Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Mount Claret Shrine. Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America

Friday, april 28, 1995

Good afternoon to everyone. First, let us pray the three Hail Marys, before I speak:

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
  • The Angelus.
  • O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
  • Glory be.

Thank you!

Again, good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, priests, religious ones and all this Christian community, all the souls who have come this day to be with my Lord during Holy Mass to receive his Mystic Body, our souls nourishment to secure us even more to our faith, so we may truly live the Gospel.

These times of great calamity call men to evangelization… misunderstandings, the decay of human values, but there are some in the world; our world; the Catholic, apostolic, Roman, and universal world that are standing in order to truly conquer all the People of God, people who long for social justice, who truly yearn to live to do their best.

There are so many good souls, there are so many hearts who are serving in such a special way, as we can see these little maidens of the Lord, and of our Mother Therese of Calcutta. I hold her in great esteem and I love her very much, because I had the grace to meet her in Venezuela, and to be with her and accompany her at the airport when she went there. These are things that remain impressed in our hearts, those hours we spent at the airport, many nights, and especially one in which we saw the sunrise and then we led her to her airplane.

These are memories that remain, to serve the Lord, Our Lord, accompanying her in her arduous mission of an angel of light, because she is an angel of light, she is understanding and human, and has given the best of her life.

I am truly moved by seeing all of you. It is so beautiful to be able to serve the Lord the way you do! But we all are not called to do so, some of us have to remain alert in the world during our journey. The world is tough, but at the same time there are so many good people, so many understanding and human souls who bear in their hearts the living God. It is beautiful to feel him in our hearts, to enkindle our flame with that warmth, with that fire that reaches our most profound depth… Christian humanity, the humanity of God.

He loves us so much that He continues giving of Himself in such a wonderful way; He is leading everything so we do not make mistakes in our path, so we may be fair, human, and understanding in order to obtain charity and the grace of the Holy Spirit. The light of the Holy Spirit is so beautiful! And charity is so beautiful! Better yet, the three theological virtues are so beautiful: Faith, hope and charity. I believe this is the most important thing or one of the most important things for a human being, the three theological virtues: Faith, hope and charity.

Brothers, everyone, especially our respected priests whom I love in such a special way, because they are our pastors who teach, lead and help us. You absolve our sins because you are the only ones who have the right to absolve the sins of man, you are the only ones who can hoist Our Lord offering Him to us. Such unmatched beauty! Such unique beauty, to be able to hold the Lord in your hands, the Eucharistic Bread, the Bread that is Life and Resurrection for man. And when you hoist the chalice that Blood sheds upon the whole world washing, cleansing, and purifying each human being who feels and loves Him, even upon the sinners, so they may convert and seek his Heart.

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, in You I trust.
  • Mystic Body of my Lord, strengthen us, and enkindle us with your sublime love. We are sinners and we are weak, but what is that that You cannot do? You can achieve anything, my Lord.

You have brought me here. How could I have imagined? Therefore, I ask you all: Turn into small children. I have said so: I want to be a little girl. I know nothing, Lord, I simply love You! I love You, Jesus! I love you, Mary! Father, I thank you for all the things You do for your children of this earthly level! I love You, Holy Spirit, so you may pour your light over us all!

  • Come, Holy Spirit, and send us from heaven a ray of your light for all this great family gathered here.

It is your family, it is the constructive force for men and women who stand to spread faith to their brothers, to prepare, protect and aid their families so they may grow, so they may learn the value of the Holy Church that You have left us, Lord, rock and foundation where we all lean, and where there is a Pope, the great Pope of Rome. Especially this Pope, John Paul II, a man of merits, a holy priest, a Vicar who is gathering all of his children on earth to offer them his message of love, of new life for men, an awakening, a new life, hope, a dream, the dream for all of us who follow this pastor to know that we are not alone. Because Christ lives in him, he is his representative, and this helps to prepare us filled with living faith, love and patience.

