Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium. Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America

Monday, May 1, 1995

Good evening to everyone, respected priests, religious, and to the People of God. From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful, and I beg my Lord and my Mother to touch all of your hearts tonight, especially those of the sick, the sad, of those who are in grief or sorrow; may everyone be embraced by the motherly bosom of Our Mother.

But before I go on, let us pray three Hail Marys to my Mother, the Angelus.

  • In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • The Angelus.
  • O Mary, conceived without sin; pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Now, you may be seated.

Respected priests, respected families gathered here, religious ones, and all the souls that have come seeking my Lord and his Blessed Mother, we are searching the great truth of these times, that is that Jesus will make Himself felt in an unexpected way for mankind. He has made Himself felt for centuries in the Eucharist to feed us with his holy, splendid, wonderful and divine Body, so we can change our attitude in life, improving ourselves, and truly being able to live the Gospel.

These times and my Lord Jesus Christ call for evangelization. We must prepare ourselves, and this is why we have our priests, the pastors who direct us, and whom, with much humility, we obediently follow their advice from the Word of God that they reveal to us.

Truly, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, renewal is working in our human condition, and our humanity feels the divine outpouring of the love of Jesus in the Eucharist on all the altars of the world. His Body is there, locked in the tabernacle, waiting for us to have a conversation enraptured by a beautiful feeling, we must listen to Him saying, “Come to Me, all of you, my children, to share these hours of heavenly delights with Me, with my Father, my Mother, and the Holy Spirit, so you may grow spiritually, and you may live a worthy life in which you may prove you are living the Gospel.”

I repeat the Gospel, because it is the hope of all Christians, and of the Catholics who love and feel their Church, the apostolic, big, beautiful Church where we all can fit, yes, we all fit. We all have the right to learn, and to live a worthy, honest, simple, noble, generous, and especially humble life.

It is not the humility of dressing in rags and preaching: We are humble; no, no. It is the humility of Mary; the humility of Jesus is what we have to follow, to be just as He was: spontaneous, natural, and filled with love and loyalty to the Church that is our hope for the future of all generations, of a better tomorrow and of this generation of jubilant youth that begins to feel in their hearts the call to enroll the lines of “loving one another” as Jesus loved us. The commandment Our Lord wrote to Mosses: “Love one another.” And I would say, like Jesus loved us and loves us still, with infinite, tender, delicate, soft love that deeply fills our hearts.

Therefore, tonight I wish you could all understand me and feel my Mother, Mary; the sweet Mother, Mary; the simple woman of Nazareth; the pure, innocent, beautiful, radiant maiden, who bore in her motherly bosom Jesus by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit. He was incarnated in her womb to come to planet Earth, so He could teach and prepare us with the graces and mercies of a God in perfection.

Yes, brothers, do not expect great speeches with farfetched words from me, no. I am a poor women, a family mother like any other woman with great joys, hopes, surprises, grief, weeping, agony… mothers suffer so many things.

To be a mother is the wonderful work of God, the great work that fills with tenderness the hearts of all of us, mothers. A child… the worth of a child, a child from our womb, the loved child that we feed with our motherly milk to nourish him so he may grow like plants of the wise nature do, so he may live an authentic and Christian life. This is what all mothers desire, to educate our children, cultivate them with good manners and with the desire of serving God. To serve, serve, and serve, to constantly serve and not be served.

This is what we have to think about in our daily chores: to serve, and not feel tired and say: I am being bothered; no. The love of Jesus does not allow us to feel tired nor to be fearful, no… or, I cannot. I can with will power, the will of God, the One who answers on our behalf, the One who helps us identify ourselves with his Heart, the One who calls us to go from one place to another without complaining. No, no we cannot complain and say: I do not like this or I am not pleased with that; everything pleases me. Everything has to please us, because it is to please Him.

The love He offers us is so beautiful, so grand, that many times, perhaps, it does not fit in our heart. We feel as if the heart cannot go on with the love it holds so it has to share it with its brothers, with the innocent children, the youth that grows, mothers, family-fathers, jubilant youth, and especially with our priests, our pastors, and with the great Pope of Rome that the Lord has granted us, seated at the see of Peter the fisherman.

His mission is so beautiful! It is a mission of love, humility, generosity, compassion on the poor, the needy, on the whole world. The Pope vibrates with his people! The Pope is a great gentleman, whom we have to venerate, and we must admire, and we must place our knee on the ground to receive his blessing, the blessing of Jesus. Because Jesus lives with him, Jesus is the One who has led him from one place to another to all nations, shedding blessings and sanctifying graces over his people, over all mankind.

