Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Commentaries by father Manuel Rodriguez and Mr. Geo Bianchini. San Miguel Arcangel’s Stadium. Maranga, Peru

Saturday, July 15, 1995  9:40 A.M.

Good morning to everyone.

  • The Angelus.
  • Glory be.


…who are here with all of us. It is beautiful to see the People of God with their Mother! Everyone listening to the voice of Mary in their hearts! She makes herself felt with the humility of the servant, of the humble woman of Calvary at the foot of the Cross. Yes, with you, Mary, surrendered, looking at your Son, awakening, glory and Resurrection for everyone. And for mankind He continues to be: comfort, hope, dreams for the innocent children, youth, for those who are preparing themselves in their schools and universities to bear fruits as children of God… family parents.

This is so beautiful! It is beautiful to see the fathers with their children, the mothers with their children in their motherly bosom, giving them their love, covered with the mantle of Mary.

It is beautiful to have an audience before this Mother, leaving her all their needs, and intentions. And she surrenders her Heart, a pure and motherly Heart that says, “Come, my little children, come for the delicious nectar of the love of the Son of God, of my Divine Son Jesus Christ.”

Well, brothers, “Here I am, here I am”, says my Mother. “I live among you and I wish that all of you, my people, may forge ahead with your faith, with the humility of the just, the simpleness of the innocent child, the tenderness of the mother, and with the grace of the father so you may build a worthy family, perhaps, a numerous one, but a family filled with the infinite love of Jesus of all times. Jesus is the One who lives among us, my children; it is Jesus who is calling you so you may live the Gospel.”

“The world is asking for evangelization, everyone standing firmly; if it is possible, giving our life for the love of Jesus Christ. He continues giving of Himself on the Cross everyday to secure you, and to fill you with the motherly warmth of this Mother.”

And what is it that a mother does not wish for her children? She wishes the best, and the best comes from God, because God is infinitely generous in these cloudy days when man is getting ready for war, He is willing to save all. No more war, no more fear, my children, so your faith can be preserved with the simpleness of the innocent children, and with the love of the jubilant youth that yearns to learn, that wishes to offer their contribution.

Brothers, He is trying to consolidate everyone, in order to help our Mother Church and a holy man, the Holy Father, the Pope of Rome to help us with the burden. All united defending the rights of justice and freedom. Not the freedom of a contaminated world that is blind with the thirst of revenge … no. A new world of peace, harmony, and of infinite graces from heaven that descend – as they are descending right now – that reach us lifting our burden.

Behold, a Mother, Mary Virgin and Mother Reconciler of all People who appeared in Betania of the Holy Waters, on March 25 in 1976 with her hands full of light, saying, “My little children, my Heart I gave you, my Heart I give you, and my Heart I shall continue giving you forever. It is your Mother who has come to save you in these times of great calamity for the world. It is the Mother who longs for the salvation of all of her children. It is a Mother who yearns for social justice.”

“Yes, my children, enough with the struggles, the questions, and the agony of men in their daily life for their daily bread. There is a Mother who is giving of herself. You can see this here; I have made use of this son, a son of God who has come offering his hands, placing them upon your heads to heal your bodies and souls. Thus, they are making use of many souls in the world giving them warmth so they do not feel alone.”

Therefore, the Lord of lords, Our Father from the endless eternity, gives his approval, “People of God, raise and walk. It is Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Son of my delights who has come to save you in these times of great calamity for men. Secure yourselves to your faith, convert, forge ahead, do not dismay. There is famine, misery, grief, weeping, and death. Nothing, nothing can harm you for you shall receive everything with infinite love, the love of a son who trusts in his Father, the love of a son that is trying, yes, by means of his sacrifice, prayer, meditation, penance and Eucharist, to be saved.”

The Eucharist is the salvation of man, the daily nourishment, a food that brings satisfaction, that fills the heart with emotion, and that heart beats hastily waiting for his Lord to come to feed it with his Body and Blood. Jesus, you have left us such great nourishment! Therefore, I beg you all, my brothers: Eucharist, Eucharist, this is the base for the Christian, it is the food, and it is the supernatural life that is received.

