Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. The Western Wall. Jerusalem, Israel

Monday, november 6, 1995  3:05 p.m.

…your daughter, María Esperanza, here you have me, my Lord, with all the love that sprouts from my heart. You know the rest, Jesus.

Bless us, Jesus; bless us, Lord, together with my family.

There is a big wall that has been put for all Christians.

When I put my hands on the Western Wall I prayed for everyone.

“It is my will, my will is that the leaf of a tree does not move without my consent.” I mean, I do not know, I felt, you know, like… no, no, I am not going to tell you that I felt this or that, no, no, I have to be very honest, it is like a state of serenity, peace, something that takes you and that you offer yourself, it is his divine and wonderful presence… of God the Father. And that, well, we are all here, and as it is said: his will has been for us to come here, because in all those years when I saw this from a distance, it never came to me, you know, I had been told, but I am very respectful of my faith, I am very firm, nothing that deviates me, no.

But He made me understand today, like it is said: there has to be comprehension among brothers, each one has his faith, it has to be respected, there has to be love, giving, first of all there has to be giving. O, how beautiful, Lord! “I cure everything, I relieve everything, I am always there for all my children, and always shall be when they come with humility and with the true desire of meeting with Me.”

It was something else when He and the Father gave me the instruction of something, that we are about to see.

When I saw those children I thought of little children, Geo, little children like him, that grow. He is telling me: “Take care of the children, of the men of tomorrow, of the youth; keep on.”

O, what a great thing! So, I am going to study something I received that we are about to see.

I admire everything that is done with the hands, the person who has a gift, who uses his or her hands.