Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Maria Reina Shrine Lima, Peru

Monday, july 17, 1995

Good evening to everyone. Let us pray the Angelus.

  • The Angelus.

Respected Monsignor, and the priests who have celebrated Holy Mass tonight. It was such a beautiful Mass. You are such an example for us, People of God, faithfully serving our holy, apostolic, Roman, Catholic, and universal Church.

I am moved, I feel in my heart that this is turning into a reality. Thus, the crystal bells ring that effusively wish to make themselves felt in your entire hearts saying, “Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! Glory be to God!”

Mary is so beautiful! She is the Holy Mother, the woman of Calvary, the humble Mary of Nazareth, the beautiful white lily, a perfect lily with a Son in her arms, work of the Holy Spirit, Who was incarnated in her most pure womb so He could come to this land, a land created by a wonderful Father. He sent his Divine Son Jesus. O Jesus, my Beloved Savior of the World! Heart of Jesus! You have such an immense Heart to give us your Blessed Mother, to help us walk better and to make us know how great evangelization is; yes, Jesus.

Mary has come as evangelizer to touch the hearts of men, women, innocent children, and youth, jubilant youngsters who wish to know what Catholicism is about, what is true Christianism, who is the Holy Father, the Pope of Rome. The answer is: The Holy Father, our representative in the Church, is the man who presides over this Chair to teach us how to recognize how big is the love of Jesus to all of his servants, to all of his children; he is the one who teaches us, then come his cardinals, bishops – in other words – his priesthood, all united to this Holy Father, to the Mother Church.

Behold, they all have to stand firmly as soldiers do, helping each other in the great assemblies where they all offer us the Eucharist – when we come united – the divine Bread, the Bread of love, the Bread that sustains us, the bread that gives us life. O such Blessed Bread, Jesus! O Mystic Body! You embrace us in such a manner, You convince man to stand firmly and with determination to work for his Church, our Church.

We are Church of God. This Church has to be respected, loved, served – and served in her priests. Yes, they also need our support, spirituality, and love. They are the ones who direct us, the ones who teach us how to walk, and to stand firmly and with determination in order to defend the rights of justice, truth, love, and knowledge; they are the ones who teach us, guide us, absolve us from our sins, from the bonds of evil; and they are the only ones who have the right to hoist the Lord.

Why? Because they have gone to the seminary – years of sacrifice – they have left their parents, families, beloved ones to face a world that is different from theirs. It is a world where they have met Jesus: hours of adoration, of sacrifice, of complete surrendering. Priesthood is so beautiful, the Church is so beautiful, my brothers. How can we not love her? She is constantly giving us Jesus.

They are the bearers of this great truth that Christ lives among us. He gave Himself and He is still giving Himself on all the altars of the world waiting for his little ones in the mornings. When the priest is about to celebrate, He is there humble, generous, compassionate, and serene to give Himself to us so we may receive Him and then feel the fire and warmth of his love; that wonderful flame that enkindles us, gives us warmth, and supernatural life. It is supernatural life, because it is the only life that can help us walk serenely, peacefully, with the joy of the innocent child, and with the lived faith of each day.

Brothers, my Blessed Mother loves us so much that she is appearing almost everywhere in the world, yes, to teach that devotion is the prime base of a Christian, of a Catholic who loves and feels his Church.

Thus, you have seen, she has visited us so many times in Betania as the humble servant of the Love of loves, the woman who gave herself and continues giving herself everywhere in the world. We see her in Fatima with the three small shepherds. Such unmatched beauty in Fatima! In Lourdes with Bernardete. Such beauty! Such innocence! Such purity! And we see this around the world in different places where Mary has let herself be felt. In Mexico: Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We see this everywhere, Mary reappears, yes, to make us understand that she is watching over our steps, and that we should ask for her divine aid as Mary Helper of the Christians of Don Bosco.

  • Saint who rules in heaven, pray for us to Jesus and Mary.

You have seen Our Lady Helper in Torino. How many times did Don Bosco see her in silence?

