Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Church Saint John The Baptist. Jerusalem, Israel

Tuesday, November 7, 1995

…all united in one heart to Jesus and Mary, through the Father and the Holy Spirit.

So, brothers, I also want to thank the Mariani family and the priests who have accompanied this pilgrimage to our Holy Land of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you are so beautiful, you give life to your Christian children who come to your feet on their knees, so all their brothers can feel them, carrying in their hearts the promised hope that Jesus will continue making of all of his children on Earth columns of light for this world, to enlighten the darkness that covers the Earth!

So many things have happened these past days: sadness in the souls, mothers who are loosing their children, youth that are going astray, pain in the souls, and sad and beaten hearts. Therefore, Mary is among us, Mary Virgin and Mother of the Church, Mother of Jesus and our Mother. She is the one who has come to save us. We see here, there… the Immaculate Conception. Our Lady, at your feet we pray to you in this beautiful chapel, in this splendid Church.

Such strength, such fullness in the soul is felt here in contact with Joaquin and Ann, the parents of Mary. Such unmatched beauty, such good parents and such a holy daughter, the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God and the Mother of the Christian.

Yes, we are Catholics, we are children of God, and we have our Holy Father the Pope, John Paul II, in Rome, who is going from one place to another spreading the Word of the Lord saving nations, re-edifying the walls of our triumphant Jerusalem, loving all men on Earth so there may be peace, unity, and human solidarity. A brother giving his hand to another brother, regardless of where he comes from – from far-off lands – the important thing is to give him a hand, “Brother, come in, for we will receive you with our hearts willing to hear what you bear inside, your feelings, to help you with our prayer, with what we can tell you: Take it easy, sit over here.”

Brothers, by telling you this, I want you to truly meditate what we are living, not only in Jerusalem, in the whole world. The world is shaking! Things are happening. The proud are trying to cover the truth they have right in front of them: the divine light, the holy Word that Jesus brought us of loving one another as He loved us!

To love one another, to help one another, to truly try to fulfill ourselves as Christians, as the Catholics we are. We cannot turn our backs to human grief; we have to help each other. I stress upon this issue, because sometimes I see the indifference of man, the dryness of his heart, this coldness saddens and burdens children and the youth who are growing.

We have to help our youth grow spiritually, help them find themselves so they may meditate, think, and realize that they have to give the best they bear in their hearts. And what other thing can be more beautiful to do, my youth? With this I do not mean to oblige you, no; but we have to think in our seminaries; we need strong, firm, decided young men working for our holy Church.

Yes, we see these holy priests how they go from one place to another with their pilgrimages to the house of the Lord, seeking their brothers; and wherever they go they find a hand, they open the doors of their Church to taste the love of Jesus, the love of our sweet Mary, and of our Patriarch Saint Joseph. Yes, three beings who lived on these blessed lands in which they fulfilled their duties: Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus; Mary, Virgin and Mother; and Jesus, the King of kings, the Savior of the world.

We need to be saved, there is nothing more timely than to unite, unite with a simple, modest, and humble heart, so children and youth may grow, meeting with Jesus who has come to save us. He came and He saved us in those days, and now He is outlining a new Rising for the people He wishes to save in these times, because we have to be saved. Days are passing and it is needed to win time to recover from so many tribulations.

However, I believe our liberation is coming, freedom from the bonds with the world of sin, because we have truly come to understand that Jesus and Mary are with us, and are helping us to live the Gospel.

Evangelization is what these times call for – everyone – so we may prepare ourselves with our pastors, who help us find the truth of the commandments and of our firm and indestructible Church, rock and foundation. They are the ones who help us, teach us, and give us the needed counsel to secure our faith.

I wish that at this sunset… when we have met with Jerusalem in this beautiful Church, that has touched my soul when I saw my Mother saying, “Come to me, little ones, I was awaiting. I love you so, come to my Heart, because I am willing to give you the torrent of this motherly Heart that only wishes to secure you here with the Mother Church, new life for all those who are waiting to receive their new rising from her, as souls who sought the Lord, my Divine Son, and have found Him. Meet, hold hands and live the Gospel.”

Yes, brothers, my Mother wishes we unite and love one another. Division is not possible, no more, because time passes and years fall on our shoulders. We need to emerge to a new life, in which we meet with ourselves as human beings willing to live as Jesus taught us, with love, with love among brothers, with love among our enemies, with love among those who persecute us, with love in every sense; loving and reconciling ourselves.

