Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s words. Miraflores. Lima, Peru

Sunday, july 16, 1995  5:20 p.m.

HOST: We thank Mrs. Maria Esperanza for coming here, Mr. Geo Bianchini, and your daughters who have come from Venezuela, your sons-in-law, your grandchildren, and your friends to walk on our land, Peru.

Yesterday you were with Father Manuel Rodriguez. Eighteen thousand people were in Maranga in a healing Mass, and in the afternoon, you were with Father Pacifico.

(The host asks Father Pacifico to join them. Applause.)

Go ahead, Father Pacifico.

Let us welcome this very special Ambassadress, a very special guest, Mrs. Maria Esperanza, let us give her an affectionate applause.

We want you to tell us about Our Lady, how did you see her? How did she present herself? What did she tell you? What message does she have for our country?


… and may she increase faith, hope, and charity in us, the three theological virtues that help us to really discern the message of a Christ, of a Redeemer, of a Savior of the World, the Prophet, the Master of masters who chooses his apostles teaching them to preach, going from one place to another carrying the Word of the Divine Master the Savior.

Behold, my children, my brothers, before our Celestial Mother Mary, she is the mobile of all my actions in life, she has always taken me, leading me since I was a little girl when I made my First Communion, precisely today on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. You are so beautiful Mary! You are always aware of all of your children, of your little ones.

I have grown and I am a woman-mother, but I feel like a little girl in the arms of the Father and of this Blessed Mother who takes me by the arm, reaffirming the path to lead me and conduct me. Yes, brothers.

You have told me that you want me to talk to you about the apparition of my Mother, what does she ask from us?

On March 25 in 1976, my Mother presented herself to me in Betania of the Holy Waters with her hands extended like my beloved Mother of the Miraculous Medal. It was a light that blinded me. I believed. It was something so big and sublime that I have not been able to forget. And this, this magnificent moment of my life, I would say, brought me the perfect discernment that if we really want to work for our beloved Church, our Living Catholic Church, we have to live by that Church because Christ lives among us.

I realize, O Mother, that the world needs you very much, and that is why I am here! I am nothing, I am a woman like any of you, but she touched my heart, she stole my heart for the love to her Divine Son.

And I wish that all of you could feel the heat and the fire, the flame of the Heart of Jesus Christ for that Immaculate Heart of Mary, a virgin Heart, pure, and holy, the Heart of my Mother. You are so sweet and gentle. How could I explain to the world what I feel here in my chest? How could I explain what you left engraved here? No Lord, forgive me I am overwhelmed thinking about the beings that lost their lives here, the moment of the explosion. Such great pain in their hearts!

Well, such great pain for those who loose their souls. Oh Lord, those who attempted against the life of a crowd that was here! But we must think about one thing, they went to heaven, they passed on to a better life, a life without hardship or persecutions. No. It is a beautiful, wonderful, and sublime life. My God! O angels from heaven, you sing in such a way for those souls that left everything behind that day, their families, their homes. Heaven is so beautiful, brothers.

This is why we must live with righteousness, with much righteousness, with an exact consciousness of our duties; and especially for our children. Let us live for their achievements, aspirations, helping them walk calmly so they may not commit so many sins affecting the hearts of so many parents. And the ones who already did…May God forgive them and may He have mercy on their souls.

The ones who came, the ones who arrived to this place to turn it into ashes, forgive them, Lord, because they did not know what they were doing. Forgive us, Lord, for those poor people, and thank You, Lord, because those who we lost here on earth, have met with You, my Lord, my Eternal Father of Heaven. And you, Mary, have welcomed them in your motherly bosom. They are so joyous. It is hard to explain, there are such deep and great things that only the Mother, she Mary, she could answer directly to your hearts.

And be happy and content. I feel a wonderful joy in my heart because I see here, the family center that are families that concentrate on their beloved ones who were flying towards heaven, and there they are waiting for everyone, so when their day comes – it will come to all of us, that day – we may learn to receive it with courage, love, and hope. Not like: “I am dying” no, no. “O Lord! I die in your arms, I feel You from within, I feel You from within.” Men and women, I invite you to reflect about this: death, life and death, resurrection, glory to God.

(The audience repeats the short prayer: Glory to God.)