Thus, Mary has been standing firmly everywhere in the world to make us cling and stop at her Heart, in order to give us the loving warmth of a Blessed and Holy Mother, who has come to comfort us, who has come to encourage us, who has come to save us in these moments in which she appears in Betania.

She appeared on March 25 in 1976 all shining with light, with her hands in an attitude of embracing us all, beautiful and wonderful… with a smile on her lips, with her light brown hair, beautiful eyes, with her unmatched beauty. Mother, when I remember, when I look at you, feel you… I do not know how I am alive, because it was to die of emotion.

Behold, the humility of Mary, “Little daughter, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I am giving you, and I will continue giving you all my Heart forever.” Mary is following all of you, and then, “I come with my rays of light to enlighten man. I come seeking you because without reconciliation there cannot be peace. Reconcile, love, unite, bear because the day shall come in which you shall have to live very united, yes, my children. Very serious events shall take place that shall make you associate as true brothers, living in great communities.”

Not only religious communities; lay communities. Let us learn how to live as a group, beside each other, bearing each other, helping each other, holding hands, and so on… with our heart overflowing with joy, kindness, and tenderness. We must give, give, and give, and not complain that we are being bothered. Never, say: No. Say: Yes… a smile to whom is sad, to whom is lonely, to whom feels they cannot go on any longer. We must ponder upon this; there is so much grief in the world.

Thus, I am in Peru, because I know that this blessed nation has suffered very much, but you can be sure that my Blessed Mother, the Mother of God, Mary under all the titles of the world is here to comfort us all. Because this is how she appears, under many titles, the same Mother: Mary Reconciler of all People, Our Lady of Fatima, of Lourdes, Our Lady of the Rosary, and so on; she is the Mother of God.

So, I beg you, my generous and compassionate people, people who love and feel their Mother, people who long for a generous hand to help them with so many needs, yes. But who better than Mary can help you? It is she, the Blessed Mother, the good and generous Mother, the simple and humble Mother who surrenders, who gives herself. “Like the small ones, turn into them, turn into children so the grace of the Holy Spirit may work in you a complete renewal, and you may feel cradled in my arms.” This is what Mary is asking for, this is what she desires.

Mary has come to reconcile us, help us, and teach us how to live in a better way. Why, in a better way? Because we have to learn. And what is the lesson? To live the Gospel; these times call for evangelization. We all have to become evangelizers of this modern world, perhaps, apathetic world up to certain point. We all have to open our wings like the blue butterfly of my Mother in Betania does, a butterfly that flies and goes from one place to another to be next to a brother, telling him: Come, let us pray the holy rosary, let us get together, let us meet on Eucharistic Thursdays before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The Mystic Body of Christ is asking us for prayer for the world that is going astray, and prayer for the youth, so youngsters may keep a sound mind and body, in order to serve the Church, serve the Holy Church.

We need holy priests, priestly vocations, many vocations so our seminaries may be filled, and these youngsters may learn and manage to be priests, offering a blessing, celebrating Holy Mass, speaking to the People of God… They talk to us, they tell us things; therefore, our faith and trust. They are the agents, the representatives of the Church of Christ; there is a special representative, the Pope of Rome, but they are the servants who go from one place to another – wherever they are sent to – humbly convinced that people have to be saved and helped with their word, with the Gospel, with love, giving peace and serenity to whom comes to confession.

Confession is so beautiful! We have to go to confession, let us not waste the opportunity to go; we are absolved of our sins. Let us not stop receiving Jesus, Jesus is our daily nourishment. Let us not leave aside the holy rosary, it is the prayer that Mary loves the most, Mary feels so happy when we gather at home – all together – with the rosary in our hands. And if you cannot, let us go – a group – to the Church, let us visit the Lord who is there! Let us pray in group so the Lord may open his Heart and we may fully enter to live with Him.