I speak about the Holy Father because I know that he is undergoing difficult moments at this time, all of us, Catholics, should feel everything that can touch him, because he is part of us, part of Jesus. If he is in Jesus, we have to live spiritually with him with our prayers, sacrifices, with everything we can offer the Lord for his health and life; because we, Christians, need him right now. Let us pray for him, and let us unite to the clergy, to his followers, to all the ministers that surround him.

The ministry of the Church is invincible, powerful, and great because there is generosity… when a heart surrenders, it gives itself completely. Not everyone makes mistakes, we should not fear, no. We should be certain that what I am telling you is very true.

Therefore, tonight let us unite in one heart, each one with their intention, sorrow, grief, pain, weeping, or affliction due to your father, husband, son, and so on. All families have to suffer always, but we also receive many graces when we draw near the Eucharist with humility and generosity to receive the Lord who has come to meet us.

If you could understand the greatness of that small Host; it is the Body of Christ, his Blood, life, a splendor of light that comes to bathe, purify, cleanse us, make us better in life, and make us better understand our brother.

Therefore, we cannot despise any human being, no, regardless of where he comes from, or how, the prime base is to open your arms to him, give him a hand, a word on time, yes, so that soul does not feel lonely, but rather that it has found some outstretched arms to cover its spiritual bareness.

We are beginning the times of times, the great time of Jesus Christ, the time of Mary, of the apostles, of the People of God. Therefore, we must stand and cling to each other in order to defend ourselves, help each other, and take shelter under the tutelage of our great mother, the Holy Church.

I speak about the Church, because I have loved and felt the Church since I was a child. Since I was very small, I would wake up with infinite love to go to Holy Mass seeking my Lord to receive Him. Such great nourishment! I still am standing in the midst of diseases, serious illnesses. So much pain! However, Lord, each time I am going to travel I ask the Lord: Lord, am I coming back? And at the same time I answer myself: And why am I not going to come back home? I must, Lord, because I have a lot of work to do.

I am nothing, I am small, perhaps, I do not have a high culture, no, no; I do not. My life has focused on loving my God, spending my nights with Him in prayer. So many souls can be saved in a night! So many people, my God!

We must devote ourselves to prayer, a vivid prayer, a heartfelt prayer full of love, tenderness, of living faith. We need faith, much faith; hope, great hope; and charity which are our three theological virtues: faith, hope, and charity. Such beauty! Faith supports man, it vivifies him; hope is the dream of better days, to look forward to living, sharing, and fashioning a family; and, charity is love… everything is summarized here.

If we love we will receive love in return, and if we do not, it does not matter, God loves us, He cherishes us, He does not reject us, He has come to look for us, and in these times He is doing so in an indescribable way, because He is calling us and saying, “Rise, children, and fashion great columns of men and women to work for my Church, it is my Church. You must enliven your fellow brothers, you must help priesthood, give them courage, fortitude, and especially much, much sincerity.”

We have to be very sincere whenever we do something. We are or we are not. The Lord wants us on one line, everyone behaving correctly with a great spirit of endurance, humility, simpleness, spontaneity, and of being natural. The Lord wants us to be just the way we are. He does not choose so-and-so because he is smart, no; He chooses his people, He grabs them like this… you have to stand up and follow Him, because He leads you by the hand, He conducts you, and He teaches you.

Life is a constant apprenticeship, life is constant sharing, life is brotherhood, the brotherhood of a nation that longs for social justice, peace, serenity, a nation that wishes to learn and follow their elderly. But the elderly have to be very correct, honest, generous, compassionate, humble, very humble to teach, and to educate, and reeducate. To educate the one who does not know, who is still stumbling in life, who does not know what to do during his journey, it seems to long for him. Behold, we must help him walk serenely, tranquilly, and faithfully, the living faith of everyday – as I said before.

Well, brothers, I know you are here because you are expecting a miracle. Miracles are done by my Lord; miracles are done by my Mother. I am a poor and weak instrument, but in the midst of my weakness I have the fortitude that my Lord gives me. And my Mother, she comforts, soothes, softens me tenderly, softly, delicately as if I were I small child who does not know how to walk.

Behold, we all have to let ourselves be led. Let yourselves be led by divine current. Divine current is something so beautiful and grand, that sometimes we say: Lord, can I do this? And the Lord leads you as if you were an innocent child in his arms, so you can stand and defend your rights, what you love, what you feel like a person.

I love Christ, I love Mary, I love the Church, the saints, the angels in heaven, and the apostles who followed Jesus: Saint Peter, Saint Paul… Saint Peter was so strong, so robust, he was a rough man, a fisherman but he has fished so many souls and continues to. He is seated at his throne attracting souls with his barge, the barge with which he fished. How many souls have you seen surrounding the altars of my Lord?

