Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini’s speech. Church of The Saint Peter. Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel

Monday, november 13, 1995  6:00 p.m.

  • The Angelus.

Respected pastors, the priests who guide us, teach us, and give us their hands to conduct us, yes, helping us improve our inner life by means of confession.

The great secret of our spiritual improvement is in confession; our priests – our pastors – are in charge of this, to teach us about the spirituality of life regarding our inner life. Behold, a very important issue in our life: confession… after being prepared, in the right conditions of receiving the Lord, we must kneel before the sacred altar, and receive the sacred form of the Eucharist by their hands, the Body of Christ, the nourishment that fills us with joy, like the innocent child in the arms of his father.

Such unmatched beauty! Yesterday I spoke about the Eucharist, and today I come to speak about confession, for the right preparation to receive the Lord, Communion. Because this is the time the People of God has to prepare and reaffirm its steps on the path that leads to Zion.

Yes, my brothers, my respected priests, I am in love with the Eucharist, in love since I was a child; sometimes I feel such grief when someone cannot receive it. I would like all men in the world: men, women, and children – if it were possible – to receive the sacred form of my Lord Jesus Christ to feel serene, comfortable, and aware of what they are doing and of what they are going to do in the future, teaching those who do not know.

Therefore, we need evangelization so we all can perform according to the norms of our Mother the Catholic, apostolic, Roman, and universal Church. These are lights of faith of a beautiful and clear knowledge of what the Sacred Communion, the Eucharist means.

Yes, brothers, I am very grateful of our priests, the representatives of my Lord on Earth, who have come from the United States to meet us here. I also thank you: Drew, your father, your mother, your family for the invitation you have made me with great joy, hope, and with the emotion of sharing together.

We have shared like children of God with an intimate unity of souls, with an open heart, with Jesus touching with his flame and fire filling us with infinite, tender, and sweet love, as the sweet Mary of Nazareth, the Mother of the Savior, our Mother Mary, the Queen, the purest of all women, the most innocent, the blessed child who with her smile, grace, splendor and purity won the heart of all mankind, especially the heart of us the Christians, the Catholics who love and feel Jesus, her Divine Son, whom she bore in her womb as hope of a promising future.

Behold, then, thank You, Jesus, You are locked in the tabernacle calling all of your children.

This is a beautiful Church, Saint Peter, it is dedicated to him. O Saint Peter, I would have liked to live in those times to follow you to Rome! Rome has been a dream in my life. Lord Jesus, You have given me so much, and your love is plentiful!

Let us follow the great fisherman, navigating in his ship with Jesus and the apostles who followed Him. All apostles let us embark once and for all. Let us not stay on the shore awaiting, let us follow the Lord Jesus with his apostles, so his preaching may reach our consciences and we may awaken to the reality the world is living, a misguided world right now: war, pride, insults, disasters, great events for mankind.

We have to rectify and we have to embark on the ship, so we may find the lights of faith and of divine knowledge, and especially will power – a strong, firm, decided, mindful, and balanced will with humility – in order to share with our brothers, living softly and sweetly with Mary in her motherly bosom.

Mary touches the hearts, Mary has such great softness that she reaches our souls and she especially gives us the light of the love of her Divine Son; and I say light, because we learn how to love, to love our brothers through her, to forgive, and to feel each brother as if they had our same blood, the Blood of Jesus Christ who patiently surrendered on the Cross and washed the land with his Blood. His Blood was shed, and this Blood comes to cure, wash, purify, and make us worthy of receiving it daily, if it is possible, his Mystical Body.

Thank you, father; I thank you all.

May God keep you, bless you, and bring you back with happiness. I wish you may have a joyful trip tonight. I am going to pray, I am going to dedicate the night to you – I am leaving tomorrow – I am going to pray so all your concerns, all those things we leave behind when we travel, may be ordered, and you may see that it has been the Lord who has solved it all, He and Mary have done it all, Mary attending the house, and Jesus watching at the portal, awaiting, telling you, “Come in, my children, everything is in order, have faith, and trust in my Heart and in the Heart of my Mother.”

This is what I will do tonight, so tomorrow when you embrace your people you may feel: “O Lord, we thank you for all the benefits to our souls.” It will be like I say; and you, fathers, bringing souls to Christ, helping them walk better, making the cold hearts tender, inebriating them with the love of the Blood of Jesus Christ and the roses of Mary, her roses of love which are so soft and beautiful.

  • O Mary! May your wonderful garden of roses reach the houses of all these families, inebriating their houses with the softness of the roses of love that you send us from heaven.

Thank you, Mother, for these days of joy here, in which we have enjoyed everything, this meeting we have had because of the will of the Father, in his Divine Son, and the comforting, purifying, and renewing Holy Spirit.

Thank You, Lord, my blessed One; thank You, Lord.

O blessed angel who announced the Mother of God, the awaited Son of all generations, I thank you!

I thank you all.

God bless you.

Good night… happiness, much happiness.