Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Coloseum of Colegio Javier. Guayaquil, Ecuador

Friday, july 21, 1995  6:00 p.m.

Good evening to everyone. Let us pray the Angelus.

  • The Angelus.

Priests, nuns, all this community of love, People of God, a great community that has gathered here, at the Eucharistic table, to receive the Lord and nourish with his mystical Body that enkindles our hearts with the flame of his love, with the wonderful fire of Christ. He touches our hearts in such a way so we may feel filled with warmth and his mercy, and with his Mother, Mary of Nazareth, the humble woman, the one who bore in her bosom the Son of God.

Such a great thing! O Mary my Mother! My heavenly Mother from heaven! You support your children… you teach them the holy rosary.

It is so beautiful to pray the holy rosary in a community of love with our families, brothers, and friends. Yes, with the rosary in our hands, with the fervent prayer that springs spontaneously from the heart to soothe our burdens, and spiritual and bodily aches, in order to feel renewed from within.

Prayer in group is so beautiful. All families seated in their homes sharing their bread.

O wonderful Bread of Christ, You have given us such nourishment today!

I am moved, my Lord, it is your people who ask for mercy, peace, serenity for their families, homes, especially with his neighbor… our nations, nations that hold hands, that forgive their flaws and mistakes, nations that love one another and that truly live the Gospel.

I have just arrived from Peru. O sun of Peru, sun of my love! O Ecuador, I feel you in my soul through my beloved Lord Jesus, and our Liberator Simon Bolivar, and also Antonio Jose de Sucre! O such great love to Quito! Such beauty, Lord, the way You touch the hearts of all of your children so they can gather around your Eucharistic table, to be nourished, and feel serene, and faithful to their nations united in one heart.

Behold, then, brothers, here you have this poor woman, a common woman, but one thing is certain, this woman loves with infinite love.

It is something so big, that I wanted to give my life to the Church as a nun hidden in a sanctuary, without having contact with anyone, but the Lord sent me to the streets, “Go, go and meet the world.” Of course, great risks so others can understand the Lord… “But I shall give you the needed courage to help your brothers.”

Yes, it is so special to be able to serve patiently and serenely, constantly asking for will power, will, and humility, because I always say: Humility is the crystal bridge that leads us to heaven, without humility we can achieve nothing. I ask the Lord: Give me humility to serve You, love You, and make You be acknowledged by all your children on Earth, regardless of how they come or where they come from, let us stretch out our hands and help them with the burden.

It is beautiful to carry the grief, pains, and illnesses of our brothers. We are comfortable serving the Lord; we do not feel uncomfortable because we are bothered, no. Never say: No. Always say: Yes. When someone asks you for something in life, do not say: No. On the contrary, give comfort, consolation, express your ideas with simpleness, and open your heart so they may feel truly happy that someone understands them. It is needed to give ourselves unconditionally under the banner of Mary.

O Mary, my Mother! Mother of God, lily of the prairie, beautiful white lily. O Lord! A rose of love, a rose of fire, blessed among women as the white rose of love. O Mary! I wish I could sing to you and joyfully tell the world: She is the dazzling star that enlightens the way so we may meet with Jesus, her Divine Son of her Heart. O Jesus, my beloved Savior of the World, Heart of the Risen Christ, tonight we want to rise singing with You: To rise, Lord, and go throughout the world spreading your council, and your Word of love and faithfulness.

Yes, children; yes, my children, faithfulness, faithfulness to our church, our Catholic, apostolic, Roman, and universal Church; a Church that sings, that teaches us the Gospel with so much love, with a Holy Father the Pope who is seated at the Chair of Peter, representing her with humility, serenity, with the simpleness of a child, with the innocence of a small heavenly cherubim, and as the tough fisherman too, fishing souls like Peter the fisherman. Jesus taught this, Jesus gave him an inheritance, the Church. “My Holy Church has been given to Peter.” …and he gave his life for this Church, for the Risen Christ, for all of us. And there is someone who represents her, a Pope, the Pope of these times who is manifesting himself from one place to another spreading the Word of God… evangelization of people and nations.

Do you understand the great and wonderful fact of penetrating the hearts with the knowledge of God telling him that nothing or no one can stop the march of his blessed image? No one, because Jesus is with him, lives with him; they are clinging together in order to compensate the hours of grief of a nation that longs for social justice, for justice.

