the right to receive anything in life, but if you give with love, with humility and patience…

We need to be patient, especially with the elderly, with the children, with everyone, because if you get tired of everyone and say, “No, not anymore, they are bothering me now.” No, no, this cannot be.

So, forgive me for speaking about this issue, but most people, I know… “No I cannot, I do not have time.” No, we do have time for everything; we have to organize our time as to whom you are going to devote yourself to, and to how you are going to do so.

Therefore, I invite you my children to keep your souls fragrant and fresh in the freshness of the rose, of the love of my Mother Mary, the Mother of God, seeing in her, in that rose, how those petals open and are offered to us. She offers them to us with a drop of dew to rejuvenate us. To rejuvenate our souls, make us young, perhaps not in our physical appearance, but yes, spiritually, never saying, “No.” Never, remember this, never.

When someone tells you something follow the flow, even if you do not feel like it, say, “Yes.” Then, God will give you the strength, the spirituality, the energy, renewing everything in you, everything, all your being, and you will be free of all bindings, of disease, of the bad actions of people. No, no, you will not take these into account.  You have to take into consideration the good actions of people; these are what we have to take into account, the good actions. Not the bad, no. You have to do it this way, as if it did not touch you, in order to be able to truly live the Gospels.

Evangelization I said at the beginning. These times are calling for evangelization. This is why we have to read the Gospels of the Lord everyday. And there! Wherever the Bible opens up that is what the Lord is telling you that day, and that is what you are supposed to read and to acknowledge as what He is asking of you, because He is making a request of you. In this way you start feeling strong, firm, decided; you feel you are afraid of nothing, instead you continue on… and, may it be the will of God.

And I tell you this because life teaches us many lessons, sometimes we are resentful for this or that, because this person… no, no, none of this. Life is so beautiful; the things of God are so beautiful, the little things where He is present, the things He makes us see in such a way, that one may say: My God, is this possible? It is possible because God can do it all.

What is it that God cannot do? God does it all. Even the toughest heart is moved before the grace of God when it is given, or when it is granted… but beseech, beseech and you will receive. Walk, my son, search for the light and you will find it. Consolidate your steps and walk.

  • Here I am, Lord, seated through your grace, through your love; seated because You are helping me. You are helping me become aware of what I truly have to do, of why I came to the world, of what I want from this world, of what I want from my brothers, of what I have come to look for, of who I really am, and of what I am good for.

And God will tell you, “You are good for this; take care of this; do not get involved in that because it is not good for you.”

We have that light. Some say, “No, I do not receive anything, I know nothing.”  No, we all know; we all have a grace; we have a spark, a light, hope and a dream, and we have to take advantage of that light, that hope, that dream, that grace to be able to live an authentic Christian life.

I invite you all, this family from Maracaibo, to enter into a new sequence; it is the true sequence of a renewing  spirituality,  that which renews our souls to make us new, to find ourselves and to truly see the light of truth that is in us. What is our truth and what are we doing? To become aware: Have I truly behaved myself? Have I lived well? What have I done until now? It is not about accomplishing great deeds… this… I am this… No, no, no; it is the little things of everyday. To tend to someone who is going through a rough time. What can take away your anguish in those moments? Little things.  A child in a test, “My God, help him.”

Sit down with your child, sit down with your friend, sit down with anyone, sit down and listen. We need to learn how to listen to people. You cannot let people go away without listening to them, never, never. It is a grave sin, and I say grave because sometimes people come looking for you… for example, looking for the doctor, “Doctor, I want…” Oh, and you cannot say, “I cannot, I cannot, I have too much work.”

You have to make a stop immediately. Later, you may say, “I do not feel well at all” but in that moment you have to… either the doctor or the priest. “Father, I would like to confess my sins.” “No, this is not the time for confessions.” No, when a person addresses another it is because that person is in need. We need to tend to him and give him a hand, because you can save that soul from danger, from anything that may be surrounding him, and who knows from what he may be saved, and you are going to be held responsible for it.