Here you are, there is a reason for this… seeking the truth. Where is my truth? Where can I find it, Lord? What is happening to me? Why am I lacking faith? And my faith? Why do I not have faith? Why do I have this cold Herat? Could it be because of the problems of life? Could it be my enemies? Or could it be that I do not have the capacity to conform myself with the life that I lead, that I have, with what is offered to me in the future?

Well, everything in our life is ordered. Therefore, we must order our minds, strengthen our hearts, coat ourselves with the cross, carrying it on our shoulders lifting it up high.

  • My cross is my salvation.
  • Christ lives in me and I live in Him.

Who can come against you? Not even the weapons of the enemy, and if they do… to die for Christ is my most cherished dream, and it should be our dream.

So, brothers, tonight I wish you could have the following thought: these days that you have been working and waiting for this day, especially the young boys and girls, “What is this about? What is going to happen?” The most beautiful thing that can happen to a soul is to feel that Jesus lives among us, He lives, He is living among us. We do not see Him, but He is present in the actions of our life, in our good actions, in the actions of spiritual stature. Spirituality draws us near Him; materialism does not.

Of course, we have to work and live, and our daily bread is necessary. Therefore, we must strive; this is why we need to be very generous so everything turns out as we wish. Let us not waste time in things that are not right. Let us not think abut things that harm our minds, and sicken with sadness our hearts.

We must think that the great time is coming, the great moment of truth. Let us wait for Jesus; Jesus is coming, and you may ask, “Who are you to say such things?” Yes, Jesus is in the tabernacle, in the consecrated host. Everyday the priests hoist Him because they are the only ones who have the right to do so, and to give us the Communion receiving the consecration. I believe it is the greatest thing, Christ descends, He is there, his Body and Blood feed us.

But Jesus wants to make Himself felt to his people and He is going to in the most unexpected way for you. It will not take long. We are ending the century; this ending of century will compensate all the pain and the tragedies of mankind, in the midst of the light of war, setbacks, and movements of the earth. Remember this, it will be so beautiful… pain and weeping, joy and resurrection, new resurrection.

With this I mean that I want you to think very well about what I have told you, perhaps, I know nothing, but it comes from my heart, from the depths of my soul. And I want you to understand this: do not waste your time, because great truth, justice, and resurrection are coming, it is the great truth of the man of today, so all mankind may strongly embrace and unite in order to say: Brother, thank you; thank you, brother. It cannot be that your brother stretches out his hand to you and you reject him; no, people cannot be rejected, human beings cannot be scorned. Each one has to have his place, even the smallest one, the humblest, because Jesus is found in humility.

Well, I want to tell you something, and that is that I thank all the people that moved so this poor women could be invited here, all the priests who have come these days to celebrated Holy Mass here and at other Temples, all those who have come and have made my heart rejoice in such a way, tenderly, delicately like the white rose of my Blessed Mother… I thank the Father who celebrated Holy Mass, many did, but the Father who spoke is a very special soul. Forge ahead, Father, do not stop, with much humility, patience, fear of God – never offend Him. I stress on the fear of God, because it is said that we fear God because He punishes, no, no; it is the fear of God, it is the fear of never offending Christ; therefore, forge ahead.

And all the priests who have come; the elderly stooped by years who have carried the cross upon their shoulders, bearing and always waiting for the mercy of the Lord, giving the best of yourselves; and the youngsters who are beginning with the longing of serving, of truly living the Gospel spreading it from one place to another with good will, with the desire of winning many youngsters, other brothers that may also help out with the burden; everyone…

And I want to thank someone… Marlene, her family, and all the family of Kateri Tekakwitha, yes, it is a great family. She has been already beatified, yes, she is a saint, perhaps, one or two more things have to be done, but her miracles are beautiful.

I want to tell you this tonight, because in these days I was still… I was a little bit uncertain about coming, because we are a big family, numerous… and to travel… the children and their schools, the boys and their jobs, so many things that I asked the Lord: Lord, how am I going to do? I had my concerns, and for this family to travel it is not so easy. We have traveled many times this year, last year, for two years now we have been traveling.

I verily thank the United States for their invitations. I love you, I cherish you very much; your pain is mine. What happened in Oklahoma hurt me very much. I have been beside you, beside this city, these fathers, mothers, with everyone.