Here you see this poor woman who, perhaps, has a weak heart, but she is sustained by her faith, and love, the love to my people; to a good, generous, and compassionate people      who is willing to leave everything behind for their Lord, the Lord of lords who feeds with supernatural life.

It is supernatural life what we need to resist the bad times. The bad times will pass, but justice is coming, and when they say, “Justice”; they say, “No, it is justice. O, my God! What is going to happen? The world is coming to an end. Lord, wars, earthquakes! O, my God! Flooding waters, rivers growing; what is this, Lord? The sea is ferocious.”

No, my children, you do not have to fear anything of what was just said, because the Lord lives among us, He lives in each one of us. Yes, my children, He lives among this Peruvian People that have suffered. But that henceforth, my Lord and my God, they will suffer and grieve no more. From one place, from another site, this strong, firm and courageous People will lift their wings like the blue butterfly of a Mother who comes to save us all through reconciliation. Yes, it is Mary the Mother of all times, a Mother who in Fatima, there, that Blessed Mother with her Heart appeared to Lucia, Jacinta and the innocent child who is are now in heaven. Lucia is still with us giving warmth and love to all of the souls who surrender to that Immaculate Heart of Mary.

It is Mary, the Mother of God who comes under different titles: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Coromoto in Venezuela, your Lady of the Miraculous Medal. The Mother of God is charity, love, humility, simpleness, and is benevolence for everyone. It is Mary, the Mother of God who has come to save us.

Therefore, I beg you for humility, humility and always humility. I ask the Lord: Give me humility, Lord. It is not what we see from the outside, it is what we have within ourselves. This is what is worthwhile in a human being who is willing to give his life, if it is possible, for the salvation of another soul. Al least one soul… two, three, four or five, but souls, many souls at the service of the Lord, many souls at the service of their brothers.

How many souls are lying sadly in the hospitals, because they do not have a family? Let us go to the hospitals and visit them. Let us all go where they live, to the slumbers to share, look, and see what is happening there? It is necessary to move; let us not stay all dressed up in our homes, no. Let us go around the world in a simple manner trying to share with our brothers.

It is beautiful to feel that someone knocks at our door saying, “What can I do for you? What is wrong? What is happening to your child? How are the older ladies? This is so beautiful, brothers. Charity is what is going to save us, everything else… nothing… no, it is charity, it is love. It is the work of this man we have here, of this priest, servant of Christ who has lifted your hearts, who gives you courage and supernatural life.

These things are so beautiful! They fill my heart with infinite tenderness, and I wish, Lord, I could give, and give, and give. I am surviving, yes, my Lord, to give You glory, and to love you, my Blessed Mother. Yes, dear Mother, you are so beautiful! Mary, you are so sweet, beautiful, and you have such light with such sparks! O, her sweet voice! O, if you could see the beauty of Mary for one moment, the ingenuity of the child, of the young girl, of the Mother who remains eternally young because she is the Mother of God.

So, brothers, it is a message of reconciliation what I am bringing you, reconciliation among people and nations of the earth.

O! It is Mary, the Mother of God, who under different titles comes to bring us peace. It is peace. Without reconciliation there cannot be peace, we have to reach peace; we have to reach reconciliation to attain peace; peace among nations, people, persons, human beings. Our homes and our families are in need of peace, love and unity. Your grief is mine, your sorrow is mine, your pain is mine. But at the same time, your faith is mine; your hope, hope in life, in useful matters… also the charity you spread. It is charity, love, unity, brotherhood, and new supernatural life.

And I say supernatural life not regarding a natural state, it is the supernatural life you have here today and everyday you have come to be with a Divine Father with his Divine Son who created us in his own likeness, a Divine Son who gave his Blood shedding it to save us, purify us, and give us his Heart, and a comforting and renewing Spirit, the Holy Spirit, new life… They are here among us, They follow our steps, and They truly help us live among our own brothers.

Let us share a minute of silence, and let us give my Mother all our needs and intentions. Let us pray for our Cardinal of Peru, for all of the ministers who follow him, archbishops, priests, nuns, and all of his people so there can be peace, peace in this place of spiritual healings, healings to the soul and physical ones too.

Let us pray for all of you.

