Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Hotel Michelangelo, Roma, Italia

Thursday, November 16, 1995  1:00 P.M.

Good afternoon.

Blessed be the Lord. He has united us at the Eucharistic table, feeding us with his Body, Soul, and Life, giving them to us uniting us and reaffirming our steps towards the light of his new dawn.

Jesus lives among us, perhaps, we cannot see Him with our temporary eyes, but with the eyes of our soul we can; we can feel Him with our hearts, with our open mind we can hear his counsel that soothes our burdens and helps us truly live the Gospel.

These times call for evangelization. We all have to be evangelizers of the People of God. The People of God need attention, help, protection with the Word of God which is the nourishment that constitutes us in one with Him, with Christ in the Eucharist, with Christ in the tabernacle waiting for us, with Christ living in our homes, with Jesus, He, Jesus with Mary and the Patriarch Saint Joseph, protector of the family… our family, feeding our family with the conviction that if we are children of God, we have to live in a Christian fashion.   It is a great legacy that Our Eternal Father in heaven gave us his Divine Son Jesus. He went to the Cross with love, giving Himself with humility, surrendering his life for all of us. Behold, man still does not truly understand the great sense of his love of us… to surrender his life to save, sanctify, and help us at all times in our lives.

It is beautiful to feel Jesus! It is sweet to feel Mary, our good and humble Mother! We see her in Nazaret cradling her Son in her arms, we see her with heavenly angles, with Saint Gabriel who announced Jesus to her. Mary has such unmatched beauty! She conceived her Son, she gave birth to Him, she had him small in her arms, a sweet, soft and tender creature with eyes as beautiful as the sky we see everyday.

O Jesus, I love you so much, my Lord! I want to surrender my life once again for the children of Mary. We, as You Savior of the World, are children of Mary; and we all have to save ourselves by all means with prayer, meditation, penance, the Eucharist, moral values of the man of today who truly must be mindful, balanced, courageous, straightforward, and with great will power.

We need will to accept the human condition of a Son of God, because this Son gave Himself, and there is nothing else we can do but definitely surrender, with no introductions, always taking firm steps, fulfilling our duties with our Holy Mother the Church, trusting in the Holy Father, the Pope, our Vicar representing Christ on Earth, and in our priests who are our pastors who teach us, give us shelter, and encourage us when we are sad.

When we grieve, where do we go? To the priest to vent the feelings of our hearts that are sad, to then leave lifted, serene, tranquil with our hearts filled with the tenderness and love of the Mother of God with her Divine Son.

So, brothers, what we have to defend is our Church, the Church of Christ, our rights, and help our priests with such a hard burden that the world cannot even imagine.

Therefore, you see me here, perhaps, my health is not a shinning one, perhaps, I only have a few more years, but I am willing to defend all this until my last moment. And I ask my Lord to let me die as soldiers do, serving my brothers… a word on time, a glance, a holding of hands, an embrace. It is kindness what we need, love, and faithfulness to the teachings of Jesus.

I truly feel happy for the work that Sister Margaret has done, Mother Margaret. She is a mother to all of you who has gone from one place to another, who does such sacrifices, who his helping you with her example, courage, integrity, and will power.

This is what Christ wants. He wants people who are firm in their feelings, the Lord does not want us to be weak, no; He wants us strong and firm in our convictions, with the teachings He bequeathed us, saving us, and securing us each day in our pilgrimage on Earth.

Perhaps, you notice I am a bit emotional; it is because Rome means so much to me. I lived here for many years, my children grew up here, I had a life here. The Lord gave me a good husband, I met him here, I married here, I baptized part of my children here, all of my children in Saint Peter. It was such a life, that since I left, the Lord tells me, “Daughter, you arrived at the base, the base of Peter, a humble and simple man who gave himself following the steps of Jesus, my Divine Son. It is needed to be firm, do not stop. Daughter, sacrifice does not matter, health does not matter, if men believe you or not does not matter, no; forge ahead.”

Therefore, brothers, I have wanted to share this moment with much humility – believe me – as if I were a child. I am a child, I let myself be led by my Mother, I am nothing, I am as any other human being with weaknesses, but with the condition of doing everything for love of Jesus, because the Father wants this to be like so, and the Holy Spirit blows over all of us. Let us receive his graces.

We have had a great priest, yet a young man, but he is serene and tender at the same time, serious and with the desire of serving. When I see souls that love the Lord and that are Franciscans – because I belong to the third order since I was very young – I become very emotional.

I love my Seraphic Father Saint Francis, and I love Father Pio of Pietralcina very much.

Now, forgive me for talking of myself, I do not like to, I speak about so many important issues of our Mother the Church, but I wanted you to know that I understand each one of you. I understand your problems although you do not believe so; I live each one of your pains at home, in your houses with your children, or with those who do not have any too. Sometimes I say: Lord, multiply me, Lord, my I visit them all. And the Lord has granted me, with much generosity, the grace to have visited some of you. They are witnesses to this.

So, I wanted this day to be sealed forever, with this wonderful group that Our Heavenly Mother has wanted us to have a meeting with, a meeting with our hearts overflowing with love, hope, joy, with these two daughters that I love very much because they have been very generous, because although Sister Margaret is not here it is as she was. She makes herself felt firmly in her decisions, Mother Dolores too with much kindness and consideration. May God enlighten her at all times. And may there be much respect, loyalty among both groups, and a great desire to live the Gospel united.

Evangelization… and I stress upon this issue because it is the motive of these times, man is calling for evangelization, for Jesus, for the Gospel. We have to evangelize those who do not know, we have to look for those who do not have any idea of what our Mother Church means. Our Mother Church is opening her light to all the currents so they may enter and share with all the Catholics of the world, all in one heart protected by the Holy Father. His strength… his intelligence is wonderful wisdom to teach those who do not know, his simpleness, the tenderness of his eyes, his calmness. May God keep him and give him supernatural life so he may continue encouraging all the Christian and Catholic people, and the others too.

We cannot have divisions; we must be simple and try to win the people of other faiths in the world, accepting them regardless of how they come to us, or where they come from. The important thing is to work so they may receive the grace of the Holy Spirit and convert, so they may convert into followers of our Mother the Catholic, apostolic, Roman, and universal Church

We all are going to unite, perhaps, I will not see this, many will not see this, but our children, the young ones, our children will know, because there will be such harmony in the world… unity, the unity of human race.

I congratulate you.

You can leave feeling renewed, the Lord is going to renew you… your life, blood, bones, open minds, eyes, your whole beings are going to be renewed, you are going to feel happy, joyful, content of having come to Rome and of having felt the outpouring of the Holy Spirit though your bodies, souls, spirits, minds, and hearts, and then of being able to say:

  • Thank You, my Lord and my God; thank You, Father of Mercy; thank You, my God Jesus Christ; and Mother Mary, come to my heart, Mother, rest here, I want to rest with you forever.

May God keep you all.


“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.” Amen.

May God keep you.

Thank you; may health, harmony, and peace be with you.

Thank you, brothers; thank you, Sister.