Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s words. Cenacle Jerusalem, Israel

Friday, november 10, 1995  10:30 a.m.

…there Christ delivers his Body symbolizing it with the bread and the wine that is his Blood, that is to say, his Body with the bread, and the wine which are the vineyards of Jerusalem. That is to say, that there He, motivated by the grace of the Holy Spirit, offers his Body and Blood as nourishment for all Christianity so all may be able to be fed for eternity.

I think that the Eucharist is the greatest thing, and I ask my Lord to never leave me without it, and I ask Him to give me the will even though I may be sick, sad, dragging myself, in any circumstance, to be able to receive Him everyday.

This is why that in this moment I call you to the Eucharist; do not leave Him, it is Jesus, you feel strengthened with all the tests, with all the things that you may have, you feel strengthened.

This is why I love this place; but today I was very touched by my Mother, by her dormition… to me it has been something very great and now I am in front of the Body of Jesus. I could not leave without seeing this.

So, I urge you all… the Eucharist… if it rains, thunders, lightning stokes… the Eucharist, nourishment, Holy Mass, daily Communion against anything. And I am moved, because I am going to tell you something, when I came here the Lord told me, “I will live with you, daughter, I will always be with you, as you feel Me here with my apostles, I will live with you wherever you live… in your home.”

The Lord has given me this grace and this is why I have no words, this is why I have been so moved, and besides the Virgin gave me a message about her dormition, she was dictating it to me and Nena Gutierrez wrote it. The way she describes everything to me is so beautiful. O I now realize! What a great thing, Lord!

May God bless us all, may He strengthen us and may He specially unite us. Quarrels, criticism, let us leave all of that behind us.

The Lord is so kind and generous that He has given us this gift. It is a great gift, Lord; I thank You, my Blessed Lord, Jesus with your twelve disciples, Saint Peter… I love Saint Peter and Saint Paul so much… Rome, I recall the place where my life evolved, yes, Venezuela, but Rome gave me everything, it gave me a partner, a family, it has given me plenty, I have no way of thanking my Lord.

So, well, what else can I say but let us keep on going forward, firmly convinced that when we go with God in our hearts, neither nothing nor no one can come against us, because He is there and we receive everything with humility, patience, fear of God of not offending Him, and most of all, with a human and profound sense that makes us better in life. We have to be better, change everyday, improve everyday our spiritual life, our inner life, clean, wash away all that is bad, search in all the corners of our soul, mind, and heart. How are we inside?

So, let us offer the Lord the best, the way we have changed, the improvement that we have had, and telling Him: Lord, here I offer myself for whatever You may want, wherever you want me; I am nothing, You are everything to me and without You, what can I do? So, Lord, here I am with your Mother, with all the apostles who followed You and with all those religious men and women of the world who left their families, they left it all, the priests, the religious men, the pastors, the religious women who left their homes…

I wanted to leave mine too, but the Lord wanted me in the world, fighting in this world. It is so tough, Lord.

Thank You, my God, for being here with my people, with my children and with the souls, well, that are spiritually and in a heartfelt way united to me. May the dew of the clear morning reach them with the earliest rays of light of the day that comes after the rain, after the cleaning, after everything becomes purified – our souls – so the shining sun will come out to bring us a ray of light, so we may be children of light. I have been saying this for some time now, we are children of light; the darkness is left behind, now the darkness can not touch us because we are children of light, because Jesus has entered in us. Amen.