Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Our Lady of Martyrs’ Shrine. Auriesville, New York, United States of America

Sunday, may 7, 1995

Before beginning my sharing with you, let us pray the Angelus to my Blessed Mother, Virgin and Mother of the Church Reconciler of People, Mother of Peace.

  • The Angelus.

Respected audience, initiating with the priests, our religious, and all this audience of God; because I consider that whoever is here is because the person is seeking my Mother, Jesus, his mystic Body, the Eucharist, nourishment of our souls, the only food that fills us with fortitude, peace, health and supernatural life.

When I say supernatural life I mean, for those who are sick, sad, forsaken, suffering a problem that is affecting you psychologically the supernatural life of Our Lord Jesus Christ will enrapture you, your souls, hearts, each one of your cells, your whole body filling you with new life that begins to enter in all of you. I say all of you, because for the Lord all of us are his children; He loves you and wishes your faith to be strengthened with the trust of a true son who has waited and has met his Mother and Jesus. He has nourished us very much and we are waiting for the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit to come in a special way.

Yes, and I say in a special way, because you will feel in your souls a rebirth of hope so you may truly assimilate the message of a Mother, our Mother Mary who has come to invite us all in our homes, families, with our beloved ones, and all those who come to us. Yes, Mary, the flower of Mount Carmel, the soft woman who brought the Son of God to the world to save us, and bring us back to life with the blessed Blood of Christ Redeemer and Savior of all nations, of all people who will fashion an invincible chain where the enemy cannot enter. Do you know why? Because we are Church, rock and foundation.

This is the Church we have that is presided by the Holy Father, John Paul II, the Pope of Rome who is giving his life, surrendering it, spreading his message of love, human solidarity with the charisma of the Holy Spirit. He is doing so much good.

We must feel – we the Catholic who love Christ – happy of being able to have, on that blessed chair of Peter apostle, a Pope like John Paul II. He is meeting his spiritual stature for all of us, his small sheep.

Jesus is our Pastor and now he has named him pastor of the Church with deep rock and foundation, to assay our faith and the knowledge that we have to defend our rights, in order to hold hands like brothers, so the enemy will not manage to deform our minds; and so all of us may feel completely free of anything that could contaminate us from the world of sin.

Thus, the reason why you see me here, a poor woman who has not gone to the university… no. Do not expect from me elaborate words… no; you will find me just the way I am with a heart that loves and feels the pain her brothers bear inside. I am a woman who does not care how the souls come to her. How they come does not matter, we must outstretch our hands, because this is love, the love of my Jesus, of Mary, of the martyrs.

Here, in this Temple saints are venerated, souls that surrendered for love, for defending Jesus Christ, his rights of the Church, martyrs of love, holy martyrs. The Lord called them to preach, to surrender to their people and they obeyed, they followed the teachings of Our Lord Jesus. Behold, the cost was their life.

And today you see this Temple built with sacrifice and love by the People of God. You see it firm, strong, simple, ample so everyone can come and listen to Holy Mass and live with Jesus, so each one may withdraw in their seat waiting for the banquet when Jesus is about to come.

Such grand nourishment we have received today! Jesus, his Body, his Body and Blood, new life for all of us, awakening us to live a true spiritual life. And I say spiritual life, because we need to unite with the Lord, Mary, and with those who followed him, the apostles of Jesus to live sharing with each other.

The time of sharing has arrived, we all must share united in one heart feeling Jesus in our homes, when we are going to eat we are going to share it all by receiving Him.

Therefore, I invite families to try to gather on Sundays… on Saturdays or Sundays gather with your families in your homes, at the table to eat together; and invoke the holy Name of Jesus with his apostles and Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church, so all of you may receive the blessing of Our Father who is in heaven, and also receive the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will enlighten our understanding; it will unite our understandings with clear reasoning with the principals of that beautiful, splendid, radiant Church unique in the history of man, our Catholic, apostolic, Roman, and universal Church.

Therefore, we cannot despise our divided brothers. We are here to unite in one channel of unity. The Lord longs for the unity of the human race, for us to love, bear, and help one another… smiling, a holding of hands, and a glance. How many souls are in need of a glance sometimes to feel compensated in their pain, their privation, their anguish, the fear the life they are leading produces?

Therefore, I invite you: O families of the United States and of this beautiful and gorgeous region live together!

These sites are full of God, of spirituality, of Jesus Christ who is being offered to us by his Jesuits who live here. I love them very, very much. Just as I love the Franciscans, the Salesians, all congregations are brothers, they have been born from love, and they have been born to save souls.

Only you… think about confession. Who are the ones to whom we confess our sins and from whom our weaknesses are forgiven? Priests, our pastors. So, let us remember this        . Let us not stop going to confession, let us reconcile with the Lord, because these priests, these pastors, have a special grace, the grace of absolving all the sins of men. Why? Because they left everything behind to serve and not be served, to unconditionally love, and to give of themselves constantly. They cannot feel tired, no.

