Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Basilica Virgen de La Chiquinquira. Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

Saturday, june 15, 1996

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary, save our souls.

Good afternoon to all of you, to our Monsignor who celebrated Mass with so much love, with endless and great devotion. Love emanates from him, love to a God in perfection, love to Mary his Mother, Mary Mother of the Church, Our Mother the Church, Lady of Chiquinquira, Our Mother La Chinita, and Mary Reconciler of all People and Nations who comes to bring us reconciliation, so we may help each other to heal the sick and soothe our ailments with humility, patience, the holy fear of God. It is not the fear to be punished, but the fear to offend Him offending our brothers.

We are here. Monsignor, I felt moved with your sermon and it is difficult for me to find the words to thank you for being here with your blessed presence, because our priests are the blessed of the Lord, blessed in grace, blessed by the grace, the blessed ones of a holy, apostolic, and true Church, as Christ founded it, like Saint Peter the apostle, deep foundation and rock so we may cling to it and live the Gospel.

Evangelization is what we need in these times. Everyone must be prepared, People of God. Let the people stand along with their priests, and may these priests guide them to God, since the enemy is tempting us all so we may be caught in his net of sin and of spiritual deformation of our senses; preventing us from going on in our struggle.

That is why it is the hour of evangelization. We all have to stand in order to be able to defeat the enemy, and win the final battle. That is the battle that Jesus came to fight. He came to fight against the enemy. He gave his life and He keeps on giving Himself on all the altars of the world, transformed in Bread and Wine, his Body and Blood.

That is why, you, brothers, must receive Holy Communion, if it is possible every day, attending Holy Mass, not only on Saturdays and Sundays and Feast days, no. Everyday you must first receive the Communion that encourages and strengthens us, that fills us with love, gentleness and sweetness; with the gentleness and sweetness of Mary, with the exquisiteness of that pure soul that the Lord chose as his Mother, the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus, with all her love, so we could be saved by Jesus Christ on a Cross… nails piercing his hands and feet, a crown of thorns, a rope around his neck. That Cross is the Cross of true Christians.

If we love Jesus Christ let us carry the Cross, let us not fear the world or men, no. We must fear Jesus Our Lord, only He Who gives us strength, with the charity of a Christ that grew stronger with that soft, sweet, and endless love that caresses our hearts to give us the gentleness and sweetness of his Mother, Mary.

Maracaibo, your mother is calling you to serve. She is calling you to serve, she is calling you to serve among everyone, to serve that Holy Church, to serve here in the Cenacle… souls that take care of the Lord, of the Blessed Sacrament, doing hours of adoration in reparation for the sins of men; everyone there dressed in the innocence of the child, of an innocent child, a child who loves and feels his mother, who feels Jesus, the Paschal Lamb, the Divine Lamb who offers Himself, and keeps offering Himself so we may be fair in life, just.

A just soul is so beautiful, a just man, the just man of the Church, our Holy Father, the Pope of Rome, John Paul II! Such a beautiful mission he has: to spread the Word of the Lord everywhere he goes. He comes to convert and save us. He is saving us, he is leading us by the hand so we may truly be converted, and may live an evangelic and divine life, a life of love, a fruitful life.

That is why, brothers, from today on, I invite you to come here on Eucharistic Thursdays. The Holy Hour is necessary on the Eucharistic Thursdays. This practice is being lost because most people do not want to do it anymore. Many say that no, they can do it any day. No, the Lord surrendered Himself to his apostles on Thursday, and shared Bread and Wine with them, that were his Body, his Blood, his Life; and He continues giving it to us to save all our souls.

This is why, I beg you to love the Eucharist; it is the greatest thing. Lord, I would die without the Eucharist. That is why I ask for courage to remain standing and firm as the soldiers who live to go to battles giving glory and die to save many souls, many souls, as many as the ocean sand.

We must save souls with our prayer, with our sacrifice, with our penance, with our daily Communion, with our apostolate work. The sick, the sad, the abandoned … we must look for them all. We must not leave them lonely with their affliction: the mothers who have lost their children, the mothers who have children who go to war; they leave their mothers behind, leaving behind everything to save their fatherland. But the soul must be saved.

Remember, let us save our souls and then we can die in peace, but we must try to save ourselves. And, how can we save ourselves? By becoming detached from certain things of the world, devoting ourselves to the poorest and the most in need; and, if possible in silence, retired in our homes.

O People of God, the Lord wants so much beauty for you! He desires the salvation of his people so much. It is the hour of justice. Do you know? The Lord is coming.

O Lord Jesus! You live among us; you share with us in our homes, with our families. And it is necessary for all families to gather around their tables when it is time to eat and to share the food all united, all families united in one heart; all families loving each other, holding hands.

Gather together in your homes with your families, around the devotion of the holy rosary, say it daily if possible, because the rosary is the golden little chain that the Lord has given us to hold in our hands for Mary, his Mother, Mary in Jesus, Jesus in Mary with us, all the People of God.

Thank you for your words, Monsignor, I am deeply moved and truly touched. I would like to say so many things, but I cannot express them because they are here in my heart with tenderness, with love to offer them to Mary, because through her Divine Son I am here.

I thought I was going to die months ago. The Lord told me, “Stand up and walk, do not stop, my daughter, you have to spread the Word again. Yes, little daughter, it does not matter how you feel, how you are, the great thing is that if you surrender yourself I will continue giving you, I will give you the strength, courage, energy, bravery and love – much love – to all those who cross your way.”