Therefore, that is what Our Lord God is asking from us in these times. He is calling us to become aware of our lives and our duties, to become aware of what these consist of, especially with the youth.

We need to be understanding with the youth. They are longing for something new, hope, an incentive, a desire to serve.  They want to be useful and we need to help them to truly raise their awareness, because they are longing for something. That something is God, probably not all, but many, at least those who I know… many good people. There are many good people, many who wish to be useful, to work; there are people who wish to come together and speak of what they feel in their hearts, to vent the feelings from their hearts. We have to listen to the people; we cannot leave them in that state.

This is why I love youth very much. Young people are grateful. All those boys and girls that you see there, I took them in when they were twelve and older, ten or twelve years old. Now they are married, they have a home, a family – they need attention – all of them have graduated, each one of them has a profession, all of them.  That is to say, we cannot say no to them, for they might walk astray, they may leave; we may loose control and then know not how to stop them.

Human society is in danger; it is now in serious danger which are the difficult moments that we are living in. Man, is not so much in need of our daily bread, but the need is the hunger, the longing, the desire for the Gospels.

People want to learn. Not all are bad, no, no, we should not say: So and so does not understand anything. No, no we cannot say such things.

I believe this is the time to collect ourselves in prayer, in meditation, to truly fast… penance, do penance on Wednesdays and Fridays; and something even greater, if possible each day to attend to Holy Mass, Holy Communion.

Holy Mass renews our cells, it gives us new blood, new life, our organs have to be healed, have to be renewed with the Blood and new Life of Christ because Our Lord is there; He bestowed that Blood and Body. He allowed his crucifixion to later become the Bread and Wine that represent Him in all the altars of the world.

Thus, I believe that the Eucharist is our main foundation. The Eucharist… Eucharist everyday as we have to eat everyday, everyday we should go to the Eucharist.

I am truly very thankful of the Lord because He has been very good to me, to my own… details, things that only he who knows them can truly appreciate the worth of the great love that God gives us, and He gives it to us everyday, in every little thing, in the small things.

I was not planning on coming to Maracaibo because, you see, I had stopped my traveling lately; after the trip to Jerusalem in November, I said, “Not for now; I will rest for it has been four years.” After I left Maracaibo the traveling started. Four years now, traveling and traveling from one place to the other, and well, I have not stopped. Then I said, “No, my health too, Geo also had health problems. And I said, “No, I will stop these months.”

The truth is, I do not go anywhere, I walked away from everything: society and all of that. I left everything, you know? Parties, gatherings… Not that I want to look like a saint, no; I have my feet well grounded, I am not flying up high like an angel, no, no.

God loves us the way we are, with our good qualities and our flaws, that is if we try to improve our inner life and calling ourselves to amendment. For what do I achieve by speaking nonsense? No, no, no.

Then, truly, changes took place, and I said, “Lord – when these youngsters invited me – what shall we do?” Well, they got married in Caracas and later, well… “You have to be our godmother in Maracaibo.” Then it was the doctor, blessed be God, may God keep him and bless him for his humility, for his patience, for his love of God, of Our Lady, my Holy Mother, our heavenly Mother Mary in all of the titles given to her in the world.

Mary is the Mother; she comes to reconcile; the “Chinita” [Title of Our Lady of Maracaibo] loves her people, she loves them. The Virgin Mother, the Mother of God. Some people tell me, “This title of Our Lady is better than this other.” No, they are the Virgin, the Mother of God, Our Lady of Guadalupe – I venerate Our Lady of Guadalupe – but God wants us to love Mary under all her titles. The title God puts in our way is the one He chooses and the one we think of, becoming aware that we have to bring to others to the truth that God lives among us.

God lives together with his people, He is living among us more than in past times and this is because there is much pain today. Humanity is now being attacked and is at the brink of a world war. People think not. We are at the brink of war… and what is worst, with terrible artifacts. This is not something trivial… it is very strong, but with prayer we turn off the devil, we crush him; prayer, continuous day and night prayer. We need to pay attention to this and that, but then we come back to prayer as soon as we can, we charge again, not being careless.