Because sometimes, perhaps, it is hard to learn how to feel in our hearts that flame and fire of Jesus that the Holy Father is sharing with all of us, because Christ has come to his heart, to his open mind to enlighten our souls so our lives may grow green, and all plants may bloom with flowers, and we may live in an eternal springtime of love, hope, and dreams thinking that all of our families are going to be saved.

Of course, we have undergone great grief in these days because of what happened in Oklahoma. It was great grief for all of us who love and feel Our Lord, for all parents, for all mothers, for all innocent children. But they have gone to heaven, they are there singing with the angles and praying for their loved ones who have been left behind.

Such great pain! Such misunderstanding of the men who murder for a handful of gold, of the men who harm! Yes, it is a lesion that remains in the heart of so many human beings who have felt in the core of the heart, the grief of all the people who suffered there: Some, with death in such terrible conditions; others, who are alive but incapacitated to walk, or to see. O Lord, is it possible for these things to happen in the world? They happen because man has no faith at all, he is selfish, he betrays, he is sick. Perhaps, they had no guidance during their childhood that could have helped them truly lead a life in accordance with faith.

Each one has their faith, there are different religions in the world, there are different things that sometimes divide us from one another. But I believe that when having faith, when having a belief in God, that when you love and feel what your parents taught you, you do not have the right to go against your brother, because if we are brothers it is not possible to hate each other or wish ourselves any harm.

But this is life, and we have to forge ahead, we have to recover from this tragedy, from this grief that the United States has suffered in its own flesh. And let us forgive, and let us surrender to the Lord all these things that misguide and maladjust the social life of man.

Therefore, forgive me for turning emotional, but this has hurt me so much! I was stuck to the television set all the time, following all the events and I saw the beauty of that gorgeous reunion in which the President of the United States and all the other personalities, and the religious gathered together. It was so beautiful! The singing of the children, the youth, and the elderly was something so beautiful, so sublime that I believe that with those songs and all that good will of all the people that were gathered there, many hearts were won, and many souls were won to prayer, to improve their lives, to believe in an existing God… and that such an offense should not be made. May God forgive those who committed such an act.

I did not want to talk about these things because they touch me at a very deep level, but I felt that I had to say something about the great grief that we all have felt. Because although we are not from the United States, we love America. The United States is always ready to serve the nations that are in need. Therefore, we have to fight for this People of God, for this great nation that has combated and has always gone with good will to save their brothers and help them with the burden.

Thank you, my God, for making me know them a little bit better, for making them enter into my life by going to Betania, and also for making me enter into their hearts, perhaps, not into all of them, but into some. And this encourages me with my humble prayer, with the few or many sacrifices I could make, with my personal devotion that has let me share this day with all of you, and has let me share with all the other cities where I have been invited to.

Thank you, my brothers, thank you all for all these beautiful and gorgeous things. To see all of you so serene, at ease, quite, observing, and looking within yourselves. It is so beautiful to know that there is an inner world inside each human being that meditates, thinks, reflects, and privately prays for its brothers! All this is so beautiful!

When I contemplate each soul, each human being, I say: Lord, You are so grand, to look in the eyes of each one of us and contemplate us, look at us as true brothers respecting each one of us! It is so beautiful to be respectful! With much humility, simplicity and a great desire to give a word of hope, of comfort, of new life because when someone comforts us when we are sad, we feel inside the joy of the innocent child who only knows how to look and smile to the one who gives him a hand.

Children are so beautiful! Youth are so beautiful! Jubilant youth that sing, study, work, that wish to get somewhere! Yes, to go to college, to the seminary, to be a doctor serving the ill. This is so beautiful! And also the people who surrender like the priests, the religious. This is beautiful!

My desire was to have been able to offer my life to the Lord. He wanted something else, so here you have me. Years have gone by, but my love for Him does not change, it is constant, infinite, immense, and grand. Or course, I love my husband and my family, but my love for God is so big that I wish I could touch all the hearts so they could feel Him in their core with great respect, the way He deserves. Respectfulness to the Lord and to his Church.