Behold the reason why I am here. I came to a wedding, and this visit turned into a visit to La Chinita, to the Blessed Mother to whom I am so grateful for giving me part of her Heart, her children of Zulia, her good and generous children, because the people of Zulia are good, honest, and worthy of the love of God. That is why you have this great, beautiful and radiant Basilica, with its blue and white colors – so beautiful, Lord – with its heavenly angels to receive all those who come seeking comfort and hope from La Chinita, Our Zulian Mother of Chiquinquira.

I have a granddaughter by the name of Mary of La Chiquinquira. Mother, how beautiful it is to have my second granddaughter named: Chiquinquira! When I came here, I offered her my granddaughter! My Mother, you are so beautiful!

I love the Virgin under all her titles. And there we can see the Virgin Mary Reconciler with such radiant beauty, watching us all. Ask her for anything you want, ask her for anything because together with La Chinita she will grant what you ask for, because she is the same Mother of God, she is Mary the Mother of God, she is Mary under different titles, but she is one mother who comes to protect us with her mantle, to enlighten our minds and hearts open to the grace of the Holy Spirit; and her Heart shelters ours.

Now, thank you all, I thank this blessed Church, its priests, monsignors, and he who rules this Zulian diocese. Yes, I thank you all, Monsignor who presides in this Church, this Catholic and Christian current. He has a great soul, I know that. Though he is not present here at this moment, but I know he is a special soul who has been chosen by God to guide this people, comfort their souls, increase their faith, and help them with their burdens through his prayer and detachment performing the work that has to be done, because there still is a lot of work to be done. We need pure, naive, sensitive, and honest souls to work in the vineyard of the Lord. What else?

The Lord is asking us to be humble, patient, loving, and very charitable. May charity take us wherever the Lord wants us to be.

I ask you, and I talk to you about charity, because charity stands for love, love is charity, charity is love, it is a divine current, the wonderful current of the sublimity of Mary, because Mary is sublime, chaste, pure, she is Virgin and Mother at the same time helping us, mothers, to keep going on firmly convinced that we can do things. She is also calling the fathers to be united to their wives.

Marriage is so beautiful when there is faithfulness, when a worthy life is led, a life full of colors; and I say colors: rose, for example, the rose is so beautiful, it represents the love of Mary, the love of Jesus, the love of the saints, of the virgins, like Saint Rose of Lima, for example, such beauty, such splendidness; and Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, my great and immense devotion since I was a child.

Roses of love will be thrown over this Basilica so the People of God may stand up and cry out for justice, but at the same time for humility. Lord, humility, humility. Lord, give me humility, humility; Lord, give me knowledge, knowledge.

Yes, Lord. We need knowledge, which is the gift of understanding, to truly understand what God wants from us. Let us ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of understanding to understand everything, so things may turn out easier, in order to truly spread the message of a Mother, as Mary is asking, “My little daughter, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you, my Heart I will give you forever…”, yes, but of course, winning me over one soul, two souls, three souls, thousands and millions of souls. Many little souls, Lord, from the vineyard of the Lord.

Now, brothers, thank you, I thank you all.

O people of Maracaibo, O blessed people of Zulia, O People of God, stand up and walk, do not let the enemy defeat you, shake the dust from your sandals as the Savior did and continue your rapid race striding away, firm, and determined to triumph in order to win the prize of the promised life, an immense heaven where there is only peace, serenity, humility, simpleness, the innocence of the saints, of the virgins.

Thank you, brothers. Thank you, Monsignor. I thank you all.

I always say: Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven. You are a humble soul. You came here from Cabimas. I do not have the words to thank you for your humility, simpleness, and for the knowledge of God that you carry inside, because God has given it to you. And this is so, because you have known how to offer all your grief to the Lord with simpleness and with the innocence of a child.

Let us turn into children. Let us become innocent children, and in this way the Lord will enter, and so will Mary, and all the holy virgins from heaven too. Amen.

May God keep us!


(Mrs. Maria Esperanza talking to a particular person.)

Keep on going, defeating difficulties. There are pitfalls in the way, but we can defeat them and win the battle.

May God be with you, may God keep you!

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza talking to another person.)

Go ahead, son.

Do you know something? The Virgin loves you, and this is why you are here.

May God keep you!

(Mrs. Maria Esperanza addressing the parishioners once again.)

I would like to thank Dr. Vinicio Arrieta and his wife who promoted this invitation with the entire Betania Spirituality Movement, and this lovely choir that performed up there.

Youngsters, always go ahead, happy, joyful, cheering, irradiating light and love everywhere you go. Go ahead, study, learn, and become aware of the love that God is giving us, that He has given us all.

Thank you.


  • Father, here we are, Lord. Here we are, my Father. You know our sufferings, our discomforts, our broken health. We are your children, and we ask You for health, and this health comes with supernatural life.


Supernatural life.

Now, forget me, I do not exist. The Lord knows what He is doing and why He is doing it. These are questions that only He can answer. We are sinners, but He is so good, so generous that He makes Himself felt in his children, because he loves them very much, especially the sick, the humble of heart, and all those souls that approach his holy Church.


“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children;

in the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul

and I keep you here in my Heart from today on, I will keep you

here in my Heart from today on, I will keep you,

I will keep you here in my Heart.”

May peace be with you all, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the entire world.

Many sick ones will be healed because it is the will of God to save many souls.

May God keep you!

Blessed be God!

Thank you.