It is a nation that loves God, that loves Christ, that truly wants to live standing firmly serving their brothers. It is so beautiful to serve our brothers! It is beautiful to hold hands! It is beautiful to feel the flame and fire of Jesus in our hearts; to give them to Him so they will burn in a labor that only can be accomplished with love, spreading the message of a Mother, our Mother Mary.

I want to talk to you about her, and state here that my Mother had been telling me that a blessed land would come, a land of promises where many would take refuge feeling renewed from within, soothed with its blessed waters, with its green landscape, with its sugar cane, with its plantations, purifying themselves at the foot of the stream.

She had told me so, and I looked for the land, and it came when the time was right. We had spent years traveling by car, until one day we received a call that there was a land close to Cua, that it had a farm with sugar cane, an old sugar mill, an old house, a river right in front of the house, and a grotto for prayer. It was a grotto that no one knew about, and my Mother appeared to me there on March 25 in 1976 at 8:30 in the morning.

O Mary, you dazzled me, Mother! Such unmatched beauty, your countenance, your beautiful brown eyes, your smiling lips! You looked at me with tenderness, with sweetness, and I saw when you moved from one tree to the other to come closer to me. Yes, Mother, I wanted to fly… I wanted you to have me in your arms, for you to take me with you, so I could stay with you forever, but this did not happen, you told me, “My Heart I gave you, my Heart I give to you, I will continue giving you my Heart forever.”

It was something that filled my soul, the rays from your hands dazzled me, and you made me shine. The sun began to spin, I lost consciousness, I did not know… but the rest were seeing the sun shinning. It was so beautiful. It was a day of light for the world, because I know that my Mother penetrated the consciences of all men on Earth that day, so they could awake to the fact the she, Mary, had come as ambassadress.

Yes, the Father sent her in his Divine Son Jesus Christ as Mary Reconciler of all People and Nations. A Mother who comes seeking her people, touching their cold or lukewarm hearts, or in whatever condition they are… it is Mary who has come to look for us.

There have been so many miracles in Betania: there have been so many souls in wheel chairs that could not walk and my Mother has helped them walk; so many blind have arrived without seeing and those eyes have seen the light of the sun, “Lord, I see, I see!”; so many people with serious moral problems and the fear of God began to penetrate – this is the greatest, not the fear that He with punish us, but the fear of not offending Him ever – and these people have not sinned again, they converted.

So, brothers, I invite you to come one day to Betania. Betania is light of the world, Betania is truth and knowledge for man, Betania is reconciliation with the divided brothers.

We have to reconcile with everyone; to forgive in order to be forgiven; to quench our thirst; to conquer abundant love. It is hope for who may need us, for everyone: the sad, the forsaken, those laying in the hospitals dying with a fever, yes, incurable sicknesses. We must visit the sick; we must go to the hospitals; we must share the bread with our brothers. We cannot continue to be indifferent to what is happening around us. If we continue with our indifference, it is over. No.

We have to work very much, for this reason we have our priests who prepare us, help us, feed us with that mystic Body of Christ every morning during Holy Mass. It is beautiful and splendid to be able to wake up every morning… Lord, I spent all my life close to You, in your Church. Lord, every morning You fed me. Or in the afternoon… where are You, my Lord? O Lord! It is so beautiful to feel that you called me, “Come, daughter, I was waiting for you.”

O, brothers, I want you all to feel what I feel! It is cleansed warmth, it is the beauty of the clarity of being filled with You, Lord. It is the heaven of my God, it is immensity, it is the stars that at this moment are beginning to come out and, are twinkling to give us a glance of love to get into our good graces. Nature is beautiful, my God!

I ask myself: My God, how can man despise faith? Because he is despising it… faith, hope, and charity, the three theological virtues that enliven man, that fill him with love. Because they are our sisters that help us walk better in life. Yes, faith, the living faith of each day; hope, the dream of man of all the things he has to do; and, charity, the love to our brothers, living and sound love that knows how to move all the obstacles from the way very well.

Because, it is the Lord, the One who is here, He is here waiting for us, He is here helping us, He is here teaching us. And Mary too, the blessed among all women is softly, tenderly smiling at us, calling us, telling us, “Come, my little children, come to our side. Do not stop, and continue to sweetly and serenely walk the path with an open heart to the grace, the grace that enters the heart and renews it.”