The Church is so beautiful! It is bearing so many fruits! So many souls are being saved! Let us not talk about those who are going astray, about those who are being lost, no. We have to say that much is being built, that the fire, flame and love of Jesus Christ is increasing in the hearts of men. We have to say: Our Church is strong, strengthened by faith and love… the weak ones… they do not matter. We, who can be strong will forge ahead; yes, so let us go on.

I invite the priests to continue to be firm, crowning their desires and longings of being true holy priests, in order to conquer a great kingdom, a kingdom that will reach all the hearts of the earth, even those of the ones who are divided from us. We are brothers and sooner or later we have to unite. Therefore, we have to give a hand to whomever comes to us, regardless of how they come or where they come from; what is important is to give them a hand, to not let them go astray, to help them increase their faith, trust, humility and love of God.

We have to give, everyday we have to give small things, although they are not so big, but rather the small details of our daily life, the things you can give with kindness, love, and human solidarity. Always constantly give, without complaining that we are being bothered, no. No one bothered the Lord. Jesus gave and gave of Himself, and He gave Himself on the Cross to save us, purify us, so we could be today – in these times of great calamity – luminaries who are scattered around the world to spread evangelization.

We have to be prepared by our priests. I know they are working, but we need even more, and more, and more to serve!, to donate ourselves and to enkindle the hearts of the innocent children, of the ones who are growing, and of all that jubilant youth that I already spoke about.

Youth is so beautiful! They bear so much hope in their hearts of giving the best of themselves. Therefore, we must save the youth by all means, we must save them from the great disease that is striking right now, the disease that we all know about – it is not necessary for me to say its name –. We  must help them, bring them to us, go after them. It is not that they have to come… the thing is that we have to go after them so they may be reestablished and so they may lead an honest and just life.

Human dignity has to fully be respected. Therefore, we must join constructive forces, in order to carry out the great worldwide crusade in which mankind will be able to meditate and come to think, “What have I done up to now? What do I have? What is it that I can offer? Yes, it is not only that I am going to comply with my family… I did my mission… I am this.” No! We constantly must be working, we cannot lay there quietly waiting, no. We must go in pursuit of pain, of those who need us, the poor, the needy and the sick.

So much comfort can be given to a sick person! So much comfort can be given to a mother when her son has gone in pursuit of sin, harming, disturbing the peace of the other brothers and friends he has.

We must think about all of this. And we also have to think of our divided brothers; we must pray very much for them, we must truly receive – if it is possible – everyday the sacraments. The Eucharist, we who feel Christ must never lack Holy Mass. It is our nourishment, our supernatural life, our hope, our dream of the future of the youth who have turned into the men of the future, with so many who will be saved.Thus, this invitation to prayer, prayer and always prayer; to meditation that is so necessary for our soul; and penance on: Wednesdays and Fridays; and to the Eucharist everyday, if it is possible. The Eucharist is our well of love, of refreshment, of hope, of radiant light, and of new life. When we receive Jesus, He fills us with immense joy that we wish we could share with all those who are near us. Let us not leave the Eucharist aside, I speak to the youngsters: Do not leave the Eucharist, it is the hope of mankind, the Mystic Body of my Lord that feeds us, strengthening us and teaching us how to serenely walk in life, with a spirit of endurance at all times in which we could, perhaps, be concerned or worried.

We are with Him, and if we are with Him, what can we be lacking of? Because we have Him, we have it all… we have where to go. Yes, men comfort us, help us, they can give us a word of consolation that can soothe our grief, but with Jesus, all of us tightly bond with Him in the Eucharist, we can be champions of justice and of freedom in this human society.

