Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Mount Of The Beatitudes. Galilea, Israel

Saturday, November 11, 1995  12:15 P.M.

Good morning to everyone, respected priests. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit we are here in one Heart, the Heart of Jesus that beats for his children and the Immaculate Heart of Mary with her ineffable sweetness, with her infinite tenderness calls us to live in her Heart too:

  • Hearts of Jesus and Mary in one heart, have mercy on us and the whole world.

I am speaking about the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, because they are our inspiration calling us to come to this Holy Land, land of hope, of spiritual motivation to meet with all our brothers of all races, nations, beliefs in one faith, faith in the Father, in his Divine Son Jesus Christ, King of kings, Master of masters, Son of God.

It is so beautiful to feel Christ in our hearts hovering, joyfully, content, moved by his love so we can trust in his Heart and in the Heart of his Mother who are preparing us. It is a spiritual preparation that with time will truly help us discern the message of Jesus Christ… the world, man.

So, let us listen to Jesus, let us hold the Holy Bible in our hands, contemplating his life that was written there: Mark, Mathew, Luke, and John. Our truth is there, do not forget this. We have to discern each word that is written there, so we may feel renewed, new, to truly undertake evangelization.

With this I mean that we, the lay people, have this task, because our pastors are already doing this. They have brought us to the Church, to the Church of Christ teaching us, freeing us from the bonds of sin, and cleaning us with the confession and purifying us with the Eucharist.

We are renewed, new, filled with hope and we have to truly live like children of God. And the Gospel should be our help to be better and live a Christian life with Christ, in Christ, and with Christ forever. He is the light of the world, the shining sun full of love, the sun turned into love, infinite love since his birth, better yet, since He was in the womb of his Mother, and He transmits us the sweetness and the softness of eternity without end, because eternity has no end.

The Father is the Master and Lord of all things that He rules over and governs in the world – man, creatures – and we have to withdraw and think: Lord, we are here because You have brought us here to teach us the wonders that your Son did, proclaiming the Gospel, living with all his apostles and his followers, so we can learn how to live in communities.

Remember this, with time the world will have to accept to live in communities, religious communities. Because as we can see, in these times, it is very difficult with warfare, with the pride of men, it is very difficult to live apart. Why? Because sin has touched many who with their pride are covering the truth of the Sun of Justice, the Sun Christ, that wonderful being that brought us love so we could rise with Him with the peace of the just, with reconciliation, with the wonderful grace of the Holy Spirit. So, let us be prepared.

It is not a coincidence that we are meeting here, no, this is a meeting that is directed by the wonderful and grand mind of Our Father, so we can be aware of our truth, our feelings; our hearts, our minds open to the grace of the Holy Spirit with the gift of understanding to truly understand what the Lord wants from us. And I answer Him: I am a poor woman, I am nothing, I love, I simply love.

And I tell you, let us prepare ourselves, my children, because we are living difficult times, and even harder times will come, so we have to unite by all means, withdraw, and live with our brother with his flaws and qualities so we can live as those men that followed Jesus lived, by his side, accompanying Him with the burden.

Those were beautiful days for the Savior of the World! It all was beautiful! Because they shared the bread that was the Body of Christ, they shared his Blood that was offered that night during that unforgettable supper. Such a great event! Then, grief and weeping in the Mount of Olives when He was trapped, He was sold for a handful of denaries by one of his disciples that betrayed him, Judas. Poor Judas… Lord, have mercy on his soul, mercy, mercy.

Behold, he had a crown of thorns placed on his head and a Cross on his shoulders. He was carrying all our sins to free man and shake our consciences so in a morning, that is the morning of today, we could help Him carry this Cross. In those moments, He did not lack who would help Him… the Cirenean helped Him, but the strength of the Cirenean was so little that he could not… and his Blessed Mother Mary met Him, “O, my Son!”

The Mother felt so much grief! Let us think about all this, my God, she was separated from her Son. Mary suffered so much, tears ran from her eyes, her Heart was broken! However, she followed Him, she did not leave Him, from a distance, but she followed Him to Calvary… they nailed his hands, they nailed his feet, and Mary was there at the foot of the Cross with Mary Magdalene, and the women who loved him, those people… John, John the Evangelist, the greatest test, the faithful friend, the gallant young man who loved his Lord, who acknowledged Him always, who served Him by his side.

It is so beautiful to have good, sincere, and honest friends, worthy of our love! This is why we can never be dishonest, we have to only follow one path, the path that leads us to the Lord, so we can amend our weaknesses and we can help one another.

You may ask, “What happened there on the Cross?” They lifted Him, they crucified Him between two thieves, two men who knew nothing of love or faith. However, when the Lord saw the good thief, the thief said, “O, Lord, my God!” He believed, the good thief believed, and the Lord answered, “Today you will be with Me in paradise.”

Such beauty, Lord, to live with You in paradise! And I frequently tell Him: Lord, are we worthy of that paradise You are offering us? Then, I think of his priests, his religious, in the Holy Father, in the maidens, in the nuns who have surrendered to the Lord, and I say: Lord, they will be the first, those who renounced it all, the world, to follow You, love You, make You be acknowledged by all your children with your Word, with your daily surrendering.

Therefore, I love priesthood, the religious, and my Church in such a way, Lord, that I wish I could serve You day and night, but You wanted me in the world fighting, and I have felt happy, because You have given me a good man, a loyal and faithful companion, and a beautiful and splendid family that helps me survive the heated days that make me suffer for any reason of grief, pain, or sorrow.

Lord, I thank You for all this, but You know very well that my heart is yours, yours, Lord, and it is of my Mother too.

I am emotional, because when we truly feel Christ and Mary it is something very sweet, beautiful, very soft; one cries, laughs, in short, one embraces everyone with the heart.

Behold my embrace for everyone. I have left you at the foot of the Cross with Christ and now we are going to rise with Him. Let us all rise here in this Holy Mount, here where the Lord came and gave Himself to the people, and continues to so we may leave renewed, firm in our convictions as Catholics, joyful and content like the innocent child, and strong as the soldiers of Christ are strong.

I thank you; thank you, Father, I thank the Mariani family; thank you, Bill.

Bill we all go to the same source in different vessels, but we go to God and this is the prime base… to reach God.

May God keep you all, God bless you.