It is love, life, health, trust, and an open mind because the Holy Spirit works in us renewing us, strengthening us with the gift of good counsel, counseling us what we have to do, and the gift of understanding to truly understand how we must carry out and fulfill our deeds; of course, wisdom and science are so beautiful; and the gift of fear of God, the holy fear of God because when we have the fear of God we do not dare harm anyone…  Do not offend the Lord; it is not the fear that He is going to punish us, but the feat of not offending Him. Have this in mind; never do a deed that is not a deed of love… like offending a human being because it is a sin to harm a brother. No; we must make amends. I believe that tonight is a night to rectify our ambivalence; I believe that this is the time of cleansing, of purification. The Lord wants to cleanse, to enter with his Mother tonight, with her wonderful soft scented roses that fill us with her tenderness, and the Holy Spirit blowing in our homes, in our houses so we may feel in peace with the Lord, with the Mother of Nazareth, Mary, the humble violet of the holy path of Nazareth.

Mary is so beautiful, her work, her daily work at home! We, mothers, also work… frequently at night when we feel we cannot go on any longer, but the hope of Mary gives us courage and supernatural life to continue with our long day’s work of one day after another, without feeling tired – she gives us supernatural life.

What does supernatural life mean? It is to be able to attend to all the things the Lord asks us with responsibility. It is a great responsibility we have with the Lord. Therefore, we have to pray. Prayer, prayer, prayer is the life of man; it is life, fortitude, courage, energy, warmth, and feeling. Prayer has to be loved; love prayer and meditation. We constantly have to meditate. Do penance on Wednesdays and Fridays… abstinence… those who can, but we must do penance, we must fast on Wednesday and Friday. The Nazarene fell on Wednesday; on Friday, yes, He surrendered to shed his Blood, bathe us, cleanse us, and purify us with it.

We truly have to follow the Gospel with prayer, meditation, penance and the Eucharist. The Eucharist… it is very needed to do the Eucharistic Thursdays with our families, all united in our Churches, praying to the Lord, asking for forgiveness and mercy, forgiveness of our weaknesses and flaws, peace for the People of God.

The People of God are so great! We are People of God, we are Church, we are part of the Church. And now we the lay, we who are People of God, have to submit to the voice of the Holy Father, the Pope, to the voice of his ministers, bishops, priests so the fulfillment of a new world can take place: a new man, a life that is being born, that begins to give its first steps. Why? Because this man has awakened with the Church, with her ministers that have left everything behind – their houses, homes, communities – to go to the seminary and become a priest. How many nights of prayer, of fatigue studying, how many things?

We have to think about this. Therefore, they are the only ones who have the right to absolve sins. Why? Because they renounced everything to cling to the Lord and live a Eucharistic, real, true, unique life here on Earth; always with grief, sorrow, pain, heartfelt concerns, but with much faith and much love.

So, brothers, do not expect that I am going to give a great speech, I speak about simple daily things, about sharing with our brothers and friends.

We should not be selfish, no. Jesus gave Himself for us and He continues to do so; we must follow in his footsteps, and in the footsteps of Mary who is calling us to open routes and paths for those who are coming behind us: the children that are growing, youth. It is she, Mary, Jesus in his Mother, “Take the scepter, Mother, take it and help me conquer the hearts of all my children. I do not want to loose a soul, I cannot, Mother.” And Mary with humility, with her beautiful humility, answered her Son, “Yes, I accept, that is to say, because it is your desire and the desire of my Father. The Holy Spirit has made Himself felt working in the world in a special way, and I am going to give the best of myself too, of this motherly Heart by caring for my priests, all family fathers, and all the mothers of mankind.”

Behold, brothers, we should also answer: We accept everything God wants for us, helping us walk better in life, and truly helping us live the Gospel. Evangelization… it is the salvation of this world; the Scriptures, the Gospels, the Holy Bible in our homes as its defense and protection. Let us open these teachings, let us see the Psalms. What does the Good Shepherd say to us? What is the Lord telling us? So many things so we can walk better in life, teaching us how to live serving those who need us… the wonderful Gospel of: John, Luke, Mark, and Mathew.

Yes, brothers, it is the time to awaken, to awaken our consciences; it is an awakening with new and supernatural life.