When I say liberators I mean that it is the time to make the world mindful that something very beautiful and big is coming, that Jesus is making Himself felt in the core of the hearts of the men of today. He has given us so many proofs… the intelligence of man… so many beautiful things have been scientifically discovered in medicine, it is so advanced now and it is developing even more. We have to thank the Lord for such a beautiful motivation of seeing that everyday things are developing, the needed advance for a promising future.

So, brothers, my respected priests and nuns, I am nothing, forget me, I am a woman as any other woman can be, a family mother with the daily needs that a family has and with the good things a family bears, but there is much love. And it is love what has me here, it is the sweetness of my Mother, it is the softness of Mary, it is her strength, so simple, so humble, so honest. The dignity of Mary is so unique!

I tell her: Mother, who am I? I am no one, I am a poor woman, but you are shaping her into a better woman. I want to improve my life. And give me much humility. Everyday I pray for more humility, humility and always humility, and for great courage, yes sir, to not loose my balance when trouble comes.

Therefore, brothers, here I am. I thank Monsignor together with all these holy priests so much for Holy Mass today. I feel so full of love, infinite love that my Mother transmits me, as in saying, “My little children, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I am giving you, and my Heart I shall give you forever more. My little ones, attend to the call of our Pontiff so you may come even closer everyday with more intensity, and you may win the battle of the end of this century with a mortal leap.”

Behold, the reason of a great event that is coming in which man will think, “Lord Jesus, could it be that You are living among us? We know this, You are in the Eucharist, but I feel you here, very closely, it is You, Lord, calling us to reflect and to truly live the Gospel.” Let us live it, leaving everything behind in order to go in pursuit of our brothers, so that all of us united may form a great – a  grand – squadron that will touch all the hearts on earth, growing in nobility filled with gratitude to your celestial mercy, Father of Mercy, and Jesus, giver of all heavenly goods.

  • O Mary, my Mother, I humbly beseech mercy on all of us.

Thank you, I thank you all very much.

And this temple is so pure with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. My Lord is here. This has been such a gift for me, these moments in which you collect your thoughts and feel your Lord, and perhaps, you even loose the track of the world to go into seclusion and simply share with Him. I congratulate you all, here you truly have something very beautiful: Jesus with his twelve apostles.

Let us continue praying and asking the Lord to give us much humility, patience and fear of God. Not the fear that He will punish us, no; the fear of not ever offending Him. Whenever we are about to say something that could hurt someone, no; we must be fearful of not offending Him, because we could, because when we offend one of his children, we offend Him.

Let us be cautious, let us be very correct and simple working righteously… with the righteousness that Jesus lived by in the world. He gave Himself in such a way, and continues to so, so we may follow his steps, perhaps, some of us do not deserve to – we are in the world struggling and sometimes it is so difficult for others to understand us – but we must follow him, barefooted, walking on the firm soil of the New Triumphant Jerusalem.

May God keep us and bless us all.

Thank you, my priests, I love priests so much. For me, you are the most sacred, because you are the pastors that my Jesus is counting on to save the world. Let us pray for our Holy Father the Pope, for his generosity, compassion, tenderness, and above all, for his obedience. The Holy Father is so obedient! His loyalty is so special, defending the rights of men, the Scriptures, the Gospels, living by them and making them known even more. May God keep him and grant him supernatural life.

And may God give life to our Mother Therese of Calcutta, supernatural life for her too.

We need supernatural life, it is the life that God gives to his creatures, and today I pray He may give it to us all, supernatural life; much joy, the joy of the innocent child; the peace of the just; and the freedom of the small birds when they lift their flight towards immensity, towards the immensity of the blue skies.

I thank you all. May God keep you all, and may the priests bless me. I need much prayer; it is not that I have a healthy condition; therefore, I walk hastily in order to achieve what my Mother has asked me to do, “Go, daughter, from one place to another.” And I would say: Mother, how can I do so, I will have to prepare myself? “Go, daughter, go. I will take care of the rest. Be calm, serene, joyful, and happy like a little child in the arms of her Mother.”

I thank you all.