We have to be on guard now because the devil is attacking the souls to divide friendships, so that people say, “No, I do not believe in this or that.” So everyone takes a different road in their own fashion, thinking that what they are doing is the best.

No, there must be the guidance of a priest, we need to have direction; we cannot be alone on our own; priests are there for us, they are our shepherds and their duty is to tend to us, to listen to us, for this they have a perfect investiture; I say, the most perfect because our Lord chose them. They are the only ones who have, therefore, the great gift of lifting our Lord to heaven… the greatest thing… to forgive our sins, our guilt, to give absolution. This is the greatest. Even the weakest priest, it could happen, but if God is there, if he is part of priesthood, he will be a priest even in hell.

Therefore, priesthood… look for a priest. That someone is dying… call a priest. You do not call so and so, “Look, come because you have powers.” No, none of that… the priest. It is there, it is the Church, it is the Church and this is why I love the Church more and more everyday. I will fight against all heresies and all the things that corrupt the souls of men. Why? Because I see that there is where the truth resides. There have been many weaknesses and many things, but there is strength, it is the power, it is rock and foundation, against this nobody, and this is why we have to pray for our Holy Father the Pope, because his work has been grandiose, unique in the history of the Church.

I loved Pope Pius XII very much because he offered me a hand and was so kind,  he loved me, and he helped the Jews. And I love them despite it all, because Christ was their fellowman. He was born there, He lived there, his people denied him, but He loved them and continues to love them, and his greatest desire is their conversion. I believe they will convert.

Unity will come and I do believe in this, see? Unity of all races, all faiths in the world… all the world united.

If I respect you, respect me, but I tell you that Christ is the truth, I will continue with my own, but we will shake hands. We cannot stand divided, there cannot be anymore division, and if we do not attain this, we will see a war in which we will kill each other, that is to say, they will kill each other. Look, I have hope that something will happen, that people will raise their awareness and that they truly will reach agreements.

China wants its way with Russia, but I do not think so. The United States must be strong. This is why I love the United States very much, its people are good, generous, kind, worthy. There are people who do not believe, yet there are true Catholics, practicing Catholics; there also are those who are scattered out there who are looking for anything they are told, all the apparitions, the things that are out there that allege are apparitions, well… it is true… they have those things, but there are people…  those who are true Catholics are honest, are worthy, are righteous people.

Look, I have met people of great worth who have moved me very much;  people with values and that is what moves my heart, to see people with a good heart and who truly seek God with much humility, with much generosity, and with great human feelings that touch the heart. This is why I say this to you for I truly have come to love you very much.

I will tell you, my children; well, I do not know, Father, if I am daring with this gentleman from whom I could learn, but well, God gives us little things and we must accept them with much humility, without crossing the limits, each one on his own path in what God wants, for what God wants, wherever He wants us to be.

Then, perhaps God wanted to come today, here together with you. When I was going to San Rafael, there… I told the girls: I cannot walk anymore, I am dying, I am dizzy, I feel terrible, Lord.  “Take this.” No, I cannot drink… I already started and cannot eat until I am finished; it is a rule. That I may die of a heart disease, that I will have a heart attack, that I will get this or that… Well, we will set that aside, I will deal with all that later, but I fulfilled my duties, for I believe it is a duty.

I am not here, my children, simply…  I truly was not planning on going anywhere until Geo got better, we went through difficult moments regarding his health. He is never ill. My husband was an oak, only once when he had an accident and that is all until now; but God wanted it to be this way and I am very grateful of Zulia.

When I came here and then returned to Caracas the traveling started. Right? Four years in a row, not a month did we rest, traveling every month.  That is something to see. And God granted me the strength and the endurance until now, for I have been feeling a little bad, but I am getting better again.