But what I wanted to tell you was that one night I was… Well, Lord, I have to answer; I have to give them an answer right now. What should I tell them? And I would tell myself: Yes, everything is more or less ready, but there is something missing, I have to fix this. I was concerned about one thing, about the other… and all of a sudden I feel my Lord, my Jesus saying, “My daughter, someone is here to visit you.” Well, it was difficult for me… I saw Kateri Tekakwitha approaching me, walking like this… she brought several children with her, and said, “Do not worry, tomorrow you will solve everything. Immediately write and tell them you are going, you have to, you must.”

I thought, the Lord could have told me, because I do nothing if He does not tell me, “Go.” It was then, when I came to truly understand that she is a saint. She said other things, she said beautiful, splendid things about this city, the people, she showed me many things, many things of when she was alive… her little girls.

It was something so big that I said: Lord, how can this be? It was beautiful. I wanted to share this because it has deeply touched me. I wish you pray to her too, because the humble ones who give of themselves, like she did, have great worth, a value that leads them to sanctity. Because of her courage, humility, simpleness, and complete surrender to her Lord and to our Mother, she is a saint who will continue shedding graces over your homes.

Thank you, Marlene, you helped me love her, you helped me because you told me about her, you brought me her statue. I have her in my home, in my house. I admire this great saint.

But I want to talk about someone, this great gentleman, the Patriarch Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary, the foster father of Jesus. Such great love! Today is his day, May 1st, Saint Joseph the Worker, Saint Joseph the carpenter, the humble man chosen by the Lord to accompany Mary and fashion the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

Our families should turn into the Family of Nazareth, getting together on Saturdays or Sundays – the family with the rosary, all the family on Saturday or Sunday. Considering that someone cannot on Saturday or Sunday because they already have a plan, choose the other day. I beg you do this; you are going to receive unimaginable graces. Gather around the table, have lunch or dinner, as you prefer, but get together, pray the rosary and pray to the Patriarch Saint Joseph, to Mary, and Jesus, the great Family of Nazareth so they may accompany you.

Ask each one of the family to say a prayer, a plea, a petition and to say something, to say what they feel; and you will see that your families will bloom like spring blooms with the most beautiful roses of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother with her Blessed Child Jesus, and Saint Joseph guiding your families, gathering your children so they do not follow a wrong path.

We have to draw them to us some how with much understanding, love, and human docility so they may open their hearts and thoughts, and may leave sin behind, leave behind everything that can hurt their hearts and minds.

Christian families, I call you – I am a mother – children must not be left in the hands of anyone, no, we have to have our children with us, all united fashioning the great Family of Nazareth in our family, growing and enkindling the flame in our heart with the flame of the Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They are the ones who reign in all the homes of the world, reign, reign in their hearts with the Patriarch Saint Joseph.

Now, brothers, for all of you, graces… for all priests, the few religious who have come, and for all these wonderful people who are trustily waiting for the miracles of my Mother, of Jesus. Let us trust, let us wait.

Everyone withdraw into your thoughts for at least a minute, and make your petition with much humility. May all this assembly receive lights of faith and divine knowledge to fully lead an authentic Christian life, in order to live days of fullness, of sun, of the sun of justice of Jesus who has come to save us and protect us forever in his Heart, through the Father, and the Holy Spirit who strengthens us and fills our hearts with love so we may live a new life, new life, new life.

And now I am going to finish, but first I want to suggest you pray with your hearts and minds when you go home, saying:

  • Thank you, Lord, because we have truly risen with You tonight. Resurrection, new life.

Leave behind you, in the past, everything that troubled your souls and hearts. Leave your minds open to the grace of the Holy Spirit so He may enlighten you, and fill you with fortitude and understanding to truly comprehend what God wants from each one of us, and how we should live, and which is their desire, so you may feel filled with that love that He transmits, the Lord of lords, Our Father, in his Divine Son, with the Holy Spirit, with the Virgin Mary, and our mother the Church.

Now, I beg you to remember that Our Lady Mary Reconciler of Nations is appearing in Betania to reconcile us, because without reconciliation there cannot be peace in the world. She continues to appear throughout the world to soothe the burden of her children the priest and of all the People of God. But remember: We must reconcile, because reconciliation restores peace, harmony, and unity for the human race. This is the prime base for which Jesus came, to unite us all, to save us with his most precious Blood offering his life, and being a living example of a Risen Christ. We have risen with Him tonight.

I thank you all.

May God keep you.

I thank all those who came with me, those who brought me; my gratitude to all of you. I am grateful, very grateful.

May God keep you.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

(The priests offer Mrs. Maria Esperanza a gift.)

Father, I am touched, thank you very much, I am deeply moved.

I thank you all; Michael Brown, thank you too, you have given me much courage and strength, thank you and your beautiful family, Michael, with that other angel that is coming and your lovely wife who is so good, thank you; and I thank all this community; Marlene; and Father Alberto.