This is why, on this day when you told me to talk to you about Betania, I passed to this other issue because it interests me. I felt I had to stress upon this, because it is the inspiration. It is my Mother only, she who leads me and the Holy Spirit renewing your souls, appraising your faith, our consciences open to the grace, our hearts full of excitement and tenderness, so quietness and calmness may enter and our souls may grow green again. Love, it is love, love that renews, love that makes us mindful, love that calls us, it calls us to live an honest and just life.

It is honesty what we need in these times. Honesty, human dignity so we may live in accordance with those teachings of our Divine Master Jesus, Our Beloved Savior of the World, the living Heart of Christ. It is Him, The great Teacher of teachers who teaches us to walk, and for that purpose He has chosen a rock and foundation, the Church; and that Church is a basis, and that basis is firm, it is a precious and perfect rock. The work of God is perfect; regarding this issue there are no mistakes.

So, let us – all of us here, these people who are here today – join in one heart to conquer the kingdom of Jesus Christ, a kingdom that will spread throughout the world and will include the hearts of all men so peace may rule in the world. Because while men are not aware that Jesus is the Son of God, the Savior of the World, the King of kings, the Redeemer of the World who comes to save us, we will continue having constant wars and terrible lashes of nature. Remember this.

We have to rehabilitate our cells. How do we rehabilitate these cells? With prayer, meditation, penance, and the Eucharist. The Eucharist every day, if possible, our Holy Mass, our daily chore in favor of those who are in our need. It does not matter where they are from or how they got here, the important thing is to stretch out our hand, give them a glance, a smile. O Lord! How beautiful it is to encourage a sad heart.

Yes, brothers; yes, little ones; yes, young ones; yes, adults in this day I call all of you to be aware of that labor which is called the Church of God, the catholic, apostolic, Roman, universal Church. A Church for everyone, a Church that feels in its heart the pain of its brothers… a Pope from Rome who helps us walk better, who assists us with his prayers, with the legacy that God has given him, a legacy of love, the making aware of the People of God.

Now you can see him going from one place to another, taking his message. He does not fear the bullets that have wounded his holy body, he does not fear men blaspheming with their tongues, he does not fear anyone. Why? Because Christ assists him, because Christ is with him, because he loves his Church, he loves it so badly that he does not care about dying, as long as many souls may be saved. Love this Pope, I ask you to love him because he has done a wonderful labor, a big labor, he is sustaining all of us.

So, I say this because it is necessary. There is coldness in some hearts, we have to love our priests with all the weaknesses they may have, we are all weak, nobody is perfect on earth. As long as we have blood, flesh and senses the soul cannot be perfect. They are the only ones who have the right to absolve sins, the only ones who can bless and feed us, the ones who can raise the Lord in their hands. How lovely! How beautiful!, to raise Christ up high to later give Him to us, feeding us.

O the Eucharist, our great nourishment! I love the Eucharist since I was a little girl, every day of my life, I did not do a greater thing. This is why, I beg the youth to stand up, young ones, of course, sometimes it is hard to get up early, but the organism gets used to that, we must form an iron, firm, decided, and fearless will… “I am suffering of such and such pain…” If it were like this, I would not do anything. We must concisely, firmly, decidedly, and under the protection of the love of God, only God, go forward. Who but God? No one, only God can do it all.

So, on this beautiful day of my Mother of Mount Carmel I invite you to truly – many do, but others do not – recite the rosary with your family daily. Families must get together around the table standing firmly like soldiers with the holy rosary in hand. And, how do you do this? Pray here, at this moment, pray it… blessings will come down from heaven, you will receive strength and special graces. I beg you to pray, brothers. The family gathered together praying is so beautiful, contemplating the wonderful figure in front of them with the Baby Jesus in her arms, or with her miraculous rays.

O Mary, my Mother, Mother of Mercy, Reconciler of all the People and Nations, when you appeared to me on that day, Mother, I thought I would faint, but you sustained me in your arms and I calmly kept walking! Thank you, Mother, for the gift of prayer, of infinite tenderness, for the grief in my soul, and at the same time for the immense joy that did not fit in my heart. And every day I remember you, Mother, I feel like that time when I became a child, because only the innocent children can feel in their hearts a love as big as the one I feel for you. So I want you to love Mary: Mary is purity, chastity, comprehension, humanity, simplicity and humility.

