Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Saint Caterina of Siena Church. Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America

Sunday, abril 30, 1995

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • The Angelus.
  • O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Respected priests gathered here, you who have celebrated the Holy Mass that has been hope of a better future for us, through infinite graces from heaven that will be poured over all of us. Yes. I also greet this audience, People of God. We are People of God, a people that love and feel our Lord, and attend to Church to receive the sacraments of the Lord.

The Eucharist… the nourishment of our souls, hope for the future, and the spiritual comfort that we all need to go on living with faith in our hearts, strengthened by the love of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Jesus, the King of the Tabernacle, Savior of the World because He has come to save us. He came and He still is with us on all the altars of the world to strengthen us, soothe our burden, and help us be better in life so we may give the best we have… that little bit we have with much human docility and Christian charity.

So, brothers, it has been a beautiful, splendid, flourished meeting. Our souls have vibrated with the chants of the young ones, our hearts have vibrated with the words of our priests from the Gospel, and this is how we received the Body of Christ who has made Himself present in our hearts. We have received Him to continue to be fed forever, because when we receive Jesus our souls feel withdrawn and filled with spiritual graces to continue living strengthened with love.

The love that Jesus gives us is divine fortitude that He transmits to us in order to be able to pray for our divided brothers, for the whole world, especially for our Holy Father the Pope in Rome, John Paul II whose task has been the task of a walking shepherd going from one place to another, to all nations opening routes and paths for the People of God who yearns for social justice, new life, hope, strength to live the Gospel.

It is the time of evangelization, of reflection, of leaving. People of God, Catholics of the world, and Christians defend your rights with an open heart spreading the message of a Mother, Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church who with her different titles is appearing throughout the whole world. Mary is calling us, she is ringing the bells of her Church so all united, holding hands, we may secure our faith and win the lukewarm hearts, the hearts of the cold ones, of those who do not know the Lord, and of those who we love, the people who need health, peace, serenity, and of the youth too; so youth can grow green again like plants do at spring time, uniting forces in one consistent block, in one heart spreading the Word of God.

O jubilant youth, I call you to enter the lines of the Church without stopping, meditating without thinking about it twice; the touch of the Holy Spirit is enough to embrace your faith with incandescent love that will not let you hesitate, because there you have the fire of Jesus, the flame of Christ touching your heart! Yes, youngsters, go on, you are the hope of a better tomorrow, you and the children who are growing… all the youth, all childhood is the hope of the mothers, and grandmothers – as some of us are. We are filled with the love of Jesus Christ; fill yourselves with it too, so you may go throughout the world evangelizing.

We have our priests who are preparing us so those lines may truly take the best path, the path of faith, hope, and charity which are the three theological virtues that support our hearts. Charity is the flame and fire of Jesus, charity is what leads us and guides us through the paths of the Lord that take us to the line of the Great Master, Jesus… Jesus in the Pope of Rome. Because it is Jesus who guides, strengthens, and fills his people with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit guiding us towards the light of truth, towards the light of the truth and divine knowledge.

Thank you, brothers, thank you for these beautiful moments that we have lived with the Eucharist, the Holy Mass, with our priests who are the pastors who lead us and soothe us, because it is soothing to feel that their hands can touch the Lord, hoisting Him so we may answer that heavenly caress. They are the ones, who with their wonderful mystery can confess us and absolve us from our sins and weaknesses.

Therefore, love your priests, respect your Church, your families, your brother regardless of how he came to you or where he came from, the important thing is to give him a hand with charity, sincerity, and simpleness because Jesus is in simpleness. He is with the humble, poor, and with all those who have surrendered everything for his Heart.

To all the people of this town, of this area, may the Lord make Himself fully felt… yes, fully felt in the heart of these children so they may grow and may walk step by step, yes, slowly but sure that they will meet face to face with Him in order to walk the path that leads us to Mount Zion.

O unmatched beauty, those of the passages of the Sacred and Holy Bible… the life of Jesus, of his apostles, of Mary – the innocent Mary, the modest woman of Nazareth, Mary the sweet violet of the holy path of Nazareth, the flower of Mount Carmel! Her beauty is unparalleled with her simpleness and human quality. Mary did so much next to her Son, accompanying Him from one place to another behind the apostles. She was humbly withdrawn following his steps in order to be taught too, enlightened by those wonderful Words that Jesus was leaving us.

Therefore, we must learn, we must continue learning and living the Gospel of Mark, Mathew, Luke and John; it is needed for us to be prepared.

Our Church must stand; our families must be firm, the family of God to defend its rights, to strengthen itself with trust, love, loyalty, and especially with a spirit of endurance. Endurance with great balance is what we need, in order to live like fair people who know what they want, desire, and how they must truly learn.

We all have to continue learning because everyday we come to know more, we come to intern ourselves into the life of Jesus, of the family of Nazareth, and of the apostles too, of all of our great saints, like Saint Catherine of Siena, a great woman, intelligent, capable of all the needed sacrifices to hoist the banner of the Church… and so on, so many beautiful things that we have to learn.

Therefore, brothers, let us follow the steps of Jesus and Mary, because Mary is the Mother who has come to rescue us from the bindings of sin, in these times of great calamity for man.

Therefore, let us follow her with humility, simpleness, and great clarity. May our mind be open to the grace of the Holy Spirit to collect the steps of Mary and imitate her. Of course, it is difficult to imitate the Mother of God because she is too perfect, subtle, beautiful, tender, and delicate that, perhaps, we are not worthy but let us look for her and she will be willing to teach us, reeducate us, and fill us with much love because love is the joy that we all need… much love.

Now, brothers, for those who are sick, sad, with any sort of problem receive the grace of Christ, the love of Jesus, of the apostles, and the grace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May God keep you all, may God bless you.

Thank you, thank you all, thank you brothers.

Blessed be the Lord, my God, Christ, you the father priests who have celebrated Holy Mass, and blessed be this people. May you leave this place, O my Lord and God!, with your hearts filled with love for your family, beloved ones, and brothers, always willing to serve and not to be served. To serve and never get tired of being bothered, no, to serve knowing that everything has a reward from the Lord, his divine mercy, infinite mercy, the mercy and kindness that is present among us everyday.

Thank you, thank you all. And may the Lord bless, sanctify and help this people live days of light, thinking that the light is with us as long as we fulfill our duties with our Church, families, universities and schools, teachers, and with all those who cross our life.

May God keep us all. Thank you.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

Thank You, Lord, thank You.

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you all. I carry you in my heart.