This woman you see here cannot either, she does not have the right of feeling tired… sick, no matter what; because she is offering her life looking forward to a promised heaven.

It is so beautiful to go to heaven, to have a little place there to see Jesus! And feel that all those who have stayed on Earth are reviving that little piece of heaven also to be comforted and soothed in their grief, in their pain, and sorrows in a world that is asking for mercy… Jesus is giving it to us… his open Heart.

The Heart of Jesus appeared to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque in times of great calamity and hardship for the People of God. And now, I would say, in these times Blessed Faustina with his Divine Mercy, mercy on mankind, mercy on man, mercy on the innocent child, mercy on all the elderly stooped by age. Yes, on us the elderly, by the way, receptive to the love, and unlimited trust in the mercy of the Lord.

  • Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

This is so beautiful!

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Thee I trust, my beloved One. I believe in your love of mankind.

Brothers, I feel emotional because this day has been a great day for me. Today a great woman has been beatified, a poor woman who surrendered to the Lord in Maracay, in her town, where she lived, Choroni. Such a good, generous, compassionate woman, she gave herself to the poorest, to the children. This woman was so good! So, this has touched my heart this morning, yes, with the Pope here, in this great country where the Lord calls for a great worldwide crusade to be carried out, hope for a new world. This new world is the world of youth that grows, children, youngsters. They are the hope of the world.

Thank you, my Lord, for this great day You have given us. Blessed be the Lord. All these souls that with great sacrifice… many have come, I know that so many have done great sacrifices seeking You, my God!

The People of God are so beautiful! They are People of God, a nation that loves and feels their Lord, because I know that all of you feel your Lord. Perhaps, some of you are a bit sad or disappointed because of so many things that happen in life… yes. Think of this day with the Lord, as a day in which He lives among us. “Those who are anesthetized by the poisonous virus of passion… move back! I have come… move back! No more persecution of a jubilant youth that longs to fulfill itself as worthy and generous human beings with the honesty of a son of God.”

It is beautiful to sow the land. I have seen these beautiful and splendid fields. The land is being prepared for sowing. This has enchanted me and I have felt a renewal of hope and of dreams of helping in whatever I may; yes, in whatever I may, not in great things… small things, but doing whatever my Lord wants.

Truly, everything has been so beautiful, so splendid in these three days. I have learned so much. Everyday we have learned a lot, everyday we have to learn a little, in each deed, in each word that is said regarding its content of love and freedom; not only of my soul, but in the souls of the youngsters, of the children who are observing, in the innocent creatures who are noticing everything. It seems incredible, but the children of today are so intelligent.

In the future, we will be able to be united with all races of the world, with all ideologies accepting them as they are, in order to unite in one consistent block, in one heart. Only by this means the world can be saved; war will be vanished, misunderstanding will end, and everything that has come to distort the will of men, his faith, his commitment, his life.

When you go back home, think about every small issue I have spoken of. I have not said great things, no; I have spoken about things of our daily life. And I am going to tell you something else: The Lord loves us just the way we are, with our weaknesses, but if we try to improve everyday our inner life with small things. Sometimes we say: It is nonsense. But it is not nonsense what you try to carry out: To share ideas among brothers. To understand each other. What does so-and-so mean? So-and-so thinks this way, he has this conviction, I have mine, but if we talk a little longer we will understand ourselves.

Brothers, I tell you this, because the time has come – as I said at the beginning – to hold hands. No more divisions, no more psychological war, no more weapons, no more war of any sort. We all must be saved.

Therefore, Jesus in these times is fully making Himself felt with his beating Heart, just the way we saw Him in Betania in February on the daybreak of the 19th. It was incredible, unthought-of of, it cannot fit in our minds, I saw Him and all those who were there too.

So, I say: Lord, You are coming beating with love, with fire that will run through us to defend our rights of freedom, justice, peace, human solidarity, and reconciliation in the world; therefore, You have sent your Mother to unite us achieving peace, because without reconciliation it will be very difficult to achieve peace.

Let us reconcile, brothers, let us hold hands, regardless of how people come to us this important thing is to try to understand our brother, is to try to be a little understanding in order to help him.

In these times, last year and this year too, we have undergone difficult moments: psychological wars, war among men. Yes, man is using his astuteness and evilness impoverishing his spirit with avenging weapons, exploding buildings and houses with their dynamite without respecting the fact that there were children, that there were elderly people who had trouble moving.

This has to come to an end, Lord. It cannot be that we have to go on with this negative current of these men. I mean, what happened in Oklahoma. Such great grief! It has been so serious. May God forgive all the people who did so much harm. Forgiveness and mercy, Lord, for those who are weaving things that bring disorder.

Let us think: No more sin, no more hatred, no more harming… the wounds in the parents remain forever. The hurting has to stop.

Let us also think about war, and guerilla, my God: Medjugorje, how much have those people suffered?! I wonder: When will it end, Lord, is it possible to live in anguish waiting?

  • O Father of Mercy, I humbly beseech your help and for You to enlighten men, help them with your light so they may stop hurting, damaging the land where my Blessed Mother has appeared.