Brothers, the living faith of each day gives us the conviction that the Lord is truly here. We do not have to seek Him faraway; He is in every Church where we go, He is there waiting for us. And He is in our homes; we do not see Him, but He is there caring for our small children, our home, our grandchildren, our families. It is Jesus, it is Mary the Mother, they are concerned for each one of us: grandmothers, mothers, fathers, let us say, of us the elderly.

Mary is so sweet, Jesus is so beautiful, and Saint Joseph is so humble – the Patriarch of the Family. Let us pray to him for peace in our homes, for blessings, for the means to support our families.

I know that there are many families who are suffering. Do not loose hope, do not. Think that the Lord lives among us, and if the Lord lives among us, He will make Himself felt complete and merciful with kindness, generosity; compassionate of his little ones, children of love, of his love to all mankind, of the love of Mary who is opening her arms to us to cover us, and of love his special love to his clergy, to priesthood.

I repeat, priesthood, because we have to be mindful. We cannot look at those small differences, no. We have to look at the good part every human being has; not the negative part, but what is positive, real, true. Each person is a box of surprises. Frequently one is walking on the streets and we do not know who is next to us, and it is a good, honest, worthy, generous person, a soul of God who is fulfilling its duties at home, with the Church. Imagine this.

So, we are not going to say: I do not like this person, or I do not like the other. No, no, never do this; it is a great mistake. We have to accept everyone as they are, with their strengths and their flaws. We are not perfect, perfection does not exist in any human being on planet Earth; the perfect One is God, the Father in his Divine Son, in the Holy Spirit, glory of the Most Holy Trinity. Perfection is there… the Creator of the universe, a Heavenly Father, the Divine Son Redeemer of the World. Redemption… Christ the Redeemer. Such beauty! What is more, He forgives sins, and who does he make use of? His priests.

So, let us accept things with humility, love, much patience, and much fear of God. Not the fear that He will punish us; the fear of not offending Him thinking wrong about human beings, people, anyone.

It is as if I was a mother to you, as if I was talking to my children, because I know that we are frequently in need of this, I myself perhaps need it too. Sometimes we believe or wish to do things right, straight. It is so difficult.

Well, brothers, my sweet Mother Mary, Mary Virgin and Mother Reconciler of People, Mother of the Church is the Mother. O such great Mother of the Church is Mary! She is the only Mother, the great one, the beautiful, the gorgeous, radiant, luminous like the shinning sun, like a star, Stella Maris, the Virgin of Mount Carmel.

Yesterday you saw this. Yesterday was such a beautiful day for me, with the people who gathered due to that painful event that happened three years ago. Grief, weeping, and also joy of thinking that Mary was accompanying us, Our Lady of Mount Carmel where the Discalced Carmelites live, where Elijah saw her 900 years before Jesus came, before she came. Elijah saw her on a small barge, in a cloud, between the sky and the sea, he saw her there. Such beauty for Elijah. I would say: O unmatched Prophet! He was able to announce that the Mother of God was coming, Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church.

I did my First Holy Communion the day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and it was something wonderful, it was a happy day in my life. My life began to be aware – at the age of seven – of what the Blessed Mother meant, the Church, our Mother the Church meant. My love was born then, infinite love. At 4:30 in the morning I was awake doing my hour of adoration in a small altar, and a 5:45 I would go the Church to recite my prayers.

All my life, my youth, I would not miss a day; sick, in any condition. And I wish my grandchildren would do the same when they grow. My children have tried to do this with me, but frequently… home, the family, school, the university, so many things, but they go in the afternoon. They are going then, because one comes out of Mass happy and content.

I wish the best to Lima. And I know that Lima is going to unfold its wings, as I said before. Lord, so many people will come from other places. O mutual meeting with very good plans for all of you! Remember this well, many propositions. This nation will lack nothing, the Lord is going to help you, He will protect you.

Justice is coming to the world, and all those who have suffered will turn their eyes to God thanking Him for such reason… seeing that his mercy is present for all the forsaken ones, the sad, the sick, the homeless, for everyone, the proud, the selfish, the haughty, for those who kill and steal for a handful of gold… Justice.