“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children;

in the name of my Mother, I heal you in the body and in the soul

and I am keeping you here in my Heart. I will keep you, I will keep you,

I will keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

  • O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.

I thank you all. May the blessing of my Lord Jesus with the blessing of all of his priests be the hope of better days in order to begin a life full of inner harmony, of youthful joy, and of serene peace. May God keep you all.

Thank you Father; I thank all of you; thank you Your Excellency, Your Eminence the Cardinal, the priests who are with him; and all the people who invited me and allowed me to be here with you. I will carry you in my heart. May this strong breeze heal each corner of your homes, houses, schools, universities… of your families.

We are in peace and in harmony with the whole world.

Thank you.

Blessed be the Lord; blessed be my Mother; blessed be Our Father the Pope John Paul II who is giving of himself as a stream of tenderness in his Heavenly Mother Mary, in Jesus, her Divine Son, and in the Father.

I thank you all.


– Long live Jesus Christ! / Long live!

– Long live Mary! / Long live!

– Long live Catholic Church! / Long live!

– Long live our sister Esperanza! / Long live!

– Long live her husband! / Long live!

Come forward, come forward. Let us meet the husband.

(A great applause and everyone singing chants devoted to Our Lady.)

Well, sister, today we thank God and Our Lady very much for this visit, and for this message brought by our sister Esperanza, her husband and several of her brothers who accompany her.

In Finca Betania in Venezuela I had an experience: The Lord is giving Himself through Mary abundantly. There is an amazing video that is circulating, where there are incredible healings… the power of the Lord through Mary, He is in her, He is the only Savior. ¡Hallelujah!

  1. GEO BIANCHINI: I greet you all with great kindness. It is my pleasure to see all of you gathered here praising Jesus and his Mother. It is the greatest thing, the only truth of our existence.

Follow this path, do not detour. Heaven is waiting for all of us, the Father has prepared a kingdom for all of us, we cannot loose this kingdom. So, let us try to be better everyday, better in order to reach this kingdom. We will only be able to get there by following Jesus and his Mother.

Again, I want to congratulate you. I embrace you all. And I hope we will be able to meet one day in that promised heaven.

Thank you.

(Applause and the audience sings.)

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Father, this is so beautiful! Your task is so beautiful.

(The audience sings.)

I am truly moved. My Mother is here with her Divine Son. She is Mary the Queen, the Blessed Mother, she is our hope who has come to gather us, and who has come to help us follow our path that leads to Zion with the promised hope of this immense blue sky which we all will inhabit.

Heaven is so beautiful! My Mother offers me such a beautiful landscape so we may amuse ourselves and live happily. Eternal joy is the only happiness through which the fearful Christian, who loves his God, longs to halt his steps before God, creator of the universe.

Well, I thank you all: Dr. Succar; your family; you, for being such a special soul; you too, my daughter; I thank all of you for such a beautiful invitation, an invitation that has reached my heart, because the Lord is truly here, He is present among this crowd. Father, you truly move me and you give me – yes – supernatural life to go on struggling and leaving in each heart the message of my Mother, of love, unity, peace, serenity, and joy, of being led to the promised heaven of those who are blessed in their hearts.

I thank you, my people, People of God because you have met before the Blessed Mother in thanksgiving for the infinite miracles that are taking place in this site. This is a site where one can feel how each one is sharing with the other person in a soft, beautiful, blooming sharing, in which each one tenderly is aware of his place.

It pleases me to see you so quiet and prudent. It is truly fascinating, from a spiritual point of view, to see people standing firmly, as the soldiers I mentioned earlier: Soldiers at the foot of the Cross with Mary, soldiers who defend their rights, soldiers willing to continue fighting for a better world, a new world, a world in which we all can meet holding our hands with the warmth and the love of Jesus who is holding our hands to help us walk better in life, and turn our hearts into noble ones through charity.

Charity is what we need everyday, to increase this charity, this love, this grace that is reaching everywhere. The grace of a sun, of a truth, of the justice of my Risen Lord Jesus Christ is coming. He is rising again, He is bringing us new life, warmth, a flame for our hearts to make us young again, so we may feel like innocent children. The Lord is in innocence, in the children; in innocence there is peace, joy, serenity, and tenderness. Let us become children, we know nothing, we simply let ourselves be led, conducted by the hand with that Mother, she is leading us, guiding us, and conducting us.

