Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Our Lady of Martyrs’ Shrine. Auriesville, New York, United States of America

Friday, may 5, 1995

…to you priests, and my love for Jesus and Mary. They are your wonderful key so you may go on convinced that there is nothing more beautiful than the fact of living a pastoral life, an evangelic life. You are our teachers, our good pastors because the Lord lives with you in a special way, for you are the only ones who have the right of hoisting Him in your hands… his Body, his Blood, that divine mystic Body that feeds us, strengthens us, and helps us walk on the secure path of peace, meekness, and humility.

You are pastors and what is there that a pastor cannot do for a son of God, for the People of God? He can achieve anything with will power, with strong will, with balance, and a great desire of understanding their brothers, better yet, their pupils. We are your pupils who wish to be protected and taught.

There is a doctrine that the Lord bequeathed us as a goal of salvation. The Lord has left us a doctrine as a means of salvation and you are the only ones who can teach it to us… evangelization, your self-donation following the People of God, in order to truly teach us what it means to be a good Christian, a fervent Christian, and a humble worker in the fields of the Lord.

Yes, we need to be taught, therefore the Lord, in these times, is among us as ever.

I say so, because apocalyptic times are coming and it is necessary to hold fast to the rock and foundation of our Catholic, apostolic, Roman, and universal Church. The Holy Church with her Holy Father, the Pope of Rome, John Paul II, who presides over us with his beautiful and subtle language to teach us that what we truly need is love, much love.

Therefore, we truly need you to teach us what we have to follow, helping us with the burden of the people who long for social justice, for desires of learning, and of living with softness, convincing us with humility and simpleness. People are asking for a renewal in their faith, in their way of sharing.

Therefore, this poor woman, I know nothing, I simply love the people because of the Church. So many martyrs shed their blood, in order to save the People of God who were going astray in those days of great persecution of the ones who did not believe in my Lord Jesus.

You have seen Saint Peter who went to Rome, his mission was so beautiful, he baptized in prison, he spread the Word of evangelization to his younger brothers, and he also offered his life. His was a difficult moment, and there was a moment of weakness, we wanted to run, to leave Rome. What a beautiful teaching from Jesus when He met Peter in Quo Vadis! He appeared on a carriage like an innocent child, and told Peter, “I am going back to Rome to let them crucify Me.” Behold, Peter immediately thought again and returned to Rome. He knew what to expect, but he went back; urged by the love of Jesus he gave in, offering his life. There was no fear, pain, nor weeping when he said, “Crucify me, but with my head and hands facing down.”

O complete surrender! O unmatched beauty! When I think about these things I say: Lord, where are the martyrs of these times? There have been some, the martyrs who surrendered for love, and this martyr who has truly impressed me. What did they do to him? Without hands or feet, he offered himself for the love of Jesus, of the holy Cross, and of his people. Here we have part of him.

There will be more martyrs in all ages, now and then faith in the heart of men has to be reformulated in order to enkindle the flame of Jesus, his fire. He comes to accompany us in all the steps we make in life to secure those who come behind, those who are growing: children, youth, and men who truly love their Church.

Behold, then, beloved priests of my Lord Jesus, I feel the Church in such a way! And I am praying for the United States so much so faith may enliven, and may softly and in a simple way grow with the dream of an innocent child in all of its priests, so they may defend their rights of justice and freedom for the love of that Church, the Cross and the ruling Pope.

I am here because of my Mother, for Mary, sweet Mary, simple Mary, the flower of Mount Carmel, the dream of all mothers, of all the mothers of the world who have to let go of a son because he is seeking the Lord.

Priests, your mission is so beautiful! Do not feel afflicted; be strong, strengthened by the love of Jesus and of the Mother, a generous and compassionate Mother who wants to renew us, who wants to help us together with Jesus. The thing is that there is a great truth: Christ is the source of light, He is light of the world, He is the awakening of consciences, He is the garment for youth so they may bloom growing green again like in spring time, with the most beautiful flowers of the gardens of heaven, of a never ending eternity.

Behold, an important issue: youth, the youth to which we have to reaffirm their convictions, we have to help them grow leading them lovingly, and at the same time making them understand that the prime base is loving God above all things. To God, to Him we have to pay tribute as Lord of lords, the Father in his Divine Son Jesus, Jesus the Master, the Prophet, the King of kings, the Savior of the World, the Holy Spirit enlightening man with his rays, touching their hearts, making them more fervent, teaching them the significance of the human condition as a being of God, in order to stay where the Lord has placed them, in their place, the place where they have to develop all their inner talents giving the best of their hearts.

Therefore, we must be docile to the grace, like small children who know nothing. Jesus is working; He is the Master who teaches us, He is the infinite light that He shows all men on earth so they may live a natural, simple, mystic and divine life.

Jesus is so beautiful! His beauty is in his humility, generosity, his compassion on us helping us improve our inner life, so we may love Him a little at a time, but we are full of God, of Jesus, of this great Temple where we breathe peace, heartfelt joy, tender feelings that enkindle our faith and trust in Jesus. He gave Himself on the Cross nailed with pointed nails that pierced his flesh, with a crown of thorns that enlightens our minds so we may walk with Him in a simple manner.

Therefore, I beg you from the bottom of my heart, do not expect from me a great speech, culture, or so many other beautiful things that people learn. You can expect from me a prayer, a plea, a day of fasting, a prayer during the night, a sacrifice; I will do this to fish souls. We can go on serving the Church, a pure and holy Church working day by day for our sanctification.

Yes, and now I want to thank you for you have brought me here by means of Kateri Tekakwitha and of this woman that you see here, Marlene. Thank you, Marlene; thank you, Kateri Tekakwitha, I love you.

Before coming, I was so uncertain, I thought: Lord, I do not know if this is the right moment. And at the same time I would answer myself: But perhaps it could be; I only want to do your will, Lord, your will, Lord, wherever you want me, for whatever you need me, Lord […].

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

  • O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

I thank you all.