So, well, I wanted to tell you that I invite you to truly grow; the spiritual growth of a soul who loves and feels God and who does not wish for any other thing than to make his friends know Him, his beloved ones to feel Him in their hearts with fullness, reaffirming that Christ lives among us. It is a continuous sharing.

You who are a religious must realize; and you Father, with all the things of the world, because you are in the midst of the world and it is dangerous sometimes. Also, when one becomes contaminated with all the people and everything; but this is good too because you learn to save souls and to pray for people so they may live a righteous and worthy life.  There is where you come to know the people, to apply what God wants for that soul: Our prayer for their conversion, a true conversion of personal integrity, of righteous values, of fidelity to the Church, fidelity to friends, brothers and sisters, and overall, charity.

Charity is what is going to save us; without charity no soul will be saved. You may be good, very intellectual, very intelligent, a doctor, you may have the most beautiful things in this world, but if you do not have charity, there is nothing you can do, it all becomes nothing, zero.

Therefore: charity and generosity, love, humility, patience. Not the humility that people call saying, “Mrs. Maria Esperanza, wow, how humble.” Do not tell me these things because I am stepping here, and I have my flaws like any other person, yet I do have one great thing: I love, I love my Lord, and for my Lord I love the souls and it is my duty to love them and to truly become aware that that love is true love; because Christ has taught me that love, because Mary with her humility also has called my attention when she had to and has made me see that there is nothing else to do in life but to love and to give ourselves continuously without feeling tired, giving our contribution to human society in this way.

This is why we are a great society, and it needs values to grow and flourish, to revive faith, the consciences of men, and the union of all.  How beautiful it is for souls to come together united!

Doctor, I am very happy, there are many good people here, there are values, there is determination, and the Zulian people are arrogant and firm, but not arrogant in pride, but in accomplishing the goals they set for themselves. That is good.

God wants us to be this way. He wants us to finish what we have set our minds to accomplish, we must… not to stop in the way and loose focus. We cannot loose focus, we have to continue going forward, confirming our faith, our way of living, our way of thinking and our hope, the hope of living in the best conditions a Catholic can live in, a Catholic that is born strengthened by faith and by love, by the continuous sharing with his brothers.

Thus, I invite you to become aware of how we are inside, what we need at this moment, how we are going to live from today on, and what God is asking from us so our human values may grow and consolidate the work we have to accomplish.

The work is that in which we have to place all our efforts on giving our brothers the hope of living in a better future; family structure, the base for a life that has overcome antagonisms and past things.  No selfishness, no contradictory struggling, no, no. In peace, in harmony, cheerful, happy, fresh, filled with charity, because charity gives us something inside that is so great that nothing, nothing, nothing separates us from Christ. Therefore, the love that represents charity, we have to live it each day with the light of the new dawn of Jesus, with the new dawn of Jesus.

Jesus is close; He is coming closer. These are not stories; the time is arriving, with the permission of Father. The end of this century brings us many surprises, surprises unfathomed by man: some grave, contradictory, that make us think we are in the lion’s den, yet others are wonderful, sublime, exquisite, there are no words to express them and we need to look for them, look for them inside us, in our loyalty and honesty,  and I would say as to become aware of the sublime event that is approaching the world so man can truly live – as I said in the beginning – an authentic Christian life. He is coming.

This is my message tonight: Authenticity of a new world, values that come forth through the affinity of souls when they meet, when they get to know each other, when they feel the truth of the other and truly become aware that there is something, something special; as I could say about the Doctor today.

God sent you, it was something special when he told me, “Are you coming to Maracaibo?” I told him: I am not going for now… I thought… but I prayed for the wedding, not thinking even remotely of this gathering, but later I said to myself: Lord, what do you want? I do not know if I can make it at this moment. But the Lord could, my Mother could, and this is why I am here with a heart teeming with joy, with hope, with dreams, the dream that each one of you may fulfill yourself as a being of light in the world.