Who are we? We are nothing, we are small creatures who believe to know many things… no, no. The one who knows is the Lord, the one who educated, who prepared his disciples. And Mary, always there, looking at the beautiful way in which her Son behaved in order to win the hearts of those who followed Him. You can see Peter, Peter the Apostle in Rome, rock and foundation.

Let us defend the Church – our Catholic, apostolic, Roman and universal Church – a kingdom with no end, an eternal kingdom of love, justice, truth, but above all, of love because it is love what the world is in need of. Abundant love, torrents of love that rest in our hearts in order to be transmitted to everyone else.

Love… it is love what my Mother brought to Betania, it is love that she brings in all of her apparitions. She lets herself be seen and looked at by all of her children. Mary is the Queen, Mary is the Mother, Mary the woman of Calvary, Mary the kind one of Nazareth with her daily chores,   as ours in our homes, with our families, with our needs, with our intentions. It is Mary accepting us just the way we are: weak, frail; but accepting us, accepting us all.

Here we are so she can shape our hearts with the grace of her love, innocence, and of her motherly loyalty… Yes, it is her simple humility that she transmits.

Yes, my brothers; yes, my little ones who are gathered here; yes, jubilant youth who are willing to live the Gospel: Evangelization, and I say evangelization because this is what is going to save us, but let us remember: Let us not stop going to Holy Mass, if it is possible everyday – each day of our lives – so we may receive Jesus. His Body will continuously nourish us and nothing, absolutely nothing, will halt our march toward the light of the New Dawn of Jesus; and when I say, the New Dawn of Jesus… we will have great surprises in the world.

Behold the mystery of a Mother and at the same time, the light of a star… Mary is that star united with the Sun of Truth and Justice… Jesus among us in these times. Not far from now. No… “Jesus died, He Rose; everything passed, everything is over…” no. Jesus is alive, He is here among us.

Therefore, we must lead an honest, worthy, fair and cooperative life with our Church, that beautiful and just Church together with our priests who renew us. Let us humbly go to the confessional, let us confess with the truth, let us not hide our sins… no. Let us be faithful to the call in order to follow behind Mary, to go on, to go on walking with her because she is going to teach us so much, she is going to appraise our faith, trust, hope and charity. Love, we are going to develop love. It is love, love, love that we must attain. Let us give much love and then we will receive the love of a Mother continuously, because Mary is the one in these times, since Jesus told her, “Mother, take my scepter; help me lead the souls. You are the Mother.”

Behold, the mystery of the apparition in Betania; and I say mystery, because I truly never imagined I was going to see the things I have seen, and what I continue seeing in the world. As for example, what is taking place in Yugoslavia, in Bosnia. I never imagined there would be so much grief and weeping in that place, when I saw those passages some years ago, eight years ago.

So, I am convinced that my Mother has come to save us by all means, and that all nations will come together – all of them – to reach an agreement that will defend their rights, but without weapons. How will this be? A miracle; it is the miracle worked by the Mother at this time, because there has been hardship, and the children of God have been humiliated. This nation has to reemerge, rise, walk straightly, firmly as soldiers defending their rights, but not with weapons. No, children, but with prayer, penance, meditation and the Eucharist.

I talk about the Eucharist, because the Eucharist has been my life, since I was a child. I had my First Holy Communion when I was seven. All my life at 4:00, at 4:30 a.m. I would get up to do my Hour of Adoration. This is what I ask my Lord, to never take this away from me… sick, no matter how, to do my Hour of Adoration to my Lord… then get up and immediately go to Holy Mass to receive Him. The Eucharist is such a great love!

Children, I am talking to you as if you were my own children: Receive Holy Communion, receive the Lord, go on receiving Him, because perhaps you will be able to receive Him everyday. You will feel that problems are not such, that concerns are not such, that worries softly pass; nothing touches you. If they said this or that; “look, be careful”, no… The Lord is living with us, and how much can a man mistreat us? No… Jesus was mistreated, humiliated; and He resisted it all, and man continues to deny Him, and He continues to wait for the conversion of all men on earth.