I ask the Lord to give me humility, humility, and always humility; because Jesus practiced it, He was so humble with His Mother, the two of Them. Let us think, reflect on Nazareth, on the days they spent together entrusted to Saint Joseph by their side; then, Saint Joseph was taken and the two were left on their own. What a beautiful picture: Jesus and Mary getting prepared; He, for the great event of His life, Christ King Savior of the World!

So, brothers, Mary calls you to Betania. Betania – you must know – is light of the world, truth, justice, and continuous donation. It does not matter, rich and poor are all the same; pretty, ugly; educated and uneducated… in Betania there is space for every one… it is constructive strength for men, truth, and justice. I invite you there. What you feel there is something so big. I do not have a doubt, people from many parts of the world have come, and they all say the same thing: “There is something unique here, Mary, the Mother of God is here.”

And this is why I wish that all of Peru may receive all infinite graces from heaven, for its roads to be open, for the nations to start considering it in its proper way to help it with the load so this Nation of God may be able to do its daily chore contributing with the growth of Peru. Everyone, everybody forge ahead firmly convinced that God is telling us: “I love Peru, I feel Peru!”

I have been very devoted to Saint Martin de Porres and Saint Rose of Lima, since I was a little girl…


…and they are the ones who have brought me here with my Mother. Since very little I felt Saint Rose, her fragrance, and her rose perfume. How innocent, how simple, and how intelligent at the same time. She transmits such tenderness. Saint Martin in his humility, cleaning with his broom in the hand; he still is sweeping. May he sweep the minds of the men that still do not acknowledge their God, and want to live the grief of sin, so they may analyze their life and find themselves in Jesus.

Well, brothers, I am happy, very happy to see each and every face of yours: some sad, some cheerful, some like this… but you are one person in Christ, Christ in us, we in Christ and in his Mother, because the Father wants it to be like this.

This is the time of great decisions for men, and those decisions have to be the best: spiritual growth, balance, justice, and even more, conviction that nothing moves if it is not because of the will of God, nothing. Let us surrender ourselves in the arms of our Father and Mother like innocent children do, so we may fulfill ourselves, to help those who are in our need. There is a nation in our need, we have to work; sometimes your enemy can be saved because of one good deed of yours. We cannot despise people because they are like this – you are like this – no. Give them a hand, do not leave them empty handed; a word on time can save a soul; a holding of  hands can lead a person to be mindful and meditate on the risk that can totally harm them.

Brothers, all of you here, think that Mary lives among us, that the sweet Mother, the Woman of Calvary that suffered so much, lives among us. Today that Cross is here, it has been raised today, yes, like never before from the day my Lord died to this date, to this day, month, year – 1995 – to help all of this nation join together, so there may be no divisions, or risk of war, or scandal motivations. We long to live in peace, in harmony. Let us live in harmony, let us live joyfully, happy, content. Let us accept what we have regardless of how much it is. And let us see the grief that others have, not our own, because when you see the grief of others you realize that your own is nothing compared to theirs.

I thank you, thank you very much for this moment you are giving me because it is the People of God whom I love, it is a nation that asks for exact consciousness of their duties. Some may fail, but not everyone. There are good people in this country, there is a lot of need too.

This is why, I am going to tell you something this morning: When I was twelve-years-old, my Mother came to me and gave me a message as the Virgin of Mount Carmel, I carry it here, I will eventually send you a copy. I am so excited. Mary is so beautiful, sweet, soft, and delicate. She is like a soft breeze that goes along and lets you breathe the pure air of the mountains, with the flowers that have blossomed to light our hearts with love for her Divine Son Christ, and to lighten our burden.

Today she has entered into her small ship, just as Elijah saw her in those times, about nine hundred years before Christ came to earth, Elijah had already seen that ship. Today she has offered her ship to us; my Mother wishes that Peru may embark on that ship and start to sail with Mary because it is Mary who is going to save us all, brothers.

I thank you all. May Peru be blessed, blessed be my Mother, blessed be all of you with this poor woman who has come to give you the consolation you needed.

May God keep you all.