We are part of that light, we all have that light but sometimes we extinguish it like this… we leave it like… lukewarm and it begins to extinguish. But when that light is there, it is strengthened by prayer, meditation, penance, by the Eucharist. This is why I recommend four things that I love so much, we must pray, pray continuously; and I say continuously, because perhaps it is not the long prayer but the small thoughts, prayers like these… soft:

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you.
  • Lord, have mercy on me.
  • Lord, hear me, listen to me, here I am, I knock at the doors of your Heart, open them; Lord, let me in that Heart and keep me there with You and do not let go. Lord, help me I am weak, I am frail, I have sinned, I rebel, but it has been enough now, I will be better. My human condition is weak because we are flesh, blood and senses, therefore the soul cannot be perfect, but I wish to make mine better. I know I am weak, but I will be able, I must be able, because You will give me the strength. How? With my human condition, if I have the willpower to reaffirm the faith and trust in You that I can achieve all in He who comforts me, and that is You, Lord.

Then, I would say that tonight is a gathering of brothers, of brothers who feel one another. Your pain is my pain.

[…] we also share because Jesus is here among us with his Mother, Jesus rising; and I say rising, because He wants us to rise again with Him. He would like to rise each day with us, not each year, everyday. To rise with Him we have to receive Him in Holy Communion, and I come back to the Eucharist because I believe that is the greatest thing, it is the greatest thing, the Mystic Body of Christ.

When the priests hoist the Lord up high, that touches my heart, it is the greatest thing because He is present, He is alive, He is working, He is ordering our ideas, He is fulfilling a work of fidelity in the great enterprise that the Father entrusted Him as his Son; to save the world that was going astray and that in these times is going astray.

Man is walking backwards because he is doing things he should never had done, and those things are sins. Man has lost the human values He taught us, the ones He gave us, so it is necessary to stop the horrible scourge that is approaching by accommodating, by all coming to an agreement of brotherly unity, of sincere friendship, of unity, union, that is to say, where you do not to see the flaws in your brothers because we all have flaws.

If we start to see how others fail, so and so this, so and so that, then we will achieve nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing; we rest paralyzed, we are not fulfilling our duties, we are with the weed, the darnel.

Therefore, I believe that tonight God is dressing us with the Lord. What is it that faith cannot do? It has been said that faith can move mountains. Faith is the truth of a man, of a woman who loves and feels his, her God, an everyday, every night, every awakening lived faith.

Thus, let us awaken tonight to truly live a righteous and true life in the awareness of the values of man, of his education, of his life, of the good in him, taking away the bad. Let us pull aside all which disturbs the mind, which destroys our heart, so that we all may be good. God does not want us to say: I am evil, I am this or that, no, no, He does not want us that way, not like that. He accepts what is in balance. We have our negative side, yet we have a positive side, we all do, we all have our authentic Christian value, most of us. It is very difficult not to find people who serve as links to the salvation of others, we all are a motive of God to reaffirm values, the values that truly readjust faith, that shape people to what God wants, to what He calls us.

I truly wish to thank Father. It is not easy to listen or to know how to listen, not to talk and be silent. I invite you to continue getting closer, enkindling the moments when Jesus traveled this world, yes, with his apostles who followed Him spreading the Word from one place to another, walking through the streets of Jerusalem, beautiful streets and also by the surroundings, everywhere with the humility of the righteous reaching all: the hospitals, the very poor segments, the very humble who have nothing to eat.

And I say hospitals first, because there are so many sick people that we could give a word of love, of caring, of consideration, of affection, for them to know there is someone who cares about them; as well as the very humble homes, going to visit them with a rosary, a book of catechism for the children. They should see that they are being cared for as well, because in that alienated segment, people are fearful many times of going there, because of the robbing or killing that is going on; it is a social maladjustment in Venezuela and that frightens me.