Here, you are receiving something so beautiful: the grace of Mary. I know nothing, this poor woman is worth nothing, and I tell her: Mother of mine, I know nothing, do with me as you please, I will give you as you please, I am no one; but, Lord and God, I am going to offer what I do. And she said, she answered, “I am the Mother Reconciler of People, who comes to reconcile you all. This is my dearest dream: reconciliation among nations, love and unity among brothers; this is my dearest dream. I have come to seek you, to counsel you, and to leave you love – everyone receive it. I come to reconcile people from all kinds, from all classes. It has been enough of marked quarrels… smile. So, respect, love one another, and unite with one another. It is the time of the awakening of consciences. Enkindle your faith with the warmth and the flame of my Divine Lord; it is He, Jesus, the King of kings who shall conquer a new world for man. He makes Himself felt. All of you shall feel Him in your hearts as one.”

  • Hearts of Jesus and Mary in one Heart, have mercy on us.
  • Hearts of Jesus and Mary in one Heart, have mercy on us.
  • Hearts of Jesus and Mary in one Heart, have mercy on us.

So, brothers, I thank you all for this day, thank you. The Lord will make Himself fully felt especially to the sick. Our Lady Virgin and Mother of the Church, she Mary, the good and compassionate Mother will make herself felt to the sick, she will visit you tonight, in these three days. My Mother will make herself felt in a special way, no one will feel sad, oppressed, or filled of pain, because she will give you the spiritual joy of feeling her spiritual and tender glance upon your homes, upon your jobs.

Those who are without a job will find a job or something to support their families.

Those who have a very sad disappointment because of the separation of a family member… that member will come back; you will all come together like in old days.

Those who are now alone and sad because a beloved one has left forever will be visited tonight by this person in a special way, they will be accompanying you, because the Lord will allow this to happen so you may feel filled with courage to go on living and giving your contribution to this wonderful Church, our Catholic Church, to work in your communities, in your Marian centers, wherever you are needed.

And now, brothers, let us ask the Lord to help us discern right now, tonight, this humble message of a Mother, so the graces of the Holy Spirit may descend in a particular way upon each one of you.

I infinitely thank these young ladies, these ladies, young girls whom I did not know… your kindness, your tenderness, your service to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is Mary, she is the one who touches the heart of this son of hers, so these youngsters may answer the grace and may change their lives willing to defeat… this cements itself with the Holy Mass on the altar of the Lord, receiving infinite blessings from heaven.

And now, I must bid good-bye saying: It is so beautiful when we meet with someone… Everything is land of God, it is the land of Mary with her motherly Heart pierced by thousands of terrible bullets, but pointing out with infinite tenderness and kindness that we must love, help, and bear one another.

To bear each other is so difficult; we have to learn how to bear and resist. I know you are tired, I am tired too, but we all are here. It is my Mother, it is she, Mary, who wishes that you may feel the warmth of her motherly Heart, and the fire and flame of her Son Jesus Christ.

This is a trial of love of my Jesus… a person like you with so much work. You have a big heart, and you bear humility within as a consecrated priest of the Lord, a Jesuit, a son of Saint Ignatius of Loyola – he is so important to me and Saint Francis Xavier whom I love so much.

I feel in my heart that my Mother has renewed the consciences and the hearts, its flaws, your lives, so the most beautiful movement may crystallize united with your neighboring nations, so peace and unity may take place. No more war. My Mother wants to offer you a new life of reconciliation, of faithfulness to the Lord, of love, and of understanding with your priests who have been praying for their brothers.

May God keep you.

I thank you all, thank you.


“In the Name of my Father, I bless you, my children.

In the name of my Mother, I heal your body and soul,

and I keep you here in my Heart, I shall keep you, keep you, keep you,

I shall keep you here in my Heart from today on and forever.”

May peace be with you, and may the light of the Holy Spirit enlighten your souls. You are in peace and in harmony with the whole world, my little ones.


Many sick will be healed, and he who is in pain will be healed, because the Lord lives among us.

Thank you.


Go back home in harmony, go in peace with the conviction that the Lord lives among us, and that his Mother, Mary, gives us supernatural life, and that we must go on firmly convinced that Jesus lives among us.


Assay your faith, and above all, have the desire of serving your brothers; it is to serve… not to be served. This is love, to be able to serve the brother who is feeling bad, who is in pain, who is grieving with a word of consolation, with little daily things: a detail, a smile, a word on time. Many souls can be saved… a young man who is going astray can be saved with a word – spiritually we are filled with the light of love, a good advice.

So, tonight the Lord is renewing us, strengthening us, and giving us serenity. His serenity is so beautiful. I think about the warmth of his love, yes, and the soft breeze of the Holy Spirit.