The conversion of Israel. O I love Israel because Jesus was born there in that nation! “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, do not continue denying Me. It has been enough. Stop and convert your heart into a heart of love for all of your brothers on earth. Everyone united with an open heart to the grace of the Holy Spirit, to the Heart of Mary, and to the Heart of the Father.”

  • O, Father! Come, Lord, and make Yourself felt by the crowd.

Father, shake the cold hearts, open the mind of men and may a ray of your eternal heaven enter. Enlighten men, bless them all. Keep them, Lord, Father of the beatitudes.

I keep you, my little ones.


FATHER MANUEL RODRIGUEZ: The Peruvians thank you for the message you have brought us that is the Gospel. I want to tell you that I think that everyone would like you to briefly tell us about the way you felt the grace of Our Lady, how you saw her, what was her color, how did she appear? Tell us something brief, the people are eager to hear. But there are people who are here since 4:00 in the morning.

Let us hear about how you attained those graces from the Lord, because this is a gift for all of us.

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Throwing me a rose… I was a child, when I was five years old. And from that moment on… She was smiling and emerging from the waters, she threw it to me, I caught it, went to my mother and I said: Mother, look at what Saint Therese of the Little Flower just brought me. She answered, “O my love, it is because you are so good!” This was how she comforted me because she was about to leave on a trip and I was very sad… my sister was crying so much.

Soon afterwards, in 1948, I was a young girl now, I was growing up, and Jesus came and gave me such a beautiful message. He told me to prepare myself because his Mother was going to come on a land that I would find that had a sugar mill, an old house, a river that resembled the Jordan River, and water that sprang from a grotto so we could pray like in Lourdes, and that Our Lady was going to renew us and secure the faith of the People of God.

Well, I continued growing up. I had to work as an office clerk. Then, Monsignor Bernal, who was like a father to me, took me to Ciudad Bolivar and would take me from parish to parish so I could talk to the people, to the youngsters, and to the seminarians. And many vocations took place. This went on until the day that he was transferred from Bolivar to Los Teques. The coincidence was that I found the land in the jurisdiction of Los Teques. I had moved to Rome, we came back and the Lord told me, “Look for the land.”

We looked for the land throughout the North-Central part of Venezuela. I did not know where it was, until a man told us, “There is a land that has been put on sale.” So, we went to see it and we saw the old sugar mill, the old and poor house, and in front it had a river. The Lord had told me that the land would be a sweet land… it had sugar cane with its sugar mill to make “papelon”.

This was how my Mother led me and began to prepare me. We had to go back to Rome. We spent some time there with the children. I had already married. And one day in Rome she told me, “Go, daughter, the time of my apparition has come, I will come on March 25.” This was on February 11th. I had to go the day of the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, I went to Venezuela. My husband came later because he could not come with me, so he arrived the day after the apparition, because it took place on March 25th and he got there on the 26th. I was so sorry he could not be with me and my Mother because he was in Rome with the children.

On March 25 my Mother woke me up a 4:30 in the morning and she gave me the most beautiful message, in which she said, “Let us go to the grotto.” We went to the place. Father Laboren was there accompanied by another priest, Father Molina, who was a Jesuit. Monsignor had given word to celebrate Mass that day. Mass was celebrated. We were 80 people. Well, I did not dare tell the people, I was fearful, I do not like noise. So, then, all together we went to the grotto after Holy Mass, after the Communion. It was so beautiful. There was a person who had spent 15 years without going to confession, neither him nor his wife; someone else after 25 years… this was how conversions took place in these people, my God.

Well, and when we were there praying, the sun began spinning. It was huge, it came like a cake that was going to crush us. And “Ah, ah!” People were yelling, until I fell on my knees because I saw my Mother. She was jumping from one tree to another… her veil would get tangled with the branches… I saw her with her mantle… this was when she told me the same words I said before, “My little daughter, my Heart I gave you, I give you my Heart, and I will continue giving it to your forever. Do you see my rays… my light… it is light what I come to bring you in order to save the People of God, because without reconciliation there shall be no peace in the world. I ask you, pray the rosary, pray it everyday. You must pray the rosary because it is the blessing of this Mother of God.”