I believe that will end soon. I believe that Maracaibo is now doing something great, very big silently.  The Lord knows where to place the seed and where this seed can grow.  He is inviting us to acknowledge that this is a beautiful people, full of values, of human solidarity, with the desire to work and make the effort to come back to those times – these times in those times – to get together in a brotherly and friendly brotherhood, guarding that contribution in society, let us say, in all the segments of society.  Not, in this segment or the other, the segment of so and so… no.

Touching… we must reach out. People feel forsaken, people feel disturbed, sad. It is horrible in Caracas, but I believe that a great job can be done; the government will do it, the rulers and all that wonderful family, but it is the duty of the People of God, the souls that work in that Church, our Catholic Church.

It should not be said, “I am a politician” or “I am so and so”, no, no. It is trying to soften the wounds for there are resented people. Here, in Caracas, and everywhere, but I do not know, God knows what He does and why He does it. Something big may come out of here, something very good, wonderful, even when we have problems with Colombia; we have war very close to us. There are many things that contradict many others, but I believe that since the Lord loves his people our Holy Mother is here, Our Lady of Chiquinquira, and that is, that you all should become apostles of her motherly Heart.

You are apostles of the Heart of Mary; we are apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The Heart of the Mother is calling her children tonight; it is shaking Zulia, even if you may not believe it: Renewal of consciences to act with power, with justice, with courage, Christian courage, the courage of people who defend their rights, their Church. And because there is a Church we have to become aware that adultery cannot exist because when things are adulterated they go wrong.

We have to walk straight and I will tell you; I do not know the Governor here, nor anything related, but I will tell you, he is a man of faith, he has a conscience, his ideas tend to be socialistic – you might not believe it – but he is a sound person, perhaps, it is now when his real vocation will come. He had a vocation and almost, almost, but the Lord called him to the world because this moment had to come, today, here. You will remember me. May God bless him, protect him, take care of him, and favor him. I do not know why I said this, because I did not come here for this… politics… I do not want; I do not like politics, I do not like it, I do not like politics.

We are doing something very beautiful here; you there not talking, silently, trying to go deeper into profound things, perhaps, and at the same time others might have their expectations, I do not know, others no, others are softer, more understanding, more loyal internally, like more in tune with Jesus so they understand more what I am trying to tell you, but let us be alert.

This is why I spoke to you about prayer. Prayer is our strength, our human value; our awareness of our duties, and even more prayer is our base, the base of the Church, our affirmation, our spirituality and our duty as human beings.

Well, now, I congratulate you. How beautiful it is to know how to listen because deep inside, we get something out of it, we try to see, to go deeper, we take more care of ourselves, that is to say we will get busy.  What am I good for, Lord, am I on the true path? Am I doing things well? Am I really a person that may get to know the meaning of the love of God in depth?

So, thank you Doctor, thanks to all of you.  Keep on gathering, keep on growing, continue to be led by the hand of a priest, of nuns, those who left everything behind, left their parents, left their families to give themselves to the Lord, living the Gospels in plenitude with Him, giving their contribution to human society, giving the best they have, and then, I would say, “How can you not believe in those who gave it all? We remain in the world, well yes, complying with our duties, but they have given much more. It is renunciation, and when things are fulfilled perfectly, there is no doubt that the Lord is doing a great job in his son or daughter because he is touching them and they, in this way, can touch others as well.

I speak to you in this way because I believe that this is the most delicate moment that we are living in, not only in Venezuela, but in the whole world.

Here everybody has to stand up but not to fight or to say, “I know more than you” or “you know more than him.” No, these are differences that we should not even touch, but rather give the best, your best, the best of all, and to work, work not making so much noise, silently. The noise comes afterwards.

I know that you are working in your own way as God wants you to, because when He accepts things it is because we are doing things right, that is to say, you are doing things right. But you have to go with much judgment and this is why we need the representation of the Church. Without the Church we can achieve nothing. The Church is the motive that has us here, it is my Mother, it is she, Mary, who calls us to discern the message of reconciliation of human values and why a gathering among brothers.

May God keep us all.