Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s words. Lounge Amon & Tamar, Hotel Renaissance. Jerusalem, Israel

Thursday, November 9, 1995  8:00 P.M.

  • The Angelus.

Good evening to everyone, respected priests, our pastors who teach us to live the Gospel, who take us under consideration in their prayers with one marvelous thought… the Lord, Jesus, the Holy Spirit working in the Blessed Mother because the Eternal Father wanted it so, with his seven gifts to teach us to really live as true Christians, Catholics who answer to their duties, who reaffirm their faith, who are decided – if it is possible – to give their lives as those apostles who followed Jesus did, to keep faith, hope, and charity alive.

Three theological virtues to reaffirm once more, that Jesus lives among us, that Jesus leads us, He is the Divine Pastor who leads us, guiding us with our pastors and with a Holy Father who is sitting at the Chair of Peter to reaffirm, motivate, and help us with our loads, our weaknesses, and also with our good intentions of overcoming our grey days so it may all shine, glow with the sun of truth, justice, and love.

Yes, thank you very much, my son; and I say son because I also call him son, to me they are my little innocent sons of the Holy Mother, of Mary, a son who is pleased in taking evangelization to the souls curing, healing, relieving, strengthening the ones who need it. Yes, Father, may God bless and keep you, as my seraphic Father Saint Francis of Assisi used to say, “May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He show his countenance on you, may He have mercy on you, may He look kindly upon you, and may He grant you peace.” My son, keep on, always forward, always. Amen.

Thank you everyone, the priests, this people of the United States and also thank you, those who came from my Venezuela, the ones who have accompanied me, thank you because you have come to be with me, I thank the Mariani family, their son, the one who is over there, a person who has a great heart… Soon we will see what happens… May God keep you all.


(The Betania Choir presents the Alleluia from Haendel.)