This message was so beautiful, so splendid. Then I came back to my senses and everybody was crying. We were all like covered with these tiny things, like silver, all of us were covered with it, it was as if someone had sprinkled us on the face with glitter, we were all glittered. We would look at each other… “and are you full of glitter, and you too?” Everyone.

Well, for me it was something so big that there are no words; this was how Betania began. Later on, she told me, “I shall come again.” She continued to come. This was in 1976, and she came in 1977, 1978, and 1979. She would constantly come, and give me her messages. I have them all, some are in the hands of Monsignor the Bishop, and I have the rest. The messages were studied. It was a long procedure; the investigation lasted four years, four strong years in which I told the Lord: I do not have the courage. But, He would tell me, “Go on, my daughter; go on, do not fear.”

Well, the apparition was approved. But what I wanted to tell you before is that Our Lady told me that she would come for everyone for 1984. Because I said to her: Mother, they are not going to believe that I see you, that I talk with you; so, what should I do? And she answered, “Do not worry, daughter, on March 25 in 1984 I shall make myself present to everyone.”

So, Monsignor gave the word. Holy Mass was celebrated. Father Laboren was there and Father Molina too, they were very holy souls. Father Laboren was more conservative; on the other hand, Father Molina – who was a Jesuit – was more flexible with the people. In these matters, there has to be one who is strong and the other one more… this is what I imagine Monsignor thought.

When we were there many people came, approximately 150. This was the most… well, my apparition was beautiful, but I was the only one who had the experience; well, the sun spun, people saw those beautiful phenomena in the sun, precious rain fell, and the glitter… but on March 25th Our Lady came under different titles: Our Lady of Lourdes, the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Our Lady of Sorrow, Our Lady of Solitude, the Virgin of Perpetual Aid, Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was one behind the other. “Look at her, look at her!” Well, people ran. It was from 2:45 in the afternoon until 6:30. Close to four hours, yes sir.


And as I was saying, well, three hours and a half, in which every ten minutes she would come and go, come and go… people were like crazy.

FATHER MANUEL RODRIGUEZ: She would come and go?

MRS. MARÍA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: She would completely disappear, and all of a sudden: boom! She would come again.

FATHER MANUEL RODRIGUEZ: Could you see her image?

MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Perfect, perfect, under all of her titles.

This is way I say that it was something so big that we all… There was love and faith there. There was a General, General Tarre Murzi from the Army, an important person there; there was a Psychiatrist from Maracay, there were two other Doctors from Caracas; there were Lawyers, two Lawyers; there were… well, people from all walks of life: students and youngsters. They would see… Look, it was such a great experience. It was a beauty.

During the last apparition was when she came with her Son in her arms offering Him to us. People would say, “O the Virgin, the Virgin! The child, the child!”

Look, this was something so big, so big that I say: My God, we lived something like a movie, like something so grand. Lord, who are we? Mother, who are we to see you come in such a way? It is to save the world that is going astray, it is to help us all gather into prayer – as I said before – it is for penance, the Eucharist, meditation, it is to work for our Holy Church, a Church that loves and feels her children, and is willing to give all of her children whatever they ask for.

So, brothers from Peru, I invite you to come to Venezuela, to Betania whenever you may. God is going to help you; you will see that you will lack nothing, it will be such a beautiful and grand change in your lives that you are going to be truly renewed, everything… your cells, blood, minds, bones, spleens, livers, everything, everything. You will be renewed with new and supernatural life that only Jesus, the Risen Christ, can give with his Blessed Mother.

Father, thank you; thank you for your humility.


MRS. MARIA ESPERANZA DE BIANCHINI: Thank you for your patience, and thank you for gathering all these people for my Holy Mother, for my God. I thank you all.

Blessed be the Lord.

FATHER MANUEL RODRIGUEZ: Glory be to God, Glory be to You, Lord.

Bless your children. Once again, I thank the Lord for the gift He has given us today. Tomorrow is the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It is good news that the presence of Mary has been brought to us with all the titles in which she appears. Mary is only one, but she has many forms, qualities, never ending gifts. This is why she appears in different manners. Mary is our Mother.

Applaud Our Lady!

Let us sing.