Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s words in The Boat Crossing. The Galilean Sea. Galilea, Israel

Saturday, november 11, 1995  10:00 a.m.

Good morning.

Brothers, this place truly moves me, these blessed lands of the Lord, this beautiful lake, and above all, the joy of your hearts, because I know that deep down we all are happy, smiling within, and thinking: When will I come back again? When will I come back to these places? We are thinking: When will we come back again? Because this is the blessed land that saw the birth of the Savior of the World, Jesus of all times, of all ages, because He is the Son of God for us Catholics who feel our Church.

I love all the Churches of the world, I love them all, Lord, because we all are your children, children of the same Father and of a mother land that saw us be born. Blessed those who were born here, but blessed also those of us who were born in our nations, in our countries, in our villages because it is the same nation, the People of God!

With the People of God there are no divisions; yes, each one has their concerns, their faith in the religion their parents taught them. I appreciate this very much, to know that our parents taught us their religion; we must respect each other.

Respect is the wonderful way to truly live a community life. Communities… I have always spoken about communities, and what she was just saying, I have thought about before, regarding Betania: to work together. It is not that what is mine is only mine, and what is yours is only yours, no, do not touch, no, but with respect. Can I do this? Will you allow me? That is to say, with charity, love, and loyalty to the received teachings.

Tiberiades, you are so beautiful! I have come again to see your small waves, cleansed and clear.

Jesus the precursor of those times, which turns into only one time, one age, one movement, one heart. This is what the Lord is asking for: Human race unity, conversion of the sinner, and great inner harmony in each heart, harmonized by love, by the motivation one is living, and above all – when we truly reach these lands – with the faithfulness of a Son of God.

We are faithful to the Son of God because everything we see is the work of the hand of God in man; man is the instrument of work, and to lead his people to salvation; to be saved, to work the land, to live the Gospel that Jesus taught us and the prophets taught their people. When we will come to respect each person in their faith, there will be no more war, no more rebels, nothing that will oppress the hearts; there will be peace, harmony, unity, and joy. Wherever I go I will have a brother. Wherever I step: Come, son, what do you need? What do you want? Speak up, say something, and think. What do you want? Here you go; this is your home too. This will be so beautiful!

We cannot only think about ourselves: I want, I need. Yes, we like good things, this is true, we are not going to deny this, we like it all, each one in the social environment where he is, where God has placed him, where he lives; we also have our desires, longings, hopes, dreams, because life is a dream, a constant dream of the beautiful things we see, observe, and contemplate.

I am contemplating each one of you, I know that each one of you has a longing, a desire, a plan to be fulfilled, carried out in your own environment, in what you do; but today I beg you to reflect on this lake: “What do I wish for?” Each one think: “What do I want from life? What does this life offer me? What does God want me to do? What am I good for? Why have I been constituted with life, a miraculous life?”

Because it is a miracle that we all are here, perhaps many could not come, and all of a sudden everything was solved, either because of family or work problems… How can I go? What can I do? In other opportunities we have gone to other missions and we all go, we have managed to all go; but not this time, because some had to work, that is to say, some come others go. But I am truly happy that all you were able to come.

You came from Puerto Rico, from Peru, amazing… and we have hardly began our friendship, but there has been comprehension, loyalty to a friendship because of Kathy, because Kathy brought you, these are great things. I cannot forget Kathy because she is here with us, she has served me at the conferences when I have gone to the United States, she has been an instrument, and Piri too. It is beautiful to think about the souls we love, I love, we all love.

So, I especially wish to tell Noel: Noel, thank you, daughter, for your spontaneous and natural service, of course things cannot be so perfect that we all agree, some do, others do not, no, no, in these things, these small details, that so-and-so said… this is natural, let us not see this like something… O! So-and-so said… no, no, this is natural, there is a current, but we have come closer, and I admire you because you have will power.

I admire people with will power, without it we can achieve nothing in life, with will you can carry out everything, because you have a fighting spirit against everything that is not logical. We receive what is logical, and what is illogical cannot enter.

So, I truly congratulate you, may you continue enjoying this blessed land that saw the birth of Our Savior Jesus, and also saw the birth of your ancestors. I admire them, I love Israel very much, I feel it in my heart in a very special way, and I have many people who have shared the same feeling with me.

These are great things, because they are things that unite us, and they are hard to forget, we bear this pinned to our hearts, and this flame is love, love to all our brothers, loyalty to our God of all gods, one God, one mind, a mind that guides its people, leads them, teaches them, and gives them the needed stability.

Well, brothers, what else can I tell you? That we should be understanding, human, simple and humble like the little flower of Nazareth, Mary, the humble woman of Calvary, the simple flower that gave itself, and continues to do so in Betania and in all the places of her apparitions in the world. We must go on firmly convinced that nothing will stop the march toward the ideals of a better world, with a life according to the prophets of the past, struggling and defeating the enemy, in order to truly fulfill ourselves as entities of light in the world leading an honest, worthy, loving, and faithful life with the knowledge that is only given by God, the gift of understanding to understand what He wants from each one of us.

This is so important, people do not stop to think… understanding. I admire, I love the gift of understanding, because when you have the gift of understanding you come to see what surrounds you, what is beside you, it is like a light that turns on and off until there is a reflection, an immense light that bathes you like this sun that we have right now does. Then, all the channels, all the ports open and the grace comes to us, and we feel serene within, faithful to our feelings toward our faith, our religion, toward what our parents taught us, and we are happy as everyone else is.

I wanted to say this, because we cannot say: You are not going to be saved. We all have to be saved, if there is a God of mercy we all are going to be saved… a perfect God.

The perfection of God is unique, it does not exist in men, only God, and He gives us his gifts, his seven gifts so they will help us in life increasing our faith and helping us live with our brothers on Earth. We are brothers, we are brothers, we are brothers in our faith, hope, and charity, which are the three theological virtues. And of course, love is reflected in charity.

Today we should take love that is charity, let us bear it in our hearts within, and let us say: Lord, I wish to serve You with the charity of a son of God. We are children of God.

May God keep us all. My gratitude for all those who are commanding the boat, we should pray for those who are leading the boat with their hands, because they are the instruments of God so we could be entertained and could see these wonderful waters that dazzle us and give us inner peace. It hardly moves, it is something like… so soft, so frank, and serene that is makes me look into the eyes of Mary, and it is like she is saying, “Little daughter, forge ahead, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you, my Heart I will continue to give you forever. You are my children, the children of the Heart of this Mother. I keep you in my Heart. God bless you all.”