I must tell you something beautiful, perhaps some of you do not know: in Venezuela, in our blessed land – I say blessed because it has been blessed by the Lord – many years ago, Our Lady came under the title of Our Lady of Coromoto. She appeared to an Indian and many conversions took place, first his, because he did not believe in anything. Faith and a great spiritual movement reemerged, and thus many souls were saved.

But in these days, approximately 20 years ago, she appeared once again in a blessed land called Betania, “Betania of the Holy Waters”, where my Mother appeared one day before this poor woman you see here. She was dazzling, full of light, with radiant rays that came forth from her hands that were in this position… Then, later in 1984, she promised me she would come for the rest of her children, that people from everywhere in the world would see her, that people would come from different places and that she would let herself be felt with her graces for all of her children, that her waters would cure, heal, and soothe her children. And this has come true.

She asked me, “Little daughter, you shall travel. I know that your heart, perhaps has a delicate condition, but I shall give you enough fortitude. This does not matter, little daughter, it is necessary… yes, culture and to be prepared, but no, my little one, I also was a woman who was not very learned. But just as the Lord chose me as Mother of the Redeemer of the world, why should you not hand on the word of this Mother, give comfort, and hope for my children? This is the time for the Christian family movement to preach.

Family has to be saved, reconstituted, family is the living cell of mankind, hope for the men of tomorrow, for the children who will turn into youngsters and then will perform labors of apostleship living the Gospel.

I truly thank the Americans; I thank the United States, Canada, Peru, Ecuador… God called me to the world, I wanted to hide… Brothers, it is not necessary to be highly learned to speak to the people, to the healthy and fair, understanding and human people, telling them: Love your Church, your pontiff, priests, religious, families, homes, friends.

It is necessary to love each other, Jesus is in love, Mary is in love, all of us united in one heart. Let us enter in the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the living Heart of his Son Christ. Let us remain silent looking toward the altar where Jesus is in the Blessed Sacrament, his Mystical Body.

The Lord asks us for: meditation, prayer, penance, Eucharist… Eucharist… Eucharist. The Eucharist is the most beautiful and greatest thing that exists, it is the food of man, it is life that makes us mature. Because if we receive Him daily, He will nourish us and we will lack nothing because we will be in his arms, we will be living with Him united forever. This is what I offer you, children, the Eucharist, Holy Mass, confession.

It is the time for all those who have been away from the Lord to come to the house of God, to reconcile, to live a Eucharistic life, a new life filled with hope and future dreams of meeting with the Lord Jesus. He is coming, he is near, because He will come to save us from war, He will come to give us supernatural life, new life full of light, of divine knowledge that we must have in order to resist temptations and all the emergencies that can take place in the world.

Let us leave this place withdrawn and filled with the holy fear of God; not the fear that He will punish us, no, the fear of never wanting to offend Him, on the contrary, yes, bearing Jesus in our hearts, that Consecrated Host there… that Mystical Body in our hearts.

All those of us who were nourished this morning, let us pray to the Lord to stay with us very deeply inside our hearts, so we may rejoice with happiness and content like innocent children do. This is how we want to live, how we wish to live, how we must live, like children who let themselves be led by their Mother, by their Father… they know nothing because they are small, but their parents let them know what love means, and this love saves them, and helps them survive with an authentic Christian life.

I thank all the Franciscan Fathers, thank you. I loved Saint Francis so much, my Seraphic Father; I love Father Pio of Pietralcina so much, and I continue loving them all, because after Christ, in that sad age for the world, centuries passed, and my Seraphic Father came to save us, Francis of Assisi, the great mystic, the great good, noble, and generous man who left it all behind to follow Jesus, and to be the biggest example any man could be, after Christ. Many great saints have followed him, but the humility, the generosity of Saint Francis of Assisi succeeded, because he went to heaven and was acknowledged as the great saint of all times, of all centuries… Francis of Assisi.

Let us pray to him with much humility, and let us let ourselves be led by him, so that at the exact moment when we have to leave it all behind – our houses, everything we have – we may do so with good will, showing that we are children of Christ, brothers of our Seraphic Father Saint Francis, and children of Mary our heavenly Mother.

I thank you all; I thank you, father; I thank you, my people; and I say, my people because I love you. We are People of God, people who love and feel their brothers, people who are asking for justice; not the justice of murdering each other, but worthy justice that will lead us to God, that will consolidate us in an authentic union with our brothers. I thank you all, thank you.

May God and the prophets bless us.