Therefore, we must have the fear of God in mind. It is a great gift because when you fear God you do not dare harm anyone. The fear of God is to not offend Him ever. I repeat this so you ponder over this always. Do not offend the Lord; do not offend Our Heavenly Father, do not offend his Divine Son Christ.

It is the time to make amends, to meet, of man to give his contribution to his communities, social communities, religious communities, brotherly communities; and to forgive his divided brothers, love them, lend them a hand. Never say: No, he is a sinner, no; with much love, charity, and the desire to constantly serve, to stand like soldiers. Why? Because at this hour, human condition is required in the world, so all may receive the grace of the Holy Spirit, and all may sign up to the lines of love… love one another as Jesus loved us, just as it is.

So, brothers, I would like to talk about so many things, but the most beautiful thing is that the gates of Betania are open for those who attend with a blessed, humble, generous, and compassionate heart for Mary… Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church, Mary Virgin and Mother Reconciler of People, Mary Mother Queen of Peace in the World, Mary Mother, Mary of Mount Carmel, Mary unmatched purity, the woman of all times, the only owner of the world and of the hearts of man.

So, let us look for that Heart tonight, and let us truly fulfill ourselves as children of the light. The Lord wants us to radiate light, knowledge, truth, love, and clemency to all. My Mother says, “I am in small things, children, I am there… small things, not great ones, yes, my children, small details. A heart open to the grace of God in which I – as Mary – can enter and make use of each one of you, so love and family unity may reign: your families, our families united in one heart.”

Well, brothers; well, my beloved priests, servants of Jesus… you offer us, People of God, constant service of love. Thanks to you we have a Church, a beautiful and splendid Church where we deposit and leave our grief, pains, and sins when we go to confession; we leave it all there to begin a new life. This is so beautiful.

Let us unite and pray to Mary so she may enlighten us, give us peace for our families, homes, so she may sanctify our families, and give us love for our families, families united in one heart. I repeat this, because Mary is asking for family unity, “Unite with one another, love one another, bear each other, help one another. You have a heart to love and serve my Divine Son. I am waiting for all of you at the tabernacle to receive Him.”

Not only receive Him on Sundays, Fridays, or on first Fridays; if it is possible everyday. This is urgent so there can be peace in the world; so war will not come. At this moment nations are living times of spiritual uneasiness… many nations, and we have to stop this horrible scourge that is coming, and only with a mortal leap it can be saved with our meditation, penance, and daily Eucharist. The Eucharist, brothers, it is the food that vivifies our hearts, that gives us an open understanding to the grace of the Holy Spirit, and peace, much peace.

The Lord wishes for peace here in Peru and in Ecuador too. Two brothers that hold hands, love one another, bear one another, and forget guerillas and small differences. To love each other, to submit themselves to the Lord the Eucharistic Jesus, Jesus Nourishment, Jesus New Life, new life among brothers. Love, bear, help one another with an open heart faithful to the Lord, to our beautiful Church, and to whom presides over the Chair of Peter, our Holy Father the Pope, John Paul II.

Love your Pope, our Pope of Rome, he who serves us. Such great service to the world, going from one place to another… sick, sad, in any condition he stands convinced that he is going to save his people, his children.

And now, let us ask the Lord for a special blessing for our Cardinal of Peru, for all bishops, for all priesthood, pastors, nuns too, and for all the nation. Let us pray.

(Our Father is prayer with the audience.)

And now, I thank you all; thank you Monsignor.

Blessed be my God who has brought me here, and blessed my Mother who leads me by the hand; although I am a mother a Virgin has had mercy on me. I longed to be a nun, it was my dearest dream, but He left me in the world and told me, “You will live in the world struggling, daughter, but fight with love, love, love, give much love. Love is what is needed… all my people, my people through my Father. For Him go. And open your heart so the flame and the fire of my love may keep you.”

Thank you all, brothers. May God keep you.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

Many souls will be spiritually and corporally healed.

Thank you, brothers; thank you, Father, thank you.

May God bless you.