It is not possible.

May God enlighten everyone and may He give our priests the courage, so with their daily Mass, at he foot of the altar of my Jesus, they may pray for that war – that has gone to far – to come to an end.

We also have seen Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia under threat, and Venezuela too that does not know what to do. Lord, there are terrible outbreaks everywhere. This cannot be. Evil has to be stopped; it is evil that is oppressing the nations.

  • Lord, remove the enemy; terminate the enemy! Make the unfaithful enemy, You know who he is, Lord together with the Archangel leading with his sword and spear, be defeated. Defeat the enemy of shadows and may light reappear through your power and mercy.

Brothers, respected priests, my religious sisters, and all these beautiful people with your heart fixed on the Lord; I call you all to meditate on the life of man: What is the task of each one on this earthly level? Dissociation brings war, weeping and death; on the other hand, the life of the human race brings peace, serenity, and the joy of daily living.

It is beautiful to see in our homes our children singing, laughing, jumping, and running! So, let us stay in a correct line of unity with our Church, because our holy Church is our Mother who comes to correct us and teach us to donate our hearts, to donate all that we have that could be for the wellbeing of whoever may need it, to donate our hearts to the most in need, the poor, the humble, the innocent children, the forsaken mothers, the missionaries who are apart of the world living a life of great sacrifices for the love of that holy Church.

Missionaries, all our nuns in their congregations and universities, they also are doing so much, and all priests, and the People of God too, and all those who serve the Church, and all those whom I have seen here in these days.

These two past days have been so beautiful! I have seen that there is education, living education in people who live, feel, and love their Church. This has been the most beautiful thing of it all.

So, why do we all not do so? We all must offer ourselves: I want to serve my Church, I want to prepare myself, Lord, I have to give my contribution in one way or another so we can all hold hands and cling to who represents us at the head of Saint Peter, the fisherman, the Pope of Rome, a kind and generous man, who is compassionate with his brothers. He has gone everywhere to spread his word, comfort, hopes, and dreams.

How can we not love him? We have to love him, because he is the representative of Jesus Christ of Earth. We all have to think, yes sir, that he is our hope in these times, our Pope and whoever succeeds him tomorrow when God takes him to heaven. We have to respect him and follow his steps in order to receive the gift and graces of the Holy Spirit, especially the gift of understanding, but to understand what God wants of us in these times.

Time is running short, days are going by. What are we doing, Lord? Yes, we do something, but it is not enough… with energy, with will, and with an open heart so the Lord may make use of it.

So, I want to say good-bye, but first I want to talk about someone, Saint Kateri. She was the one who brought me here. – A short story. – I still was not sure of being able to fulfill this mission, and she appeared to me at night, early in the morning, at 2:00 in the morning… a poor little Indian, so humble with her hair like this… her face a little bit marked, but the marks began to disappear; her feet were one next to the other, she gave me a book, and said, “I am waiting for you, trust that everything will be solved in the morning”, she also said, “Have you seen how I have found souls that are willing to come?” Then, the inspiration of the Lord went on, “Go and visit me at my lands.” She left me a book.

I told Marlene that she had left me a book, a spiritual grace, but the fact is that in the morning the book was in my house, I still keep it. So, Lord, she has to be a great saint because she watched over the children, she loved and protected them running elsewhere with them. This is so beautiful! And my God knows all of his pious creatures that give of themselves because of love! Why should we not give ourselves?

Therefore, I beg you, do not call me a saint, I lack so much, but remember one thing: Let us not see what is apparent; of course, we see it, but it is inside, it is what is within, what is in the heart, the sensitivity of a soul. This is what is important, because when there is sensitivity there is a heart, there are feelings… God can enter and have that creature do and perform as He needs to.

Now, Michael Brown, thank you, thank you, son; and I call you son, because I consider you so. You have your parents, your family, your wife – a beautiful woman – a beautiful and innocent baby, and another one who is on its way. Thank you.

I thank all of you, especially the Principal of all the Jesuits, all those who live here and have come to accompany him during Holy Mass, and those who have been here these past days, for all of you my respect. And I wish you may continue harvesting and collecting fruits from the prairies of this land that is beautiful and splendid with the blessed waters of the river we have in front of us to mitigate the thirst of souls.

And now, I thank you all, thank you.

May the Lord bless you.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world. I keep you. May peace be with all of you.

Let us go back home renewed, happy and content. The sick will improve, they will have something to look forward to, that is the presence of my Lord in their homes. Because Jesus is going to visit you, Mary is going to visit you. She will go with her roses, the soft perfume of fresh roses, of the lilies of the prairie of Tekakwitha. The Virgin will visit you, you will feel something new in your souls. And the Holy Spirit as well, with its soft breeze blowing to fix your life, all your things so everything will be in harmony and peace, as a healthy life should be lived.

Thank you, brothers.

Blessed be my God.

I hope and trust that you will truly feel the presence of my Lord.

Thank you.

God bless you, and bless me, please.